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Glynbyerful Male (voice) Choir's Very Own Page


We scoured the valleys of Wales
for the finest musicians and choirs
- but they all said "No!"

So local super herole Cosmic Ray called on
the whirled infamous Glynbyerful Male (voice) Choir...

...and we spared no expense in this carefully crafted
heartfelt tribute to Margaret Thatcher for what she did.


Plus, the world famous Glynbyerful Male (voice) Choir
appears at last (briefly) in their very own video !!!
As Glyn Glyn-Glyn their hyphenated superstar explains:

"Hiya peeps !

We've had special permission from Social Services
to appear in two stills of this movie, an' HOPE
YEW take FULL ADVANTAGE of this hysteric occasion.

Ower choir is completely composted of Glyns -
there's HUNDREDS of them (except for Nigel,
ower dyslexic poet, known as N. Glyn).

We're workin' flat out on ower album now, in a minute,
called "Peace On Yew" which - with good behaviour -
might be released in time for next Christmas!

Yours, (well, for 8 minutes,)

Yewer congenital Host,

Glyn Glyn-Glyn"

A song of eternal friendship.
(Well, it seems like it after a while)

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