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 COVID Testing Lab in UK... 
Suspended as Over 40,000 
People May Have Received 
Wrong Results
October 15th, 11am (Sputnik)
In mid-September, reports cited observers of COVID-19 
data voicing concerns over unusually quick dropping 
of case numbers in the South-West, while people
 increasingly getting a positive lateral
flow test, 
followed by a negative PCR.
According to the UK's National Health Service (NHS) Test
 and Trace, an estimated 43,000 people, mostly in South
-West England... but also including some in the South-
East and Wales, may have been given an incorrect 
COVID-19 test result, at the Immensa Health
in Wolverhampton.
The samples had been processed beween September 8th
and October the 12th. Operations at the laboratory have 
been suspended, after an investigation revealed the 
apparent error.
Individuals who tested negative through the lab in the past
 week or two will now be contacted by Test and Trace and
 advised to take another test. The same advice applies to
 the individuals' close contacts who are symptomatic.
A probe had been initiated by the UK Health Security Agency
 (UKHSA) after reports last week pointed to a growing number
 of people at the lab, awarded a £120million government deal 
in November 2020 to carry out PCR tests, testing negative 
after earlier receiving a positive lateral flow result.
The UK Health Security Agency insisted there are "no
 technical issues" with the lateral flow or PCR tests. 
Allaying concerns, it said other labs are "working 
normally". The development was described as 
an "isolated incident attributed to 
one laboratory".
Public health incident director at the UKHSA, 
Dr Will Welfare, was cited as saying:
"We have recently seen a rising number of positive LFD
 results subsequently testing negative on PCR... If you 
get a positive LFD test, it's important to make sure 
that you then get a follow-up PCR test to confirm 
you have COVID-19. If you have symptoms of 
COVID-19, self-isolate and take a PCR test."
CEO of Immensa Health Clinic Ltd, Andrea Riposati said:
"We are fully collaborating with UKHSA on this matter.
 Quality is paramount for us. We have proudly 
analysed more than 2.5M samples for NHS 
Test and Trace, working closely with the 
great teams at DHSC and UKHSA. We do
 not wish this matter or anything else, to 
tarnish the amazing work done by the 
UK, in this pandemic."
The developments come as fully vaccinated passengers
 arriving in the UK from states not on the red list have
 been allowed, as of October 24th, to take the both 
quicker and cheaper lateral flow test, allowing 
them... to subsequently take a photo of their 
test and send it to prove they are negative.
Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was cited by Sky News 
as urging "honesty" from passengers... while describing 
the test and verification procedure as "straightforward 
and pretty quick to do".
Arriving individuals who had not yet received their 
COVID-19 jabs will still be required to take a PCR
 test, on the second day after entering the UK, 
and quarantine for 10 days at home.


López Obrador - again - asks WHO to
 recognize all anti-Covid-19 vaccines
 October 14th, 4:30pm (Prensa Latina) 
President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, 
asked today, again, the World Health Organization 
(WHO)... to approve the anti-Covid-19 vaccines 
that have already been positively tested.
In the morning press conference at the National Palace,
 the president said that, if it is already proven they are 
not harmful, but quite the opposite, that they help
and the efficacy is also proven, why are
they not 
yet ''authorized'', he wondered.
In the case of the United States, there is already some
advance... since they stopped talking about allowing 
entry to that country only to those vaccinated with 
locally made immunizers. Previously, they said 
only Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson, but now
 they accept AstraZeneca and others.
Apparently they will allow the entry of people vaccinated 
with those authorized by WHO. It is no longer a single 
country deciding, but a world organization, and
must be without political or ideological
interests, but exclusively supported
by science.
It should not be possible, he said, that there is an effective
 vaccine in a country with a different political system and
 they try to marginalize it, as that resource is used in 
many other countries and has shown it helps.
Political issues should not be mixed with those of health 
and science, he reiterated. Hopefully, all (vaccines) in 
progress, finish the analysis and are approved and 
authorized by WHO... and we can travel
To a question about Cuba's 'Abdala' and its application in
children, the president said there is an agreement with 
the government of Havana, to acquire their vaccines,
but it has not yet been possible, and reiterated the 
optimal relationship of bilateral cooperation in 
the field of medicine, and that they will 
continue to work together.
It is the 2nd time the president addresses the issue 
due to the delay of WHO... to approve numerous 
vaccines from other countries, outside those 
where the drugs are already authorized.

said the world institution has to act
rectitude, without political or 
ideological bias, and with 
adherence to science.
Concerning the case of Mexico and the reopening of 
borders with the United States, the problem is the 
large number of Mexicans vaccinated with 
Russian and Chinese drugs -- which have 
not yet been approved by WHO, despite 
their wide and generalized use.
López Obrador asked WHO to hurry, because they have 
been in the process for a long time, and there are 
vaccines being applied by millions of doses that 
have saved lives. And most importantly, there
no report in the world, that they have 
caused harm.


Users Unable to Access 
NHS App, Website 
& COVID Pass
October 13th, 3:48pm (Sputnik)
Brits were stranded in airports on Wednesday, unable 
to access their Covid-19 vaccination records, due to
 technical issues.
The National Health Service (NHS) reported problems 
with user access to the Covid Pass on the NHS app 
and the website, adding that the issue is being 
The NHS Covid Pass is used to prove one's vaccination
 record and allows people to travel, as well as access 
events and venues in the UK and other countries.
Travellers took to social media on Wednesday to
 and fume about the incident, saying
they couldn't take 
their trips, take tours,
or go to museums.
The NHS said it would update users 
on the matter "as soon as we can."


‘Alarming’ drop in life expectancy 
in England --- even before Covid
 pandemic hit, new university 
study shows
October 13th, 12:53pm (RT)
Life expectancy across the UK was falling even before 
the Covid pandemic hit, with researchers finding an
 “alarming” drop over the past decade, according 
to a study published by Imperial College
 London (ICL).
Having examined around 8.6 million death records in 
England from 2002-2019, ICL found life expectancy
 decreased in one of five communities for women 
and one in nine areas for men, over the 
past decade.
The analysis, published on Wednesday, comes after 
the Office for National Statistics (ONS), released a
 report earlier in 2021, estimating life expectancy 
for men had fallen for the first time in 40 years... 
due to the Covid pandemic. 
However, ICL researchers found it had actually 
started to decline, years before the pandemic
 impacted communities.
“There has always been an impression in the UK that
 everyone's health is improving, even if not at the 
same pace,” said Professor Majid Ezzati, who
 led the study, but “data show that longevity 
has been getting worse for years, in large 
parts of England.”
For such declines to be seen in 'normal times' 
--- before the pandemic --- is alarming.
Beyond the national picture across England... the study
 outlined the stark difference between life expectancy 
in different parts of the country. At the most extreme
 point, there was a 20-year gap between women 
living in the London borough of Camden and 
Leeds, West Yorkshire, while there was a 
27-year gap between Kensington and 
Chelsea and Blackpool, Lancashire.
The analysis, released in the peer reviewed Lancet 
journal, blamed the differences in life expectancy
on poverty, employment issues, welfare support, 
and healthcare, urging the government to boost
 investments in areas that have the lowest life 
Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government 
recently pledged to tackle inequalities between 
different regions --- laying out his so-called 
‘levelling-up’ agenda, which will seek to 
providing funding to towns, cities and 
rural areas, giving local authorities 
''greater control'' over how 
government investment 
is spent.
(Rhondda Records adds: twenty years ago, the
Rhondda's life expectancy was worse than
Ruanda's - want to guess what Wales'
figures are now?)

in toys, shampoo,
 makeup, linked to early 
deaths in US
October 12th, 8:21pm (PressTV)

A new study has found that the chemical phthalates 
used commonly in various industries, has been 
causing early deaths in the United States. 
According to the study published on Tuesday
 in Environmental Pollution: Phthalates, also 
known as plasticizers, may contribute to 
some 91,000 to 107,000 premature 
deaths a year, among people 
ageD 55 to 64 in the US.  
The lead author of the study, Dr. Leonardo Trasande, 
said the research confirmed earlier studies showing
that Phthalates exposure, led to a range of health 
Trasande, who is a professor of pediatrics, environmental
 medicine, and population health at NYU Langone Health 
in New York City, said industries needed to stop, or at 
least reduce, the use of the hazardous man-made 
chemicals found in hundreds of consumer 
products, including food storage 
containers, shampoo, makeup, 
perfume, and children's toys.
 "This study adds to the growing database
on the impact 
of plastics on the human
body, and bolsters public 
health and
business cases --- for reducing or 
eliminating the use of plastics."
Several earlier studies had shown that Phthalates 
exposure was linked to obesity, diabetes, heart 
disease, and cancer.
According to the National Institute of Environmental 
Health, phthalates can interfere with important 
hormone functions: affecting the immune and 
reproductive systems, as well as the brain, 
liver, and other organs.
People are exposed to phthalates almost everywhere
 because they are added to most consumer products.
Exposures commonly come from breathing contaminated
air, or eating or drinking foods that came into contact
the plastic, according to the US Centres for
Control and Prevention.

Nearly 20% of critically-ill Covid 
patients in England... are 
unvaccinated pregnant
 women: as medics beg 
mothers to get jabbed
October, 11th, 2:54pm (RT)
Doctors in England have urged expectant mothers to get
 jabbed against coronavirus, after data showed that 17%
 of Covid patients receiving treatment through a special
 lung-bypass machine, were pregnant women, yet to 
get inoculated.
On Monday, Dr Viki Male, reproductive immunology expert 
at Imperial College London, told Sky News that "from an 
evidence point of view ... our advice [is that] the right 
time to get vaccinated, is as soon as you can."
"The evidence says that it doesn't make any difference to
 the safety or efficacy of the vaccine… so today, today is 
the best day [to get the vaccine]," she added.
Male said that, while concerns about protecting babies are
valid, and especially so, during the first trimester, women
should not wait until their 12- or 20-week scan to get the
vaccine, as anecdotal reports suggest many are doing.
GP David Lloyd also weighed in, explaining that that 
the demographic is a particularly high-risk group. 
"Women's immune systems when they're
 pregnant are very different from when 
they're not pregnant", he said,
 reiterating that it is "so, so 
safe and so important" for 
them... to complete the
 vaccination course.
The renewed calls for gestating mothers to get inoculated
 comes after new data from NHS England showed that 
between July 1st and September 30th, 17% of Covid
 patients requiring a special lung machine, were 
pregnant women who had not had at least 
one shot of a coronavirus vaccine.
Statistics also showed that, out of all women in intensive 
care, aged between 16 & 49, almost a third (32%) were
 pregnant women on extracorporeal membrane 
oxygenation (ECMO) - equipment used when 
a patient's lungs are so damaged by the 
virus that a ventilator cannot maintain 
oxygen levels. The figure has 
increased by 6%, since the 
outbreak of the pandemic.
Health and Social Care Secretary Sajid Javid welcomed 
the data indicating that over 81,000 pregnant women 
had received their first dose of a Covid vaccine, 
while 65,000 are double-jabbed, but said 
"more needs to be done."

[Ed.: and Wales figures?]

Iceland Halts Moderna Jabs... 
over Heart-Inflammation Fears
October 10th, 10:47am (FNA)

Iceland, on Friday... suspended the Moderna 
coronavirus jabs citing a slightly increased 
risk of cardiac inflammation, going further 
than its Nordic neighbours which,
previously, only limited the
of the vaccine.
"As the supply of Pfizer vaccine is sufficient in 
the territory ... the chief epidemiologist has 
decided not to use the Moderna vaccine 
in Iceland," said a statement published
 on the Health Directorate website, 
AFP reported.
This decision owes to "the increased incidence of 
myocarditis and pericarditis after vaccination with
 the Moderna vaccine, as well as with vaccination 
using Pfizer/BioNTech", the chief epidemiologist 
said in a statement.
For the past two months, Iceland has been administering 
an additional dose "almost exclusively" of the Moderna
vaccine to Icelanders vaccinated with Janssen, a 
single-dose serum, marketed by America's 
Johnson & Johnson, as well as to elderly 
and immunocompromised people, who 
received 2 doses of another vaccine.
This will not affect the vaccination campaign in the island 
of 370,000 inhabitants, where 88% of the population over
 12 years old, is already fully vaccinated.
Since Thursday, Sweden & Finland have also suspended 
the use of Moderna vaccine, but only for those under 30, 
because of a risk of inflammation of the myocardium, 
the heart muscle, and the pericardium, the 
membrane covering the heart.
Denmark and Norway... have formally 
advised against it, for those under 18.
According to the Swedish authorities, most of these
inflammations are benign, and pass on their own, 
but it is recommended that medical advice be 
sought, should symptoms occur.

picture of depressed man

 Image by Holger Langmaier

Study: Covid has caused 
dramatic rise in anxiety,
October 9th, 11:44am (PressTV)
Cases of depression and anxiety went up by more than
a quarter worldwide, in 2020, due to Covid-19, shows 
a study.
Cases of major depression and anxiety around the world 
increased dramatically in 2020 due to the Covid-19 crisis, 
according to the first global estimate of the impact of
 pandemic on mental health.
The study, published in the Lancet medical journal, is the
 latest to suggest the pandemic has taken a serious toll 
on mental health, with an estimated 76 million extra 
cases of anxiety and 53 million extra cases of 
major depressive disorder, than would have
 been expected, had Covid not struck.
In 2020, cases of major depressive disorder and anxiety
 disorders increased by 28% and 26%, respectively.
 Women were affected more than men, and 
younger people were more affected than
 older age groups, according to the 
recent study.
Countries with high Covid-19 infection rates, and major
reductions in the movement of people - a consequence 
of measures such as lockdowns and school closures – 
had the greatest increases in the prevalence of major
 depressive disorder and anxiety disorders.
The head of the research group from the Queensland 
Centre for Mental Health Research, School of Public 
Health, University of Queensland, Australia, said, 
“This study is the first to quantify the prevalence 
and burden of depressive and anxiety disorders 
by age, sex, and location globally in 204 
countries and territories, in 2020.”
Women and young people are more likely to be affected 
than men or older people. The study showed... that 
almost 52 million of the added cases for anxiety 
during the first Covid year were accounted for
 among women, contrasted with 24 million 
for men.
“We believe [that] is because women are more likely to 
be affected by the social and economic consequences 
of the pandemic,” said the lead author, Dr. Damian 
Santomauro of the University of Queensland.
“Women are more likely to take on additional career and
 household responsibilities, due to school closures, or
 family members becoming unwell. Women also tend
 to have lower salaries, less savings... and less 
secure employment than men....  and so, are 
more likely to be financially disadvantaged 
during the pandemic,” he said, adding: a 
rise in domestic violence, may also
a role.
Although Covid caused more death and serious illness 
among older people, it was younger people who faced 
the greatest burdens of depression and anxiety.  
The category with the highest burden, the 20 to 24-year 
age bracket, had an estimated 1,118 added depression 
cases per 100,000 people, and 1,331 more per 100,000
 for anxiety.
“School closures and wider restrictions limiting young
 people’s ability to learn and interact with their peers,
 combined with the increased risk of unemployment, 
also meant that young people were also more 
heavily impacted by major depressive 
disorder and anxiety disorders 
during the pandemic,” says 
Alize Ferrari, one of the 
University of Queens
-land researchers.
“We are hoping that these findings encourage more dialogue
by policy makers, governments, 
researchers and people
resource allocation and planning for
mental health responses….
 It is crucial --- that
take underlying factors such as
these into account... as 
part of measures
to strengthen mental health services,”
 he added.


Armed police... drag passenger off 
Eurostar train - after staff member 
accused him of wearing the 
‘wrong type of mask’
October 8th, 1:46pm (RT)
Eight armed, uniformed French police boarded a 
Eurostar train on Thursday afternoon, after it 
made an emergency stop in Lille, to forcibly
 remove a passenger who was accused of
 “not wearing the right type of mask.” 
The incident occurred on a Eurostar service that was
 traveling from Paris Gare du Nord to St. Pancras on
 Thursday afternoon but was halted in Lille after a
 train manager reportedly got into an aggressive 
argument with a man over his face mask, 
according to passengers.
Following the confrontation, the manager stated that 
they would be informing the police at Lille, for his
 failure to follow Covid regulations, with the train 
making an emergency, unscheduled stop at the 
station where eight officers forcibly removed 
the passenger. 
As he left the train, the passenger, thought to be in 
his 40s, claimed he had been accused of “not 
wearing the right type of mask” and would
 now “be left alone in France,” calling it 
“very cruel treatment.”
A spokesperson for Eurostar defended the response to
the situation, claiming that “the passenger became
 aggressive and intimidating toward the on-board 
team” after they reminded him of their rule on 
mask wearing and as a result, he “was asked
 to leave the train at Lille station.” 
In accordance with the company’s “normal 
procedure” police officers were called “to
 attend and assist.”
French police confirmed the man had been arrested 
over the incident on the train, but provided no 
further update on the situation.
Eurostar states on its website that all passengers 
must wear a face covering on its trains, even if 
they have been fully vaccinated, with those 
who fail to comply potentially being 
refused travel. 
The company’s guidelines don’t state what type of 
mask is required, only that it must cover the 
mouth and nose of passengers.
Now scientists have confirmed 
that natural immunity is more 
effective than vaxxed
why can’t I have my 
freedoms back?
October 8th, 10:36am (RT)
By Rachel Marsden, columnist, political strategist 
and host of an independently produced French-
language program that airs on Sputnik France.
 Her website can be found at 
I’ve got immunity from having had the virus, so where’s
 my permanent health pass and an end to testing hell? 
Governments are ignoring an avalanche of clinical 
studies proving that the Covid-recovered could
be left alone.
As someone who has recovered from Covid-19, I’m tired 
of spending the better part of a year, now, contending 
with brainwashed sheeple glued to every word of our 
flip-flopping, agenda peddling, manipulative govern-
ment authorities trying to sell us on the idea that
you’ve already had the virus, you still need to
 at least one approved anti-Covid jab.
The fact that governments can’t even agree on whether 
the Covid-recovered should get either one or two jabs
to qualify for their government-issued QR code health 
pass, allowing them to live & travel freely, as before 
this fiasco, should already make thinking people 
Here in France, government propaganda requires the 
Covid-recovered to take just one jab to qualify for the 
national QR code health pass – which is insufficient 
for travel to my home country of Canada, which
 requires that all travelers be double-jabbed 
three months after any Covid infection.
But If I have evidence that my acquired immunity is equal 
to or superior to the jabs, then getting even a single dose
 implies potential risk...  for little or no reward – or even 
potential detriment. So why would I roll that dice? It's
not like hospitals are filling up with the unjabbed 
Covid-recovered. So why aren't the authorities 
acknowledging this - & reacting accordingly 
- to remove us from their jab treadmill.
An Israeli study is often cited to justify jabbing the Covid-
recovered, claiming they are twice as protected from
 re-infection than if they relied solely on acquired 
immunity. But when you dig into the data, you 
realize that the odds of re-infection are
 already infinitesimal, and that two 
times nil, is still nil. 
Another study, published in the medical journal, Viruses,
 concluded that “compared with mRNA vaccination... 
natural infection induces a more robust humoral 
immune response” ...meaning that the Covid-
recovered, have systems better primed with
memory to respond to any future exposure 
...even after blood antibody levels wane. 
And in a bombshell undercover video sting published this
 week, Project Veritas revealed ... Chris Croce, a senior 
associate scientist at Pfizer, admitting on camera the 
advantage of acquired immunity over his company’s
 vaccine. “You’re protected most likely for longer 
since it’s a natural response,” Croce revealed. 
Nick Karl, a Pfizer biochemist, told the undercover operative:
 “When somebody is naturally immune – like they got COVID
 – they probably have… more antibodies against the virus
 because what the vaccine is that protein is just on the
 outside… It’s just one antibody against one specific 
part of the virus. When you actually get the virus - 
you’ll start producing antibodies against multiple
 pieces of virus, not only the outside portion but 
the inside portion, the actual virus -- so your 
antibodies are probably better at that point
 than the vaccination.” 
Another article published last month on Cold Spring
 Harbour Laboratory’s preprint server... concluded: 
“While vaccinations are highly effective at protecting 
against infection & severe COVID-19 disease, our 
review demonstrates that natural immunity in 
COVID 19-recovered individuals is... at least 
equivalent to the protection afforded by full 
vaccination of COVID-naïve populations.  
There is a modest and incremental relative benefit to
 vaccination in COVID-recovered individuals;  how-
ever, the net benefit is marginal on an absolute 
basis.” The researchers recommended that... 
“vaccination of COVID-recovered individuals 
should be subject to clinical equipoise
individual preference.” 
And that’s not all... “Israelis who had an infection were 
more protected against the Delta coronavirus variant -
han those who had an already highly effective COVID-
19 vaccine,” wrote Science Magazine... of the bench-
mark Israeli study from August (while still bizarrely,
 claiming vaccinations were “vital”). Since then, 
we’ve learned that the effectiveness of these
 ‘highly effective vaccines’ – like Pfizer/
BioNTech’s – wanes after 6 months. 
In Pfizrael, sorry, Israel – the primary ground for Covid-19 
jab experimentation according to Dr. Philip Dormitzer, 
vice president and chief scientific officer at Pfizer, 
who called the country a “sort of laboratory” – a 
record explosion of Covid infection has resulted
 in calls for a FOURTH dose, even as the double
jabbed who haven’t yet received their 3rd jab 
started losing their QR code health pass
 privileges... this week. 
It looks like endless jab hell. So how about just giving 
the Covid-recovered our lifelong health pass already 
and leaving us alone, so we can ignore this circus
 and move on with our lives? Why are you holding
 us hostage? Let me take my own ‘jab’ at 
answering that.
What’s clearly lurking behind the reluctance of authorities 
to acknowledge acquired immunity is the fear that if they 
just decided to leave us alone while subjecting everyone
 else to their endless jab and pony show --- then an 
increasing number of people would eventually 
decide to find a way to deliberately catch
 recover from Covid, so they could
be left
 alone, too.
The authorities are literally going against the science and
 lying to victims of Covid... in order to avoid creating a 
benefit that others might seek out at a potential risk.

 Except that, they themselves....  are responsible for 
creating the restrictive system, from which, people 
are now literally seeking out infection to find relief
 – if only to acquire a health pass good for six 
months so they’re able to access everyday
 venues and basic freedoms.
As Sir Walter Scott once wrote, in his epic poem: 
“O what a tangled web we weave, When first we 
practise to deceive!” So maybe stop manipulat
-ing people, in a lousy attempt at social
engineering and start actually follow-
ing your beloved ‘science’, rather 
than cherry picking it, to suit 
your corrupt narrative, you
 inept clowns.


Finland becomes Third country
limit use of the Moderna vaccine 
over cardiovascular side effects
October 7th, 5:25pm (PressTV)
Finland becomes the third country, after Sweden and
 Denmark, to pause the use of Moderna’s COVID-19 
vaccine for younger males, over reports of its
 cardiovascular side effects.
In a statement on Thursday, Mika Salminen, director 
of the Finnish health institute, announced the news, 
saying that Finland would instead give Pfizer-BioN
Tech COVID-19 vaccine, to men born in 1991 
and later.
The precautionary decision was made by Helsinki after
 a Nordic study found that those aged 30 and below 
had a “slightly higher risk” than others, of 
developing myocarditis.  
“A Nordic study involving Finland, Sweden, Norway and
 Denmark, found that men under the age of 30, who 
received Moderna Spikevax, had a slightly higher
 risk than others, of developing myocarditis,” 
he said.
Finland currently offers COVID-19 
vaccines to people aged 12 
and over.
The decision by Finnish authorities came, just a day after 
Swedish and Danish health officials announced that they
 would halt the use of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine
all young adults and children, citing the same 
unpublished Nordic study.
Norway already recommends the Cominarty vaccine, 
and Finland was expected to publish a decision later.
Salminen said the study will be published in the next 
couple of weeks, and that the European Medicines 
Agency (EMA) had already received preliminary 
data, for further assessment.
Back in July, the safety committee of the EMA 
announced that the reported inflammatory 
heart conditions could be observed in 
very rare cases after the use of 
Spikevax, or the Pfizer/BioN
Tech Cominarty jab, more 
often in younger males, 
after the second dose.

‘Fact-checkers’ rush to defend 
Bill Gates --- as video of him 
praising vaccines’ abilities
 to reduce population 
growth, goes viral
October 6th, 5:59pm (RT)
Self-proclaimed ‘fact-checkers’, have been forced 
to walk back some of their more forceful denials 
of Bill Gates’ opinions on population control, in
 another effort to frame the philanthropist’s 
critics, as loonies.
FactCheck.org has seemingly revised its view of 
Gates’ infamous 2010 TED Talk... in which he 
declared doing a “great job” on vaccination 
in the developing world... could bring down 
the population count. In ITS statement on 
Wednesday, the organization announced
 that while Gates had -- “said health care 
& vaccines could reduce unsustainable 
population growth,” his words had 
been taken out of context – and
 had never said “3 billion
 need to die.”
The ‘fact-checker’ had gleefully seized upon a 2019 
video featuring naturopath R. Young addressing a
group of judicial-cosplay 
conspiracy theorists
known as the
 International Tribunal for
Justice, noting that there is
documented evidence of Gates 
uttering any of the words Young
was putting 
into his mouth –
the “3 billion
people” line.
However, most of Gates’ detractors have never 
accused him of outright claiming 3 billion 
people need to die, though many have 
referred to him - in one form or
another - 
as a eugenics fan. 
The vaccine evangelist’s claim that the world’s 
population, standing in 2010 at 6.8 billion and 
“headed up to nine billion”, at the time of the 
infamous TED Talk, could be reduced “if we
 do a really great job on new vaccines, 
health care, reproductive health 
services,” and the like...  “by, 
perhaps, 10 or 15% percent” 
can itself be considered an
incriminating statement -- 
and FactCheck.org ..has 
acknowledged that he 
said it.
Many of the self-proclaimed ‘fact-checking’ groups 
have become somewhat notorious for seizing on 
bizarre conspiracy theories about figures like 
Gates and using such falsehoods to smear 
legitimate criticism of those figures.
Additionally, a Gates TED Talk, from last year, was 
edited post-broadcast to remove a line regarding
 vaccine certificates, which, at the time, were 
considered to be much too redolent of the 
police-state mentality... for any of the 
democratic countries to accept.
A year and a half later, lockdown-mad populations 
have been driven into the arms of such passport 
regimes, and Gates’ prediction - which persists
in the audio version of his talk - sounds
 almost restrained.


1 in 4 Brits give up on NHS
 non-emergency calls due
 long queues caused
 staff shortages
October 3rd, 11:14am (RT)
Almost a quarter of callers hang up, while attempting
ring the National Health Service’s non-emergency 
111 phone line, because of waiting times that far 
exceed the service’s call-handling target.
The average wait time across the UK, was roughly eight 
minutes in July, but in northeast England, some callers 
were left waiting for up to 25 minutes, The Guardian 
reported on Sunday. In comparison, NHS targets 
suggest a caller should not be waiting for
 than 20 seconds.
111 is an NHS phone line that can be used to report health
 concerns that are not considered to be an emergency. 
It’s used by many British people when they need to
reach a medical practitioner more quickly than it 
would take to secure an available appointment
 with their own doctor.
Due to the lengthy queues, 24% – or nearly one in four 
callers – bailed on their attempts to reach 111 in July 
– up by 16% since April, when callers were left 
waiting for just over a minute and a half... on 
average. In the Northeast... the figure was 
even higher, with half of all callers giving 
up before reaching a staff member. NHS 
targets suggest that just 3% of callers 
should be put in a position where 
they consider it preferable to 
hang up before connecting.
A spokesperson for the NHS told The Guardian that the
long waiting times were due to an “increased demand” 
amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the backlog it has 
caused, with “call handlers seeing a 44% rise
 in calls during July compared with the
month in 2019”.
The GMB trade union’s public-services officer... Rachel
 Harrison...   said the long queues were also due to: “a 
staffing crisis” in the health sector, with “exhaustion 
and burnout, Covid sickness and the impact of low 
pay on workers”, leading to fewer staff to deal
 the increased numbers of callers.
“When people can’t get through to 111, they turn to 999 –
 which, in turn, increases the demands and pressures 
on our already-overstretched ambulance services,” 
Harrison added.


Canadian Military Used COVID-19
 to Test Afghan-Like Propaganda 
Techniques on Citizens: Report
September 30th, 6:40pm (RT)
The government in Ottawa reportedly didn’t authorise 
a covert propaganda operation against its own 
citizens, according to a plan designed by 
Canada's military leadership.
The Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) used
 the COVID-19 pandemic to test its propaganda 
techniques - similar to those used during the
 Afghanistan war - on its own citizens, the 
daily paper Ottawa Citizen reported, 
citing documents obtained through
Access to Information law.
What the Operation Was About
According to the newspaper, the plan was hatched last year 
by the CJOC, which at the time was headed by Lt-Gen Mike 
Rouleau. The operation called for “shaping” & “exploiting”
 information during the health crisis to make the 
government’s messages about the pandemic 
more effective and prevent any civil 
disobedience from Canadians.
The CJOC reportedly issued the directive for the plan on 
April 8th 2020 but it was quickly shut down by General 
Jonathan Vance, then-chief of the defence staff who 
stepped down from his post in January 2021.
Vance was reportedly prompted to kill the initiative after 
hearing the concerns from his advisers about the 
scheme’s legality and ethics. The plan was still
 reportedly active until May 2nd... when the 
general’s halting order finally took effect.
Investigation Launched
Vance then invited retired Major-Gen Daniel Gosselin to 
investigate how the CJOC had been able to launch the
 propaganda scheme without getting authorisation 
from higher levels. Gosselin’s report concluded 
that military commanders were not seeking 
approval from the authorities because they 
apparently didn’t believe they needed it. 
Canada’s federal government never 
authorises initiatives, Gosselin 
According to the investigative report... the CJOC saw
pandemic as a “unique opportunity” to test their 
''techniques'' on ordinary citizens. Gosselin notes 
that the plan did not emanate from “passionate” 
propaganda specialists but was a result of the 
CJOC’s deeper “mindset” that supported the 
use of such techniques.
Gosselin cited the views of the body’s former chief of 
staff, Rear-Adm Brian Santarpia, who believed that
 pandemic was “an opportunity to monitor and
public information to enhance awareness
for better 
command decision-making.”
The report concluded that CJOC held a “palpable, 
dismissive attitude” towards concerns of other 
military bodies and leaders when launching 
the scheme.

Gosselin has recommended 
that Canadian
Forces review their policies,
 when it
comes to information operations 
– especially those concerning
domestic audience.
‘Controversial’ Issue?
Ottawa Citizen argues that “military propaganda training 
and initiatives within Canada, over the past year....  have 
proved controversial”. The paper cites a recent incident
in Nova Scotia, when a fake letter from
 the government
designed by the military, 
warned about “wolves on the
causing panic among locals and officials who
were unware about 
the ongoing ''operation'.'
But revelations about the military’s reported move didn’t 
simply stir controversy among some readers but down-
right outrage.
As such, Lorne Gunter - a columnist on another daily 
newspaper, the Toronto Sun - has raged in a recent
 piece, against “censorship, propaganda and 
manipulation” --- which typifies the
government's “toolkit”.
“The military should never treat Canadian citizens as if 
they are the enemy,” he wrote, suggesting that this 
attitude is “increasingly popular among the
Canadian elites”.
Canada’s political leaders have 
kept silent on the report so far.

Antibodies in Fully Vaxxed 
With Pfizer, AstraZeneca
 --- Decline Steeply After 
Several Months – Study
September 30th, 7:05am (Sputnik)
Swedish national broadcaster SVT described the new 
findings as a piece of the puzzle why Sweden and 
other heavily-vaccinated countries are now 
seeing more and more breakthrough 
infections among those who duly 
received their two shots.
Antibody levels among fully vaccinated people wane
 faster than researchers previously thought, a major
 recent study performed in Sweden has concluded.
In total, over 2,000 healthcare employees have been 
included in the Community Study -- whose goal is to
 learn more about immunity after COVID-19 and the 
effect of vaccines, inasmuch as how quickly 
immunity wears off.
For Pfizer-vaccinated people who haven't had COVID-19, 
antibody levels were halved after only three months. 
After seven months, only 15 percent of the original
 levels remained – a decrease of 85 percent, 
national broadcaster SVT reported.
Because the staff who received the AstraZeneca vaccine 
received the booster shot later, the researchers were 
only able to follow them for three months. Never-
theless, the decline was even steeper. After 
barely three months, AstraZeneca-
vaccinated people had only one-
fifth of the Pfizer-vaccinated 
antibody levels.
A handful of participants received Moderna's vaccine, 
but that group was too small... and had a too short 
follow-up time. for the researchers to say 
anything conclusive.
“The fact that antibody levels fall over time is fully expected, 
but I am surprised that it has dropped so significantly in 
such a relatively healthy and young group”, research
 leader Charlotte Thålin told SVT. “The low levels 
mean that we can have an increased spread 
even in vaccinated groups, and this can 
have consequences for our elderly. 

This is worrying and indicates that 
the elderly and fragile must 
receive a third refill dose
 as soon as possible”,
 she added.
SVT described the new findings as a piece of the puzzle 
why Sweden and several other heavily-vaccinated 
countries have begun to see more and more 
breakthrough infections among those who 
have duly received their two shots. How-
ever... researchers still don't know
the protection line goes.
“Antibodies are only part of the immune system, we know 
that high antibody levels.. are associated with protection 
against infection. But the immune system also contains
 memory cells, that quickly supplement the antibody 
levels when we are exposed to the virus and we do
 not know exactly where the limit is, for becoming 
infected or ill”, Charlotte Thålin.
Sweden, a nation of over 10 million, has vaccinated over 
63 percent of its population. So far, it has had 1.15 
million cases of the disease, with over
 15,000 deaths.
While famous for not introducing any comprehensive 
lockdowns even at the height of the pandemic,
 unlike its neighbours, earlier on Wednesday
 September 29th, Sweden lifted the last 
restrictions in place. In practice, this 
means that the number of guests at 
events, is no longer limited, that 
Swedes are no longer recom-
mended to work from home 
and that the distancing 

Pope Francis calls for
 a comprehensive 
approach to health
September 27th, 3:07pm (Prensa Latina) 

Pope Francis said here today, that considering health 
in its multiple dimensions, at a global level, helps 
to understand and responsibly assume the 
interconnection between phenomena.
Upon receiving participants in the Plenary Assembly of
 the Pontifical Academy for Life, the Supreme Pontiff 
pointed out that this is how it is better seen how 
living conditions derived from political, social
 and environmental decisions, produce an 
impact on the health of human beings.
If we examine life expectancy, and healthy life... in
countries and social groups, we discover
inequalities, Francis said, at the three-day 
event, inaugurated today, and focused 
on the theme 'Public health in a 
global perspective. Pandemic,
 bioethics, future'.

After noting that these differences depend on variables 
such as... level of income and education and places of 
residence, the Pope specified that 'we state that life 
and health are equally fundamental values for all, 
based on the unalienable dignity of the 
human person'.
But if that declaration does not follow the appropriate 
commitment to overcome inequalities, in fact, we 
accept the painful reality: that not all lives are 
equal, and health is not protected in the 
same way, for everyone, he said.
When highlighting how the Covid-19 pandemic made clear 
the profound interdependence 'both between us and 
between the human kind and our common home', 
he recalled that 'our societies, especially in
West, have tended to forget that
 interconnection', with the 
resulting 'bitter 
The Pope called to reverse this trend through synergy 
between different disciplines, such as biology and 
hygiene, medicine and epidemiology, but also 
economics and sociology, anthropology 
and ecology.
In this sense, he stressed that the objective should be 
- in addition to understanding the phenomena - to
 identify the technological, political and ethical 
criteria for action --- on the health system, 
the family, employment, and 
the environment.


Back to normal everyday life’: 
Norwegian PM announces 
end of Covid restrictions
September 24th, 1:22pm (RT)
Speaking at a press conference... on Friday, Norway’s 
prime minister, Erna Solberg, stated that the country 
will reopen the country on Saturday... ending Covid 
restrictions on businesses and social interactions.
The decision to remove the strict Covid measures comes 
561 days after they were first introduced to reduce the 
spread of the virus, with Norwegian health authorities 
also giving the green light for other restrictions, 
such as those on sports venues and travel, 
to end in the coming weeks. 
“Now we are going back to a normal everyday life,” Solberg 
stated... as she announced that, from 4pm (3pm GMT) on 
Saturday, the country will “remove most of the infection 
control measures,” giving “a big thank you” to citizens 
for complying.
Celebrating the removal of restrictions, Solberg hugged 
Health Minister Bent Hoie at the press conference, 
which the two said was acceptable, as they are 
both fully vaccinated. 
While measures will be lifted in the next 24 hours,
 Norwegian PM urged businesses to not start 
preparing for customers to return until 
tomorrow, as the rules are still in 
place until the “common time” 
that has been agreed. 
Although Norwegian officials feel comfortable enough to 
start reopening the country, the official urged eligible 
citizens to ensure they are fully vaccinated, 
describing it as their “civic duty” and
 issuing a plea to “minority 
communities” who have
 not yet had the jab.
Responding to the announcement, the head of the 
Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise, Ole Erik 
Almlid, declared that this is what “the whole 
society has longed for,” even though “the 
finish line has not yet been reached,” 
with more work to come until
 industries have fully


England’s cancer treatment backlog 
could take ‘decades’ to clear after 
Covid pandemic crippled patient
 care – report
September 24th, 11:25am (RT)
The cancer treatment backlog in England could “take 
decades to address” ...after the Covid pandemic 
caused the health service to “collapse rapidly”, 
according to a new report from the Institute
 for Public Policy Research (IPPR).
In the research, released on Friday, the independent 
progressive think tank warned of the impact of the 
pandemic on cancer treatment, urging officials to 
take steps to prevent potentially “severe” 
consequences... that will require 
“considerable catch-up” 
work to be done.
While the UK government has announced a three-year 
funding proposal to address issues that have 
emerged in the NHS during the pandemic,
 IPPR said there was “more to be
done” if 
Britain is to “build back
better”... as 
Prime Minister
Boris Johnson 
Highlighting how the impact of coronavirus had caused 
the health service to “collapse rapidly”, the think
said the crisis had forced the NHS to take 
“unthinkable steps --- like cancelling cancer
treatments”, leaving an 
estimated 19,500
people with 
undiagnosed cancers.
Examining the ways to clear the backlog, the study warned
 that it would take until 2033 before hospitals, already 
“stretched” to capacity...  could clear the backlog
- even if treatment interventions were increased
 by 5%. If they rose by 15%, it could potentially 
be cleared by next year. However, if the NHS 
didn’t boost cancer treatments, the backlog 
“could take decades to address”, the 
researchers said.
The IPPR’s report urges the government to implement 
greater funding as a matter of urgency, as the funds 
announced so far were “just about enough to keep 
the health service afloat”, it said, given that data 
showed that, before the pandemic, the cancer 
survival rate in the UK already lagged “far 
behind most similar countries”.
“These alarming estimates lay bare just how urgently 
investment in equipment, and, crucially, in NHS 
staffing, is needed to avoid a devastating 
decade of further disruption to cancer 
diagnosis and treatment,” the chief 
executive of Breast Cancer Now, 
Baroness Delyth Morgan, said
 following the release of
 the report.
The UK government has not yet issued 
a response to the IPPR’s findings.
[Baroness Delyth Morgan, hmm...
that's a Welsh name -- wonder
if she could offer to publicise
what on earth is happening
in Wales?]

ER Doc Accuses Gov’t of ‘Shoving’ 
Vax Side Effects ‘Under the Mat’
 in Vid Leaked to Project Veritas
September 22nd, 8:35pm (Sputnik)
A Department of Health and Human Services ER doctor from 
the Phoenix Indian Medical Centre, has been caught on 
hidden cam footage... calling the vaccines being 
administered in the US “bullsh*t” and accusing
 the federal government of willfully ignoring 
serious and potentially fatal side effects.
The video, published by investigative journalism collective 
Project Veritas, shows a discussion between DHHS doctor 
Maria Gonzales and her colleague, Dr. Dale McGee, as 
well as Jodi O’Malley, a registered nurse, regarding 
vaccine safety and effectiveness.
“So how come after 18 months, we haven’t had any research?
 Isn’t that fishy to you?” O’Malley, who filmed and leaked the
 footage to Project Veritas, asks Gonzales. “It does – it is 
fishy,” the doctor replies.
“It’s not that it hasn’t been done. It hasn’t been 
published, that’s why,” Dr. McGee interjects.
“It hasn’t probably been done because the government 
doesn’t want to show that the darn vaccine is full of 
sh*t,” Gonzales alleges.
In separate conversation with Gonzales, O’Malley complains 
to the ER doctor that a 30-something-year-old patient began 
suffering from congestive heart failure after receiving a 
second dose of the jab.
“He’s probably got myocarditis!” Gonzales exclaims. “All this
 is bullsh*t. Now probably myocarditis due to the vaccine.... 
But now, they’re not gonna blame the vaccine,” she adds.
“They are not reporting. Because they want to shove it under 
the mat,” Gonzales says, referring to federal guidelines put 
out by the Centres for Disease Control requiring hospitals 
to report severe adverse side effects, including congestive 
heart failure –a side effect occasionally reported in mRNA
-based vaccines, including the Pfizer and Moderna jabs 
being deployed in the US.
“The problem in here is that they are not doing the studies. 
People that had it and the people that have been vaccinated, 
they’re not doing any antibody testing,” Gonzales tells
O’Malley also secretly filmed a conversation with Deanna Paris,
 another DHHS registered nurse at the hospital, discussing the
 situation of people falling ill after being vaccinated.
“It’s a shame they are not treating people like they’re supposed 
to, like they should. And, I think they want people to die,” Paris
 bluntly tells her colleague.
“How many have you seen that have gotten vaccinated here?”
 O’Malley asks. “A lot!” Paris replies, adding that “nobody” 
is writing the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System 
(VAERS) reports “because it takes over a half hour to 
write the damn thing.”
O’Malley told Project Veritas that she decided to come forward 
after an unnamed colleague of hers who had expressed 
vaccine hesitancy died from complications after getting
 the jab. “She didn’t want to take it. She didn’t want to 
take it because of her religious beliefs and she was 
coerced into taking it. Nobody should have to 
decide between their livelihood, being ‘a part 
of the team in the hospital’, or take the 
vaccine,” the nurse said, tearing up.
“Now we’re just making people take it and then there’s reactions
 to it, and then you have a medication that has been shown 
effective and surely has no adverse reactions for trying it,”
 the nurse added, referring to Ivermectin, a medication 
often derided in mainstream media reporting as
 “horse paste.”
O’Malley further explained that the vaccines that the US has been 
using are currently in stage three clinical trials. “Normally, stage 
three clinical trials is where you gather your data. What the
 responsibility on everyone is, is to gather that data and 
report it. And if we’re not gathering that data and 
reporting it, then how are we going to say that 
this is safe and approved for use?” 
she asked.
The nurse admitted that she was afraid that the government might
 retaliate against her, but said her “faith lies in God and not man,” 
and that her career was to “help people,” not harm them.
VAERS: The Figures
According to the latest CDC data, about 6,000 people across the 
United States have died from various complications after taking 
at least one dose of the available Covid vaccines, with “death” 
appearing 6,055 times under “2021VAERSSYMPTOMS.” To 
date, about 182 million Americans have been fully 
vaccinated against the coronavirus.
OpenVAERS, an independent non-profit VAERS reporting service
 which bases its figures largely on US data, but also information 
coming from other countries, has reported nearly 15,000 
fatalities to date, plus over 1.5 million reports of other 
‘adverse effects’, ranging from hospitalizations and 
urgent care to doctor office visits, anaphylaxis, 
Bells Palsy, heart attacks, miscarriages, 
Shingles and severe allergic reactions.
In addition to the mRNA-based Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the 
US Food and Drug Administration has also approved Johnson 
& Johnson's Janssen vaccine, a viral vector-based single jab
 preparation. Like the AstraZeneca preparation, which has 
not been approved in the US, the Janssen vaccine has 
been associated with rare blood clots, with CDC 
guidelines advising women younger than 50
 years of age to be aware of the risks of 
this particular vaccine.
Earlier this month, the Biden administration began pushing a
 federal vaccine mandate, requiring all businesses with more 
than 100 employees to either get staff vaccinated or provide 
weekly testing for infection. The directive has run into 
resistance from some governors, lawmakers, mayors, 
and industry leaders, as well as ordinary Americans
expressing hesitation amid concerns of the 
potential side effects.

(Of course, the above is all about the USA...

waxing gibbous moon

Men Sleep Worse During
 Waxing Moon, Women 
Unaffected – Study
September 20th, 8:53am (Sputnik)
One hypothesis concerns the amount of sunlight that is
 reflected from the moon around the time when people 
usually go to bed. Men's brains are suggested to be 
more receptive to ambient light conditions 
than women's.
Men's sleep seems to be affected more than women's by
 the moon's cycle, a study conducted by researchers at 
Uppsala University has indicated.
While many men sleep worse during the waxing stage of
 the moon, women's sleep was largely unaffected, the 
researchers concluded, having studied the quality 
of sleep of 492 women and 360 men who slept at 
home in their own beds.
To this end, they used polysomnography – a comprehensive
 test used to diagnose sleep disorders. Polysomnography 
records brain waves, the oxygen level in the blood, heart 
rate and breathing, as well as eye and leg movements.
The people whose sleep was registered were unaware of the
 researchers' interest in the link to the moon's movements 
that the researchers were interested in.
Men, but not women, exhibited lower sleep efficiency, and 
were longer awake after sleep onset on nights during the 
waxing period.
“We could see that men whose sleep was measured during 
the first phases of the moon had poorer sleep quality and
 woke up more often during the night compared with men 
whose sleep was measured during the waning phases of
 the moon. In women, sleep was largely unaffected by the 
lunar cycle. 
Our results were robust for adjustments for chronic sleep 
problems and sleep apnea,” Christian Benedict, associate 
professor and sleep researcher at Uppsala University, 
said in a statement.
According to researchers, a possible mechanism that can 
explain the moon's effect on sleep is the amount of sun-
light that is reflected from the moon around the time 
when people usually go to bed. As a recently 
published study suggested, men's brains 
may be more receptive to ambient light 
conditions than women's.
“However, our study cannot determine whether it is the lunar 
cycle that affects sleep in men or whether the lunar cycle 
co-varies with some other factor that affects sleep,” 
Christian Benedict told the science news portal 
Forskning.se, suggesting further research.

Appeals court overturns ruling on
child gender treatment --- in UK;
 doctors CAN prescribe puberty 
blockers to under-16s
September 17th, 3:47pm (RT)
The Court of Appeal has ruled that under-16s do not lack
 the capacity to give informed consent concerning 
medical treatment which delays the onset of 
puberty --- overturning a ruling from
last year.
On Friday, the court overturned a 2020 ruling by a divisional 
court which stated that under-16s lacked the capacity to 
give informed consent to treatment concerning 
transitioning gender. The original case had 
been brought forward by Keira Bell... who 
claimed doctors should have challenged
her more, when she requested puberty 
blockers at a young age.
However, on Friday, the Court of Appeal ruled in favour of the 
appellant, the Tavistock Trust, which runs the UK’s only 
gender identity clinic for young Britons, and overruled
 the 2020 decision.
Friday’s ruling noted that the divisional court “had made no 
findings of illegality”. Judges at the Court of Appeal said 
they understood “the difficulties and complexities” of 
the issue, but insisted “it is for the clinicians to 
exercise their judgement --- knowing how 
important it is, that consent is properly
obtained according to the particular 
individual circumstances.”
In its written conclusions, the court acknowledged that clinicians 
will inevitably take great care before recommending treatment to 
a young patient and ensuring that both the parent and child are 
aware of the advantages and disadvantages of the 
proposed treatment.
The court also contended that doctors are subject to professional
 regulation and oversight, and while some may have fallen short 
of standards in the past, it did not impact the lawfulness of 
the practice.
The NHS prescribes gender identity treatment, including the use 
of puberty blockers, to some children who are experiencing 
gender dysphoria. The blockers are drugs which pause the 
process of puberty by suppressing the body’s release 
of hormones.
In December 2020, the divisional court ruled that children under 13 
were “highly unlikely” to be able to give informed consent, adding
 that it was “very doubtful” that those aged 14 and 15 would have
 the requisite understanding to make the life-changing decision.
Bell - now 24 - started taking puberty blockers at 16. 
She has said she now regrets her “brash” decision.

Wales to impose mandatory vaccine
 certificates for nightclubs and large 
events... from October 2021
September 17th, 2:22pm (RT)
The Welsh government announced on Friday that, from 
October 11th,, over-18s will be required to prove they 
have been fully vaccinated against Covid or tested 
negative in the past 48 hours, to enter clubs or 
large events.
Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford stated that the 
requirement to show an NHS Covid pass, to enter 
these venues was needed because “coronavirus 
cases have risen to very high levels,” resulting 
in more people “dying from this terrible virus.”
“My message to you, today, is a simple but serious one – 
the pandemic is not over and we all need to take steps 
to protect ourselves and our loved ones,” Drakeford 
said in his announcement.
The vaccine certificate mandate will apply to nightclubs, 
indoor non-seated events that have more than 500 
people, outdoor non-seated events with an
attendance of more than 4,000 and any 
event with an audience over 10,000.
The measure comes despite warnings from the Night Time
 Industries Association that the Covid restriction will have
 a “hugely detrimental impact on trade,” potentially
 resulting in customers leaving Wales to visit 
businesses in England.
In a letter, the trade group cautioned that “any implementation
 of vaccine certification will be inevitably arbitrary,” as Welsh 
officials have failed to outline the criteria required to identify
impacted businesses. 
Alongside the need to show a Covid pass, the Welsh government 
urged people to work from home if they can and stated that 
enforcement of social distancing measures, including the
 need to wear face coverings in public places and on 
public transport, would be stepped up.
Wales saw a rise in Covid infections since the start of August, 
and has a rate of 494.3 cases per 100,000, compared with 
neighbouring England’s rate of 347.9 cases per 100,000.
The decision to implement a vaccine passport scheme in Wales 
comes after England scrapped similar plans, with the UK 
Health Secretary Sajid Javid claiming the government 
“shouldn’t be doing things for the sake of it.” 
Scotland is set to require proof of vaccination for entry
into nightclubs and large events, from October the 1st.

First in EU, Denmark FULLY lifts 
Covid restrictions almost 550
days after lockdown was 
September 10th, 10am (RT)
All remaining anti-coronavirus rules, including an 
obligatory Covid pass, were officially cancelled 
in Denmark on Friday, making it the first state
 in the EU to wholly get back to pre-pandemic
 daily life.
Starting from midnight on September 10th, the deadly 
virus is no longer classified as a “socially critical 
disease” by the Danish government, meaning no 
special measures will be applied to deal with 
Covid-19 in the European country.
 All restrictions previously enforced by authorities, including
 ‘coronapass’ requirements to enter night clubs and other 
venues, a ban on mass gatherings and obligatory mask-
wearing, have been lifted, 548 days after Prime Minister 
of Denmark Mette Frederiksen initially declared a lock
down in his country, local media reports.
 In March 2020, Denmark was among the first nations 
to enforce harsh measures to fight coronavirus.
Having first announced the decision to abandon the legal
 basis for restrictions last month, Danish authorities said 
“the epidemic is under control.” They reserved the right 
to reinforce special measures “if the pandemic again 
threatens important functions in society.”
According to Denmark’s health officials, “record high 
vaccination rates” helped the country set a 
precedent in the European Union and 
return to life with no Covid-related 
restrictions whatsoever. 
Three out of four Danish citizens consider vaccination 
against the virus a civic duty, according to a Euro-
barometer survey conducted last month on
 behalf of the European Parliament.
Out of 1,000 representatively selected Danes, 43% 
completely agreed to the statement that everyone 
should be vaccinated, while 31% said they tend 
to agree. For all of the EU, the percentage of 
people who completely or predominantly 
agree to the statement stands at 66%, 
Denmark’s Ekstra Bladet 'paper 
reported on Friday.
“Throughout the pandemic, Denmark has had higher 
acceptance than many comparable countries,” 
Professor Michael Bang Petersen, who 
advised the Danish government on 
the subject, wrote on Twitter,
 adding that “no mandates
 [were] needed.”
 An “incredibly high and completely stable” trust in 
the authorities’ management of the pandemic, is
 behind the vast vaccine acceptance in the 
country, Petersen wrote.
 He also suggested that lifting of the restrictions 
became possible thanks to collective action... 
after the government “formulated distancing 
as a moral project, which gained high 
public support.”
By September, over 73% of Denmark’s 5.8 million 
population had been fully vaccinated, with more 
than 8.6 million anti-Covid doses administered 
in total. 
Throughout the pandemic, the EU country 
registered over 352,000 cases of the virus.

AstraZeneca vaccine designer says
Covid boosters are unnecessary for 
most people - & should be sent to 
countries in need instead
September 10th, 10:59am (RT)
The designer of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine 
has called for surplus doses in the UK to be 
sent to countries with lower levels of 
vaccination --- calling plans for a 
booster program unnecessary
for the majority of
Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert – who also developed
 the universal flu vaccine – expressed doubt over 
the vaccination of healthy children and booster 
shots for people who are still well-immunised 
from their first 2 shots, in an interview with 
the Telegraph newspaper on Thursday.
Professor Gilbert urged the UK to instead send their 
doses to countries in need, declaring, “We need to 
get vaccines to countries where few of the 
population have been vaccinated so far. 
We have to do better in this regard. 
The first dose has the most impact.”
“The immuno-compromised and elderly will receive 
boosters. But I don’t think we need to boost every-
body. Immunity is lasting well in the majority of 
people,” she added.
AstraZeneca and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines have 
both been approved by government regulators 
to be used as booster shots.
The professor previously questioned the government’s 
plan to vaccinate children, and in July she told La 
Republica, “If you can’t prevent transmission 
by vaccination... and the children are not at
 risk of severe disease and hospitalisation 
and death, which the vast majority of 
children are not, you have to ask 
yourself: ‘What would be the 
benefits of vaccinating 
On Friday, the Times reported that the UK’s Joint Committee 
on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) had been 
“presented with data yesterday showing that a 
top-up Pfizer-BioNTech dose months after a 
second jab greatly boosted” the immune 
system against Covid-19 and that the 
government may be looking to 
provide booster jabs to old 
people in the late autumn 
to protect them ahead 
of winter.
Health Secretary Sajid Javid also declared on Thursday 
that “we are heading towards our booster programme” 
and said he is confident the booster programme “will 
start later this month,” subject to final advice.


Children can get Covid-19 vaccine 
even if their parents are opposed, 
UK minister says
September 5th, 2:14pm (RT)
Asked by Times Radio’s Tom Newton Dunn what would 
happen if a teenager’s parents said no to vaccination
 but the teenager said yes, the UK vaccine minister 
Nadhim Zahawi, said they would still be able to
 get jabbed without permission.
Claiming that the NHS “is really well-practiced in this 
because they’ve been doing school immunisation 
programmes for a very long time,” Zahawi told 
Newton Dunn on Sunday  “what you essentially
do is make sure that the clinicians
this with the parents, with the 
and if they are then deemed
 to be able
to make a decision that is 
then that decision will 
go in favour
of what the 
teenager decides
to do.”
Newton Dunn questioned...  “So to be clear, the teenager 
can override the lack of parental consent? If a teenager 
really wants a jab and is only 15, the parents say no, 
the teenager can have it?” ...to which, Zahawi 
responded, “They’d need to be competent 
to make that decision, with all of the 
information available.”
Bizarrely, on the same day, Zahawi told Sky News 
that children would require parental consent to 
get vaccinated against Covid-19.
Asked by Sky News’ Trevor Phillips... whether he could 
“assure parents that if there is a decision to vaccinate 
12 to 15-year-olds, it will require parental consent,” 
Zahawi declared, “I can give that assurance, 
Despite the fact that the UK’s Joint Committee on 
Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) refused to 
recommend - on Friday - that healthy children
 between the ages of 12 & 15, be vaccinated 
against Covid-19, given they are considered 
extremely low risk, the government is still 
pushing for vaccination – with The Times 
newspaper reporting that child 
vaccination could occur as
 early as next week.
JCVI’s deputy chairman, Professor Anthony Harnden, 
noted on Saturday, that: “the health benefits from 
vaccinating well 12- to 15-year-olds” are only 
“marginally greater than the risks,” and said 
that any decision should ultimately require 
“parents’ consent.”
“Both the teenagers and the parents need 
to be involved in that choice,” he argued.
The age of consent in the UK is 16.
On Friday, protesters stormed the London H.Q.
of the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare Products 
Regulatory Agency --- in protest over the 
government’s likely intention to 
vaccinate children under
the age of 16.

UK care workers leave industry 
en masse after being told to 
get vax or quit, with unions
begging govt to reconsider 
September 4th, 3:55pm (RT)
Many care workers in the UK who were told to get 
vaccinated against Covid-19 --- or lose their jobs, 
have left the industry en masse for better paid 
positions at companies such as Amazon, 
creating massive staffing shortages.
According to the Guardian, which spoke to several 
care home industry officials, “three-quarters of 
care home operators are reporting an increase
in staff quitting since April,” with the reasons
being... “a desire for less stress and for
higher pay” and “to avoid mandatory 
vaccination... which comes into
on November the 11th.”
The newspaper reported that many care workers 
are leaving for other positions in the NHS, where 
vaccination has not yet been made compulsory, 
and for unrelated jobs at companies such as 
Amazon, where they have been offered... a 
30%increase in pay and other incentives.
One care worker left their £9.30 an hour job to work 
as an Amazon warehouse picker, which pays
 £13.50 per hour and also offers a £1,000 
joining bonus, according to the report.
In response to the mass exodus, the industry is now 
desperately calling on the government to end its 
mandatory vaccination policy for care workers, 
warning that a “catastrophe” is on the horizon.
National Care Association executive chairman Nadra 
Ahmed told the Guardian that the National Health 
Service (NHS), will ultimately “have to pick up
 this mess” and called on the government to 
reconsider its policy, while public service 
union Unison declared that ministers 
“must immediately repeal ‘no jab, no 
job’ laws for care home staff in 
England, to avert a staffing 
crisis - that threatens to 
overwhelm the sector.”
The government must scrap the ‘no jab, no job’ rule 
now. Widespread care home closures could be the 
consequence if they ignore the warnings. This 
would be disastrous for elderly people... and 
those who cannot live without care support.
Unison warned that the “draconian” mandatory vaccination
 policy is “pushing thousands to the brink of quitting care 
work” and said the government is “sleepwalking into a 
disaster”... by ensuring a massive shortage of staff 
during a pandemic.
The union also revealed that many care workers – who are 
already underpaid and overworked – “feel totally under-
valued” and that “being bullied” into taking a vaccine
they didn’t want, was “the last straw” for many in 
the industry.
The vacancies for care workers could total more than 
170,000 people -- with 70,000 being those who refuse
the jab - after mandatory vaccination is implemented 
later this year, according to government estimates 
cited in the media.
During the first wave of the pandemic, elderly people in 
care homes made up roughly half of all Covid-19 
deaths in the UK between March and 
September 2020.
Nearly 30,000 residents died and it was later discovered 
that a shortage of personal protective equipment 
contributed to the problems experienced.

‘More data needed’: Top health officials 
reportedly urge White House to ‘follow 
science’ & DELAY vaccine booster plans
September 4th, 10:15am (RT)
Top US health officials have called on the White House 
to pump the brakes --- on plans to administer Covid 
vaccine booster shots to millions of US citizens 
later this month, pointing to insufficient data, 
according to multiple reports.
While President Joe Biden’s administration already moved 
ahead with its booster announcement last month – with
 Biden stating that all US adults should receive a third 
dose within eight months of their second shot...
 beginning September 20th.
US health agencies have said the move could be premature, 
as they have yet to approve universal boosters for any of 
the three jabs used in the country. 
During a White House meeting earlier this week, the heads of 
the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centres for 
Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) told officials their 
agencies may be able to recommend boosters for the 
Pfizer vaccine alone sometime in the coming weeks
and possibly only for certain recipients at that – 
according to a Friday report in the New York 
Times and corroborated by Axios.
The briefing from the agency heads... suggests Biden’s 
September rollout date could have been set too early, 
not allowing enough time for regulators to authorize 
third doses for the other inoculations. 
Asked about that meeting on Friday, a White House spokes-
man told the Times that “We always said we would follow 
the science, and this is all part of a process that is now 
underway,” noting that the Biden team is seeking a 
“full review and approval” for boosters.
While the FDA, CDC and other top health agencies have 
publicly backed Biden’s booster plan, citing waning 
vaccine-induced immunity in the US, acting FDA 
head Janet Woodcock has expressed her
reservations in private... according to 
sources cited by the Times...  In one 
closed-door discussion, Woodcock
reportedly said it was “risky” to 
put a hard date on the booster 
campaign, before regulators 
had an opportunity to look
 through the data. 
Further controversy was stirred over the booster debate 
earlier this week after two top FDA executives involved
 in vaccine research abruptly resigned their posts, 
reportedly in protest over a number of federal 
missteps, with Biden’s premature booster 
announcement, apparently, the 
last straw.
US health officials have vacillated on the question of 
additional vaccine doses in the past. In July, top 
White House Covid-19 adviser Anthony Fauci 
suggested it was far too early to discuss 
boosters, even noting that Pfizer CEO 
Albert Bourla had apologized to him 
for publicizing the company’s work 
on boosters at such an early stage. 
Just a few weeks later, however, Fauci changed his tune,
 arguing that all US citizens... would “inevitably” need 
extra doses...  explaining that many vaccines lose 
effectiveness over time – a factoid he apparently
forgot to mention in more than a year of prior
regular public appearances . 
Pharmaceutical firms stand to reap a massive windfall 
from a booster drive, while Pfizer’s Bourla has gone 
even further, floating the idea of regular, yearly 
Covid-19 immunizations. Between Pfizer and 
Moderna – the top two vaccine producers in 
the US – $50 billion in coronavirus jab sales 
are expected this year alone, according to 
Reuters. That figure does not account for 
the millions of additional doses that will
 be produced and sold as boosters... 
which will be sure to further juice 
Big Pharma’s already-massive 
pandemic profits.

Major UK Covid-19 test provider 
faces probe by market watchdog,
 reportedly still selling tests
September 3rd, 6:54pm (RT)
The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has 
opened an inquiry into Expert Medicals – one of the 
nation’s major Covid-19 test providers – following 
customer complaints. The company still 
allegedly sells the tests, though.
Expert Medicals, one of the largest providers of PCR
tests in the UK, has been removed from a list
companies that “self-declare that they meet
the government’s 
standards for
COVID-19 testing,” 
the CMA said, in
a press release, 
on Friday.
The competition watchdog said it had opened a formal probe 
into the test provider since it had been “the subject of a high 
number of complaints.” Expert Medicals has reportedly 
been accused of failing to provide tests and results in 
a timely manner, or even at all, as well as failing to 
respond to customer complaints and issue 
refunds... when due.
“Our actions today are the next steps in our work to ensure 
the PCR testing market works for consumers and we are 
preparing to take further action in this sector,” said 
Andrea Coscelli, the CMA’s CEO.
One of the cheapest Covid test providers on the UK market, 
Expert Medicals has been selling kits for travelers for £28 
($39), including postage and packing. The company 
received a large number of complaints over delays 
in delivery of its tests and customer results, 
according to some media reports.
However, the test provider is apparently still able to sell the kits 
despite being removed from the government list, the UK’s 
‘Which’ media outlet said. That is despite Oncologica – 
one of the Covid-19 test laboratories Expert Medicals
 used to work with – telling ‘Which’ it is unlikely to 
cooperate with the test provider, after it was 
pulled from the official list.
Apart from taking action against Expert Medicals, the CMA also 
warned further Covid-19 test providers that they should 
improve their pricing information, or face some action 
from the watchdog.
The move comes about a week after the agency issued 
another statement, telling Covid test providers that 
some of their “harmful” practices could be in 
breach of consumer protection law.
The chief issue concerned some companies advertising PCR 
test prices that do not include additional obligatory charges, 
or advertising very cheap tests that are available only in 
very small quantities or not at all.
Failures to meet the required timeframe and refusals to provide
 customers with refunds when due were also on the CMA’s list 
of “practices of concern.” The watchdog demanded that test 
providers include the full cost of tests in their ads and 
provide “honest, accurate and clear timescales on
 when tests will be received.”
“PCR test providers should be in no doubt that they need to get 
on the right side of the law. If they don’t, they risk enforcement 
action,” said the CMA General Counsel, Sarah Cardell.

How (and why) Israel changed 
what “fully vaccinated” means
by Kit Knightly
September 2nd (off-Guardian)
Newspeak definition opens the door for more 
authoritarian control, huge Big Pharma 
profits…and, potentially, the worst 
deception of the entire 
Israel... has been at the forefront of the vaccination
ever since November 2020, when they signed 
agreements with Pfizer, to run what were 
essentially medical experiments on
 their civilian population.
They were the first country to roll out the Pfizer vaccine. 
They were the first country to try out the (abandoned)
“Green passes” system of
 medical segregation. And
now they’re
 the first country to change the terms 
of the “get vaccinated and get your freedom
back” contract.
That’s right. Just as “three weeks to flatten the curve” 
turned into around 18-months (and counting), 
“double jabbed” is now evolving into 
“triple jabbed”.
To quote Dr Salman Zarka, Israel’s “coronavirus czar”:
''We are updating what it means to be vaccinated,”
So, there you have it. In Israel, officially, those who have 
been injected with two doses of Pfizer’s so-called 
vaccine, are no longer counted as vaccinated.
What does this mean?
Well, first of all, it means all those “vaccinated” people 
can kiss their recently acquired freedoms goodbye, 
unless they’re willing to get at least one
 more booster.
According to the Wall Street Journal [paywalled article]:
''Holders of Israel’s vaccine passports must get a third dose 
of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine within six months of their 
second dose, or lose the so-called green pass that 
allows them more freedom.”
It should also be noted that the third booster is not considered
 the last. The Israeli Ministry of Health “has not ruled out 
further boosters in the future” and the third shot will 
only extend the “vaccinated” status for six months, 
not permanently.
So, essentially, the precedent has been set that your freedoms 
are the state’s to take away on a whim. And, if you comply, 
they will simply use your compliance... as an excuse to
 take even greater liberties (pun very much intended).
Israel has been the Petri dish for this since the beginning. 
If it works there, expect the “booster shot requirement”
to be instituted in other countries all over the world, 
fairly quickly.
To all the people who have taken the vaccine, and are now 
realising they may have done something foolish. Sorry, 
but we did try to warn you this would happen.
Financially speaking, this is yet another boon in a golden 
year, for Pfizer, who can now ship even more doses of 
their experimental (and unnecessary) gene therapy
 to people who are, literally, legally obliged to use
 it. If you don’t want to take the jab, just take 
some of Pfizer’s new magic anti-Covid 
pills instead.
So don’t worry about the death of freedom and democracy 
in the name of an almost-completely-harmless disease. At 
least the Pfizer shareholders can afford that second 
private island, and golden costumes for their 
human chess sets.
However, the predictable seizure of freedoms, and obvious 
financial motives behind it, aren’t even the worst part.
The potentially far more cynical part comes later. In three
 months or so, when the flu season hits and the elderly 
and infirm start dying, as they do every winter.
It won’t be called “flu season”, of course. It will be all
classified as “Covid”. Combined with this new 
definition of “vaccinated”, the “fourth wave”
 or the “sigma variant”... (or whatever they 
call it) could now be used to produce a 
whole new manipulated statistic.
Think about it: Every Israeli citizen who gets sick and/or 
dies, after being double jabbed but not triple jabbed, 
will be officially labelled “not fully vaccinated”.
They could therefore claim that Covid is primarily affecting
 “unvaccinated people”, even if the majority of people 
getting sick have had two doses of Pfizers 
mRNA cocktail.
Just as they used linguistic tricks to turn “deaths from any 
cause” into “Covid deaths”, and “asymptomatic positive
 tests” into “Covid cases”, they have now created a
 loophole to turn “vaccinated people” who get
 sick into “unvaccinated people”.
Worse still, it’s possible that, over the coming winter, 
people who have been “vaccinated”, may die at an
 even greater rate than normal.
If the theory that the mRNA vaccines may cause antibody-
dependent enhancement (ADE) proves correct, a lot of 
people could be killed by viruses this winter as a 
direct result of being “vaccinated” …and then 
be used as evidence to prop up the idea of 
“vaccine effectiveness”.
In twenty months of obvious scientific malpractice,
manipulation, statistical dishonesty, and full
linguistic reversal…we may be about to see
 the worst lie of all.
This is all supposition at this point, of course. But for anyone 
out there thinking “they would never do that”, I remind you
 that a man was counted as a Covid death, after shooting 
himself in the head. There is, literally, no bar so low
 that the powers-that-be couldn’t limbo under it.
Even if time proves my theory wrong, the solid, admitted 
reality of the booster-shot system, is bad enough. 
Freedom forever, under a dangling sword of 
Damocles, and yet another assault on 
language as part of a years-long 
campaign... to rob our very 
words of meaning.
And while all this may seem incredibly cynical, if you 
haven’t become incredibly cynical in the last two 
years, then you weren’t paying attention.

Japan suspends Moderna 
Covid vaccine: as another
 million doses are found 
contaminated bringing
 total to 2.6 million
August 30th, 10:41pm (RT)
Japanese officials have suspended the use of millions
 of doses of the Moderna Covid vaccine, after foreign 
substances were found in a number of batches
 two people died after receiving jabs
from the 
affected lots.
The Japanese government discovered the contamination 
over the weekend, in a batch of the Moderna Covid 
vaccine in Gunma prefecture, close to Tokyo, 
forcing officials to temporarily suspend
of the vaccines.
The decision to suspend a total of 2.6 million doses of 
the Moderna vaccines comes after 1.63 million shots
 were halted, last week, following the discovery of 
contaminants in some vials, in a batch that was 
shipped to over 860 vaccination centres
 across the country.
While the source of the contamination has not been confirmed, 
Moderna and pharmaceutical company Rovi, which 
manufactures the Moderna vaccines, said that it 
could be due to a manufacturing fault on one of
 the production lines, rather than anything
 more concerning.
The country’s health ministry has confirmed that two 
individuals who were vaccinated, using doses from 
the batch have died. However, the cause of death 
in both cases is under investigation and officials 
claim, that no safety concerns have been
 identified yet. 
In a statement, Moderna and Japanese distributor Takeda 
stated that “we do not have any evidence that these 
deaths are caused by the Moderna 
COVID-19 vaccine.”
Gunma is now the seventh Japanese prefecture to discover
 contaminants in doses of the Moderna vaccine, after 
similar incidents in Aichi, Gifu, Ibaraki, Okinawa, 
Saitama and Tokyo. It comes as Japan battles 
a surge in Covid cases --- that has pushed 
nearly half of the country’s prefectures
 into a state of emergency.
Since the start of the pandemic, Japan has recorded 
1.38 million confirmed cases of Covid and 15,797 
fatalities from the virus. So far... Japanese 
officials have administered 118,310,106 
doses of a Covid vaccine. 

Scientists Discover - Chilling 
Similarity Between COVID-19
 Infection and Rattlesnake Bite
by Max Gorbachev
August 30th, 6:56pm (Sputnik)
Using machine learning algorithms, researchers analysed 
blood samples from hundreds of individuals. They say 
the results of their study could be used to better
coronavirus patients, as well as
potentially... to save 
hundreds of
thousands of lives across
 the globe.
An international group of scientists claims to have discovered 
one of the leading causes of death from SARS-CoV-2. 
According to their study, published on August 24th
the Journal of Clinical Investigation, getting a 
severe case of the novel coronavirus, is like 
getting bitten by a rattlesnake. An enzyme 
that skyrockets, after a person falls ill
 a serious case of COVID-19, is
from the 
same family as the
enzyme in
Ironically, the human body contains the secreted A2 p
hospholipase group (sPLA2-IIA) in low concentration,
with the enzyme protecting the organism from 
microbes, and fighting off infections.
But in high quantities, sPLA2-IIA is perilous to humans, 
as it can "shred" vital organs, said Floyd "Ski" Chilton
 ...a professor at the University of Arizona, and lead 
author of the study.
"In other words, this enzyme is trying to kill the virus... but 
at a certain point it is released in such high amounts that
 things head in a really bad direction. It is a disease 
resistance mechanism until it has the capacity
 turn on the host human", Chilton said.
Professor Chilton and his colleagues discovered this enzyme
 in blood samples from patients who had severe cases of 
COVID-19. The researchers say that medicines used for 
treating snake bites could be repurposed for battling 
the coronavirus.
"Because inhibitors of sPLA2-IIA already exist, our study 
supports the use of these inhibitors... in patients with 
elevated levels of sPLA2-IIA... to reduce, or even 
prevent, COVID-19 mortality", said D. Maurizio 
Del Poeta of Stony Brook’s Renaissance 
School of Medicine, a co-author of
 the study.

Two Men Die in Japan... 
After Receiving 2nd Dose 
of Moderna Vaccine
August 28th, 7:24am (Sputnik)
The Japanese Health Ministry said on Thursday
 it had halted the use of 1.63 million Moderna 
doses from three lots produced at ROVI’s
 manufacturing site in Spain.
Two people died: after receiving Moderna COVID-19 
vaccine shots that were from the same production
 line suspended following the discovery 
of ''contaminants''.
According to Japan's health ministry, two men in their 30s 
died recently, within days of receiving their second 
Moderna doses. Each had a jab from one of three 
manufacturing lots suspended on Thursday. 
However, the cause of the deaths
 is still being investigated.
Japan froze the use of 1.63 million Moderna doses 
delivered to 863 vaccination centres nationwide
after reports of ''contaminants'' in some vials.
Spain's ROVI pharmaceutical firm...  which is 
manufacturing Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, 
opened an investigation - on Thursday - to 
determine how vials of the vaccine sent 
to Japan were contaminated with 
''foreign particles''.
US vaccine maker Moderna is reportedly
 conducting a parallel investigation.
Japan's NHK broadcaster cited the ministry 
as saying: that the ''contaminants'' were 
magnetic and appeared to be metallic 
particles. No safety issues linked to 
the three lots have been observed.
[A blogger observes: The magnetic property 
of the experimental mRNA vaccines was 
discovered several months ago, I think
by a Spanish lab... but was ignored,
I suspect, in favour of the dollar.]

NHS plans Covid-19 vaccination
 for 12-year-olds that would NOT 
require parental permission
 – reports
August 26th, 12:19pm (RT)
The UK National Health Service (NHS) has reportedly 
made plans to vaccinate children as young as 12 
without the need for their parents’ permission –
a plan that government advisers have not 
yet supported.
Under the NHS’ plan, children between the ages of 12 
and 15 would start being vaccinated in less than two 
weeks’ time after returning to school following the 
summer holidays, according to The Telegraph, 
which obtained emails sent by NHS’ regional 
offices. The newspaper also reported on 
Thursday that the children “would not 
need parental consent” to 
get vaccinated.
Though Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine has been approved
 in the UK for children aged 12 and over... the 
Department of Health said on Wednesday 
that a decision on the vaccination of 
young children had not yet
 been made.
Government advisers on the Joint Committee on 
Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) have been
 reviewing whether to approve widespread 
vaccination of children, but had earlier 
said only children with certain health 
conditions would receive jabs.
Earlier this month, England’s deputy chief medical 
officer, Jonathan Van-Tam, expressed his support 
for the vaccination of under 18s, claiming to be 
“very much in favour” of 16- and 17-year-olds 
getting jabbed.
Vam-Tam also said that it was “more likely rather 
than less likely” that the number of children
between the ages of 12 and 15 who were
eligible to get vaccinated, would 
soon expand.
News of the NHS’ plan angered many people on social 
media ,who pointed out that the risk vs reward 
conclusion for vaccinating young children, 
was still uncertain.
Reform Party leader Richard Tice called the plan 
“shocking” while pub entrepreneur Hugh 
Osmond called it “grotesque.”
 Conservative academic Adrian Hilton --- a former 
adviser to Cabinet Office Minister Michael Gove 
--- pointed out that “12-year-olds cannot 
consent to a medical procedure.”
Other Brits protested that “the government does 
not own my child” and threatened to pull their 
children out of public schooling.
Some supported the idea, with one Welsh social media
user stating that she agreed 12- to 15-year-olds “can 
consent” and are “mature enough to make that call,”
but thought it should be “done near to medical care
like mine was, not in school.”
In the United States, the Centres for Disease Control 
and Prevention (CDC), advises all US citizens aged
and over, to get vaccinated against Covid-19. 
Roughly 600,000 children between the ages 
of 12 & 15, were vaccinated in less than
week after Pfizer’s vaccine was
for under 16s,
in May.
Many European Union countries, have also started 
vaccinating children - with the EU approving Pfizer 
for 12- to 15-year-olds in May and Moderna in July.


Physical exercise helps 
stroke survivors reduce
risk of death by 54%
 August 20th, 12:36pm (Prensa Latina) 

People younger than 75 years of age, stroke survivors 
who engage in physical activity three to four hours 
per week, can lower their risk of death, according 
to new data published in Neurology magazine.

A new study has shown that people who walk at least
 three to four hours per week or bike at least two to 
three hours per week, or the equivalent after 
having a stroke, may have a 54 percent 
lower risk of death --- from any cause.

'Our results are exciting - because just three to four hours
 a week of walking was associated with big reductions in 
mortality & that may be attainable for many community 
members with prior stroke,' said study Raed Joundi 
study author, M.D., D.Phil., at the University of 
Calgary in Canada and a member of the
 American Academy of Neurology.

The study found the most benefit for younger stroke 
survivors. When people under the age of 75 
exercised at least that amount, their risk 
of death was reduced by 80 percent.

Looking specifically at stroke survivors under 75 years 
of age, Joundi et al. found that 11% of patients who 
were physically active died and 29% of patients 
who were not physically active died.

Meanwhile, stroke survivors over 75 years of age who met 
minimum physical activity requirements were 32% less 
likely to die—not quite as much of a benefit, but still
 a significant number.

''Our results suggest that getting a minimum amount of 
physical activity may reduce long-term mortality from 
any cause, in stroke survivors,'' Joundi said. ''We 
should particularly emphasize this, to stroke 
survivors who are younger in age, as they 
may gain the greatest benefits from 
walking just 30 minutes each day.'


Welsh Labour govt. blasted
‘catastrophic’ record 
NHS waiting lists as ''Covid
to hospital
August 19th, 3:01pm (RT)

The NHS in Wales has reported record long waiting lists
 for non-urgent treatment, as the number of people who
 have had their medical care delayed, reached almost 
625,000 in June, the latest month for which data
 is available.
The growing waiting list came as A&E departments and the 
ambulance service in Wales recorded their busiest period 
since the Covid pandemic began, further delaying 
appointments for those awaiting non-urgent 
June saw the number on the list grow to 624,909, marking a 
41% rise since the start of the pandemic, with 233,210
 waiting more than 9 months for treatment.

waiting times within the country’s A&E
were the worst ever recorded,
with 30.2% of 
patients not being seen
within four hours.
Addressing the situation, the opposition Conservative Party’s 
health spokesperson, Russell George, criticised the Welsh 
government, calling the situation “catastrophic.”
“To record the worst ever A&E waiting times and the longest 
NHS treatment waiting list in the same month, shows a 
complete lack of leadership,” George said in 
a statement.
While a spokesperson for the government conceded that 
“waiting times for treatment continue to grow,” they 
expressed optimism that the number of people 
waiting more than 52 weeks has fallen “for 
the third month in a row.”
The latest figures come... as £551 million ($753.29 million) in 
extra funding was handed to the Welsh NHS to help alleviate
 the pressure caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 

The money is set to be spent on the country’s vaccination 
programme, Covid testing, PPE, and cleaning, to prevent 
the spread of the virus, according to Health Minister, 
Eluned Morgan.

vaccine jabs and periods

‘Is it anti-vax to be concerned?’: 
Magazine editor reports 
changes to period after 
Covid jab, the latest in 
over 30,000 UK women
August 19th, 11:32am (RT)
At least 30,304 British women, have disclosed 
changes to their menstrual cycle after getting
 vaccinated against Covid-19.  An editor for 
The Spectator is one of the most recently
 affected, and says many more are
to come out.
Lara Prendergast, an executive editor at London's 
Spectator magazine, raised some concerning 
questions in a column, on Thursday, after 
reporting that she had been affected 
since receiving her first Pfizer
 in May.
Noting that it is an “uncomfortable” and sensitive topic
to discuss – indicating that the true number 
of women
with period-related vaccine side effects 
could be far
greater than the 30,304 documented 
– Prendergast
revealed that her cycle has not 
been right, since
she was vaccinated, 
months ago.
“Millions of British women have been jabbed, so 
30,304 reports will be a tiny proportion: a 
negligible number, you might say.  But it 
doesn't seem negligible if you're one of
 those women” she wrote, adding that 
friends have told her  “they've also 
been affected” but “didn't report it 
either” due to the topic being both 
awkward and sensitive... and 
because of ''fears'' of being 
branded an ‘anti-vaxxer’.
“Is it ‘anti-vaxx’ to be concerned that these jabs may 
be having an effect on our menstrual cycles?” 
Prendergast questioned...  before claiming 
that a women's health doctor had told her 
it is not exactly normal, “for vaccines
affect periods in such a way.”
Prendergast also expressed concern that “if the jabs 
are affecting so many women's periods, who knows 
what else might be going on,” noting that millions 
of women can only “hope and trust” that the 
medical officials and influencers who are 
pushing for young women to get 
vaccinated are right about the 
allegedly low risks involved.
Though she acknowledged that officials, such as Royal 
College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) 
President Dr. Edward Morris, have assured women 
that it would be ''impossible'' for the vaccines to 
affect a woman's fertility, Prendergast pointed 
out that most women do “associate their 
periods with their fertility,” and that side 
effects are thus extremely alarming
 those who experience them.
“A month after my second jab, I make a note that
latest cycle is messed up, once again,” she 
concluded in the column.
The UK's Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory 
Agency (MHRA) has advised concerned women that 
menstrual issues are “mostly transient in nature” 
and that “there is no evidence to suggest that 
Covid-19 vaccines will affect fertility and
ability to have children.”
RCOG Vice President Dr Jo Mountfield has also said that 
although “changes to periods can be concerning,” it 
appears “most women's menstrual cycles return 
to normal after one to two cycles.”
Menstrual cycle changes do not appear on the list of 
side effects given to Brits, before they receive a 
Covid-19 vaccine in the UK.
The UK government announced on Monday that the MHRA 
was reviewing “suspected side effects of menstrual 
disorders and unexpected vaginal bleeding 
following vaccination against Covid-19 
in the UK.”


COVID App Error Possibly Caused 
Thousands to Needlessly Isolate, 
Media Says
by Andrei Dergalin
August 18th, 6:17pm (Sputnik)
The matter regarding the app was reportedly brought 
to the attention of the former Health Secretary Matt 
Hancock shortly before his resignation, but it 
wasn't until a month later that his successor 
Sajid Javid announced that the app would 
be updated.
Thousands of people in the United Kingdom may have 
isolated for no reason due to an error with the NHS 
COVID app, The Guardian reports, citing a source
 in Whitehall.
As the newspaper points out, while official guidelines 
for the app "defined close contact as occurring two 
days before the infected person had symptoms,"
 users apparently weren’t told that the app could
 "notify of contact with an infected person as far 
back as five days before the positive test."
"The standard definition of a contact in all the scientific 
and public stuff from Public Health England and NHS 
test and trace is someone who has been in contact 
from two days before they have symptoms and if 
they don’t have symptoms but test positive, you 
go back two days from the test," the source 
said. "But the app had five days in it."
They also mentioned that this matter was apparently 
brought to the attention of former Health Secretary 
Matt Hancock, shortly before his resignation.
"A submission was made to Hancock from test and trace 
people around the time of his resignation saying ‘it’s five
 days but it should be two days: should we change it 
now? And it didn’t happen,’" the source remarked.
The Labour Party has apparently used this opportunity to 
take pot shots at the government, with Shadow Health 
Minister Justin Madders calling it "another shambolic 
situation from hapless ministers."
"The COVID app has been one mess after another and a 
lack of clear information and guidance around the app 
only undermines its effectiveness," he said.
About a month after that, Hancock’s successor, Sajid Javid, 
said that the app would be updated in order to have the 
contacts of people who tested positive for COVID 
tracked from the last two days instead of five.
The health secretary reportedly said that it was being 
"updated based on public health advice to look back 
at contacts two days prior to a positive test."
The Department of Health and Social Care didn't challenge 
the whistleblower’s account, the newspaper notes, adding 
that the department is "making the case that the COVID 
app had different definitions of a close contact to test 
and trace... with a five-day period chosen for the 
asymptomatic, because it is the halfway point 
in a potential 10-day infectious period."


WHO slams wealthy nations’ 
rush towards COVID 
vaccine boosters
August 18th, 5:03pm (PressTV)
The World Health Organization has condemned the rush 
by wealthy countries to provide COVID vaccine booster 
shots, while millions around the world have yet to 
receive a single dose.
Speaking before US authorities announced that all 
vaccinated Americans would soon be eligible to 
receive additional doses, WHO experts insisted 
there was not enough scientific evidence that 
boosters were needed --- and said providing 
them, while so many were still waiting to 
be immunized, was immoral.
"We're planning to hand out extra life jackets to people who 
already have life jackets, while we're leaving other people 
to drown without a single life jacket," WHO's emergency 
director Mike Ryan told reporters from the UN agency's 
Geneva headquarters, on Wednesday.
"The fundamental, ethical reality is we're handing out second 
life jackets while leaving millions and millions of people 
without anything to protect them."
WHO called earlier this month for a moratorium on COVID 
vaccine booster shots to help ease the drastic inequity
 dose distribution, between rich and poor nations.
But that has not stopped a number of countries from 
moving forward with plans to add a third jab, as
 struggle to thwart the Delta variant.
US authorities warned Wednesday that COVID-19 vaccination
 efficacy was decreasing over time, and said they had 
authorized booster shots for all Americans from 
September 20th, starting eight months after
 an individual has been fully vaccinated.
The officials said while the vaccines remain "remarkably 
effective" in reducing the risk of severe disease, 
hospitalization and death, from the effects of 
COVID, protection could diminish in the 
months ahead... without boosted 
Washington had already authorized an extra dose 
for people with weakened immune systems.
The coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 
4,382,528 people and infected 208,617,866 
'Shame on all humanity'
But WHO experts insisted that the science was still out 
on boosters and stressed that ensuring that people in 
low-income countries, where vaccination is lagging,
received jabs ------ was far more important.
"What is clear is that it’s critical to get first shots into arms 
and protect the most vulnerable before boosters are 
rolled out," WHO chief Tedros Adhanom 
Ghebreyesus told Wednesday's 
press conference.
"The divide between the haves and have nots will only 
grow larger, if manufacturers and leaders prioritize 
booster shots, over supplies to low- and middle-
income countries," he said.
"The virus is evolving and it is not in the best interests 
of leaders just to focus on narrow nationalistic goals 
when we live in an interconnected world and the 
virus is mutating quickly."
Tedros voiced outrage at reports that the single-dose 
J&J vaccine ...currently being filled and finished in 
South Africa, was being shipped for use in Europe
 "where virtually all adults have been offered 
vaccines at this point".
"We urge J&J to urgently prioritize distribution of their 
vaccines to Africa before considering supplies to rich 
countries that already have sufficient access,"
he said.
"Vaccine injustice is a shame on all humanity... and if we 
don’t tackle it together, we will prolong the acute stage 
of this pandemic for years - when it could be over in a
 matter of months."
(Source: AFP)


Drug, Alcohol Deaths
 ...Hit Record High...
UK Government 
Cuts Funding for the
Treatment Services
August 15th, 12:35pm (FNA)
 Deaths from drug and alcohol misuse hit a record 
high, following sharp cuts to treatment services 
across the UK, according to a report.
An analysis by the House of Commons Library found 
that more than £100 million less was being spent per 
year on services between 2016-17 and 2019-20, The 
Independent reported.
In a record high, more than 11,000 people died from 
drug and alcohol-related diseases in England and 
Wales, in 2020.
In the years leading up to the peak, services were cut 
by 15 percent, with sharper slashes to local council 
areas, in particular.
The Commons Library figures show that just 10 councils
have been ''able to'' find the cash to increase resources 
for drug and alcohol misuse.
Meanwhile, in four local authorities – South Tyneside, 
Wiltshire, Staffordshire, and Medway – cuts of more 
than 40 percent were made to drug and alcohol
misuse services.
“Years of Tory cuts to vital public health services have 
seen sickness increase and health inequalities widen,”
Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Health 
Secretary, said.
“It’s unacceptable for public health services that tackle 
alcohol and drug addiction, to be left so weakened 
because of deep cuts, when we know that they 
can cause huge harm and death," he noted, 
adding, “We need a new settlement for 
public health services, a clear target 
to reduce inequalities and action to
minimise harm... and help prevent 
so many dying from addiction.”
In total, spending on services fell from
£762mln in 2016-17 to £690mln
 in 2019-20.
Government figures show that in 2020 a record 
number of 7,423 people in England and Wales 
died from diseases that were a direct
consequence of alcohol, with a 
further 4,561 people dying 
from causes related to 
drug poisoning.
A government spokesperson said, “Any death 
due to substance misuse, is a tragedy."
“We are investing £148mln to tackle the root causes 
of drug misuse including £80mln for treatment and 
recovery – the largest investment in the drug 
treatment system for 15 years – as well as 
tightening controls on dangerous 
substances... and we will bring 
forward an ambitious drug 
strategy later this year,"
the spokesperson 
“On top of that, we are backing local authorities, 
who know their communities best, with over 
£3.3bln in 2021-2022 to spend on public 
health services, including drug and 
alcohol treatment,” the spokes-
person added.

Our planet Earth

Experts Say Booster Jabs
for Rich Countries --- 
Will Cause More 
Deaths Worldwide
August 14th, 10:02am (FNA)

 Many more people around the world, will die of COVID, 
if Western political leaders “reject their responsibility
 to the rest of humanity” by prioritising booster shots 
for their own populations, instead of sharing doses,
 the head of the Oxford vaccine group warned.
Writing for the Guardian, Professor Andrew Pollard, and 
Seth Berkley, the chief executive of Gavi, the vaccine 
alliance, say that the scientific and public health 
case for large-scale boosting, has not been 
made ---- and could have far-reaching 
consequences in other countries.
“This is a key moment for decision-makers,” they write, 
adding, “Large-scale boosting in one rich country will 
send a signal around the world - that boosters are 
needed everywhere. This will suck many vaccine 
doses out of the system, and many more people
will die because they never even had a chance 
to get a single dose. If millions are boosted,
the absence of a strong scientific case, 
history will remember the moment at 
which, political leaders decided to
reject their responsibility to the 
rest of humanity, in the 
greatest crisis of 
our lifetimes.”
On Tuesday, Sajid Javid said plans were in place, to 
offer all over-50s a COVID booster at the same time 
as they receive the flu jab.
But Prof Adam Finn, who sits on the Joint Committee 
on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which 
advises the government, said such a mass 
rollout may not be needed, with it more 
likely boosters would only be needed 
to protect a small number of the 
most vulnerable people.
Germany, France and Israel are all planning, or already 
administering, boosters for older citizens, although
 the eligibility details vary by country.
This is despite the World Health Organization saying that 
halting booster shots until at least the end of September 
would help ease the drastic inequity in vaccine 
distribution between rich and poor nations. 
The US also indicated it would not heed 
the WHO’s call, describing it as a 
“false choice”.
But Pollard and Berkley write that while vaccines have 
brought hope and will likely save millions of lives 
globally... thousands are still dying of COVID 
every week, and many countries are still in 
despair, with their hospitals overwhelmed.
“The vast majority of people who will die of COVID this year 
could have been saved if we had got this right,” they said, 
adding, “Vaccinating those at risk everywhere, is in our 
self-interest. It may reduce the risk of new variants 
arising, and will relieve pressure on health 
systems, open travel, resuscitate the 
global economy, and raise the
 international authority of 
politicians prepared to
 take such moral 
They also stress that the level of antibody or T-cells required 
to prevent people from getting seriously ill cannot yet be 
measured. While the yellow fever vaccine, which 
provides lifelong protection with one dose, the 
flu jab is given annually. Somewhere in-
between is the tetanus vaccine, which
 requires five to six doses for lifelong 
protection. Pollard and Berkley say
 it is ''unclear'' where the COVID 
vaccine sits on the spectrum 
but – so far – it is clear it is
 offering protection against 
severe disease, including 
that caused by the 
main variants.
“The focus of vaccination policy... cannot be
on sustaining 
very high levels of antibodies
to prevent mild infection,”
 they write.
"If we focus on antibody levels alone, we could end up 
vaccinating everyone repeatedly to cope with a virus 
that keeps mutating. The point of vaccination isn’t to 
prevent people from getting mild infections; it’s to 
prevent hospitalisation and death,” they added.
They say that it is not an “all or nothing” argument, 
with careful analysis of data required to ensure
 there are no groups for whom boosters are 
already warranted. But... they add that,
those who do not respond well to 
vaccines – a group which some 
have suggested, should get
booster – “more doses 
won’t help”.
The pair conclude, “Since we have the two-dose luxury 
of having time on our side, we should not rush into 
boosting millions of people, while time is running 
out for those who have nothing. First doses
 It’s that simple.”
A government spokesperson said, “We are preparing for
 a booster programme and the independent JCVI has 
published its interim advice on who to prioritise
a third vaccine from September 2021."
“The UK is committed to supporting a global recovery 
to the COVID-19 pandemic and improving access to
 vaccines – and we have committed to donate 
100mln doses by June 2022, with the first 
deliveries starting last week,” the 
spokesperson added.


Study Finds One in Ten
UK Patients 
Caught COVID
in Hospital
 in First Wave
August 13th, 3:49pm (FNA)
About 1 in 10 patients were infected with coronavirus while 
in hospital during the first wave of the pandemic in the UK  
and that figure rose to about one in six after the peak of 
COVID hospital admissions, researchers found.
However, vaccines, improvements in diagnostics and PPE 
supply, and an enhanced understanding of the virus have 
dramatically reduced the risk of catching COVID in 
hospital settings, they stressed, The 
Guardian reported.
“Things have changed for the better - enormously - ” said
Christopher Green, a senior clinical lecturer and
physician in infectious diseases,
at the University 
of Birmingham.
During the first wave, on average 11.3% of COVID patients in 
the UK contracted COVID-19 after being in hospital for other 
reasons, and that percentage spiked to about 15.8% in May 
after the peak of hospital admissions. This was the worst 
of the pandemic, as far as hospitals were concerned, 
said Green.
The average level of hospital-acquired COVID was not entirely 
surprising, the researchers said, given that the average risk 
of contracting flu in hospital settings is about 10%.
The researchers studied 72,157 patients (two-thirds
all UK hospital admissions) admitted across 314 
hospitals... during the first wave. They inferred
patients were infected after admission,
based on 
information on how long it takes to
symptoms, following infection with
virus that causes COVID-19.
Using the cut-off date of August 1st, 2020, the researchers 
estimated that between 5,699 to 11,862 patients were 
infected, during their hospital stay...  but cautioned
that this range was likely to be an underestimate, 
given that the researchers could not identify 
patients who were infected during 
admission, but were discharged 
before developing symptoms 
...or patients infected during 
another healthcare visit 
before admission.
There were the stark variations in the risk of contracting 
COVID in different hospital settings: acute and general 
care hospitals had the lowest proportion at about 
9.7%; residential community care and mental 
health hospitals had a higher overall 
proportion, 61.9% and 67.5% 
Given that patients in residential and long-term facilities 
tend to stay for protracted periods, it is not unusual 
that those rates were higher.
However, there were also substantial variations among 
acute and general hospitals. In some busy hospitals, 
there were outstanding examples of good infection 
prevention control and practice... but there were 
also instances where the standard was not as 
good, said Calum Semple, a professor in 
child health and outbreak medicine at 
the University of Liverpool.
The scientists attributed the variations to multiple factors, 
including inadequate PPE and test supply as well as a 
poor understanding of how the virus transmits.. but 
noted that these wide variations meant that there 
were important lessons to be learned, for 
future outbreaks.
Although this data has now been published in the Lancet 
journal, the researchers have been sharing their 
analysis with the NHS and policymakers since 
last year. They continue to monitor what 
proportion of cases could be hospital-
acquired – and that range is looking 
much better at 3% to 5% now, 
said Green.
“I don’t want people to be afraid about coming into hospitals 
because we do actually understand a lot more that we 
didn’t know back then,” he said.
“One of the key differences, of course, is the high rates of 
vaccine coverage – being vaccinated … dramatically 
reduces the risk of you getting sick – but even if 
you’re unlucky enough to still be infected,
 despite being vaccinated... it also 
dramatically reduces the ability 
for you to transmit to some-
body else,” he added.
Hopefully, there will now be a greater focus on reducing
the risk of hospital-acquired infections, added Semple.
“Looking at hospital-acquired infections needs to be 
business as usual for [NHS] trusts, rather than an 
exceptional activity,” he said.


Vietnamese herbal medication 
effective to fight Covid-19
August 10th, 2:56pm (Prensa Latina) 
A Vietnamese medicine based on medicinal herbs 
and already subjected to preclinical research, 
has showed high effectiveness in treating 
Covid-19 patients, national scientists 
announced on Tuesday.
The medicine, called Vipdervir, is capable of preventing 
SARS-CoV-2 from sticking to host cells, or in any case 
activating immune cells so that they can recognize, 
block, and eliminate the viral particles, Chu Hoang 
Ha, vice president of the Vietnam Academy of 
Science and Technology (VAST), explained.
Synthesized as of medicinal herbs whose names the 
scientist did not reveal, the medication remains 
under evaluation for its safety, stability and 
capability to inhibit the spread of the 
deadly virus, as well as 
A/H5N1 influenza.
If the research is successful, as it appears to be, the 
relevant studies will be carried out to master the 
manufacturing technology of Vipdervir and 
turn it into a new tool in anti-Covid-19 
The VAST's Institute of Biotechnology, the Vinh Gia 
Pharmaceutical JSC and the Vietnam Chemical 
Pharmaceutical JSC, are participating in
 the research.

catnap better

A daytime nap helps to
increase productivity.. 
more than night sleep
: study
 August 6th (Prensa Latina)
 In an interesting study, Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology researchers have shown that a 
daytime nap, rather than a night sleep of a
longer duration, will be more beneficial
 in increasing the productivity 
of people.
Spending more time in bed, does not confer any 
benefits in work productivity, earnings, a sense
 of well-being, or even lowered blood pressure.
Scientists - according to the statement - proved 
that daytime naps tend to be more beneficial, 
as they contribute to improving the process 
of cognition, efficiency, decision-making 
and well-being, in a general sense.
'Sleeping more hours does not equate to greater 
well-being - an aspect that is closely linked to
quality of sleep,' the source emphasized.
Regarding the quality of sleep, the Mayo Clinic 
scientific website suggested reviewing the
 and supplements that people take.
Avoid drinking fluids up to two hours before 
going to bed, to reduce times going to the 
bathroom, and keep the environment as 
dark as possible.
Liquors help people to fall asleep, but once 
the effect wears off, the person is more 
likely to wake up during the night.

China stops issuing passports 
due to Covid-19 rebound
August 4th, 6:21pm (Prensa Latina) 
China, on Wednesday, announced the suspension 
of procedures to issue passports and other 
travel documents, as part of its strategy
stop the outbreak of Covid-19, that
forced the authorities to declare
risk of contagion, for 144 cities.
National Immigration Administration Director Liu Haitao said 
they will only process applications from individuals with 
real and urgent needs to leave the country; that is, for 
study, work or business.
China will work with neighbouring countries to carry out joint 
patrols, neutralize illegal crossings, smuggling and other 
criminal activities at border points.
Liu reported on a tightening in the supervision of each ship,
 passengers and cargo arriving at the country's air and 
maritime terminals.
The Administration proceeded with these measures in order 
to minimize cross-border movements and entrance from 
abroad of Covid-19-infected people, while China faces
 rebound, with the dangerous Delta variant of the 
SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.
The Government is on the alert due to the rapid spread of 
the virus in some twenty provinces, the daily rise in local 
cases and the concentration of infectious outbreaks in 
at least three cities.
Authorities ordered the relevant departments to use up
resources to contain the outbreak, as it is already 
considered the worst, after the beginning of the 
pandemic in Wuhan.


British study shows children 
unlikely to contract severe 
Covid, as UK reportedly set 
to begin vaccinating teens
August 4th, 2:47pm (RT)
A new study has found that prolonged illness from Covid 
among minors is uncommon, reaffirming data showing 
that the virus is rarely deadly for children. The findings 
come as the UK prepares to start giving teens the shot.
The research, conducted by King's College London 
scientists, revealed that children aged between 5
 and 17, who test positive for coronavirus,
 typically recover in less than a week. 
Headaches and tiredness were the most common symptoms
observed, according to their paper, which was published on 
Tuesday in the Lancet. 
Using data provided by parents to a non-profit group that 
supports Covid research, the study examined medical
 information collected from 1,734 minors, who 
developed symptoms and tested positive
 for the virus, between September
 and February 2021.
The researchers said they were “reassured” to find that
 fewer than one in 20 of those with the virus exhibited 
symptoms, for four weeks or more. Incidences in 
which children showed symptoms for more than
 eight weeks, were even rarer, being recorded
 one in 50 cases.
The scientists also examined cases where children had 
symptoms but tested negative for coronavirus. Only a 
handful of subjects remained symptomatic for
28 days
 or more. 
The main takeaway from the study, is that it’s uncommon 
for children to suffer from prolonged illness after getting 
Covid, Emma Duncan, professor of clinical endo-
crinology at King's College London, said. She
 also stressed that it would be ill-advised
focus only on Covid-linked
among children. 
“We need to be looking after all children who have protracted 
illnesses, irrespective of whether that illness is Covid-19 or
 anything else,” the researcher noted.
Although the data used in the study was more than six months 
old, the findings seem consistent with the current figures 
regarding Covid among UK youth. While some experts 
have suggested that the more transmissible Delta 
variant may pose a greater risk to the general 
public... the disease continues to have an 
almost non-existent impact on mortality 
among children. In the first 12 months 
of the pandemic, NHS data shows 
only 25 under-18s died from
 the illness.
While the study seems to caution against overstating the virus’ 
effect on children, there may be limitations to accurately 
gauging Covid infections among young Britons: last 
month it was revealed that pupils in the UK were 
applying orange juice to Covid lateral flow test 
kits, in order to test positive for the virus and 
get a two-week holiday from school. 
The study coincides with reports that the British government
 is preparing to approve Covid jabs for 16- and 17-year-olds. 
According to the Telegraph, Downing Street is expected
update its advisory to include teens in the nation’s 
inoculation drive. The youngsters will be urged to 
get the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, the outlet 
reported, citing a government source. 
The British government had previously signaled that jabs 
would only be offered to vulnerable 12- to 15-year-olds 
and those nearing their eighteenth birthday.
The reported U-turn would mean that the UK is joining
United States and European states that have
begun to vaccinate minors as
young as 12.

Covid-19 speeds up 
Alzheimer's-like symptoms
 August 3rd, 12:14pm (Prensa Latina) 
Scientists have assured, that suffering from Covid-19 
speeds up Alzheirmer's-like symptoms, a specialized 
source reported.
Many people with Covid-19 experience short- and long
-term neuropsychiatric symptoms, including loss of 
taste and smell, and persistent cognitive and 
attention deficits and care, knows as
brain fog.
Experts who attended the International Conference of the 
Alzheimer's Association - in a virtual way - said thanks 
to the studies conducted, a considerable number of 
older adults, frequently suffer with persistent
Other key findings by the consortium suggest that the
biological markers of brain injury, neuroinflammation 
& Alzheimer's, correlate strongly with the presence 
of neurological symptoms in a Covid-19 patient.
Individuals experiencing cognitive decline, post-Covid-19 
infection, were more likely to have low blood oxygen 
following brief physical exertion, as well as a poor 
overall physical condition, the researchers said.
More than half showed persistent problems 
with forgetfulness, and roughly one in four 
had additional problems with cognition...
including with language and executive 
dysfunction, the researchers stated.

UK govt is working with companies 
to offer cheap fast food for Covid-
vaxxed youth, despite warning
 of obesity risk
August 1st, 11:25am (RT)

The UK government is cooperating with major food 
delivery companies such as Uber and Deliveroo,
offer discounted fast foods for young people
get vaccinated against Covid-19.
According to the Department of Health and Social Care
 (DHSC), Uber, and its takeaway delivery service, Uber 
Eats, as well as rival food delivery service Deliveroo,
 chain restaurant Pizza Pilgrims, & the ride-hailing
 platform Bolt, are involved with the plan.
The DHSC announced - on Sunday - that the companies 
"will be offering discounts & incentives to customers
 who get a Covid-19 vaccine, and help protect the 
country from the virus," ...as it continues in its 
plan "to further drive uptake in young people."
"Uber, for example, will be sending reminders to all users
 in August, encouraging them to get the vaccine, & will 
be offering discounted Uber rides and meals on Uber 
Eats... for young adults who get the jab," the 
government revealed, while Bolt will offer
 free rides to vaccination centres.
Discount coupons and vouchers could also be offered to 
people getting vaccinated at pop-up sites and other 
vaccination facilities, although the participating 
companies will not store any health data,
 DHSC pledged.
Health Secretary Sajid Javid thanked the companies in a