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One Union

Cambridge University Halts
£400mln Deal with UAE over 
Pegasus Spyware Claims
October 16th, 1:42pm (FNA)
The University of Cambridge has broken off talks 
with the United Arab Emirates over a record
 £400mln collaboration after claims about
 the [Persian] Gulf state’s use of the
controversial Pegasus hacking 
software, the university’s
chancellor said.
The proposed deal, hailed by the university in July
 as a “potential strategic partnership … helping to 
solve some of the greatest challenges facing our 
planet” – would have included the largest 
donation of its kind in the university’s 
history, spanning a decade... and 
involving direct investment from 
the UAE of over £310mln, The
 Guardian reported.
But Stephen Toope, Cambridge’s outgoing vice-chancellor,
said in an interview that no meetings or conversations with
the UAE were now taking place... after revelations related
to Pegasus, software that can hack into and secretly...
take control of a mobile 'phone.
A university spokesperson said it had approached the UAE
 and other partnerships - “with an open mind” - and “these 
are always finely balanced assessments”, adding, “We 
will be reflecting over the next few months, before 
further evaluating our long term options with 
our partners and with the university 
The Guardian’s Pegasus Project...  revealed a leak of over
50,000 phone numbers that, it is believed, were linked to
people of interest to clients of NSO Group -- the Israeli
company behind Pegasus. The principal government
responsible for selecting hundreds of UK numbers..
 appeared to be the UAE, the Guardian found.
“There were further revelations about Pegasus that really
caused us to decide... that it’s not the right time to be 
pursuing these kinds of really ambitious plans with
 the UAE,” Toope told Varsity student newspaper.
Asked if he would consider pursuing the deal in the future, 
Toope said, “No one’s going to be rushing into this. There 
will be no secret arrangements being made. I think we’re 
going to have to have a robust discussion at some point 
in the future. Or we may determine that it’s not worth 
raising again. I honestly don’t know.”
Toope said he had not met the UAE’s ruling prince and 
was not holding meetings with anyone from the state.
“There are existing relationships across the university, on a
departmental and individual academic level, but there are
no conversations about a big project,” he said, adding,
“We’re aware of the risks in dealing with many states
around the world, but we think it’s worth having the
News of the potential collaboration, with documents seen 
by the Guardian detailing... “joint UAE and University of
Cambridge branding” and new institutes based in the
[Persian] Gulf state... caused an outcry over the 
prospect of financial ties with a monarchy 
now notorious for alleged human rights 
abuses, few democratic institutions 
and hostility towards the rights 
of women, as well as those
 LGBTQ+ people.
Talks over the partnership were supported by the 
university’s internal bodies, despite concerns. 
But Toope’s remarks suggest that it was the 
UAE’s alleged use of the controversial 
hacking software, that was 
responsible for ending 
the talks.
In July, shortly after the Cambridge-UAE partnership 
was announced, the Pegasus Project revealed that 
over 400 UK mobile phone numbers appeared in a 
leaked list of numbers - identified by government 
clients of NSO between 2017 and 2019. The UAE 
was identified: as one of 40 countries that had 
access to Pegasus, and the principal country
 linked to the UK numbers.
The Cambridge-UAE project was to have included a joint
 innovation institute and a plan to improve and overhaul 
the emirates education system, as well as work on 
climate change and energy transition.
“Are those important enough things to think that we might 
be able to mitigate the risks? The answer is: I don’t know
 quite frankly,” said Toope, who is to step down at the
 end of the academic year.
Dubai, the emirate city ruled by Sheikh Mohammad bin
Rashid Al-Maktoum, is also believed to have been an 
NSO client. The phones of Sheikh Mohammad’s 
daughter, Princess Latifa, and his ex-wife 
Princess Haya, who fled the country 
and came to the UK in 2019, both 
appeared in the data.
Last week a high court judge ruled that Sheikh Mohammad
 hacked the phone of Princess Haya --- using Pegasus 
spyware in an unlawful abuse of power and trust.
Dubai did not respond to a Guardian request for comment
on the Pegasus Project at the time. Sheikh Mohammad...
did not respond, although it is understood he denies
attempting to hack the 'phones of Latifa or her
friends or associates, or ordering others
to do so.
In multiple statements, NSO said that the fact that a
number appeared on the leaked list, was in no way
indicative of whether a number was targeted for
using Pegasus.
“The list is not a list of Pegasus targets or potential
targets,” the company said, adding, “The numbers
in the list are not related to NSO Group in
any way.”
A university spokesperson commented, “The University of 
Cambridge has numerous partnerships with governments
 and organisations.. around the world. It approached the 
UAE as it does all potential partnerships: with an open
 mind, and rigorously weighing the opportunities to
 contribute to society – through collaborative 
research, education and innovation – 
against any challenges.”

Dollar round-a-bout an illusion

Presidential pre-candidate 
proposes agrarian reform
 in Colombia
October 16th, 3:11pm (Prensa Latina)
 Colombia Humana's senator, Gustavo Petro, the 
presidential pre-candidate of the Historic Pact, 
affirmed today, that, for the country to be 
modern, industrialized and peaceful, 
this requires agrarian reform.
On Twitter, he noted that transformation Colombia 
''needs must'' turn fertile land into an instrument 
of production and turn the nation into an 
agricultural and industrial power.
In addition, he said, the agrarian reform would allow
the removal of economic and mercantile pressure 
on the agricultural frontier, which must not be 
expanded any further, because it destroys
 the forests, moors and waters.
The defense of the Amazon rainforest is vital for 
humanity, in these times of climate change, 
he underscored.
If fertile land becomes an instrument of democratized
 production --- the peasantry becomes richer, the 
domestic market grows and industrialization
 is possible --- which is fundamental for 
building democracy and peace, 
he stated.
In his opinion, 'the extremist right-wing thinking
 spokesperson --- of the interests of the cocaine 
dollar launderers who appropriated the land, 
expropriating the peasantry by blood and 
fire, use the press to point out those 
ideas as dangerous and populist.'
Petro referred in this sense, to the treatment given 
by some press media, to an idea espoused now,
the expropriation of unproductive land.
'Having unproductive fertile land is not capitalist, it is 
feudal, pre-modern. This pre-modernity explains the 
huge social inequality and permanent violence
in Colombia
. Therefore, an agrarian reform
that democratizes, 
and makes fertile
land productive, 
is fundamental,'
he noted.
He highlighted that he is referring to 22 million hectares 
of fertile land --- of which --- only six million are used
for production.
If the 16 million hectares in the hands of unproductive
 landowners were cultivated for food, we would have
 two million additional agricultural jobs, Petro 
pointed out.

US Throws Out Millions of Doses 
of COVID Vaccine... as World 
Goes Wanting
October 16th, 1:42pm  (FNA)
The United States is wasting millions of COVID-19 vaccine
 doses even as shortages plague many parts of the world.
At least 15mln doses were scrapped in the US between 
March and September, according to one analysis of 
Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
 data. A separate investigation found 1mln doses 
were discarded in ten states...  between
 and July, The Guardian says.
States continue tossing unused shots. Louisiana has 
thrown out 224,000 unused doses of the COVID 
vaccines – a rate that has almost tripled since 
the end of July, even as a deadly fourth wave 
of the virus gripped the state. Some of the 
lost doses, came from opening and not 
finishing vials, but more than 20,000 
shots... simply expired.
Thousands of doses are reportedly wasted each day in
 Wisconsin. In Alabama, more than 65,000 doses have
 been tossed;  in Tennessee, it’s almost 200,000.
The wasted doses represent a small fraction of the
of shots administered in these states – in
Louisiana, for 
instance, 4.4mln doses have been
given out 
But the news comes as millions of people around the world
wait for their first doses. Only 1% of the populations of low
income countries had received first shots, as of July,
compared with over half of those living in a 
handful of high-income countries.
Many of the discarded doses came from pharmacies. In May, 
two pharmacy chains had wasted more doses than US 
states, territories and federal agencies combined,
 for almost three-quarters of tossed doses. Now, 
at least 7.6mln discarded doses come from 
four major pharmacies: Walgreens, CVS,
Walmart and Rite Aid.
There are multiple reasons why doses have been wasted:
 sometimes a vial is cracked or doesn’t contain as many
 doses as promised; sometimes needles malfunction; 
freezers break down or the power goes out. 
Frequently, people don’t show up for appointments, 
and the dose set aside for them in a vial, isn’t used.
But as vaccinations across the country have stalled... 
after peaking in mid-April, a growing issue is simply 
that the vaccines are expiring amid vaccine 
''hesitancy'' in the US... which is more 
widespread, than first imagined.
Before June, a little over 2mln doses had gone to waste, 
NBC News reported. But over the summer, those 
figures surged – alongside the virus itself – 
sixfold.... as doses expired and 
vaccinations flagged.
The Joe Biden administration has pushed to use the US
 vaccine stockpile for boosters... sometimes clashing 
with scientific agencies, on who needs the added 
protection of an additional shot.
Officials are also working with vaccine manufacturers 
to reduce the number of doses in each vial.
In the face of global inequities, it is not as simple 
as states donating unused vaccines. The doses 
already distributed to states, cannot be 
repurposed internationally, because 
of concerns around storing the 
vaccines correctly.
Biden has vowed to vaccinate 70% of the world in the next 
year, and has 'committed' to donate several million doses 
for use abroad. But in the meantime, many countries are
 struggling to provide shots to the most vulnerable and 
those working on the frontlines of the pandemic...
 US citizens refuse the immunizations.
Manufacturers should also scale up production to address
 global shortages, the administration has said. Moderna, 
for instance, needs to “step up as a company” when it
 comes to the global production of vaccines... David 
Kessler, the Biden administration’s chief science 
officer of the COVID-19 response, said 
on Wednesday.

UN confirms sending of experts to 
regional elections in Venezuela
October 15th, 4:29pm (Prensa Latina) 
The United Nations (UN) confirmed that it will send a 
Panel of Electoral Experts to Venezuela, for the 
November 21st elections, according to a 
report sent today.
In email circulated to the press, it was indicated that, 
after completing a technical evaluation process, the 
UN secretariat responded positively to the request 
of the National Electoral Council of Venezuela, for
 the deployment of this type of mission in the 
regional and municipal elections.
According to the report, a team of three experts will 
arrive in the country in November to carry out a 
follow up on the process... and provide the 
Secretary General with an independent 
and internal report on the general 
development of the elections.
The text clarified that electoral experts do not issue 
public statements evaluating the general manage-
ment of an electoral process, or its results.
It further explained that the panel is one of the 
various types of electoral assistance the 
United Nations can provide, at the 
request of member states, as 
opposed to its observation 
missions, which require a 
''specific mandate'': from
Security Council or
General Assembly.
Argentina and Paraguay 
to strengthen Mercosur
 October 15th, 4:16pm (Prensa Latina) 
In an effort to strengthen the Southern Common Market 
(Mercosur), the foreign ministers of Argentina and 
Paraguay, Santiago Cafiero & Euclides Acevedo, 
held a meeting today, in which they reviewed
 the bilateral and regional agenda.
According to a note from the Foreign Ministry, Cafiero
received Acevedo the day before, in a meeting,
which, they shared views on the need to 
strengthen Mercosur... with an emphasis 
on the task that Paraguay will soon 
carry out, as president pro
tempore of the bloc.
Both parties agreed that the review of the Common 
External Tariff is a central element for the updating 
of this regional alliance... taking into account the 
requirements and needs of the member states, 
based on consensus, in accordance with the 
letter and spirit of the founding texts.
During the meeting, the officials resolved to open the 
border crossings with the Argentine provinces of 
Formosa, Misiones and Corrientes as soon as 
possible, which will be opened progressively,
 respecting sanitary regulations, and high-
lighted the joint work for an habilitation 
of safe sanitary corridors.
On the other hand, they stressed the need to work together
 against organized crime and drug trafficking, and agreed 
to deepen cooperation for the exchange of technology 
and experiences, to reinforce the shared 
security agenda.
Other issues include the early realization of the Bilateral 
Trade Monitoring Commission meeting, and a project to
 interconnect the fibre optic networks of each country 
to the points where international internet providers 
are located.

Russia, Venezuela intensify 
economic and trade ties
October 15th, 3:24pm (Prensa Latina) 
The 15th meeting of the Russia-Venezuela High Level 
Intergovernmental Commission (CIAN) will conclude 
on Friday, in Moscow, with the commitment to 
expand bilateral alliances in economic 
matters, and the signing of new 
cooperation agreements.
The Venezuelan delegation is headed by Jorge Arreaza,
 Minister of Industries and National Production, while 
the Russian delegation is led by Deputy Prime 
Minister, Yury Borisov.
Gathered since Thursday, at the President Hotel in Moscow, 
both delegations have been reviewing the fulfillment of the
 different bilateral collaboration projects, and the
 for new joint agreements.
On Wednesday, Venezuela's Deputy Minister of Economy 
and Finance Hector Silva stressed in Moscow that 
despite the unilateral coercive measures by the 
United States and its allies, his country is 
implementing initiatives to make 
progress in trade and
Silva, who is also the president of the International Centre
 for Productive Investment in Venezuela, addressed the 
2nd Russia-Venezuela Business Meeting, which was 
attended by representatives of private companies 
and government institutions from both countries.
Silva highlighted the opportunities the Russian companies
 have, to join the country's plans, in different spheres of 
 economic development, and commented on the
of joint cooperation, in the last
few years.
In this sense, he referred to the support provided by 
the Eurasian nation in the fight against the Covid-19 
pandemic, and highlighted that other positive signs 
were the opening of an office of the state-owned 
Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) in Russia... and 
the establishment of a direct air route between 
Moscow and Caracas... through the Conviasa 
airline, to transfer passengers and cargo.

Venezuela condemns new attack
on its national electric system
October 14th, 11:51pm (Prensa Latina) 
Venezuela, on Thursday, condemned a new attack on its 
national electric system, affecting 30% of the power
in Caracas, due to a series of fluctuations
in the national
 interconnected system.
In phone contact with Venezolana de Televisión, the Public
 Works and Services Minister, Néstor Reverol, praised
 immediate reaction of the National Electricity
Corporation (CORPOELEC) crew, to recover
nearly the whole system 
in a few hours.
We should not rule out that it is one more attack
in the 
so-called electrical war, aimed at causing
a systematic
 violation of Venezuelans´ social
Reverol stressed.
Reverol also said that special teams from the
and Criminal Investigations Corps
Directorate of 
Security... roll out
investigations... to 
the cause of the attack.


Cuba to host Eurasian 
Economic Commission 
October 14th, 4:30pm (Prensa Latina) 
Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Thursday 
stressed that Havana will host, from November 
4th to the 7th...  the second session of the
Commission for Collaboration with
Eurasian Economic Commission.
The Cuban president participated virtually, today, in the
meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council, 
consisting of the heads of State and Government, 
from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and 
Kyrgyzstan, as well as Moldova, Uzbekistan 
and Cuba, which have observer status.
In his speech, Diaz-Canel noted that the Joint Action Plan 
will be signed in Havana, the implementation of which 
will make it possible.. to intensify and systematize 
collaboration between the Eurasian Economic 
Union (EAEU) and Cuba, both at official
 and in business circles.
'To cooperate is the key verb, when our agendas coincide
 in one priority: the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, 
already considered the most complex health crisis 
humanity has experienced in the last 100 years,'
 he noted.
He pointed out that, in the case of Cuba, the crisis is 
aggravated by the deliberate and opportunistic 
tightening of the economic, commercial and 
financial blockade... imposed more than
years ago, by the US Government.
During the meeting, the Cuban president informed EAEU
 member states of the progress achieved by Cuban 
scientists and doctors in the fight against 
the disease.
The EAEU is an international organization founded in 2015 
for regional economic integration. Among its objectives 
are to promote the free movement of goods, services, 
capital and labour.


Paraguay State Violated the
Indigenous People's Rights:
UN Says
October 14th, 3:48pm (teleSUR) 
For over 10 years, authorities allowed companies to 
use banned agrochemicals that affected the local 
ecosystems and population.
On October the 13th, the United Nations Human Rights 
Committee (OHCHR) ruled against the Paraguayan 
State for allowing the pollution of the ancestral 
lands of the Ava Guarani Indigenous people.
During the last decades, the Paraguayan authorities have
 allowed large companies to contaminate the resources 
of the Campo de Agua'e community, which represents 
a violation of the human rights of the Indigenous 
Using banned agrochemicals --- those companies, have 
caused the death of breeding animals, the destruction 
of crops, and the pollution of the water. Herbicide 
spraying has also caused health conditions 
related to diarrhea, vomiting, respiratory 
problems, and headaches.
As a result of the OHCHR ruling, the Paraguayan State is
 obliged to adopt protective measures for the population.
"These should include: formal investigations and effective
 sanctions against those responsible for the pollution, as 
well as the restoration of the environment," the Campo 
de Agua'e community's attorney, Hugo Valiente,
The OHCHR ruling, which also recommended that the 
Paraguayan State compensate the victims, states 
that the notion of "home" should be understood 
within the context of the ''special relationship''
 Indigenous peoples keep with their territories.

Failure to protect their lands, 
means direct
harm  --- against their 
culture, traditions,
and existence.
The Campo Agua'e community filed an environmental
 damage complaint to the Paraguayan authorities 12
 years ago. The investigations into what happened, 
however, have not progressed... so far.

Australia sends donation of 
medical supplies to Cuba
October 13th, 1:43pm (Prensa Latina) 
A donation of medical supplies to Cuba left by air 
from the city of Brisbane, and it will arrive in 
Havana.. in the next few days, the island's 
Ambassador to Australia, Ariel Lorenzo,
 informed on Wednesday.
The donation, consisting of more than 26,000 syringes 
and needles, expendable material, multivitamins, 
nutritional supplements... and other medical 
supplies, is part of the solidarity campaign 
in Australia towards our country, the 
diplomat told Prensa Latina.
This new gesture, Lorenzo stressed, has a special value
 because it takes place in a difficult context - marked by 
the great difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic 
and - the tightening of the US blockade.
The organization and logistics of the operation has been
 assumed by the Australia-Cuba Business Council, an 
entity created in 2015 to foster economic ties and
 bilateral cooperation.
Companies, businessmen, the state branches of the
 Australia-Cuba Friendship Society, the foundation 
that has been working for years with the William 
Soler Pediatric Cardiocentre and many other 
friends in solidarity with the island, have 
contributed to the donation.

Cuba, Russia, are
strategic partners,
 top Russian leader says
October 13th, 12:52pm (Prensa Latina) 
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov 
assured that Moscow will continue its 
assistance to Cuba as a strategic 
partner, and his country will 
send more humanitarian 
aid to the island before
the year ends.
Borisov, who is visiting Havana as a special envoy 
of the President of the Russian Federation, 
Vladimir Putin, stressed that despite the 
difficult situation caused by the Covid-
19 pandemic and the tightening of the 
economic, commercial, and financial 
blockade imposed by the US against 
Cuba, the strategic partnership 
between the two nations... 
remains an unshakable
 priority for Russia.
The top leader reaffirmed that Cuba is one of Russia's 
priority foreign economic partners in Latin America 
and the Caribbean, hence, his visit to the island
aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation.
On Tuesday, Borisov met with Cuban Deputy Prime 
Minister Ricardo Cabrisas, his counterpart on the 
Cuba-Russia Intergovernmental Commission, 
and, shortly afterwards, he held a fraternal 
meeting with President Miguel Diaz-Canel.

Mikdad Says Syria is Keen to Offer
All Possible Assistance to Lebanon
October 13th, 7:53am (al Manar)
Syria's Foreign Minister, Faysal Mikdad... expressed 
Damascus’ keenness on offering the most possible
assistance to Lebanon, in order to overcome the
difficulties and challenges the country has
passing through.
Mikdad made the remarks in a meeting with his 
Lebanese counterpart, Abdallah Buo Habib, on 
the sidelines of the high-level meeting of 
Non-Aligned Movement countries.
Bou Habib thanked Syria for the assistance
it offers 
to Lebanon, regarding
energy resources.
The two sides also discussed the return of Syrian 
refugees to their homeland, as Mikdad stressed 
that all Syrian citizens are welcomed in 
their country.
The top Syrian diplomat called on international 
organizations to play their role and assume 
their duty towards Syrian refugees.
Source: Agencies

Destabilizing march
 in Holguin, Cuba, 
denied permit
 October 12th, 8pm (Prensa Latina) 
The municipal government of the Cuban city of 
Holguin, on Tuesday, disapproved the holding 
of a demonstration it described as illegal, 
and whose promoters have ties with
organizations, that
seek to destabilize the 
constitutional order
of the island.
Yunior Torres, mayor of the Administration Council 
of the town, and the head of Holguin province,
to a counter-revolutionary call
slated for 
November 20th, and then
moved to 
five days earlier.
According to the response published on the Holguin
 government's website, 'no legitimacy is recognized 
in the reasons given for the march,' whose 
organizers are related to subversive 
organizations and agencies that
are financed by the US, with
intention of promoting
changing the political 
system in Cuba.
The document states: Article 56 of the Constitution 
of the Republic of Cuba, stipulates... among its 
requirements, for the exercise of the right to 
demonstrate the lawfulness and 'respect 
for public order, and compliance with 
the precepts under the law.'
'This reaffirms.... that the announced march, 
whose organizational scheme is conceived 
simultaneously for other territories of the 
country, is a provocation: as part of the 
strategy of regime change for Cuba, 
as tested in other countries'.
Torres' response also refers to the fact that, 
immediately after its announcement, the 
march received public support from 
US legislators, political operators 
and the media that encourages 
actions against the Cuban 
people, and attempts to 
destabilize Cuba and
urges for military 
The Constitution stipulates in its article four that 
the socialist system is irrevocable, therefore 
any action taken against it, is illegal.

Venezuelans commemorate 
Indigenous Resistance Day
 October 12th, 3:37pm (Prensa Latina) 
The celebration of Indigenous Resistance Day, began today, 
with the hoisting of the national flag in the Foro Libertador 
Monumental Complex of the National Pantheon
 in Caracas.
Remigio Ceballos, Sector Vice President for Citizen Security
 and Peace, stated that '529 years later we ratify that we are
 irrevocably free and independent and reject illegal 
coercive measures, our People is ennobled by
 the legacy of our father, Simon Bolivar.'
The senior official stressed in his speech that the Bolivarian
 nation bases its moral heritage and its values of justice,
 freedom and peace, on the doctrine of El Libertador.
'It is the same libertarian route... the one we follow, and will
always follow together with our President Nicolás Maduro.
 Let us celebrate today, the ancestral and anti-colonialist 
spirit of our indigenous peoples', he pointed out.
He added that this is not a day to celebrate an invasion, 
a colonization, the day of Hispanity, nor to remember 
the Spainish kingdom, but to remember the
 indigenous peoples exterminated
 the colonizers.
On October 10th, 2002 -- by presidential decree number 
2,028, Venezuela commemorates October 12th as the
 Day of Indigenous Resistance, in recognition of the
 perseverance, struggle for their dignity, cultural 
and the human diversity, of the original
of America.

Brazil Leader Accused of 
"Crimes Against Humanity"
 for Amazon Deforestation
October 12th, 1:28pm (FNA)
 Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro was accused on Tuesday
 of "crimes against humanity" at the International Criminal 
Court (ICC) for his alleged role in the destruction of the
 Amazon, the first case seeking to explicitly link 
deforestation to loss of life.
Planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions from burning 
& industrial-scale agriculture in the Amazon are higher
 than the total annual emissions of Italy or Spain.
 Deforestation in the region already releases more 
CO2 than the rest of the Amazon can absorb, 
CBS News reported.
AllRise, an environmental law organization, filed the official 
complaint at The Hague-based court on Tuesday morning. 
They asked for legal proceedings against Bolsonaro and 
his administration for actions "directly connected to the
 negative impacts of climate change around the world".
The complaint accuses the Brazilian leader of waging
 a widespread campaign resulting in the murder of 
environmental defenders and of endangering the 
global population through emissions caused 
by deforestation.
It harnesses the growing field of climate attribution science, 
which allows researchers to prove a link between extreme
 weather events, on the one hand, and global heating and
 environmental degradation, on the other.
The team behind it said that Bolsonaro's administration had
 sought to "systematically remove, neuter, and eviscerate
 laws, agencies and individuals that serve to protect
 the Amazon".
It said that Bolsonaro was responsible for approximately 
400,000 hectares (about 1,500 square miles) of lost 
rainforest each year, and that he had presided 
over monthly deforestation rates that had 
accelerated by up to 88% since taking 
office on January 1st, 2019.
Bolsonaro's office did not respond to
a request for a comment, from AFP.
The team of experts estimated that emissions attributable to
 the Bolsonaro administration due to rampant deforestation 
will cause over 180,000 excess heat-related deaths globally
 this century.
"In the last few years, climate science has come a long way
 in being able to provide evidence of specific causal 
relationships between emissions of greenhouse 
gases and the consequences that arrive 
globally as a result," Rupert Stuart 
Smith, from the University of 
Oxford's Sustainable Law 
Program, told AFP.
While there have been at least three other complaints by
 indigenous groups against Bolsonaro at the ICC since 
2016, organizers say this one is the first to highlight
 the clear link between forest loss and global 
human health.
"What's happening in Brazil — mass deforestation — we 
want to understand the causal link to global climate,"
 AllRise founder Johannes Wesemann told AFP, adding, 
"It is exactly what the Rome Statute defines as a crime 
against humanity: the intentional destruction of the
 environment and environmental defenders."
The point of the complaint was "not to speak on behalf of 
any Brazilian, but rather to show the global gravity of 
mass deforestation", noted Wesemann.
Lawyer Nigel Povoas, who has led prosecution of some 
of the most notorious international criminals, said the
 complaint was levelled against several individuals 
within Bolsonaro's administration.
"We're focusing on the most senior actors responsible," 
he told AFP, adding, "We're saying as a result of the 
state policy that they are pursuing... they are 
knowingly aiding and abetting perpetrators 
on the ground committing crimes such
 murder, persecution and other 
inhumane acts."  
The ICC has no obligation to consider complaints filed 
to the prosecutor by individuals or groups, and does
 not comment on them... until the prosecutor 
announces that it has started a preliminary
 examination into a specific matter.
Maud Sarlieve, a human rights and international criminal
 lawyer, announced that were the Bolsonaro complaint 
to be pursued, it would send a clear message to 
individuals such as CEOs of fossil fuel 
companies: "Beware".
"The law is now allowing us to go after those who are
 ruthlessly and knowingly pursuing policies which 
clearly result in environmental destruction and 
an impact on civilian population," she added.


Cuban National Ballet 
participates in dance 
event in Venezuela
 October 11th, 6:50pm (Prensa Latina) 
The Cuban National Ballet (BNC)...  is taking part in the
 Solidarity Dance Meeting of Bolivarian and Caribbean
 Countries, which currently unites 15 Latin American
 companies, through the art of movement.
Based in Venezuela.....  the initiative organized by the 
Association for the Art of Dance in Zulia, Venezuela, 
pays tribute the 200th anniversary of the Battle of 
Carabobo... and responds to the concept of
egional integration, cooperation and 
fraternity among peoples.
The event is directed by dancer, choreographer and 
contemporary dance teacher Marisol Ferraria and
supported by the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of 
Maracaibo, and the Ministry of People's 
Power for Culture.
On Cuba's side, the BNC confirmed a tribute to prima
 ballerina assoluta and founder of the Cuban ballet 
school, Alicia Alonso, with the dance creations 
'ParAlicia,' 'Valsette' and 'Tarde en la siesta,' 
while the company's historian Miguel 
Cabrera, will give the lecture
a danza solidaria.'
Until October 17th, the event hosts the talents of prominent 
Latin American dance troupes ...such as the Ballet of the 
Americas and Immigrants of Venezuela, the National 
Contemporary Dance Company of Argentina, 
Barrorojo Arte Escenico dance company 
in Mexico and the National Ballet
 of Paraguay.
The event is available on digital platforms and the 
YouTube channel of the Association for the Art of 
Dance, in Zulia, Venezuela.

Venezuela Condemns Imperialism
 At Non-Aligned Countries Summit
October 11th (teleSUR)
On Monday, Venezuela’s Foreign Affairs Minister Felix
 Plasencia condemned imperialism and colonialism 
during the opening session of the ministerial 
summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM),
 which is taking place in Belgrade, Serbia.
He recalled that Venezuela has always embraced the policy 
of non-alignment and rejected the logic of imperialism and
 colonialism. Referring to the creation of the NAM in 1961, 
Plasencia stressed, that this organization has served
 "as a counterweight against hegemonic, colonialist, 
and imperialist interests."
The Venezuelan diplomat then recalled that decolonization is
 a historically unfinished task because "there is still much to
 do." Before the ministers of the NAM countries, Plasencia 
denounced the dire consequences generated by the U.S. 
arbitrary and illegal sanctions against Venezuela.
“Amid the pandemic, they exacerbate the difficulties
 undermine national efforts to address this
dimensional emergency,” he said adding
that the Venezuelan people have been facing
 a pandemic that deepens the gaps between 
the countries of the North & the countries 
of the South, a pandemic that "does not 
distinguish between the rich and
the poor."
In 1961, Belgrade, then the capital of Yugoslavia, hosted the
 first conference of the NAM countries which met to ratify 
their sovereign will at a time when the United States was 
pressuring developing countries to align with its policy 
of aggression against the communist countries.
"The Non-Aligned Movement was established during the era
 of decolonization by numerous developing countries, many 
of which had recently won their independence, that didn't
 want to opt for one or other military-political blocs of the 
Cold War and instead, chose to pursue an independent
 foreign policy," the AA agency recalled.
Currently, the NAM has 120 members, among which are 
countries such as the Bahamas, Barbados, Bolivia, 
Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Dominica, Dominican 
Republic, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras, 
Jamaica, Nicaragua, Peru, 
and Venezuela.
Non-Aligned Countries Call 
for Equity in Vaccination
October 11th, (teleSUR)
"The vaccine disparity is very large," Azerbaijan President 
Aliyev said, during the opening of the commemorative 
meeting of the 60th Anniversary of the NAM's 
first conference.
On Monday, the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) 
President Ilham Aliyev criticized developed 
countries whose nationalism prevents a
 more equal distribution of COVID-19 
vaccines in the world.
Besides asking countries to adopt a more supportive 
attitude in the fight against the pandemic, he also 
recalled that the NAM is an example of multi-
lateralism that brings together 120 nations 
with different policies, history, 
and cultures.
Through a virtual speech, the United Nations Secretary
 General, Antonio Guterres, highlighted the role of NAM
 countries in the fight against COVID-19, and defended
 the need for a global plan to save lives.
"We want to see a high percentage of vaccination among
 the citizens of all countries. It is important that the
we have becomes a reality," he said.

At the commemorative ceremony, Serbian President 
Aleksandar Vucic, recalled the motivations and 
values that united those who founded NAM 
decades ago.
"The main idea ... was peace, which is the basis of political or 
economic cooperation," he said and ratified that his country,
which aspires to join the European Union... is committed to
respecting international law & promoting tmultilateralism.
In Belgrade, ministerial delegations from over one hundred 
countries are meeting, to ratify the commitment that 25 
States adopted in 1961, when they founded a "third 
way" between the two opposing Cold War blocs. 

Since then, the Non-Aligned Movement has set 
as its objectives, the support for colonial 
liberation and the reduction of the gap 
between developed and developing 
This international movement, NAM,  now
encompasses 120 nations and includes
Russia, plus 16 other countries,
 as observers.


Venezuela and Turkey Sign 
3 Cooperation Agreements
 October 9th, (teleSUR)
The agreements offered a follow-up to a meeting
 held between representatives of both nations
 on Sept. 20th, to boost bilateral cooperation.
On Saturday, Venezuela's Foreign Affairs Minister 
Felix Plasencia, signed three cooperation 
agreements with his Turkish counter-
 Mevlut Cavusoglu...  to
bilateral ties.
The agreements are connected with the development 
of Turkey's Cooperation and Coordination Agency 
(TIKA), Venezuela's Simon Bolivar Institute for 
Peace and Solidarity, and the Centre for 
Strategic Research, belonging to the 
Turkish Foreign Affairs Ministry.
In a press conference, Cavusoglu expressed his
 government's support for the talks between
Bolivarian government and opposition,
 while highlighting the importance of the 
subnational elections to take place in 
Venezuela, next month.
He also reiterated Turkey's rejection of the economic 
unilateral sanctions hampering the Venezuelan 
people's welfare and development. 
The recent agreements offered a follow-up to the 
meeting held between Plasencia and Cavusoglu
 on Sept. 20th, to boost cooperation actions in
 the cultural and educational areas.
The talks also conceived the construction of a hospital
in Venezuela, for the treatment of COVID-19 patients 
and an academic cooperation deal.
Plasencia will continue his trip to Serbia's capital, 
Belgrade, where he will participate in a meeting 
to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the 
founding of the Non-Aligned Movement 


Complete Blackout in Lebanon 
as Two Biggest Power Stations 
Reportedly Shut Down Over 
Fuel Shortage
October 9th, 2:20pm (Sputnik)
A major power station in Lebanon is to resume operations
tomorrow, two days after it ground to a halt due to a lack 
of fuel at a time of constant power cuts and economic
 collapse. Zahrani power plant will be back in service 
starting tomorrow morning after the entire cargo 
aboard the tanker is unloaded into its tanks, 
EDL said in a statement. 
The state electricity company did not refer to Deir Ammar
 power station which also went offline on Friday because
 it ran out of fuel.
Lebanon's power outage caused by a shortage of fuel
is set to continue for several days, Reuters reported
on Saturday, citing official sources.
The two biggest power stations in Lebanon, have stopped
working due to a shortage of fuel, reportedly leaving the
 Middle Eastern country in complete darkness.
"The Lebanese power network completely stopped working
at noon today, and it is unlikely that it will work until next
 Monday, or for several days", an official source
 told Reuters.
According to Sky News, energy production at al Zahrani
 and the Deir Ammar power stations, has dropped to
 below 200 megawatts.
Electricité du Liban (EDL), the country's electricity company, 
is reportedly trying to come up with a solution for the 
problem and manually restart the public network.
Lebanon's National News Agency (NNA) later reported that
 electricity was partially restored in some regions of the
 country...  due to supplies of fuel from emergency 
reserves. The power, it said, would "gradually" 
return in the coming hours.
EDL is trying to solve the issues in the absence of the EDL's
 national control centre, which was severely damaged in last 
year's deadly Beirut port explosion that claimed at least 218 
lives, injured over 7,000, and left more than half of the
 capital's infrastructure damaged.
In late September, EDL warned about the risk of a complete
 power outage prompted by the fuel shortage, saying that 
it is out of options to tackle the issue.
Lebanon has suffered massive economic problems due to
 the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the devastating
 explosion in the port of the capital Beirut. The crisis 
has prompted the shortage of fuel, further leading 
to a lack of gasoline for automobiles and diesel
 for power generators... causing outages to 
become the new normal in the country.
As Lebanon continues to be mired in a massive 
economic crisis, energy ministers from other 
Middle Eastern countries have reportedly 
agreed to deliver Egyptian gas and 
Jordanian electricity to the
 via Syria.


Yellow Vests Activists Hold 
New Round of Anti-Gov 
Rallies in Paris
October 9th, 2:10pm (Sputnik)
The rallies are taking place for the 13th consecutive 
Saturday. Thousands of people are expected to 
take to the streets of the French capital,
hold demonstrations.
Sputnik is live from Paris, France, as "Yellow Vests" 
activists are hitting the pavement to rally against 
social and economic injustice... as well as
 mandatory COVID-19 passes.
On July 12th, French President Macron announced 
a series of new restrictions to contain the spread 
of COVID-19. 
Starting in August, French restaurants, bars, 
shopping centres, airplanes...  and long-
distance trains, require a special pass 
indicating that a person has... either 
been vaccinated, or has a negative
 test result for COVID-19.
The move caused widespread consternation in French
 society, with protests against the measure rocking 
the country every other Saturday since mid-July.
The so-called "Yellow Vests" movement, gained 
momentum in 2018 after demonstrators held a 
series of rallies against fuel tax hikes. In the 
years since, the group has grown into a 
large-scale movement, with the
demonstrations frequently 
resulting in violence 
between activists 
and the police.
Follow Sputnik's live feed to find out more!


Brazil surpasses
600,000 Covid-19 deaths
 October 9th, 9am (Reuters)

Brazil has become the second country in the world
 to pass 600,000 Covid-19 deaths, the country’s 
Health Ministry said.
The South American country registered 615 new 
deaths on Friday, as well as 18,000 cases in
 previous 24 hours.
The country with a 213 million population has also
 recorded over 21.5 million cases of the deadly 
virus, so far.
Despite the high number of affected, there are now 
signs... that infections and Covid-related deaths in 
Brazil are finally declining, as the country ramps
 up vaccinations, after a slow start.
More than 70% of Brazilians have received a first dose 
while about 46% are fully immunized, compared to
in the US, which passed 600,000 deaths 
in June.
Meanwhile, Brazil's Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga 
said on Friday, the country has already acquired, or 
is in advanced talks to secure, around 350 million 
vaccine doses, for 2022.

Nearly 140 Countries Agree on
 Global Corporate Tax Rate Deal
October 8th, 10pm (teleSUR)
The new deal, which stipulates where corporations
 should be taxed and for how much, is expected to
 start implementation, in 2023.
A group of some 136 countries recently reached
 an agreement on corporate tax rates, with the 
Organization for Economic Cooperation and 
Development (OECD) announcing the move 
on Friday. 
According to CNBC, the agreement stipulates a global
 minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent, although 
small businesses, apparently, won’t be “hit with 
the new rates.”
“The landmark deal, agreed by 136 countries and 
jurisdictions representing more than 90 percent 
of global GDP, will also reallocate more than 
USD 125 billion of profits from around 100 
of the world’s largest and most profitable 
MNEs to countries worldwide, ensuring 
that these firms pay a fair share of tax 
wherever they operate and generate 
profits,” OECD said in a statement.
Aside from establishing a minimum corporate rate... 
the agreement also forces companies to pay taxes 
where they operate --- instead of only when they
 headquartered, the media outlet notes.
U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen lauded 
the agreement as  ------  “a once-in-a-generation 
accomplishment for economic diplomacy.”
“International tax policymaking is a complex issue, 
but the arcane language of today’s agreement 
belies how simple and sweeping, the stakes 
are: When this deal is enacted, Americans 
will find the global economy a much 
easier place to land a job, earn a 
living, or scale a business,”
statement released by 
Yellen said.


 South Africa workers demand 
employment protection
October 8th, 1:53pm (PressTV)
Amid the pressures of the rolling COVID-19 pandemic
 lockdowns, members of the biggest union federation 
in South Africa, have come out into the streets - to 
demand living wages for the working class. 
Not only have workers faced retrenchments, but 
corruption cases among top officials, have 
exacerbated the situation, as well.
In one incident, at the time the pandemic erupted, 
the Health Minister was replaced amid charges 
of corruption, in which millions of dollars 
meant to help curtail the virus... was 
siphoned off for personal luxuries.
Workers say the private sector has equally shown 
growth, despite the apparent slowdown. Auditing 
firm PWC, has described 2020 as a “banner year” 
for South Africa’s mining sector which is a main
-stay of the economy. Yet workers - often those 
earning the lowest - had to endure cuts to
salaries. Government departments
 have frozen all
salary increases.
With Municipal elections scheduled next month, 
workers are shoring up support to have their 
voices heard --- and to garner the best from 
whoever takes over local administrations.
 As many sit at home without jobs, they have 
vowed to come out to the streets in the 
coming days, again, until their 
demands are met.


Infrastructure development 
advances... in South Africa
 October 7th, 4:27pm (Prensa Latina) 
Development of new infrastructures in South
has made good progress, based on
conceived 15 months ago,
Patricia de Lille,
revealed today.
In statements to the press before the second South 
African Sustainable Infrastructure Development 
Symposium (Sidssa), the high official recalled
 that, during the first meeting, in 2020,
62 projects were presented.
These initiatives, in which significant progress is
 being made today, she added, involved both the
 national private and state sectors.
For the second symposium, beginning this week, 
she said, the Government will present 55 new 
projects to the market, with the purpose of 
raising funds... to enter the
 construction process.
These proposals, which cover various sectors, imply
 employment opportunities estimated at 548,000 
new jobs, she added.
South Africa is currently struggling to recover from 
the indirect effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, 
which, at times, made it necessary to 
reduce national economic activity.
Yesterday, the Reserve Bank revealed that the boom 
in commodity prices, among other factors, has
favored the recovery of the South 
African economy.
In this regard, the Bank's head of research, Chris 
Loewald, said the country's gross domestic 
product has shown a solid improvement
recent months... although it has had
lower performance than expected..
 when assessed sector by sector.


Uruguayan government agrees 
on funds for land colonization
October 7th, 4:15pm (Prensa Latina) 
The coalition of parties in the government of Uruguay,
 reached an agreement today to allocate budget items
to irregular settlements, without leaving the National
Colonization Institute (INC) without funds.
The conflict arose... from the decision of the country's
 president, Luis Lacalle Pou, to divert US$30 million
 from the INC to a trust fund for housing for more
 than 200,000 people occupying land in 
precarious conditions.
Critics of this transfer of resources, including members of
the coalition itself, pointed out that it was a ridiculous
 amount to face a social problem that requires, 
according to studies, at least
US$ 1.2 billion.
Some senators of the ruling National Party (PN), Cabildo
 Abierto and the Colorado Party, joined the observation 
of the opposition, Frente Amplio, that the intention
to 'rob Peter to pay Paul'.
At least the PN legislators Sergio Botana, Carlos Cammy 
and Jorge Gandini, opposed the original proposal of the
 President.. who summoned them to back down in their
 positions, and triggered a tense internal negotiation.


Cuba has suffered the 
consequences of 
terrorism, for 
October 6th, 9:11pm (Prensa Latina) 
In the defense of its independence, sovereignty and 
dignity, Cuba has suffered the consequences of 
terrorist acts, for decades, Cuba's Permanent 
Representative to the United Nations, Pedro 
Luis Pedroso, recalled on Wednesday.
On his official Twitter account, the diplomat underscored 
how those actions killed 3,478 people and injured more
 than 2,000.
On Tuesday, in his speech at the Sixth Committee of the
 General Assembly... Pedroso also illustrated how his 
country has historically been a victim of terrorism.
The diplomat recalled one of the most horrendous terrorist
 attacks committed against Cuba: the mid-air explosion 
off the coast of Barbados, of a Cubana de Aviacion 
aircraft, which killed 73 people.
Unfortunately, the permanent representative
 said, that crime went unpunished.
Pedroso also condemned the terrorist attack against 
the Cuban embassy in Paris on July 28th, the result 
of a brutal campaign: inciting to hatred, violence 
and hostile acts, promoted with total impunity 
on digital platforms from the United States.
This is an open violation of International Law and the 
Charter of the United Nations, the Cuban diplomat 
Furthermore, a little over a year ago, the Cuban embassy 
in Washington was the victim of another terrorist attack 
when an individual fired 32 projectiles from a semi-
automatic rifle against the diplomatic 
headquarters, he said.
Such an action endangered the lives of the 10
who were in the building, and, so far,
US government has not spoken on the
matter, the representative said.

Going for Broke:---  Could 
'Gimmicky' Trillion-Dollar
 Coin Save USA From 
October 6th, 8:02pm (Sputnik)

The showdown between the Democrats and Republicans 
over the debt ceiling, shows no signs of abating, with 
neither side willing to back down, in spite of an 
October 18th deadline, by which time, the 
Treasury expects the USA, to run out of 
money. Amid the chaos, officials have 
explored the idea... of minting a
-dollar coin --- to stop
the US from 
going broke.
Last week, officials told The Washington Post that the 
White House has been ''exploring'' the possibility of 
staving off defaulting on America’s gargantuan 
$28+ trillion in debt even if Congress fails
agree on the debt ceiling, by taking 
advantage of a legal loophole that
 allows the Treasury to mint 
platinum coins, in any 
it likes. 
The sum involved? One trillion dollars.
Treasury chief Janet Yellen dismissed the idea as 
a “gimmick” on Tuesday, telling CNBC that the 
minting of a trillion-dollar coin --- would be 
“equivalent to asking the Federal Reserve 
to print money to cover deficits, that 
Congress is unwilling to cover by 
issuing debt.”
 In Yellen’s professional opinion, the idea 
“compromises the independence of the 
Fed, conflating monetary and 
fiscal policy.”
However, former United States Mint director Philip 
Diehl has assured Axios that legally speaking, the 
coin could be created “within hours” if Yellen 
signed off on the idea.
Everything Old is New Again
The concept of issuing a $1 trillion coin... is not a new
 invention, and was first floated in 2011, when the US 
was facing another debt ceiling crisis, back when 
America’s debt stood at "just" $14.7 trillion, 
roughly half of what it is today. 
The Obama White House looked into the idea but 
ultimately rejected it in 2013, after both the 
Federal Reserve and Treasury deemed 
it unfeasible.
The idea behind the coin is simple and based on the 
US government’s propensity to spend significantly 
more than it collects in revenue on programmes 
...ranging from Medicare and Medicaid, to 
pensions and government services, 
to the US’s annual $700 billion+ 
defence budget --- to maintain 
Washington’s global empire.
In theory, the president could order the Treasury to 
mint the coin, after which it would be deposited in
 the Federal Reserve and - hey presto - the US
ment would get another trillion
dollars to spend 
and the debt crisis
would be temporarily 
Nothing is Free
While creating the coin might be tempting due to its 
perceived ability to forestall a global economic 
crisis, some economists fear that one major 
possible downside may be hyperinflation, 
since... as any economics 101 textbook 
will tell you, increasing the amount of 
money circulating in an economy 
without raising the amount of 
goods produced... inevitably 
leads to a rise in prices
said goods.
Up to this point, thanks to the dollar’s status as the 
de facto world reserve currency, the United States 
has faced faced fewer inflationary penalties that 
most other major economies would, by printing 
large quantities of paper money not tied to 
actual goods.
Nevertheless, American consumers have felt the pinch 
of inflation gradually eating away at real wages over 
the decades, with $1 dollar in 1944, the year the 
Bretton Woods financial system was created... 
worth over $15.50 today. And, while prices for 
goods, salaries, taxes, and other things have 
risen to accompany the shrinking real value 
of the dollar --- such growth has not been 
commensurate with the actual inflation 
rate. This is one of the myriad of 
reasons why the average wage 
earner in the USA, in the early 
post-war period, and through
the 1950s and 1960s, could 
afford to buy a home and 
a car on a single salary, 
but can longer afford 
to do so today.
In addition to causing inflation at home, the minting of 
the coin could have an impact on the US’ reputation 
abroad, particularly among credit agencies and 
holders of US Treasury obligations.
 In her interview with CNBC, Treasury Secretary Yellen
 warned that a default on America’s obligations would 
have a “catastrophic” impact on US Treasury bills’ 
status as “the safest asset on the planet.”
If Washington were to go around creating new trillions of
 dollars in new money, out of thin air, global confidence
 already shaken by the America’s massive pile of debt,
 combined with antagonisms created by US sanctions 
policies against competitor economies, may very 
well reach a breaking point.
How Would a Trillion Dollar Coin Even Look?
Media outlets and internet users have had a field day
 speculating on what a trillion dollar coin might 
actually look like.
But the reality is that the coin’s physical appearance 
doesn’t really matter, since it wouldn’t circulate – 
instead it would be immediately deposited into
 the Federal Reserve, after being minted.


Anti-Iran, anti-Venezuela
operatives... rubbing 
shoulders in Miami
October 6th, 7:32pm (PressTV)
The so-called Oslo Freedom Forum has brought 
together anti-Iran and anti-Venezuela figures, 
Masih Alinejad and Leopoldo Lopez, in the
 United States.
The two met to promote their anti-government 
agenda in the New World Centre, a concert
 hall in the South Beach section of 
Miami Beach.
Alinejad and Lopez, who act as agents to promote
 propaganda against governments in Tehran and 
Caracas, vowed to work together in what they 
described as “a network of freedom fighters.”
“I invite you to work together in a network of freedom
 fighters, like yourself, in order to bring about 
freedom in our countries,” Lopez told a 
giggling Alinejad.
“We can get together, because together we are stronger,” 
the New York-based anti-Iran agent said in response,
 according to a video released on Alinejad’s Twitter,
 which ended with the two hugging one another.
Back in July, the US Justice Department leveled baseless
 accusations against four people, over planning to seize
 Alinejad, who is on the US government payroll, in her
 New York home... and smuggle her to Iran.
The department claimed that the Iranian agents researched
 possible ways to move her out of the US, including hiring 
a "military-style" speedboat to whisk her from her
Manhattan home and transfer her by sea to 
Venezuela, an allegation repeated in the 
American-Iranian’s latest tweet.
Then-Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad
called the claims “patently ridiculous,”
 “childishly conceived.”
He also noted that the plot had been designed
to distract 
the public from Washington’s
assassination plots 
against the
leaders of certain countries -
to conceal its criminal acts.


Uzbekistan continues
to Afghanistan
October 6th, 7:10pm (Prensa Latina) 
The Afghan government reported on Wednesday that
 Uzbekistan continues supplying electricity without
 interruption, despite the Central Asian nation's 
unpaid debt.
The Taliban movement's executive on Wednesday 
called on energy exporting countries not to cut 
electricity and pledged to pay debts, as the 
cold winter months loom, Ariana news 
agency reported.
An official said that the country owes 62 million dollars 
in electricity to its neighbours, but Afghan consumers 
also owe 500 million dollars to the electricity 
companies that supply energy.
Uzbekistan said that it will keep on supplying energy 
...without mentioning anything about the debt.
Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev pointed out that 
his country is willing to sit down to negotiate with
Taliban authorities... as well as to take part in
projects that will help to strengthen peace.
Uzbekistan delivered 1,300 tons of
aid, in September, to Afghanistan.

Pakistan, Iran agree
strengthen peace
efforts in Afghanistan
 October 6th, 2:29pm (Prensa Latina) 
Representatives of Pakistan and Iran have agreed
 to coordinate closely, at bilateral and regional
 levels...  to reinforce efforts for peace and 
stability in Afghanistan, it was informed 
on Wednesday.
The understanding was reached during the 11th session 
of the Pakistan-Iran Bilateral Political Consultations,
chaired by Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood
Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs
Dr. Ali
 Bagheri Kani, in Islamabad, Radio 
Pakistan reported.
Both sides agreed to maintain the current momentum 
of high-level exchanges and strengthen mutually 
beneficial cooperation in diverse fields.
The two nations reviewed the spectrum of relations in all 
areas, including political, economic, trade, connectivity, 
security, energy, education and people-to-people 
They also expressed satisfaction at mutual cooperation 
at multilateral fora, and reaffirmed their resolve to 
continue collaborating on global and regional 
issues of common interest.

Non-payment of debt will 
hit the US economy hard
October 6th, 2:20pm (Prensa Latina) 
The non-payment of the debt by the United States
will hit the country's economy hard, a pressure 
that the Senate is subjected to, should it vote 
for a law to raise the debt ceiling.
The Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer, 
announced that he will submit to a vote
draft of regulations to suspend the 
debt ceiling until December 2022.
However, in order to reach that goal he will need
 60 votes to break the filibustering (prolonging 
the debate with long speeches to avoid the 
vote), which means that 10 opposition 
senators would have to side with the 
Democrats --- something experts
 consider to be difficult.
The situation is preceded by dire warnings from 
the Treasury Department, for example, which
 anticipating disastrous consequences for
domestic and global economy.
A recent report by Moody's Analytics found that the 
country could lose six million jobs if it defaults on
 its debt, causing real Gross Domestic Product to
 drop by nearly four percent... and the 
unemployment rate to approach
 nine percent.
According to the same analysis, stock prices would fall by
 nearly a third, wiping out $15 trillion in household wealth.
The situation is complex because those of the Republican
 Party want their peers in the Democratic Party, currently
 in the majority, to solve the problem on their own, 
ignoring that the expenses are legislated for
consumed by, both sides.
Congress has until October 18th to raise the debt ceiling. 
Should a draft to this effect fail to be passed, the United 
States will have stopped paying its liability for the first
 time in the country's history.


At least one million
Afghan children 
could die of 
October 6th, 1:33pm (Prensa Latina) 
At least one million children in Afghanistan are 
currently at risk of dying from malnutrition, if
 they continue without immediate assistance
 and treatment, a report by UNICEF and the 
World Food Program has warned.
According to the joint report, an estimated 3.2 million 
children under the age of five in that Central Asian 
country could suffer from acute malnutrition by 
the end of the year.
At present, the report notes, 95 percent of households 
in Afghanistan are not consuming enough food, and 
adults are eating less and skipping meals, so
children can eat more.
Many breastfeeding women... are so undernourished 
that they cannot breastfeed their babies, warns the
 report, which also provides details on UN actions 
aimed at improving the health and nutrition of 
the Afghans.
The United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund 
has already allocated 20 million dollars to support 
humanitarian aids in Afghanistan, but Antonio 
Guterres, Secretary-General of the 
multilateral body, warned of the
UN's shortage of resources
 on the ground.
The humanitarian crisis in that territory worsened
the Taliban movement returned to power
in August
. Millions of people are now
displaced and a million 
others... have sought 
refuge abroad.

Rhondda Records adds:

The US refusal to effect an efficient transfer
of power and 
its blocking of Afghanistan's
financial reserves, after 20 years of
''nation building'' - i.e., blocking
China's ability to complete
building its silk road...
are the real cause
of Afghanistan's
suffering now.


NAM: Terrorism shouldn’t be 
associated with religions, or
equated with legitimate 
national struggles
October 6th, 10:37am (PressTV)
The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), has censured 
unilateral designations of states as supporters 
of terror, saying terrorism should not be linked 
to any religion and ethnicity, or equated with
legitimate national struggles to get rid of 
foreign occupation and achieve 
Speaking on behalf of NAM at the 6th Committee of 
the UN General Assembly, on Tuesday, Zahra 
Ershadi, deputy permanent representative 
of Iran to the UN, said the forum of 120 
developing world states unequivocally 
rejects terrorism in all its forms 
and manifestations.
She warned that terrorist acts constitute a 
flagrant violation of international law, 
including humanitarian and human 
rights regulations, and deprive 
people of their fundamental 
rights and freedoms.
Such acts, she added, also endanger national, 
regional and international security, leaving 
adverse effects on economic and social 
development and destroying 
“The NAM reiterates its respect for sovereignty, 
territorial integrity and political independence 
of all states in accordance with the UN 
Charter,” Ershadi said.
“We would like to stress:  that terrorism should not
 be equated with the legitimate struggle of people 
under colonial or alien domination and foreign 
occupation, for self-determination and 
national liberation. The brutalization 
of people remaining under foreign 
occupation should continue to be 
denounced as the gravest form 
of terrorism, & the use of state 
power... for the suppression 
& violence against people 
struggling against foreign 
occupation in exercising 
their inalienable right to 
should continue to 
be condemned.”
She said terrorism should not be associated with
 any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic 
group, voicing deep concern over the 
misinterpretation of religions, by 
terrorist groups to justify terror.
Underlining the need for swift and effective measures 
to eliminate international terrorism, she said NAM 
urges all governments to fulfill their obligations 
under international law ,by prosecuting or, 
where appropriate, extraditing, the 
perpetrators of terrorist acts, 
among other measures.
The Iranian envoy further expressed the NAM’s rejection 
of the unilateral designation of certain governments 
over their alleged support for terrorism, saying 
such moves are a kind of psychological and 
political terrorism. 
The 120-nation bloc condemns the negative effects that
 unilateral sanctions have on the countries’ fight against 
terrorism, she added.
“The Movement also calls upon all states to respect 
all human rights and fundamental freedoms while 
countering terrorism... and to reaffirm their 
commitment … to prevent human rights 
violations in consistency with the rule 
of law, and in accordance with the
relevant General Assembly 
Ershadi also reaffirmed the importance of the United 
Nations Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy and the 
crucial role of the Office of Counter-Terrorism.

Iran helps restore Yemen hospital’s 
emergency ward after 25 years
October 6th, 5:54am (PressTV)
Iran has helped restore an emergency ward at a key
 hospital in Yemen’s capital, Sana’a, which had 
stopped functioning 25 years ago after 
excessive longevity of its operation 
rendered it incapable of 
serving patients.
Iran’s Ambassador to Yemen Hassan Irlou re-inaugurated
 the al-Jomhouri Hospital’s Emergency Gynecological 
and Obstetric Operations Ward, on Tuesday,
 Sanaa 24 news outlet reported.
The envoy used the ceremony to reassert the Islamic
 Republic’s resolve to provide the Yemeni people 
with medical and humanitarian assistance. 
“The hospital’s restoration went underway... at the request 
of Dr. Taha al-Motavakkel, the Yemeni National Salvation
 Government’s health minister,” Irlou noted. The 
renovation operation, he added, has been 
taking place “within the framework of
 the friendly countries’ cooperation, 
and would continue in all areas.” 
Several Yemeni officials, who were present at the 
ceremony, conveyed their country’s gratitude 
towards Leader of the Islamic Revolution, 
Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and the 
Iranian people over the assistance. 
They reminded that Tehran’s support for the country
 had come at a time when the impoverished country
 was in the seventh year of an all-out Saudi Arabia-
led and United States-backed war and siege.
A coalition headed by Saudi Arabia and membered by 
the kingdom’s allies began invading the Arab world’s 
already poorest nation in 2015. The war has been 
trying to restore power in Yemen...  to Riyadh’s 
favourite officials. The coalition has fallen far 
short of the goal. The invasion has, mean-
while, cost the lives of tens of thousands 
of Yemenis... and brought all of Yemen 
close to the brink of outright famine.

International advocacy bodies 
urge African Union.... to with-
Israel’s observer status
October 5th, 1:59pm (PressTV)
At least three international advocacy organizations 
have called on the African Union (AU) to withdraw 
the Israeli regime’s observer status, over its 
human rights violations and crimes 
against humanity.
The US-based Democracy for Arab World Now (DAWN)
 together with the Legal Resource CentRE (LRC) in
 South Africa, on Monday, signed and supported 
a legal submission to the executive council
the AU, which was drafted by the
 International Centre of Justice
 for Palestinians (ICJP).
The submission vehemently argues why the 55-member
union should not have granted the regime in Tel Aviv 
observer status, and why it should be
 immediately revoked.
On July 22nd, Israel announced that it had joined 
the influential pan-African body, which debates 
continental issues, as an “observer state,” 
after unsuccessful lobbying for nearly 
20 years.
The news elicited lukewarm response from some 
member countries of the union... who had, for 
years, blocked the move, citing the regime’s 
horrendous war crimes in Palestine.
For almost two decades, since the disbandment of
 the Organization of African Unity (OAU) in 2002, 
Israel had made futile attempts to join the 
African Union, which replaced the OAU.
However, the move was always thwarted by members 
of the union, who even called for an end to the Israeli 
occupation of the Palestinian territories, in February.
In a statement endorsed by more than a dozen 
organizations...  the three advocacy groups 
asserted that the apartheid Israeli regime 
is involved in gross violations of human 
rights and crimes against humanity
directly contravene the
principles and 
of the AU.
“Israel’s actions - especially its commission of the 
crime of apartheid and persecution - stand in 
fundamental opposition.. to the express
of the AU’s founding document,
Constitutive Act of the African 
Union, which stresses political 
independence, human dignity, 
and economic emancipation, 
plus the African Charter on
Human & Peoples’ Rights, 
which calls for:  genuine
independence... and the 
elimination of apartheid
and colonialism and all 
forms of discrimination”
 ...said the statement.
Sarah Leah Whitson, the executive director of DAWN, 
said granting Israel an observer status in the AU, 
despite its recent atrocities in the besieged 
Gaza Strip, was “unconscionable.”
“The African Union... should be in the vanguard of the
 struggle against the brutal domination of one group 
over another, but, instead, has lent legitimacy to 
Israel’s apartheid government,” she noted.
In the 24-page legal submission, the groups document 
how Israel “in no way meets” the AU requirements for
 observer status, and focuses on its blockade on 
Gaza, illegal occupation and forced transfers,
 indiscriminate and disproportionate attacks
 and extrajudicial killings.
Crispin Blunt MP, the director of the ICJP, said the Tel 
Aviv regime “does not embody the values and ideals
 that the African Union supports and aspires to.”
“The well-documented crimes and violations of such 
an oppressive nature, that the human dignity and 
independence of the Palestinian people is 
decisively suppressed... plainly 
demonstrates that Israel does 
not embody the values & the
ideals that the African Union 
supports and aspires to, &
that the AU Commission’s 
decision — made without 
considering the serious 
concerns of nearly half
 its membership — was 
in error,” he remarked.
Sherylle Dass, the regional director of the LRC, said 
it was an affront to both the people of Palestine and
 to black South Africans for the AU to grant the 
apartheid Israeli regime observer status.
“The plight of the people of Palestine is undeniably 
similar to the plight of many Black South Africans
 under apartheid rule and we cannot condone or 
be indifferent to any state that colonizes and 
illegally occupies another and oppresses 
and subjugates its people,” she said.
Raed Jarrar, the advocacy director at DAWN, stated 
that the AU should, instead of welcoming the Israeli 
regime, “recognize its special responsibility to
 oppose apartheid, wherever it exists.”
The three groups have accused the AU commission
 chairperson, Moussa Faki Mahamat, of engaging
 in a process that was “neither transparent nor 
consultative.” It comes as many independent
 civil society groups in South Africa, have 
been demanding his resignation.


Iran’s Humanitarian Aid
 Plane Lands in Kabul
October 5th, 11:15am (al Manar)
A plane carrying humanitarian aid, provided by
Islamic Republic of Iran, landed in Kabul 
on Tuesday.
This was the fifth batch of Iran-provided aid to 
Afghanistan, which was submitted to Taliban 
officials by Iran’s Chargé D’affaires
 in Afghanistan.
The consignment contains food and sanitary 
materials delivered by Iran’s Red Crescent 
Society to be distributed among Afghan 
people in need, according to Iran’s
 Embassy in Kabul.
The fourth batch of Iran’s aid to Afghanistan
was transferred through the land border to 
Afghanistan yesterday, while three other 
cargoes were carried by 'plane.
The Islamic Republic of Iran has always been 
beside the Afghan people, and have hosted 
millions of Afghan refugees, for decades.
Source: IRNA


Indigenous people best guardians of
Amazon: Environmental activists
October 5th, 9:46am (PressTV)
Environmental activists say the key to saving the 
Amazon Forest --- is protecting the native 
inhabitants of the territory and their 
rights to their ancestral land.
“Indigenous people are the best protectors of the 
Amazon forest...  and of biodiversity around our 
planet ... because they have intrinsic spiritual 
and cultural connections to the land,” Leila 
Salazar Lopez, the executive director of 
Amazon Watch, said on the Reuters
 Impact conference on the fate of
 the Amazon Rainforest
 on Monday.
The indigenous people, Salazar Lopez said, “have 
the most to lose and so they will do anything to
 protect the land, which is everything to them.”
The Amazon Rainforest absorbs more greenhouse gases
 than any other tropical rainforest. Many observers
 already said, that the key to saving the
forest, is 
indigenous-led conservation.
Ginger Cassady, the executive director of the Rainforest
 Action Network, blamed the Brazilian government for 
dismantling environmental protections leading to an 
increase in deforestation. This has happened 
--- despite the Brazilian President, Jair 
Bolsonaro’s promise to strengthen
 environment enforcement.
At this year’s United Nations General Assembly in September, 
Bolsonaro claimed foreign agencies were exaggerating the
 environmental concerns regarding the Amazon. He also 
gave data to claim that deforestation in Brazil, had
 a clear drop, compared to 2020. 
Solazar-Lopez rejected the Brazilian president's claims
as untrue. She said the Amazon is on fire and subject 
to massive deforestation and drought --- due to 
Bolsonaro’s policies over the last two years.
“Since the first week he took to office, we have been
 seeing the gutting of environmental agencies… 
What we are seeing is an attack on indigenous
 people. On their rights, on their lives and
 territories,” she said.
Both activists called on the private sector to stop the
 expansion of oil concessions in the Amazon and to
 stop the intentional felling of trees for cattle 
grazing and soy plantations.
On September the 10th indigenous groups marched in 
Brazil's capital to protest the government’s attempt
 to open indigenous territories to mining 
operations and agribusiness.
Indigenous land tenure has been found to be strongly
 indicative of the fate of the forest. Thirty percent of 
the Amazon is considered as indigenous territory 
and among the best protected while 20 percent
 is protected areas under government care.


 Russian Communist leader warns Putin
 that police brutality & controversial 
online voting are bomb waiting to
 blow up society
by J. Trickle
October 5th, 8:47am (RT)
The leader of Russia’s Communists, has written an open 
letter to President Vladimir Putin bemoaning the arrests 
of his comrades, and what he sees as the unjustified 
brutality of the police, warning that trouble may 
lie ahead.
In the missive, published on the party’s official website, 
Gennady Zyuganov, complained about the detentions 
of Communists, following protests on September
 and 25th. He described the arrests as
and “unlawful.”
Last month, the party organized two demonstrations 
against the results of September’s parliamentary 
election, which, for the first time, was held
multiple days.
 In Moscow, the Communists believe they were robbed 
of rightfully won seats by rigged online voting & are
 campaigning to annul the results. Because of the
 tallied remote votes, the party failed to win a 
single seat in the capital’s single-mandate 
districts, despite several candidates
 topping the poll in the regular 
physical ballot.
Following the protests, many Communist politicians, 
supporters and members... were detained by the 
authorities. The demonstrations were officially
 unauthorized by the Moscow government... 
but the party states that it was simply a 
meeting of MPs with their voters, which
 by law, does not require any approval.
“It is obvious -- that those who ordered and carried out 
these and other illegal actions are guided not by legal 
provisions and the interests of public safety, but by
poorly understood political expediency,” 
Zyuganov wrote.
According to the veteran politician, the new three-day
 electoral format, combined with online voting, is “a 
nuclear bomb which could sooner or later blow up
 the stability of society that patriotic forces
been building for years.”
“Instead of establishing a constructive dialogue with the
 leading parliamentary party, administrative pressure 
on the Communists is intensifying, with more and 
more cases of police harassment of its activists
and supporters. The unjustified brutality and 
scale of these forceful actions, are
 increasing before our eyes,” 
he continued.
In conclusion, the Communist leader asked Putin to cancel 
the “fundamentally flawed” electoral system: claiming
 remote voting has been abandoned in the
majority of 
the developed countries of
the world.
“I ask you, as the guarantor of the Constitution, to take strict 
measures aimed at bringing to justice the officials guilty of 
exceeding their authority. I sincerely hope that similar 
violations will be prevented in the future,” he said.
Zyuganov has led the Russian Communists since 1993, and
 has kept the party within the top three most-represented
 factions in the country’s parliament, ever since. 
According to the official results of last month’s election, the
 party received 18.93% of the vote, maintaining its status as
 the largest opposition party in the Duma and pulling ahead 
of all other non-government factions.


Venezuela opens border with 
Colombia after more than 
two years
October 5th, 7:36am (PressTV)
Venezuela says it will reopen its border with Colombia, 
after more than two years of closure, in an effort to 
“turn the page” in trade relations with Bogota.
Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez announced 
the government’s decision in a national television 
address on Monday, saying cross-border trade
 between the two countries would resume
 from Tuesday.
Rodriguez said it was time to “turn the page” in relations
 between Caracas and Bogota, which had engaged in a 
diplomatic dispute in January 2019, after Colombia, 
followed the US in the recognition of opposition
 figure Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s leader.
Guaido had unilaterally declared himself
 “interim president” at the time.
On Monday, forklift trucks were seen removing two
 containers barricading the bridge between the 
Venezuelan town of San Antonio de Tachira 
and Cucuta in Colombia, AFP reported.
Caracas closed the country’s border with Colombia 
in February 2019, as Guaido was planning to bring 
a convoy of “humanitarian aid” into the country
 through the border, in defiance of the 
Venezuelan military.
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro slammed 
Guaido's humanitarian caravan as a "cheap 
show" back then, describing it as a 
precursor for a US military
 intervention in the oil
-rich country.
Back in June, Bogota unilaterally reopened its borders
 with Venezuela, but Maduro described the move as
He called for a “controlled opening” as both countries
 were struggling to contain coronavirus outbreaks.
Colombian President Ivan Duque, however,  said in 
a statement that the recent reopening would be
"orderly process."
Venezuela and Colombia share 
a 2,200-kilometre border.

Pope Francis stresses importance 
of conference on climate change
 October 4th, 7pm (Prensa Latina) 
Pope Francis affirmed on Monday that the next conference 
of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change
 (COP26) is called to offer urgent and effective 
responses to the ecological crisis and 
of values.
In a speech at the meeting 'Faith and Science: Towards
 COP26', promoted by the Holy See and the embassies 
of the United Kingdom and Italy in the Vatican, the 
Supreme Pontiff pointed out, that the meeting, 
scheduled for November 1st to the 12th, will 
thus be able to offer concrete hope to
 future generations.
The Pope also noted that recognizing that the world is
 interconnected, means not only understanding the 
harmful consequences of our actions, but also 
identifying behaviours and solutions, and 
urged us... to 'commit ourselves to a
shaped by interdependence
The Pope pointed out that this is one of the great
 contributions...  'that our creeds and spiritual 
traditions offer to facilitate this change of
irection that we need so much' and
 that: 'love is the mirror of a
spiritual life 
lived intensely'.
This challenge in favour of a culture of care for our 
common home and also for ourselves, has the 
flavour of hope, because there is no doubt 
that humanity had never had as many
 means to achieve this goal, as it
today, he said.
Binding these ideas with the 'vocation of respect,'
 the Pope stressed, that this concept means: 
'respect for creation, respect for our 
neighbours, respect for ourselves, 
and respect for the Creator'...
also 'reciprocal respect 
between faith and science.'
In this regard, he recalled what he expressed in his 
encyclical 'Laudato Si', on the need to 'enter into 
dialogue between them, oriented to the care of 
nature, to the defense of the poor, to the
 construction of networks of respect 
and fraternity.'

Iran, Armenia Vow to 
Broaden Bilateral Ties
October 4th, 3:53pm (FNA)
Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian
 and his Armenian counterpart Ararat Mirzoyan, in
 a meeting in Tehran on Monday underlined the 
need to broaden mutual cooperation in 
different fields.
During the meeting in the Iranian capital today, the 
Iranian and Armenian foreign ministers explored 
avenues for bolstering and reinvigorating 
bilateral relations in various areas.
Mirzoyan who arrived in Tehran on Monday morning. 
The Iranian and Armenian foreign ministers are 
scheduled to attend a joint news conference 
after the meeting.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh also
 told reporters at a weekly press conference on 
Monday that Mirzoyan's visit was pre-arranged.
The Armenian Foreign Ministry spokesperson in 
a tweet on Monday, announced the meeting 
between the Iranian and Armenian 
foreign ministers.
The two foreign ministers also met in New York, on 
the sidelines of the UN General Assembly last week.
Israeli-Born US Diplomat to
Mediate Maritime Border 
Talks between Lebanon, 
and Zionist Entity
October 4th, 3:37pm (al Manar)
An Israeli-born diplomat has been assigned as a 
energy envoy, who will serve as mediator of the 
maritime border talks between Lebanon and 
the Zionist entity, a report said.
Axios reported Sunday, that US State Dept.
 Senior Advisor for Energy Security, Amos 
Hochstein, will serve as the mediator.
The Israeli-born Hochstein is replacing US career 
diplomat John Desrocher, who served in the role 
since the US-sponsored talks started in October 
2020 under the administration of former 
president Donald Trump.
Desrocher will become charge d’affaires at the
 US embassy in Qatar, according to the report.
The talks were stalled in May after several rounds 
and the appointment of Hochstein, a close 
confidant of Biden.
“We can confirm that Amos Hochstein will resume 
his role as US mediator for the Israel-Lebanon 
maritime border talks, which he held during 
the Obama administration. He looks to 
build upon the strong work, done by 
Ambassador, John Desrocher, over 
the last year” ...a State Dept.
 spokesperson told Axios.
An Israeli official said that Hochstein will visit
 the Zionist entity and Lebanon, in October.
The maritime dispute involves natural 
gas exploration rights in the eastern
Source: Agencies
US Naval Agency Reveals
 Undisclosed US Military 
Sex Crimes in Japan's
October 4th, 3:28pm, (FNA) 
The US military is once again hit by revelations of 
sexual scandal, after the US Naval Criminal 
Investigative Service (NCIS) case files 
showed undisclosed US military 
sex crimes in Okinawa.
The naval agency investigated at least eight sexual 
offenses by US military forces against Japanese 
women in Okinawa between 2017 and 2019, 
but none of them were reported to 
Congress or the public.
Perpetrators had not been punished under Japanese 
law nor had their cases appeared in the annual 
reports produced by the Pentagon’s Sexual 
Assault Prevention & Response Office for
the US Congress... says US non-profit 
news organization the Intercept.
Co-chair of the feminist group Okinawa Women Act 
Against Military Violence and Chair of the Rape 
Emergency Intervention Counseling Centre
 Okinawa, Suzuyo Takazato, says it is a 
familiar pattern.
“Both the US and Japanese governments want to 
minimize people’s awareness of the number of 
crimes committed by US service members on 
Okinawa. They think... if this information 
becomes public, it will harm US-Japan
relations. They believe the US-Japan 
relationship, should take priority 
over the rights of Okinawans,” 
Takazato added. 
The US military's sexual crimes are revealed against
 the backdrop of public anger and resentment
 towards the US military forces in Okinawa.
A survey of residents, conducted by Japan’s public 
broadcaster, NHK, showed 26% of Japanese
respondents called for all US bases to be 
removed from their island... and another 
51 percent, wanted them to be reduced 
to a level equivalent to mainland Japan. 
Okinawa — the poorest prefecture in Japan — is the 
reluctant host to 31 US military bases....  which
approximately 15% of the main island. 
Although the prefecture consists of less than 1%
of Japan’s total land mass, it has 70% of the 
country’s US facilities; 11 of the bases in
Okinawa belong to the US Marine Corps. 
According to the Intercept, packing so many military 
facilities onto Okinawa concentrates many of the 
problems there: aircraft accidents,
 environmental contamination, 
and crime, particularly 
against women.
Takazato and the members of Okinawa Women Act 
Against Military Violence say they have uncovered
that the earliest sexual attacks started soon after 
the US invasion of Okinawa in 1945, and have 
continued, unabated, to the present day. 
They said the total number of victims of US military 
rapes, runs into the hundreds, but "many cases 
remain hidden."
In mainland Japan and overseas, people are aware of 
only a few of these crimes, notably the rape of a 12-
year-old girl by three US service members in 1995 
and the rape and murder of a 20-year-old woman 
by a former Marine, in 2016. 
The events prompted mass protests by tens of
 thousands of Okinawans - demanding revision 
of the Japan-US Status of Forces Agreement, 
or SOFA - but nothing happened, as the US 
and Japan only promised to make 
''improvements'' to SOFA, 
changes that turned 
out to be merely 
The failure of the US military and Japanese civilian 
judicial systems, to provide justice for women 
sexually attacked by US service members on
 the island comes as SOFA gives the military 
jurisdiction over service members who 
commit offenses... while in the 
performance of official duty.
It only requires suspects to be handed over to 
Japanese authorities after any charges have 
been filed.
Such loopholes have allowed the US military to
 unilaterally determine what constitutes “on 
duty”, and they have impeded Japanese 
police’s ability to interview suspects.
Reports also say many of the US perpetrators escape 
justice, as many of the rape victims fail to come
forward -- and tell Okinawa police they do not 
wish to participate in investigations.
Takazato said, “Okinawa is a paradise for US service 
members wanting to sexually assault women. They 
have the mentality that they won’t be punished 
here, and they think Okinawan women don’t 
report sexual assaults.” 
She noted that, “When it comes to sexual crimes, this 
victim-blaming extends throughout the Japanese 
justice system. But it is even worse for victims 
of the US military --- because the authorities 
prioritize Japan-US relations over the 
rights of Okinawans, and the
prosecutors decline cases 
where the accused is a 
US service member”.

Kremlin Says..
 Pandora Papers 
Show US is Largest Tax Haven
 Despite Vows to Fight 
Money Laundering
October 4th, 2:22pm (Sputnik)
On October the 4th... the International Consortium of
Journalists (ICIJ) published a new leak
on the alleged 
financial secrets of over 35 current
and former 
world leaders, as well as more than
politicians and officials from across
 the globe.
The recent publication of the Pandora Papers... has shown 
that the US is the largest tax haven, despite Washington's 
vows to fight against money laundering, Kremlin
spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov, said, on
 the 4th.
Peskov added that Moscow sees no reason to conduct an
 investigation into the publication, because it considers 
the leaked files as "unfounded statements".
"To be honest, we did not see any hidden wealth of Putin's
 entourage.. It seems that there will be more publications
 on that matter, but so far, we have not seen anything 
special. We know where they get information from, 
and how they get information", Peskov noted.
The Pandora Papers earlier revealed that some American 
states, namely South Dakota and Nevada, have become
 perfect places to hide billions of dollars in wealth,
linked to people previously accused of
inancial crimes.
The publication suggests that the US has emerged as "a
 leading tax haven" thanks to local legislation allegedly
 drafted by the trust industry, which protects trust 
customers in the US and abroad.
The ICIJ has described the newly-published exposé of illicit 
financial activities as the most expansive yet, noting that
 the investigation involved more than 600 journalists
 from 117 countries as well as over 11.9 million 
leaked files "covering every corner of 
the globe".

Pandora Papers: Jordanian King 
Amassed $100 Mn in Hidden Wealth
October 4th, 12:34pm (al Manar)
The Pandora Papers - revealed on Sunday - show that King 
Abdullah II of Jordan, used a network of hidden firms to
 accumulate overseas properties during the 22 years
 of his reign, the BBC reported.
Worth as much as $100 million, the 15 properties are 
located in the US and UK – and were revealed by an 
exposé by the International Consortium of
 Investigative Journalists (ICIJ).
Lawyers for the king said he used his own financial 
means to purchase the homes and denied any 
wrongdoing, the BBC reported.
But the optics are unflattering to Abdullah 
due to the relative poverty of Jordan.
The Middle Eastern state receives international aid, 
including from the two nations where the king’s 
properties lie. In 2020 the king’s government
 introduced a crackdown on hidden wealth 
in the country... in response to 
anti-austerity protests.
The government of Panama appealed to the ICIJ
 to publish its investigation, citing the
impact it would have on
 country’s reputation.
This follows the reputational damage that fell out
 from the Panama Papers’ revelations in 2016.
Source: BBC


 Brazil: Anti-Govt Protesters 
Flood Streets of Sao Paulo
October 3rd,10:01pm   (FNA)
 Thousands of people across Brazil's major cities 
took to the streets on Saturday, to protest
President Jair Bolsonaro's
handling of the 
crisis, that left nearly 
600,000 people
The protesters called for the impeachment of 
the president, who has been accused of 
underestimating the severity 
of the virus. 

Venezuela receives 900,000 Abdala
 doses against Covid-19 from Cuba
October 3rd, 4:19pm (Prensa Latina) 
A shipment of 900,000 doses of Abdala vaccine from 
Cuba, arrived today, in Venezuela, which will 
contribute to vaccinating the Venezuelan 
people against Covid-19.
'New shipment of Abdala arrives to sister nation Venezuela.
 This morning, 900,000 doses of our Cuban vaccine arrived 
in Caracas to help the dear Venezuelan people in the fight
 against the Covid-19 pandemic,' experts from the Centre 
for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)
 highlighted on Twitter.
It was also uncovered that, on Saturday, the Healthcare
 Regulation Authority of Nicaragua's Ministry of Health
 granted the Emergency Use Certification to the 
Cuban Soberana 02 and Abdala vaccines.
'The Healthcare Regulation Authority of Nicaragua's Ministry
 of Health (MINSA) provides the Emergency Use Certification
 to the Cuban Soberana 02 and Abdala vaccines #Soberana
 and #Abdala,' leaders from the BioCubaFarma company
underscored on Twitter.
'The present certification... granted by the Nicaraguan
 Regulatory Authority indicates that the Soberana 02 
and Abdala vaccines are offered as a therapeutic
 tool of safe access to reduce the transmissibility 
of the SARS-Cov-2 virus - which causes Covid-19 
disease' specialists from that entity pointed out.
Cuba has schemes against Covid-19 exceeding the limit
 established by the World Health Organization (50% to 
be declared as vaccines; in that sense, Abdala has 
already received the authorization for emergency 
use in the country, as well as Soberana 02 for 
the pediatric population.
Abdala, designed by the Center for Genetic Engineering 
and Biotechnology (CIGB), the first vaccine in Latin 
America, showed 92.28 percent efficacy in its 
three-injection schedule.
Likewise, the vaccine of the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV)
 Soberana 02, with two injections... showed 65.6 percent 
efficacy in its final analysis on symptomatic disease, a 
figure that increased, after the 62% reported in the 
intermediate study.
The IFV also announced the 91.2% efficacy of the
two-dose schedule of Soberana 02, plus one 
dose of Soberana Plus vaccine.
In addition to the Cuban aforementioned antigens, there
 are other vaccine candidates, such as Mambisa from 
CIGB, and unique for its nasal application, which 
obtained permission from the local healthcare 
authorities to initiate the 2nd Phase clinical 
trials; and Soberana 01, from IFV.


Pope Francis highlights paradox: of 
a rich world, where poverty grows
October 3rd, 3:14pm (Prensa Latina) 

The Supreme Pontiff addressed a message to the two-
day meeting organized by the Pontifical Academy of 
Social Sciences on the First Beatitude, referring to 
the greed 'of people as well as families and 
nations, especially the richest... although 
the most deprived are not exempt either.'
'In these times of opulence, when it should be possible 
to put an end to poverty, the powers of single thought 
...say nothing about the poor, the elderly, immigrants, 
the unborn, or the unborn, nor the seriously ill,' the 
Pope wrote, as well as that... 'they are treated 
as disposable.'
The Pope considers it a crime against humanity that 
-- as a result of that prevailing greedy and selfish 
paradigm -- 'our young people are exploited by 
the new growing slavery of human trafficking 
..especially in forced labour, prostitution and
 the sale of organs.'
'Given the enormous available resources of money, 
wealth and technology that we have, our greatest 
need, is neither to continue accumulating, nor 
greater wealth, nor more technology - but to 
act in the always new and revolutionary 
paradigm, of the beatitudes of Jesus,' 
he pointed out.
The Pope contrasted greed with the spirit of poverty 
which, he said, 'while it deprives us of the worldly 
spirit, leads us to use our wealth & technologies, 
goods and talents, in favour of integral human 
development, the common good, of social
justice, and of the care and protection
our common home'.

Mexico demands Israel 
extradites ex-official 
...wanted in case of
 43 missing students
Sunday, October 3rd, 12:24pm (PressTV)
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador 
has called on the Israeli regime to extradite a
 fugitive security official  --- wanted in 
connection with the disappearance
 and apparent massacre of 43 
students in 2014.
Obrador requested in a letter that Tel Aviv return Tomas
 Zeron, who headed the Criminal Investigation Agency
 that led the inquiry into one of Mexico’s worst 
human rights tragedies.
"The president has sent a letter ... requesting (Israel's) 
support and cooperation to expedite the extradition
 process of (Zeron)," Deputy Interior Minister 
Alejandro Encinas said on Friday.
Zeron is accused of being involved in the disappearance 
of the 43 college students from Ayotzinapa in 2014. The
 students' bodies have never been found, although a 
burned bone fragment was found at a site that was 
visited by Zeron a day before its official discovery.
Mexico’s military has been accused on multiple occasions 
of extrajudicial killings and torture, in the course of the
 country’s so-called war on drugs.
The government has said corrupt police handed the 43 
students over to drug gang henchmen in late 2014, 
who then incinerated them at a garbage dump in
 the southwestern state of Guerrero. Some 
experts have questioned the 
official narrative.
The current administration...  which took office in 
December 2018, has pledged to re-open the case.
The disappearance of the students “has left a mark 
of pain and impunity that this new government, 
which I am honored to lead, has been stalling 
in an unprecedented effort to restore justice,
 transparency and accountability,” Encinas
 read from the letter at a presidential 
Zeron and five other former officials face charges
 including torture, forced disappearance and 
judicial misconduct. Three of the former 
officials have been arrested and three 
others, including Zeron, are still 
at large.
“Our country suffered one of the most serious historical 
attacks on its human rights in the last decades when, in 
2014, forty-three normalista students were disappeared
 in the city of Iguala, Guerrero, in a brutal and ruthless 
action in which members of the drug trafficking and
 local and federal authorities colluded,” the 
letter states.
Meanwhile, violence erupted on the streets of Mexico City
 as Mexicans commemorated the 53rd anniversary of the
Tlatelolco Massacre, on Saturday.
Demonstrators in the Mexican capital hurled rocks and
 projectiles at riot police, who responded by firing 
teargas to disperse the angry crowd.
The police presence grew heavier as thousands of 
protesters took to the streets, chanting and
 their fists.
The protesters are marking the 1968 attack on rallying 
leftist protesters, which remains a potent symbol in 
Mexican society. The federal government of the 
time, launched a bloody crackdown against 
students who were using Mexico’s hosting 
of the Olympic Games to draw the world’s 
attention to social injustices in 
their country.
An estimated 300 demonstrators were killed... in 
what became known as the Tlatelolco Massacre.
The Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games... went on
as scheduled from October the 12th to the 27th.
More than 50 years later, commemorations of
 the massacre are still highly emotional even
 though many of the participants were not
 even born in 1968.


Tigray and its legacy
Por Rafael Arzuaga
October 3rd, 7:15am (Prensa Latina) 
Since last November, Ethiopia's north tip has been a 
synonym of violence, in contrast to the times when
 it was linked to the origins, traditions and bravery 
of this nation in the Horn of Africa.
Before the confrontation between the National Defense
 Forces and the Tigray People's Liberation Front 
(TPLF), the namesake regional State lured 
national and international tourists... 
precisely because of its cultural 
and historical heritage.
Studies say that Tigray was the cradle of the Kingdom 
of Axum, a powerful nation that expanded to Sudan, 
Eritrea, and the west of the Arabian Peninsula, 
which ruled the region from the times when 
the catapult was invented, or from before,
 until the 10th century.
That boom faded away, leaving the namesake city, Aksum 
for many, where the Ark of the Covenant remained, a 
wooden coffer, covered in gold, created by divine 
mandate - according to biblical stories- to keep 
the tablets of the 10 commandments.
That is what the Ethiopian Coptic Church says, which keeps 
it in Our Lady of Zion Temple, protected by a priest who was 
a descendant from one of the Levites, who moved and took 
care of it. Archaeological evidence confirms the theory.
Monolithic obelisks, giant trails, royal tombs and castle ruins 
make up the city's relics in the heart of ancient Ethiopia, 'the 
most powerful State between the Eastern Roman Empire 
and Persia', as it was called.
In the incredible Tigray natural settings there are also at least 
121 churches carved into the rock, which are believed to 
represent the largest group of that kind of architecture 
in the world... and keep treasures, such as wall 
paintings, sacred objects and manuscripts.
The jurisdiction, exactly in the city of Adwa, was also the scene 
of the March 1896 victory by the troops led by Emperor 
Menelik II against Italian colonial forces, a feat that 
ensured the country's independence.
Likewise, Tigray and Amhara States had an exclusive ancestral 
show: the Ashenda festival, which marks the end of the fast 
named ‘filseta', performed by girls, young and 
adult women.
Its name refers to a tall decorative grass that women put around 
their waists in their ‘tilfis', traditional cotton dresses 
embroidered from neck to toe.
All this and more, such as their church music and songs of praise, 
for example, are part of regional and national heritage. A legacy
 currently threatened, because the TPLF's conflict placed it 
behind the curtain of war and, in that way, may doom it
 remain in the dark hands of oblivion.
(Taken from Orbe weekly)


The Torch of Liberty
Por Alejandro Gómez
San José, October 3rd, 7:10am (Prensa Latina) 
For Central Americans the most important national 
celebration is Independence from Spain, gained 
two centuries ago, and, since 1964, has the 
Torch of Liberty as an important symbol. 
Also known as the Torch of Central American Independence 
or the Torch of Central American Sisterhood, each year the 
flame begins a 1.300 kilometre journey from Plaza de los 
Libertadores (Liberators Square), in Guatemala city, 
 to commemorate separation from that European
country, on September 15th, 
in 1821.
After crossing Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and 
Nicaragua, carried by students, the torch enters 
Costa Rica, on September 13th, and, after 
touring some 380 kilometres from the 
Peñas Blancas border post with 
Nicaragua, it gets to Cartago,
city from 1821, where the 
''Independence Flame'' is
lit:  to preside over the
national celebrations 
to mark the date.
Over the past two years the Covid-19 pandemic has 
made it impossible for the Central American fire to 
take the usual journey, but not its importance, 
since most countries celebrated it virtually 
or in person... above all, this year, when
 the region marked the Bicentennial
 of their Independence.
The Torch has a special meaning for Costa Rica... 
declared a National Symbol on September 14th, 
2005, as a representation of Costa Rican 
freedom and idiosyncrasy.
With that decision, Costa Ricans also express their 
willingness to hope that a light will always be shed
 on its free and sovereign people.
Although researches say that the so called Torch 
Race, began in 1959, many historians, mainly 
from this nation, assure that it was in 1964,
 thanks to the initiative of Costa Rican 
educator and sportsman, Alfredo 
Cruz Bolaños.
There is an abundant bibliography, on this outstanding 
person (1918-2006) who was the first Costa Rican who
graduated in Physical Education, which he studied at 
George Williams College and New York University, 
and, after returning to the country in 1938,
practiced different sports, including 
swimming, which he formally 
introduced here, in 1944.
In 1946 he established the Instituto Nacional de Educación 
Física (National Physical Education Institute) and started 
sports teaching, promoted the reinstatement of the 
'Juegos Deportivos Intercolegiales' (Inter-School 
Sports Games) in 1952, the construction of the 
National Gym and the refurbishing of the Ojo 
del Agua public baths, where Francisco 
Rivas was trained, the only technician 
who won medals at the Olympic 
Games, just like swimmers 
Silvia and Claudia Poll.
However, Cruz Bolaños' main initiative... is the Central 
American tour of the Torch of Independence, through
 the same route of that courier that brought to Costa 
Rica the news of the region's independence on 
October 13th, 1821, almost a month after it 
was signed in Guatemala.
(Taken from Orbe weekly)


Bolivian government meets 
demands of indigenous 
October 2nd, 5:17pm (Prensa Latina) 
The Bolivian government will meet a list of 15 demands 
sent by the participants of an indigenous march 
between the eastern departments of Beni and 
Santa Cruz, a local media reported Saturday.
There are issues that we will resolve in a short time, 
others will take longer, and for some we have to 
wait for a new Political Constitution of the
the Vice-Minister of Autonomies,
Alvaro Ruiz, 
told Bolivia Tv.
Among the requests of the marchers a key demand 
will require a reform of the Constitution, to have 
more seats at the national legislative house, 
the authority pointed out.
For its part, the Confederation of Indigenous Peoples 
of the East, Chaco and Amazon, revealed that the 
march from Beni to Santa Cruz, co-responds to 
the personal interests of former leaders of 
those communities.
The organization recalled that the march is presided 
over by Adolfo Chavez and Marcial Fabricano, 
former leaders of the sector, 'but now 
without representation... because 
they were not elected... by the 
legitimate indigenous groups'.
The government accompanied the marchers, who 
left Beni on August 25th, and provided them with 
medicine and food... so that they could develop 
the action in a safer way, said the executive,
 in an official statement.

Venezuela highlights new 
housing construction record
October 2nd, 4:02pm (Prensa Latina) 
Venezuela exhibits, this Saturday, another
social achievement after reaching
the record 
3,700,00 houses delivered,
as part of the Gran Mision 
(Great Housing Mission).
Ten years after that project was founded, President 
Nicolas Maduro granted the key and the title
to a new family, which benefits
the program.
'The most important thing about the Great Housing 
Mission, is to build family and community,' 
stressed the head of state.
Maduro highlighted... that the buildings were built by 
the Portuguese company Ledna, the towers consist 
of four floors and in each one there is an equal 
number of apartments, built with national 
materials and labour. 
The President explained that in spite of all the sanctions 
and financial persecution, blockades and coercive 
measures, this year, 300 000 houses have been 
delivered to the Venezuelan people, a fact that 
he assured was not possible in a capitalist 
and rent-living society. 'This apartment, 
all the Housing Mission buildings, are 
paid by the State in petros. We grant 
the title deeds to the beneficiaries 
and then they can pay for their 
houses in bolivars, through 
the Carnet de la Patria - in 
comfortable installments' 
he said.
Demonstrations continued 
in Colombia this week
 October 2nd, 3:05pm (Prensa Latina) 
Trade unionists, indigenous people, politicians, 
among other sectors, resumed social 
demonstrations in Colombia these
 past days, after the five-month 
national strike, and despite 
the police using violence 
A historic national strike started on April 28th of 
this year against the neoliberal policies of the 
Duque administration... considered as the 
biggest social outburst in the last 70
 years, which lasted nearly three 
months and spread across 
the country.
The National Strike Committee, main convener of 
those protests, suspended the demonstrations 
in June, due to a militarization of the streets, 
police violence & the government's refusal 
to sign a preliminary agreement - to
security for the social
protest - and claimed 
that it
will submit a set of bills
 to Congress.
On July 27th, the Committee and more than 50 
congress-people presented the announced 
bills, aimed at benefiting more than 30 
million Colombians affected by the 
pandemic and the resulting 
economic crisis.
Basic emergency income as a measure to guarantee 
civic rights; universal free higher education across 
the country; police reform to strengthen its civil 
nature, among others, are some of the 
initiatives of this law.
Polo Democratico Senator Ivan Cepeda and other 
social and political organizations, sent a third 
report... on the situation of crimes against 
humanity committed in Colombia amid 
the demonstrations staged since 
April the 28th.
It tells of at least 3,954 victims of human rights
violations between April 28th and September 
the 28th.
Furthermore, it includes new 136 violent attacks, 
compared to the second report sent on June 
7th, which revealed 1,088 victims, 513 of 
whom were identified.

Wave of US Labour Unrest.. 
Could See Tens of Thousands 
on Strike within Weeks
October 2nd, 1:32pm (FNA)
Tens of thousands of workers, around the US, could 
go on strike in the coming weeks, in what would be 
the largest wave of labour unrest since a series of 
teacher strikes in 2018 and 2019... which won 
major victories and gave the US labour 
movement a significant boost.
The unrest spans a huge range of industries from 
healthcare to Hollywood and academia, and is 
largely focused on higher wages, fighting 
cuts, and better working and safety 
conditions...  especially in light of 
COVID-19, The Guardian reports.
It also plays out against a backdrop of an economy 
bouncing back from the torrid experience of
spread economic shutdowns during
coronavirus pandemic, but one that
still marked by profound inequality.
However, the pandemic is also seen as potentially 
providing a shot in the arm for US labour unions 
by increasing their bargaining power amid 
increased union drives, and labour 
shortages in some industries.
About 24,000 nurses and other healthcare workers at
Kaiser Permanente, in California, represented by 
the United Nurses Associations of California/
Union of Health Care Professionals will vote 
on a strike authorization from October 1st
 to the 10th. The union took issue with 
Kaiser Permanente’s 1% wage rise 
for workers, cuts to wages for 
new staff, and benefit cuts,
 the company’s most 
recent offer.
“We have people burned out, complaining of mental 
health issues and PTSD. We’re in a situation as a 
union where we are concerned about the future 
of nursing... [and] of how we recruit and retain 
nurses and other healthcare professionals,” 
said Denise Duncan, president of UNAC/
UHCP and a registered nurse.
About 700 building engineers at Kaiser Permanente 
in the San Francisco area, are already on strike.

(This is a short version of a much longer piece
which expands on the huge numbers of US
workers readying to strike)


Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte 
announces retirement from politics
October 2nd, 11:15am (RT)
The Philippines’ controversial leader, Rodrigo Duterte, 
has said that he will not run for vice-president of the 
country in the 2022 election, but will, instead, retire
 from politics altogether.
Duterte, who has been president since 2016, is 
ineligible to seek another term in the next 
year’s presidential vote.
His ruling PDP-Laban party instead nominated the 
76-year-old for the position of vice-president.
But Duterte announced on Saturday that he won’t 
be running for VP, saying that he had made this
 decision in response to the “public’s wishes.”
“Today, I announce my retirement from politics,” he
 said, appearing at the Commission on Elections 
centre in Manila alongside loyalist Senator, 
Christopher ‘Bong’ Go, who is registered
as the PDP-Laban party’s 
for vice-president, 
“The overwhelming... sentiment of the Filipinos is that
 I am not qualified... and it would be a violation of the 
constitution to circumvent the law, the spirit of the 
constitution” to run for the vice presidency, 
he insisted.
Duterte’s decision to exit the race could clear the way 
for his daughter ,Sara Duterte-Carpio, to run for the 
top job in the country.
Duterte-Carpio, earlier, said that she wouldn’t be seeking
 the presidency, because she had agreed with her father
 that only one of them would participate in the national 
election on May 9th, 2022. Duterte’s absence from the 
ballot could therefore now allow her to enter the race.
Incidentally, the 43-year-old replaced her father as the 
mayor of Davao City, when Duterte became the 
Philippines president, five years ago. She 
also served as the city head between 
2010 and 2013.
Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao, who was the only man 
to hold world titles in eight different divisions, was the
 first to file his candidacy for the presidential election
 on Friday.
Manila Mayor Francisco ‘Isko’ Moreno, along with senator 
and the former police chief, Panfilo Lacson, have also 
announced their intention to run for office.
In mid-September, the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 
the Netherlands launched an investigation into alleged 
extrajudicial killings and other crimes committed 
during the brutal war on drugs that Duterte 
launched in the Philippines.  On becoming 
president, he promised to rid the country 
of narcotics, and ordered the police to 
shoot drug dealers and addicts on 
sight, if the officers believed 
themselves to be in danger.
According to Philippines government data, 6,181 people 
have been killed in police raids since 2016. However, 
the ICC has suggested the actual figure could be 
between 12,000 and 30,000, describing the 
actions of the law enforcers, as a 
“widespread and systematic 
attack --- against the
Duterte has blasted the investigation on numerous occasions, 
claiming it had no jurisdiction over the Philippines after the 
nation quit the ICC back in March 2019, and vowing to bar 
investigators from the country. However... the ICC insists 
it has the jurisdiction to investigate the crimes it alleges 
were committed in the Southeast Asian state between 
2017 and 2019, when it was still a member.
The ICC probe makes the upcoming presidential election 
crucial for the Duterte camp, as a candidate from a rival 
political party seizing victory, could well open up the 
president to prosecution.

Nigerian president highlights 
national economic recovery
Abuja, October 2nd, 5:30am (Prensa Latina) 
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari noted that
domestic economy is recovering through the 
progress of a diversification strategy, which
includes the development 
of the non-
oil sector.
In his speech on the occasion of the 61st anniversary 
of the country's independence on Friday, the leader 
pointed out that Nigeria began its economic 
recovery in the fourth quarter of 2020, 
with a Gross Domestic Product 
growth of 0.11 percent.
He noted that despite the impact of Covid-19, in real terms,
 the nation reported a GDP increase of 0.51 percent in the 
first quarter of 2021, while this indicator rose to 5.01%
 in the second quarter.
After confirming that the agricultural sector is essential
 the country's efforts in the crucial diversification 
endeavour, the president called for boosting 
investments in this, and other sectors.
Nigeria, Africa's major oil-producing country, despite
aspiration to expand the contribution from
sectors, is not renouncing to
increase its fuel 
refining capacity.
According to the head of State, the current road map 
envisages the start-up of oil refineries in the states 
of Imo, Edo and Bayelsa in the near future, in 
addition to plans for mega-projects of
kind in the states of Lagos,
economic capital,
Akwa Ibom.

Former President Lula says
 Bolsonaro destroyed Brazil
 October 1st, 6:24pm (Prensa Latina) 
President Jair Bolsonaro has destroyed Brazil,
 former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva 
said on Friday in an interview with the 
Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, 
and reproduced here on portals
 and digital platforms.
Asked about the possibility of a coup, Lula
played the risk and warned that in
anything might happen.
'There was already a coup, in April 2016, when 
the legitimate President, Dilma Rousseff, was
thrown by an impeachment that had no 
foundations, no evidence. But if I have to
answer your question, I don't think 
Lula stressed.
Perhaps those who today are in power will find it
difficult to step aside, they could refuse to step 
down.... but in that case, it will be the vast 
majority, 77 percent of the population,
who will oppose a coup, he stated.
The former labour leader also criticized Bolsonaro's 
recent speech at the 76th session of the United 
Nations General Assembly in New York.
He stated that the former military officer 'went to the 
UN to lie. A fantasy. He described a Brazil that only 
exists in his head.'
About the deactivated Operation, Lava Jato, Lula 
explained that with that judicial group there was 
a clear strategy behind what happened, and the
 judges in the southern city of Curitiba, the anti
-corruption judges, had stable contacts with 
the US Department of Justice.
'There was Dilma's impeachment, they accused me, 
they fabricated false evidence, they convicted me. 
I ended up in jail. My choice: I knew I was 
innocent, I had to stay to prove it. I had 
tenacity, strength and, ultimately, 
reason,' Lula assured.
He pointed out that if he had left Brazil, he would 
have been a fugitive. 'Without Lula, the right 
wing had a clear path to the presidency,' 
he stressed.

UN calls for digital equity 
on International Day 
of Older Persons
 October 1st, 12:51pm (Prensa Latina) 
To commemorate the International Day of Older Persons,
 the UN will hold a virtual event today... focused on 
debating the need to guarantee digital equity 
for all ages.
Developing policies to give access to these technologies, 
digital literacy and computer security for the elderly
be one of the main issues to be discussed at
meeting, all these focused on human rights.
According to recent reports from the International 
Telecommunication Union, women and older 
people experience digital inequity to a 
greater extent than other groups in 
society. They also tend to lack 
access to technologies more
 often... or often do not fully 
benefit from opportunities 
given, by progress in
 this area.
As efforts are made to connect more people, new
also crop up: for example, cybercrimes and 
misinformation threaten the human rights, 
privacy and safety of older people,
 UN warned.
For this reason, the UN Secretary-General (UNSG), António 
Guterres, is currently planning, to disseminate a roadmap 
to address these challenges, and issue recommendations 
for concrete actions --- aimed at making a better use of 
digital technologies.

Time to fight climate change 
is running out, UN chief says
October 1st, 12:48pm (Prensa Latina) 
UN Secretary-General (UNSG) António Guterres on 
Thursday warned that the time to contain the 
worst impacts of climate change is running 
out and it is critical to comply with the 
Paris Agreement commitments.
In his virtual message to the preparatory meeting for 
the UN Climate Conference - known as COP26 – 
Guterres pointed out that the irreversible 
turning points in this area... are 
alarmingly close.
We can only reach the goal of limiting global warming by 
1.5 degrees Celsius if all G20 member states which are 
responsible for 80% of global emissions --- take more 
decisive actions with new or updated contributions,
 he stressed.
In this regard, Guterres praised those nations that
present more ambitious contributions ahead
COP26, despite the Covid-19 pandemic.
He also called on emerging economies to go 
a step further and continue to control the
 polluting emissions.
Guterres highlighted: how young people are on the front
 lines in proposing positive solutions, defending climate
 justice and holding leaders accountable.
We need the new generations around the world to 
continue to raise their voices, he emphasized in
 his message to the pre-COP26, held this 
Thursday in Milan, Italy.

Farewell Your Majesty: Barbados
 to End Its Association With the 
British Crown
October 1st, 10:32am (Sputnik)
Although the island country in the southeastern 
Caribbean Sea gained its independence from
 United Kingdom in the 1960s... it has
a member of the Common-
wealth and is 
among more than a
dozen nations that 
Queen Elizabeth II as their 
formal head of state.
Barbados is on the verge of ending its colonial past
 as Prime Minister Mia Mottley has proposed the 
candidacy of Dame Sandra Mason, for the
of the country's president.
"We believe [Ms Mason] is a fitting nomination for the 
post of being the first president of Barbados to be 
elected by this parliament. I am happy to report 
that the honorable leader of the opposition like
 myself agrees that the dignity of the occasion
 requires this joint effort. There are some
 things that are simply above partisan 
considerations in this nation", the
 prime minister said.
Ms Mottley's statement came hours after the parliament 
of Barbados voted unanimously to amend the country's 
Constitution... in order to make the nation a republic. 
Earlier this month, Prime Minister Mottley revealed 
that the debate on the country's association with 
the British Crown has been going on in 
Barbados for two decades, and the 
island nation has finally decided 
to become "independent".
"It's not a divisive decision. It allows the people of Barbados
 to tell the world that we have the confidence in ourselves 
to be fully responsible for who we are and what we do", 
Ms Mottley stressed.
Currently.....  Dame Sandra Mason holds the post of governor-
general of Barbados, a representative of Queen Elizabeth II. 
If parliament approves her candidacy, Ms Mason will 
become the country's first president on November 
30th, 2021, on the same date the country gained 
independence from the United Kingdom in 1966.
Barbados' decision to become a republic will not affect its 
membership in the Commonwealth. Buckingham Palace 
released a short statement commenting on the nation's 
decision, saying it is a "matter for the government
people" of Barbados.
If all goes as planned the move will reduce Queen Elizabeth's
 reign to 15 countries. Jamaica is another nation that has 
expressed a desire to remove the British monarch as its 
nominal head of state. Mark Golding, who heads the 
People's National Party said the measure is of 
vital importance.
[A blogger adds: Hoorah, about time too, can't wait
 for my country Australia to do the same thing.]

Electoral Council of Venezuela values 
as positive --- agreement with EU
 September 30th, 9:52pm (Prensa Latina) 
The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) 
of Venezuela, Pedro Calzadilla, today valued the 
agreement signed with the European Union 
(EU) to send an observation mission to 
the country's elections, as positive.
During the act of exchange of the document signed 
between the CNE & the community bloc, Calzadilla 
ratified the commitment of the Venezuelan State
 to preserve democracy and keep the doors 
open to all international actors who wish 
to verify the legitimacy of the 
democratic event.
'The doors of Venezuela are always open to receive 
those who in good faith want to accompany us