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Bulgaria's national flag

Bulgaria also refuses to
 troops to Ukraine
by The Frontier Post
January 26th, 7:14pm (RIA Novosti)
 Bulgarian Defense Minister, Stefan Yanev, said that 
not a single Bulgarian soldier would take part in a
 military conflict on the territory of Ukraine, or 
another country without the approval of the 
parliament, according to the Bulgarian 
National Radio (BNR).
On Wednesday, a closed meeting of the Council of
 Ministers was held in Sofia to discuss the crisis
 relations between NATO and Russia in
 with the situation
around Ukraine.
As a result, the government declared de-escalation
of tensions between NATO and Russia a priority of 
the national strategy. After the meeting, Prime 
Minister Kiril Petkov, Defense Minister Stefan 
Yanev, Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska 
and the heads of the security services
at the People’s Assembly
(parliament)... to 
deputies’ questions.
“Not a single Bulgarian soldier will take part in a
 conflict or operation on the territory of Ukraine 
- or any other country - without this decision 
being approved by the People’s Assembly,”
 the defense minister said at the hearing.
He also said that there are no plans for the
participation of the Bulgarian armed forces
in military formations outside the country. 
However, he confirmed.. that a special 
battalion would be formed in Bulgaria,
which would be trained and prepared 
for various types of scenarios, the 
BNR notes.

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


DPR militia welcomes 
Turchak’s statement 
on possible military 
January 27th, 11:50am (DAN) 
Possible military assistance to Donbass from Russia
 will be important, amid the supplies of foreign 
weapons to Ukraine, Donetsk People’s 
Republic People’s Militia deputy 
commander Eduard Basurin 
told the Donetsk News 
Agency on Thursday.
“Amid the mass supplies of weapons to Ukraine by
western countries, we welcome the statement by
Federation Council First Deputy Speaker, United
Russia Party General Council Secretary Andrey
Turchak,” Basurin said. “It shows that Russia 
would never leave its fellow countrymen in 
trouble and will always support them.”
The People’s Militia is ready to face Kiev’s
 armed aggression,” Basurin said.
On Wednesday, Turchak said that Russia had to
 supply certain kinds of weapons to the DPR 
and the LPR to enhance the Republics’ 
defense capability and contain the 
military aggression which Kiev
obviously preparing. 
Leader of the United Russia faction at the State Duma
lower house of the Russian parliament, Vladimir 
Vasilyev, stated that the Party had appealed
the country’s leadership over the issue.
Turchak’s proposal was supported 
by Russian communities and 
political forces.
DPR Head Denis Pushilin noted that the Republic
 would welcome any decision by Russia,
 providing assistance to the 
Donbass Republics.
Tensions in Donbass have been mounting after the
 New Year and Christmas holidays. Later on, the 
DPR People’s Militia said that Ukraine was 
preparing for a new offensive.

troops in the conflict zone were 
reportedly reinforced with radicals,
multiple launch 
rocket systems
NATO weapons.
 Active drills of Ukraine’s chemical warfare
 troops have been reported, as well.

Ukraine is openly sabotaging
 Minsk negotiating process 
- Russia’s envoy Gryzlov
January 27th, 11:10pm (TASS)
 Ukraine is openly sabotaging the Minsk negotiating
 process during sessions of the Contact Group,
 Russia’s envoy to the Contact Group on a
settlement in eastern Ukraine, Boris 
Gryzlov said.
"We see.. an obvious sabotage of the Minsk 
negotiating process on behalf of Ukraine,"
 Gryzlov told journalists.
Ukraine has, once again, blocked an approval 
of a roadmap proposed by Donbass, he said.
"During a session of the Contact Group and yesterday 
during work groups, the Ukrainian side, once again,
failed to come up with its stance regarding the 
draft of the road map --- on the all-embracing 
political settlement of the conflict that was 
submitted by Donetsk and Lugansk... in 
October 2020, ignoring their proposals 
and blocking dialogue between Kiev
 and Donbass, on the political 
settlement envisaged by 
the Minsk Accords," 
Gryzlov said.
Ball is still in Western court 
on security guarantees
- Russian lawmaker
January 26th,10:40pm (TASS) 
Head of the State Duma Committee on 
International Affairs Leonid Slutsky, 
on Wednesday, said... while the 
responses by the US & NATO 
have yet to be studied... the 
statements that have been 
reported, suggest that 
Russian concerns... 
haven’t been met.
"The US and NATO... are playing a dangerous ping-
pong by saying that the ball is now in the Russian
 court," he told reporters. "The ball is still in the
 Western court."
The responses by the US and NATO have yet to 
be studied, but, judging by the statements of 
NATO secretary general and US secretary 
of state, Russian security concerns have 
been ignored, Slutsky said.
Instead, he said, the West is pursuing confrontational 
rhetoric, and assertions that Russia, purportedly,
 to invade Ukraine.
Earlier on Wednesday, US ambassador to Moscow
 John Sullivan, delivered Washington’s written
 response to Russia’s proposed agreement 
on security guarantees to the Russian
 Foreign Ministry.
On December 17th last year, the Russian Foreign
 Ministry published draft agreements on security
 guarantees, addressed to the US and NATO, 
which say: NATO won’t expand eastward, 
will deny membership to Ukraine and
the deployment of 'serious'
weapons, including 
nuclear ones.

Normandy Format Advisers 
Agree Truce in Donbas Must
 Be Observed Unconditionally
January 26th, 9:50pm (Sputnik) 
Kremlin Deputy Chief of Staff, Dmitry Kozak, said on
 Wednesday that, during the meeting of Normandy
 format political advisers in Paris...  the parties 
made an inventory of the problems related to
the Minsk agreements on the settlement 
in eastern Ukraine, and agreed that
truce in Donbas, must be
"In general, the first, perhaps, rather frank
conversation to take inventory of all the 
problems that are associated with the 
implementation of the Minsk agree-
ments and the settlement of the 
conflict," Kozak said at a press 
conference, after the meeting.
"We agreed that, regardless of the discrepancies on
the Minsk agreements that exist between Ukraine, 
and representatives of certain regions of the
and Luhansk regions.. the truce
must be 
observed unconditionally, and
agreement that was signed on 
July 22nd, in 2020, must be
implemented... both in 
letter and in spirit," 
he said.
In addition, Kozak said that the political advisers did
 not discuss the organization of a summit of the 
heads of state, at the meeting in Paris.
"As for the summit of the Normandy format leaders, 
the issue has not been discussed today and, in
 principle, has not been initiated by anyone.... 
since September 17th last year, since there 
are insoluble contradictions in the 
Normandy format regarding the
 interpretation of the Minsk 
agreements," Kozak 
told reporters.
He noted that at the last meeting of advisers to
 Normandy Four leaders, which was held
September, via video link, "these 
contradictions were revealed."
"Today there was a dialogue -- in order to eliminate
these contradictions in the Normandy format and 
find all solutions. After they are found, we are 
sure that the decisions of the previous 
summit, will be implemented. As soon 
as the results of the previous summit 
are implemented... everyone agrees 
that it will be possible to gather for 
the next summit," Kozak added.
Parties Failed to Agree
on Proposals from 
Donetsk, Luhansk
Written proposals from the unrecognized Donetsk 
and Luhansk people's republics (DPR and LPR), 
remain without any response from Kiev: it was 
not possible to agree on this issue, and the
 negotiators asked for a two-week pause, 
according to the Kremlin Deputy Chief 
of Staff.
"Today [was more about] reacting to the numerous
 written proposals that Donbas submitted to the
 Contact Group, either a positive or a negative
 answer. Unfortunately, we did not agree on 
this issue either. For this, they also asked
 for a two-week pause... unfortunately, all 
the proposals on humanitarian, political, 
and security issues, remain without a
reaction," Kozak said.
He added that the political advisers of the Normandy
 format countries agreed to hold another meeting in
 two weeks in Berlin.
"[We agreed] to hold additional intra-state consultations
 — both for Ukraine and other representatives of the
 Normandy format — in order to meet in Berlin in 
two weeks and try to find solutions to all those
problems that have not been resolved for 
seven years," Kozak explained.
At the same time, Ukraine has not shared its own
 vision of the future political conditions for 
resolving the conflict, Kozak noted.
"Let's hope that, in these two weeks, our colleagues
 understood all our arguments - both Germany and
 France, and the representatives of Ukraine who 
were present at the talks - understood that... 
without this, we will not move anywhere," 
he added.
"The colleagues agreed that it is still necessary to take
a break, think... and go out to discuss and resolve
these contradictions that exist today, and,
unfortunately, there are many of them.''
''We hope that the results of this agreement will be
 materialized in specific decisions in two weeks. 
We will bring our positions closer, in order to 
come out with a common position, with some
 recommendations to the Minsk negotiation 
process --- so that Ukraine, Donbas, the
have specific recommendations
resolving the conflict," Kozak 
told reporters.
Overall, Kozak underscored that there is almost zero
 progress in the negotiations in the Normandy format
 so far, there is nothing to brag about, and Russia
 hopes for more constructive negotiations
 in Berlin.
"Come to Berlin, maybe we will be more constructive
 in the Normandy Format and we will have something
 to answer. Because today there is nothing to brag
 about: no matter how much we would like us to 
move forward, but the progress is virtually 
zero so far," he told journalists.
The negotiations, which began at about noon 
(11:00 GMT), lasted almost 8 and a half hours.
The Russian delegation at the talks, was headed by
 Kozak, the French one - by the diplomatic adviser 
to the President of France, Emmanuel Bonn, the
 German one - by the foreign policy adviser to
 the German Chancellor Jens Plötner, and the
 Ukrainian one - by the head of the Office of 
the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak.
In early January, Bonn and Plötner visited Moscow...
 where they met with Kozak, after which French and
 German officials went to Kiev and negotiated with
 Yermak. The last time the Normandy Format 
advisors met, was in September last year,
video link. The consultations at that
also ended with no results.
The so-called "Normandy Format" of negotiations on
 Ukraine has existed since June 2014. Then... during 
the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Allied
 landing in Normandy, the leaders of Germany, 
Russia, Ukraine and France, discussed the 
settlement of the conflict in Donbas,
 the first time.
The previous summit was held in Paris on December
 9th, 2019. Recently, the parties at various levels 
have been discussing the prospects for 
interaction in this format.
In April 2014, the Ukrainian authorities launched 
a military operation against the self-proclaimed 
DPR and LPR...  which declared independence, 
after the coup d'état in Kiev, in February 2014. 
According to the latest UN data, the estimated 
total number of victims associated with the 
conflict, stands at about 13,000.
However... despite the ceasefire agreements,
 skirmishes continue, with the DPR reporting
 shelling of residential areas by Ukrainian 
heavy artillery on numerous occasions. 
Moscow has repeatedly stated that Kiev is not
 complying with the Minsk agreements and is
 dragging out negotiations aimed at 
resolving the conflict.

NATO’s doors to remain open, 
US says, in response to 
Russian proposals
January 26th, 8:59pm (TASS)
 The US will stand by the NATO’s open doors policy...
 but is prepared to hold talks with Russia.. on arms 
control in Europe and the transparency of military
exercises. That’s according to the US written
 response to Russia’s security proposals, 
that was outlined by US Secretary of 
State Antony Blinken, at a news 
conference on Wednesday.
US doesn’t want to make the response public
Blinken spokes about the broad outlines of the US
 replies. The Americans won’t make them public 
and are urging Russia to do the same. The US 
says the response isn’t a formal document, 
but a set of ideas for further discussion,
 if Russia wants to continue dialogue.
"There is no doubt in my mind... that if Russia were to
approach this seriously and in a spirit of reciprocity 
- with determination to enhance collective security
for all of us - there are very positive things in this
 document that should be pursued," he said.
Washington says the ball is now in the Russian court
 and it’s now up to Moscow to choose discussions
 or a confrontation. The response has been
 coordinated with US allies and Ukraine.
NATO expansion is still an option
Blinken stressed the US won’t give up the policy 
of keeping NATO’s doors open. He reiterated 
that point several times throughout the
conference, as he fielded
from reporters.
US, Russia could discuss missiles in Europe
Blinken said the document sets out possible areas 
of cooperation between the US and Russia for
improving European security. These areas
include: missile deployments in Ukraine, 
military exercises in Europe, potential 
arms control measures, higher 
transparency, and risk 
reduction measures.
What’s next
Blinken said he expects to hold further talks with
 Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, in the 
next few days to get Russian feedback.

The US
 Congress has also been given a copy of
response, and Blinken will discuss it with 
lawmakers on Wednesday.
The US will continue to supply weapons
to Ukraine, the secretary of state said.

Kiev refused to discuss 
de-escalation...  at the 
Contact Group meeting
January 26th, 6:59pm (DAN) 
Kiev's representatives at the Minsk talks, refused to
discuss possible ways to de-escalate the situation 
in Donbass, the LPR Ministry of Foreign
affairs said.
"At the first meeting of the Contact Group this year.... 
instead of discussing ways to reduce the escalation,
both on the line of contact and in the media, as well 
as the options of returning on a constructive 
negotiations track....  the Ukrainian side 
preferred to stick to the unproductive 
tactics of refusing to converge 
positions,” the Foreign 
Ministry said.
The situation in Donbass has deteriorated even
further recently, as the Ukrainian army is 
preparing a new offensive against the 
region, and floods the territories it 
controls along the line of contact 
with radicals, MLR sustems, 
NATO weapons and
chemical units.

Talks of Normandy Format 
political advisers go into
 fifth hour in Paris
January 26th, 4:42pm (TASS)
Political advisers... to the leaders of the Normandy
Format group (Germany, Russia, France, Ukraine)
have been holding talks... which started at the 
Elysee palace at about noon on Wednesday, 
for over four hours, a TASS 
correspondent reports.
Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential 
Executive Office, is heading the Russian delegation. 
The talks are the first face-to-face meeting of the 
political advisers of all four Normandy Format 
countries, after more than a year’s break.
Moscow is expected to inform counterparts about its
 concerns over the state of affairs on the contact line 
in Donbass. Some streets around the French
 president’s residence have been cordoned 
off, with police at the scene.
The previous meeting, which took place in Moscow 
on January 6th, but without the participation of the
 Ukrainian representative, lasted about 4.5 hours. 
Kozak is expected to summarize the results of the 
talks at a press conference at the residence of 
Russia’s ambassador in Paris. About 30 
Russian and foreign reporters are 
waiting for him.
DPR to welcome any Russian 
assistance in withstanding 
Ukrainian aggression
January 26th, 4:04pm (DAN)
The DPR will welcome any Russian decision on
assistance to the Republics of Donbass...  the 
Donetsk Republic's Head Denis Pushilin said.
"We shall welcome any Russia's decision on
 assistance to the Republics of Donbass...
be able to withstand the impending 
Ukrainian aggression. Proposals 
of the First Deputy Chair of
 the Federation Council and 
Secretary of the General 
Council of United Russia
 Andrey Turchak.. in this
 context are significant 
for us," he said.
The DPR Head's Administration said that Turchak
 proposed sending in military aid to "enhance 
their (Republics') defence capacity and
to deter  military aggression
clearly being 
prepared by Kiev".
The head of the United Russia faction in the State
 Duma, Vladimir Vasiliev, said that the party had
 initiated an appeal... to the leadership of the 
Russian Federation, regarding the supply 
of military production to Donbass.
Pushilin added that if such a decision is made, it will 
''significantly strengthen'' the defensive capabilities 
of Donetsk and, given the need to resist the state
-of-art weapons, will allow more effective safe-
guarding --- of the civilian population of the 
Donetsk & Lugansk People's Republics.
In addition, assistance from Russia, is a logical step, in
 view of the “increasing security threats to citizens of 
the Russian Federation living in Donbass, and the
 obvious destabilization of the situation near 
their borders". 

‘Israel’: Hezbollah Getting 
More Powerful - Militarily, 
Economically & Politically
January 26th, 3pm (al Manar)
The annual intelligence report in the Zionist entity
considered that.....  undermining the military, 
economic and political power of Hezbollah
is impossible, citing the increase in the 
number of the precision-guided 
missiles possessed by the
 Resistance Party.
The Israeli report indicated that Hezbollah managed
 to reinforce its political and social influence in 
Lebanon through confronting some aspects 
of the economic crisis, highlighting 
importing the Iranian fuel.
Hezbollah's enemies cannot use the economic crisis 
in Lebanon to blackmail Hezbollah, according to
 report, which called for supporting the
Hezbollah forces, in order to face
 Resistance group.
The Zionist report indicated that maintaining the
Taif Accord, which preserves the participation 
of the various parties in the ruling system,
better than letting Hezbollah control
entire state in Lebanon.
According to the Zionist report, Hezbollah 
also maintains the balance of deterrence 
with ‘Israel’, highlighting its rocketry 
power, in this regard.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

US has assured it will make Kiev 
implement Minsk accords,
Lavrov says
January 26th, 2:41pm (TASS)
The Western countries - including the US - have
promised that they will succeed in getting Kiev 
to implement the Minsk agreements - & Russia
believes that this obligation lies with the West 
- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told
 reporters on Wednesday.
"The Western patrons of the Ukrainian regime have
assured us - including Americans (by the way, at 
Putin’s meeting with Biden in Geneva in June) - 
that they will make sure... that Kiev complies 
with its commitments under the package of 
measures signed in Minsk, in 2015, first 
and foremost, with regard to ensuring 
the special status of Donbass," 
he said.
"I proceed from the fact that this obligation lies with
 the West and it must ensure that Kiev complies 
with the Minsk agreements. Then... all the 
questions will cease to exist. I am very
 hopeful that it will be the case," 
Lavrov noted.
The minister stressed once again that Russia is a
 supporter of the unconditional implementation of
 the Minsk agreements, which Ukraine obstructs 
in every possible way.
Russia, at the highest level, has reiterated its 
commitment to the 2015 Minsk agreements, 
which Moscow views as the irreplaceable
 foundation for resolving the intra-
Ukrainian conflict.

Russia to disclose general 
meaning of US response 
on security guarantees
 — Lavrov
January 26th, 12:36pm (TASS)
 Russia won’t publish a US response on security
 guarantees - if asked - but will disclose the 
general meaning of the answers, Russian
 Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the 
State Duma on Wednesday.
He said the US had already said...  that the 
written response shouldn’t be made public.
"If that’s how they will approach everything that’s
happening, we will probably be unable to publish 
the US document," Lavrov said. "But the meaning 
of their reaction, the essence of their reaction,
course, deserves to be made available to
public in Russia, and other countries."
"I’m sure we’ll be able to do it," 
the minister went on to say.
Russia expects the response to
 come through this week, he said.
"There are reasons to believe that they 
won’t let us down this time and will 
keep their word," Lavrov said.
On December 17th last year, the Russian Foreign
 Ministry published draft agreements on security
 guarantees addressed to the US and NATO, 
which say NATO won’t expand eastward, 
deny membership to Ukraine and limit 
the deployment of serious offensive 
weapons, including nuclear ones.

DPR Intelligence: Ukraine sends 
more ammo to all three axes
 in Donbass
January 26th, 10:30am (DAN)
 Ukrainian units on Donetsk, Gorlovka and Mariupol
 axes received supplies of additional ammo, the 
deputy chief-of-staff of the Republican 
People's Militia, Eduard 
Basurin, said.
"Special trains with fuel and lubricants for 25, 
56, 54, 53 and 36 Ukrainian brigades, arrived 
at Krasnoarmeisk, Druzhkovka, Zachatovka 
railway stations," he said.
The supplies are to be delivered to units during
 nightime via country roads to conceal the fact
 from locals and the OSCE SMM.
Ukrainian leadership is also in contact with 
Western countries to procure more ammo 
and equipment in short supply.
In particular, Kiev is negotiating supplies of Soviet-
times artillery rounds from NATO countries and 
152 mm artillery rounds from the 
Czech Republic. 
The situation in Donbass... has deteriorated even
 further recently, as Ukrainian army is preparing 
a new offensive against the region, and floods 
the territories it controls along the line of 
contact... with radicals, MLR sustems, 
NATO weapons and chemical units. 
DPR Ministry of State Security 
seizes ammo, explosives from 
Ukrainian arms cache
January 26th, 9:49am (DAN)
DPR Ministry of State Security has seized 
explosives and hand grenades, from an 
arms cache outside Dokuchayevsk.
"The Ministry received information on Ukrainian
 special services preparing sabotage attacks
 in the frontline areas of the Republic. The 
Ministry then discovered an arms 
cache... in an abandoned house 
outside Dokuchayevsk, where 
officers seized 1.6 kg of TNT, 
20 hand grenades... and 15 
grenade launcher rounds," 
the Ministry's report reads.
Ukrainian special services planned to use 
the cache for its sabotage operations.
The situation in Donbass... has deteriorated even
 further recently, as Ukrainian army is preparing 
a new offensive against the region, and floods
 the territories it controls along the line of 
contact... with radicals, MLR sustems, 
NATO weapons and chemical units. 
Yemen Warns: Dubai Expo
 in Crosshairs, if Saudi-led 
War Continues
January 26th, 9:08am (al Manar)
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General
 Yehya Saree, warned that, with the United Arab
 Emirates’ involvement in the devastating 
Saudi-led war going on, the Emirates’ 
popular Expo 2020, might be the 
next target, amid the wave of
 Yemeni retaliatory attacks 
against the Gulf country.
In a Tuesday tweet, which incorporated #expo as its
 only hashtag, Brigadier General Saree wrote: “With
 us, you might suffer damages…we advise you to
 change your destination.”
In an earlier tweet, Saree likewise cautioned foreign
 investors against setting up businesses in the UAE 
...given the most recent “atrocities of the Saudi-
American-Emirati” coalition, which has been 
waging a war on Yemen, since 2015.
Source: Agencies and Al-Manar English Website

Ukrainian nationalists intensify
 recruitment and train
 assault squads
January 26th, 8:45am (DAN)
Ukrainian nationalists have activated recruiting of
 people with previous military experience in 
Donbass, the deputy chief-of-staff of the 
Republican People's Militia, Eduard 
Basurin, said.
"Sources report intensified recruiting efforts of 
nationalistic organizations. Fighters are being
selected, from among Ukrainian citizens with
experience in combat operations in Donbass 
at recruiting stations in Kharkov, Belaya 
Tserkov, Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk," 
he said.
The selected fighters are sent into
 training camps for refresher training.
"Fund-raising campaign has been launched 
to provide nationalist assault teams with
 transport and equipment," Basurin said.
The situation in Donbass... has deteriorated even
 further recently, as Ukrainian army is preparing 
a new offensive against the region, and floods
 the territories it controls along the line of 
contact... with radicals, MLR sustems, 
NATO weapons and chemical units.
Kiev forces violate ceasefire 
8 times in 24 hours
January 26th, 7:36am (DAN)
 Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire eight times
 over the past 24 hours, the DPR mission to the 
Joint Centre for Control and Coordination 
(JCCC) said.
Shakhta Trudovskaya, Spartak, Vasilyevka, Gornyak,
 Oktyabr, Belaya Kamenka and Dzerzhinskoye, came 
under grenade launcher fire.
No damage or casualties have been reported.
In the previous reporting period, Kiev
 forces violated the ceasefire once.
The Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire
 were signed at the Contact Group meeting on July 
22nd, to reinforce and control the indefinite cease
-fire, in effect since July 21st, 2019, the latest in 
the series of more than 20 reconfirmations and
 announcements of the “silence regime”. 
The package came into 
effect, on July the 27th.

US - gives Ukrainian neo-Nazis 
‘carte blanche’ for provocations
 — Russian embassy
January 26th, 5:42am (TASS) 

Together with Washington’s political support, 
Ukrainian neo-Nazis receive a ‘carte blanche’ 
for provocations... the Russian embassy in 
the US said, in a statement on Facebook.
"US Department of State & Pentagon press-services,
almost on a daily basis, brag about their efforts to
build up military assistance to the Kiev regime... 
The US authorities do this, being aware that US
lethal weapons, will end up in the hands of the
militants and terrorists in Ukraine. Together 
with the political and material support of 
Washington, the neo-Nazis, in fact, 
receive a ‘carte blanche’ for their
provocations, and carrying out 
military actions in Donbass" 
the statement reads.
Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby said on
Tuesday, that the US planned to send more 
military aid to Ukraine.  Another batch of 
weapons arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday. 
According to media reports, it contains 
300 Javelin anti-tank missiles.

Diplomat: West conniving at 
Kiev’s provocations, under
the pretext of an alleged 
Russian threat
January 25th, 10:19pm (TASS) 
Western countries use allegations about threats 
from Russia, as a pretext, to keep on pumping 
Ukraine up with weapons, pushing it towards
provocations fraught with civilian deaths in
 its eastern regions, the Russian Deputy 
Permanent Representative to the 
UN, Gennady Kuzmin, said
on Tuesday.
"Amid the deliberately fanned allegations about a
 threat coming from Russia, the Western
countries keep
 on pumping Ukraine up with
weapons, sending 
their military advisers,
and conniving 
at Ukraine’s provocations
...instead of 
compelling it to implement
the Minsk 
agreements, which were
endorsed by 
the UN's Security
Council," he said 
at a meeting
of the UN's 
Security Council,
dedicated to the 
of civilians during 
operations in cities. 
"And it means that the children, elderly people 
and women the Kiev authorities have been 
conducting an undeclared war against,
 will continue to be killed."
NATO countries and the countries of various
 "coalitions for democracy... have a colossal 
negative experience... in terms of today’s
Russia's diplomat noted. "Notably
strikes at cities’ quarters are often
geared ----- 
not to achieve military
advantages but for
 the purposes
of political intimidation ----- 
revenge & the punishment of 
unwanted governments.''

remembers the bombardments
central Belgrade, and other Serbian 
cities, in the spring of 1999. We also 
remember the reasons, and fighting 
methods, used in Iraq, and Libya."
Recently, Western & Ukrainian media outlets 
have been echoing claims --- about Russia’s 
possible aggression against Ukraine.
 Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov earlier 
slammed such statements as "empty and 
groundless", and their goal is to whip up 
tensions. He stressed that Russia does
not pose any threat to anyone, but did 
not rule out possible provocations, to
 justify the remarks in question... and 
warned that attempts at using force 
to settle the crisis in southeastern 
Ukraine, would have the most 
serious consequences.


Third US plane loaded with arms
 lands in Kiev amid tensions 
with Russia
January 25th, 7:23pm (PressTV)
A US aircraft carrying military equipment and
 munitions has landed in Ukraine, carrying
 the 3d such arms shipments supplied
 to Kiev, amid escalating tensions 
between the West and Russia.
Oleksii Reznikov, Ukraine's defense minister, 
made the announcement on Tuesday... and 
said the consignment was the third batch 
of US weapons, under a $200-million 
security package pledged by 
Washington to Kiev, over 
the past week.
"Our partners are increasing the amount of military
 assistance. And today we are meeting the third
 aircraft from the United States government, 
as part of this assistance," Reznikov told 
reporters before the plane landed.
The United States has committed more than $650
 million in security assistance to Ukraine in the 
past year and more than $2.7 billion in total, 
since 2014, when the then-Ukrainian
territory of the Crimean Peninsula 
voted, in a referendum, to fall 
under Russian sovereignty.
The 2nd batch of US military equipment 
had arrived in Kiev, on Sunday.
Several NATO members, such as Britain, Spain, 
Denmark, and the Netherlands... have already 
sent consignments of weapons and warships
to the region, amid 
tensions with Russia 
over Ukraine.
Western governments accuse Russia of planning
 an invasion of Ukraine. Moscow rejects the 
allegation... and insists that its border 
deployments are defensive in nature.
NATO announced on Monday, that it was putting 
8,500 forces on standby & reinforcing Eastern
 Europe, with more ships and fighter jets, in 
response to the Russian military build-up, 
at Ukraine's borders. Russia has said the
 risk of an offensive by Ukrainian troops 
against pro-Russia forces in the 
country's volatile east, is 
"very high."
Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has accused
 Washington of escalating tensions with the
 deployment of forces in Eastern Europe, 
stressing that Moscow is watching
actions with great concern.
The US and NATO's latest provocations against
 Russia come.. while US and Russian diplomats 
have failed to make a breakthrough, in talks
 resolve the crisis over Ukraine,
they agreed to
continue the talks.
Russia has demanded ''legally binding guarantees'' 
from NATO that it will halt its eastward expansion 
and return to its 1997 borders. Moscow also 
demands that the military alliance never 
admit Ukraine as a member.
Russia is awaiting a written response from the 
Biden administration this week, to its list of 
security demands, some of which 
Washington has previously 
dismissed as being.... 


Taiwan Reports First Sighting of
Two Chinese J-16D Electronic
 Warfare Aircraft Near Island
January 25th, 7:22pm (Sputnik)
Taiwan’s de facto defense ministry said on Monday
 - it had detected two advanced Chinese electronic
 warfare jets flying near Taiwan for the first time. 
The fighters can jam enemy communications
 radar systems, blinding air defenses to
incoming attack.
Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense reported
 tracking 13 Chinese People’s Liberation Army 
Air Force (PLAAF) aircraft flying through its Air
 Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on Monday:
 eight were J-16 multirole strike aircraft, one 
was a Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane, two
 were H-6 strategic bombers, and two were
 J-16D electronic warfare aircraft.
The J-16D, a version of Shenyang’s J-16 which only
 debuted in 2015, had never previously been spotted
 near the autonomous island, according to Taiwan
 Central News Agency. The jet carries 4 different
 electronic warfare pods designed to suppress 
enemy air defenses (SEAD), and disrupt
 communications systems across the 
EM band... and can also fire anti-
radiation missiles, which home
 in on enemy radar sites.
“It can take the lead in warfare with electromagnetic
 suppression … Then the assault group follows in 
its path to attack the enemy,” Fu Qianshao, a 
retired PLAAF equipment expert in Beijing, 
told the South China Morning Post about
 the J-16D.
In all, the J-16D is a broad equivalent to the US Navy’s 
E-18 Growler... itself a heavily modified version of the
 F/A-18E/F Hornet fighter jet. Russia never developed
 a separate SEAD role for its strike aircraft, instead
 using “escort jammers” made out of modified
 bombers... teamed up with either regular 
bombers or strike aircraft armed with
 anti-radiation missiles.
Taiwan scrambled fighters in response to detecting 
the PLAAF aircraft, which were flying outside
 Taiwanese airspace, but within its ADIZ, a 
self-declared and defined area where it 
claims the right to identify aircraft
 through it, military and
civilian alike.
 In the Western media, such flights have been
 characterized as violations of Taiwanese 
airspace and a bellicose prelude to a 
Chinese attack. While the Chinese 
government sees Taiwan as a 
rebellious province destined
 to be reunited with the rest 
of China, it doesn’t have
 the means at present 
to invade the island.
Taiwan, once the ruling government of all of China, 
has been autonomous from Beijing, since the
 victorious communist forces founded the 
People’s Republic of China in 1949. 
The island’s government has survived largely with 
US backing... even as Washington switched
 recognition of the legitimate Chinese 
government, from Taipei to Beijing, in 
the 1970s, keeping open an informal 
lifeline that has included the sale of 
advanced weapons systems like 
F-16V “Viper” fighter jets.
According to the Taiwanese MND, the aircraft on
 Monday, flew between Taiwan and Pratas, an 
island in the northern South China Sea that’s
 controlled by the government in Taiwan. 
Further to the south, two US Navy aircraft carrier 
battle groups, led by the carriers USS Carl 
Vinson and USS Abraham Lincoln began 
operations on Sunday after performing
 joint exercises east of Taiwan, in 
conjunction with Japanese self
-defense forces.
During those operations, one of the Navy’s stealth F-
35C Joint Strike Fighters slammed into the deck of 
the Carl Vinson, causing the pilot to eject and
 injuring seven on board the warship. The 
Navy said it had sent more than two 
dozen F-35s on the deployment.
Last week, the PLA Navy said it had warned off 
another US warship, the destroyer USS Benfold, 
which strayed too close to the Paracel Islands, 
one of several island chains in the South China
 Sea that China claims as its territory. However,
 Vietnam also claims to own the islands.
The US says it operates in the region to deter 
Chinese aggression and defend the region’s 
smaller nations ... but Beijing has its own 
dialogue with the Association of South
-east Asian Nations (ASEAN), on 
developing a mutual code of 
conduct for the waterway 
and established hotlines
 to settle their disputes.

Zelensky pushes country 
to abyss, urging military 
to attack - Pushilin
January 25th, 6:35pm (DAN) 
Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is trying to
 draw attention to himself with eye-catching and 
eccentric statements which, however, bring
positive changes to Ukraine, Donetsk
People’s Republic Head Denis Pushilin
told the Donetsk
 News Agency
on Tuesday.
On Monday, Zelensky urged the foreign intelligence
 service officers to launch an offensive. He said that
 “Ukraine is faced with extremely dangerous threats 
-- particularly threats to sovereignty, territorial
 and unity” and that... “the time has
come to conduct 
an offensive in defense
of our national interest.”
“Obviously, nobody is fighting the real threat to
 Urkaine’s sovereignty. They don’t even raise
 the issue of its loss, although the country 
has long stopped being an actor,” 
Pushilin said. 
“Oddly, Zelensky only announced an offensive 
by Ukrainian spies, but not the time, place or 
purpose of special operations. On a serious
 note - he’s actively engaging in media
drawing attention to himself
with eccentric 
statements;- the
Ukrainian president’s 
already lead to tragedies, not
 only in Donbass, but give the 
remaining part of Ukraine,
increasingly vigorous
 towards an abyss.”


US Forces Continue 
Bombing Syria
January 25th, 4:34pm (teleSUR)
On Tuesday, the U.S. forces continued their
 bombardment of buildings and institutions
 in Syria's northeastern Hasakah Province 
...as part of their alleged manhunt of
State (IS) fugitives.
The U.S. forces are shelling buildings and public
institutions in the vicinity of the Sina'a prison in
 the Gweiran neighbourhood in Hasakah "on the 
pretext of hunting down IS militants who fled 
the prison," state news agency SANA said.
The shelling came in tandem with waves of raids by
the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) 
to homes in the surrounding areas, rounding 
up many civilians and taking them to 
unknown locations.
On January20th, IS inmates inside the Sina'a prison, 
which is controlled by the SDF, started a riot that 
was coordinated with IS militants from outside, 
who detonated the prison's gates with two 
booby-trapped vehicles, succeeding to 
free some prisoners.
The incident triggered clashes between IS and the
SDF, as well as U.S. airstrikes on the areas where
the IS fugitives could have sought shelter.
The clashes and airstrikes are still ongoing, as the 
SDF has so far failed to contain the situation and 
storm the prison.
Syria's Foreign Ministry has slammed the U.S. 
airstrikes, as civilian casualties have been 
reported. Hasakah province is largely 
controlled by the U.S.-backed SDF, 
while certain areas, particularly 
in the city of Qamishli, are still 
under the control of the 
Syrian government.

Kiev brings humanitarian 
subgroup talks to naught
 - Morozova
January 25th, 3:49pm (DAN) 
Ukraine continues to block the discussion of a new
 prisoner exchange, Donetsk People’s Republic
 ombudswoman, DPR representative in the 
humanitarian subgroup, Darya Morozova 
said, after the humanitarian subgroup 
session on Tuesday.
“I have to say that during a month’s pause in the
 negotiations Ukraine made no moves which 
could contribute to the beginning of a 
productive discussion...  between
humanitarian subgroup
 she said.
The DPR ombudswoman said that Kiev
 representatives had not made a single 
step towards dropping the criminal 
charges against the persons 
passed to the Donbass 
Republics in the 
prisoner swaps
 in 2019-2020.
“I remind: that Ukraine has not been fulfilling these 
obligations for about two years, thus blocking the
discussion of a new stage of a mutual release
detainees,” she added. 
DPR reminds - that Kiev will 
have to implement “Minsk-2”
 political part anyway
January 25th, 3:28pm (DAN)
 Kiev has no chance to avoid meeting the political 
commitments within the Package of Measures, 
the DPR representative at the talks, Natalia 
Mikhailova, said, after a session of the 
Contact Group political subgroup 
on Tuesday.
“It’s absolutely obvious... that nothing has changed
 since last year - and that Ukrainian representatives
 continue to sit on the other side of the screen with
 just one purpose: to delay the negotiations for as
 along a possible, so that the Minsk Agreements 
and the Package of Measures have no chances 
to be implemented,” Mikhailova said after the 
Tuesday session.

“Today, they made as if
 they were discussing special
issues...  although they were talking 
about all-Ukrainian decentralisation
 parameters instead.”
A lack of political will in Kiev is not the pretext for
 forgetting that Ukraine has commitments to the
 Republics’ population under the Minsk 
Agreements, which will have to
met, anyway.
The Agreements dated September 5th and 20th, 2014
 and February 12th, 2015 forged by the Contact Group
 in Minsk make groundwork for a peaceful settlement
 of the Donbass conflict. The Contact Group set forth
 a peace plan and agreed a ceasefire and then
 adopted the Memorandum on ceasefire
implementation and, later, on the 
Package of Measures for the 
Implementation of the 
Minsk Agreements. 
It envisioned an immediate and comprehensive
 ceasefire in Donbass, the withdrawal of heavy
 weapons, the establishment of security zones 
and a discussion of the modalities for the 
resumption of the payment of pensions 
and allowances to DPR & LPR citizens.
The political part of the agreement required Kiev to 
grant a special status to Donbass and carry out a 
Constitutional reform in Ukraine which should 
result in deep decentralisation. The reform 
has to take into account the specifics of
 the conflict-affected areas... and be 
coordinated with representatives
 of these areas.
Kiev refuses to discuss 
cementing of special 
status for Donbass
 in Constitution
January 25th, 3:27pm (DAN) 
Kiev representatives at the Contact Group political 
subgroup session, on Tuesday, preferred to 
discuss decentralisation across Ukraine 
instead of special status for Donbass... 
the Donetsk People’s Republic Deputy 
Foreign Minister, DPR representative 
in the political subgroup Natalia 
Mikhailova said.
“Today, they made as if they were discussing special
 status issues, although they were talking about all-
Ukrainian decentralisation parameters instead,” 
Mikhailova said after the meeting. 
“Our counterparts flatly refused to discuss the issue 
of cementing the special status of certain areas of 
the Donetsk and Lugansk regions in the Ukrainian
 constitution, without even trying to to show an 
intention to fulfill the Package of Measures or 
go for a compromise... which is essential for 
any dialogue. “

British troops are unlikely to 
be deployed to Ukraine for 
combat — foreign minister
January 25th, 1:58pm (TASS)
 The UK is unlikely to deploy British troops to 
Ukraine for combat, UK Foreign Minister Liz 
Truss said in a speech before parliament 
on Tuesday.
""It is unlikely that that would be the circumstance,"
 she said... when asked by a lawmaker if British 
troops will be deployed to Ukraine in a combat
 role, not just for helping to train the Ukrainian
 forces. This follows earlier statements by UK 
Secretary of State for Defense Ben Wallace 
& a spokesman for UK Prime Minister Boris
Johnson... that there are no plans to send 
British troops to Ukraine in the event of 
a purported Russian invasion.
Truss reiterated that the UK helped to train 50,000
Ukrainian soldiers & officers, provided defensive 
weapons and put strong pressure on allies to 
provide Ukraine with similar assistance, to 
raise the country’s defense capability.
The UK foreign minister also said... she planned to 
visit Ukraine next week. She also reiterated that
 a purported Russian invasion of Ukraine would 
be a strategic mistake, that would trigger 
coordinated Western sanctions... and 
cost dearly, the Russian economy.
Last week, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman
 Maria Zakharova, said the UK Foreign Office had
 requested an opportunity for Truss to travel
 to Moscow... and the request was being 
studied. UK foreign ministers haven’t 
come to Russia, since Johnson,
 who’s now the prime minister, 
visited in December 2017.
There has been a flurry of statements in the West 
and Kiev, in recent months, that Russia allegedly 
could invade Ukraine. Moscow said, they are an
unsubstantiated escalation, while the Kremlin
didn’t rule out... that the purpose of these 
statements... was to justify an attempt
resolve the crisis in southeastern 
Ukraine by force and warned that 
these actions by Kiev, will have
 serious consequences.
At the end of December, Russia proposed that it sign
legally binding agreements with the US and NATO 
on mutual security guarantees, due to what 
Moscow said, is NATO’s ongoing military 
utilization of the Ukrainian territory. 
The sides held several rounds of talks including 
a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister 
Sergey Lavrov and US Secretary of State 
Antony Blinken... where the Russian 
foreign minister reiterated: Russia 
didn’t plan to invade Ukraine.


Croatia to recall all troops
 from NATO, in the case of 
a Russia-Ukraine conflict
January 25th, 1:28pm (TASS)
 The Croatian authorities will recall all troops 
from NATO forces in eastern Europe in case 
of a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, 
President Zoran Milanovic said on 
television on Tuesday.
"As the commander-in-chief.. I have been closely
 following statements indicating that NATO - not 
one country, not the United States - is building
up its presence... and sending some 
reconnaissance ships. We do not 
have any bearing on this, and
will not have anything to
with this. I guarantee
this," Milanovic said.
"Croatia will not send any troops in case of an
 escalation. On the contrary, it will recall all 
troops, to the last Croatian soldier," 
he promised.
At the same time Milanovic stressed that this 
intention was not related with Ukraine or 
Russia, in anyway. The decision stems
 from what he described as "trends in
 the United States’ domestic policies, 
being conducted by Joe Biden and
 his administration," whose rise to 
power Milanovic had welcomed.
"As far as international security matters are
 concerned, I can see inconsistency and, in
 fact, dangerous behaviour," he said.
Milanovic also mentioned his political opponents - 
Foreign Minister Gordan Grlic-Radman, Defense
 Minister Mario Banozic and Prime Minister 
Andrej Plenkovic.
"Grlic-Radman and Banozic, are free to go to Brussels.
 As for the Croatian army, Croatia will not participate
 in this. Nothing will come of it. Plenkovic may 
threaten Russia as much as he wishes. 
Croatia should run away from this 
like from fire," Milanovic said.
Russia and the United States have been in talks on
 NATO’s security guarantees to Moscow, including
 the alliance’s non-expansion, and the pullback 
of attack weapons. There have been several 
rounds of consultations in different formats
 already, but no agreements have been 
announced yet.
Nevertheless, the West keeps arguing that 
the discussion is called, to upset alleged 
preparations for a Russian invasion
 of Ukraine.
Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov,
 repeatedly dismissed such rumours as ground
-less fanning of tensions. He stressed that 
Russia was of no threat to anyone. At the
 same time, Peskov pointed to a certain 
risk of provocations that might be 
staged... to back up such claims 
and warned that any attempts 
at handling the crisis in 
southeastern Ukraine 
would entail dire 

Russian Baltic Fleet’s missile 
ships wipe out aerial targets 
in drills
KALININGRAD, January 25th, 1:24pm (TASS) 
The crews of the Baltic Fleet’s missile ships 
delivered artillery fire against aerial targets
 during drills, the Fleet’s press office
 reported on Tuesday.
"During the Baltic Fleet’s scheduled exercise at 
practice ranges in the Baltic Sea, the crews of 
the missile corvettes Mytishchi, Odintsovo 
and Zelyony Dol successfully conducted 
artillery firing against the targets 
simulating a notional enemy’s 
air attack weapons," the 
press office said in
 a statement.
Illuminating shells fired from a 152mm Akatsiya self-
propelled battalion howitzer from Cape Taran on 
the coast of the Baltic Sea in the Kaliningrad 
Region served as targets during the drills,
 the statement says.
The combat exercises were carried out at various 
altitudes and distances... employing AK-176 and 
AK-630 shipborne artillery guns. All the targets 
were successfully eliminated during the 
artillery firing, the press office said.
It was earlier reported that about 20 combat ships &
support vessels of the Baltic Fleet, were involved in
the Fleet’s scheduled maneuvers, including missile 
corvettes and boats, small anti-submarine warfare 
ships, coastal and harbour minesweepers, and
 also fixed-and rotary-wing aircraft of the 
Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation.


Ukrainian forces fire grenade 
launchers at Donetsk 
outskirts, contact 
line south area
January 25th, 12:26pm (DAN)
Ukrainian armed formations fired grenade launchers
at Donetsk outskirts and a village area in the south 
of the Donetsk People’s Republic, on Tuesday
afternoon... the DPR Office at the Joint
for Control and Coordination
 (JCCC) reported.
Fire was opened at 11:20, 11:25  and 12:10 at 
Gornyak settlement and Spartak village in 
the outskirts and suburb of Donetsk, as 
well as at Oktyabr viallge in the south 
of the Republic from the Peski, 
Avdeyevka, and Pischevik 
settlements, respectively. 
The enemy used grenade launchers expending
18 rounds of ammunition. No casualties or 
damage were immediately reported.
The package of tighter ceasefire control measures
has been formally in effect in Donbass since July 
27th, 2020. The document bans the use of any 
weapons, deployment of heavy armaments in 
and around settlements, engineer works at
 troops’ positions and unmanned aerial 
vehicle flights.
Situation in Donbass - 
resembles eve of war, 
LPR says
January 25th, 9:47am (TASS)
The situation in Donbass currently resembles the 
eve of war, Lugansk People’s Republic’s (LPR) 
People’s Militia said Tuesday, adding that the 
available data indicate, that Kiev prepares 
for active warfare.
"The situation today rather resembles a situation 
on the brink of war. All provided data indicate 
that the Ukrainian army is preparing for 
active warfare," People’s Militia head 
Yan Leschenko said Tuesday.
Leschenko added that the People’s Militia intelligence
 is constantly monitoring the active relocation of
 vehicles inside Kiev’s Donbass operation area, 
which also confirms that the Ukrainian army
 preparing for an aggression against LPR
the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). 
He noted that the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ (UAF) 
activities are meticulously covered and the 
operation of the OSCE missions is 
effectively blocked.
"The convergence of forces and means to the area of
the so-called joint forces operation in Donbass...
 being meticulously covered. The operation of 
OSCE mission observers is effectively blocked. 
Since the beginning of this year, a total of 57 
instances of Ukrainian forces jamming
drones have been registered,"
Leschenko said.
He underscored that the People’s Militia has enough
 personnel and vehicles, and is ready to thwart all
 attacks on the republic's territorial integrity.
"I would like to reiterate...  that the People’s Militia 
forces are on constant full alert and have enough
 servicemen, vehicles and equipment, to 
decisively thwart all attempts at the 
territorial integrity and people’s
 security of the Lugansk 
People’s Republic,"
 Leschenko said.
Previously, DPR People’s Militia deputy head 
Eduard Basurin also stated that the republic 
registers preparations for an offensive in 
UAF forces deployed within the area
Kiev’s operation in Donbass.


Russia’s Central Military Command 
to hold five large-scale air defense
 drills this year
January 25th, 9:41am (TASS) 

Russia’s Central Military District will hold five 
massive air defense drills with live-firings of 
surface-to-air missile systems, at practice 
ranges in the southern Astrakhan Region 
and the Republic of Buryatia, in Eastern 
Siberia in 2022, Central Military District 
the Commander Cl., General Alexander
 Lapin, announced on Tuesday.
"The combat teams of S-400 ‘Triumf’ and S-300
‘Favorit’ surface-to-air missile systems...  and 
Pantsyr-S anti-aircraft missile/gun launchers 
will take part in 5 large drills, of air defense 
forces in 2022. They will practice the entire 
range of combat training tasks and live-fire
 missiles, against the targets simulating a 
notional enemy’s air attack weapons," 
the commander said.
During the drills, the anti-aircraft gunners will conduct
 combined multi-kilometre marches to distant training
 grounds and practice a set of tasks of equipping fire
 emplacements, changing areas of their deployment
 and shielding air defense systems. 
The drills will involve about 2,000 troops from among
 combat teams, command posts, and headquarters
 officers and also over 500 items of armament and
 military hardware, the press office specified.
The Central Military District is the largest in Russia.
It is based on the territory of the Volga, Urals and 
Siberian integrated federal districts, & 29 Russian
regions. Structurally, the Central Military District 
also includes some overseas facilities: the 201st
 military base in Tajikistan, the Kant integrated 
military base in Kyrgyzstan & units stationed 
on the territory of Kazakhstan. The Central 
Military District is headquartered in 
Yekaterinburg in the Urals.


Ukrainian forces violate ceasefire
 once over 24 hours, DPR says
January 25th, 7:27am (DAN) 
Ukrainian armed formations fired at the Donetsk
 People’s Republic once, over the past 24 hours,
 the DPR Office at the Joint Centre for Control 
and Coordination (JCCC) reported 
on Tuesday.
The Alexandrovka settlement in western Donetsk 
came under fire. The enemy expended two anti-
tank grenade launcher rounds, and also used 
small arms.  There have been no casualties 
or new damage.
The package of tighter ceasefire control measures
 has been formally in effect in Donbass since July 
27th, 2020. The document bans, among other 
things, the use of weapons, deployment
hardware next to settlements and
engineer works at troops’ positions.
Tensions in Donbass have been mounting after the
 New Year and Christmas holidays... DPR People’s
 Militia deputy commander Eduard Basurin, said 
Ukraine was preparing for a new offensive. 
Ukrainian troops in the conflict zone had 
been reportedly reinforced with radicals 
and multiple launch rocket systems and 
NATO weapons. 
Active drills of Ukraine’s chemical warfare 
troops have been reported as well. 


Ukrainian defense minister sees 
no threat of Russian invasion in 
near future
January 25th, 2:34am (TASS) 
Ukrainian Defense Minister, Alexey Reznikov, said 
early on Tuesday he had received no information 
so far, indicating the possibility of Russia’s 
invasion of his country in the near future.
"As of today, the armed forces of Russia created no
 strike groups indicating they were ready to launch 
an offensive tomorrow," he told Ukraine’s ICTV
 television channel, adding that a scenario of 
a Russian attack in the near future, was 
also unlikely.
When asked about the likelihood of Russia attacking
 Ukraine on February 20th, the final day of the 
Olympic Games in Beijing, the minister
the probability was "low."
The West, and Kiev, have recently been spreading 
allegations about Russia’s potential ‘invasion’ of 
Ukraine. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov
 castigated these claims, as "empty and 
unfounded" ...serving as a ploy to 
escalate tensions, pointing out 
that Russia.. did not pose any 
threat whatsoever to anyone. 
However, Peskov did not rule out the possibility of 
provocations aimed at justifying such allegations 
and warned: that attempts to use military force
 resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine 
would have serious consequences.
At the same time, the Russian Foreign Ministry
 published the draft agreements between 
Moscow and Washington on security 
guarantees and the measures for 
ensuring the security of Russia 
and NATO member states, on 
December the 17th. 
The document was designed to address, 
among other things, NATO’s ongoing 
‘military development’ of the 
Ukrainian territory. 
The sides conducted several rounds of negotiations, 
including a personal meeting between the top
diplomats of Russia and the United States,
Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and US 
Secretary of State Antony Blinken. 
In the meeting, Lavrov reaffirmed that Russia 
had no plans of attacking its neighbour.
All participants of Normandy Quartet 
meeting of advisers confirm 
participation — Kiev
January 25th,, 2:32am (TASS)
 The head of the Ukrainian presidential administration, 
Andrey Yermak, announced... that all participants of
upcoming Normandy Format (Germany, Russia, 
France & Ukraine) meeting of political advisers
 had confirmed their attendance.
"This is a very powerful signal, meaning that the 
Normandy Format has been unblocked at last. 
All envoys (political advisers) have confirmed 
their participation," he told Ukraine’s
 ICTV channel.
"I hope that our partners from Germany and France 
will take a proactive stance, during these talks. 
We don’t have much time or many opportunities 
for long discussions," the Ukrainian official 
continued. "I think that we will stand united 
with our partners. That is why, I think, we 
will have an opportunity to talk about  a
ceasefire, which is very important."
He reiterated Ukraine’s earlier proposal to 
include Germany and France into the 
process of ceasefire verification.
"We believe that this would be logical and realistic. I 
hope for constructive negotiations," Yermak said.
At the same time, he stressed that "no prerequisites
 have been named for the advisers’ meeting"... 
including the demand to revoke the bill
on the 
transition period in eastern
areas... outside the
government’s control.


NATO pursuing policy
escalating tension
in Europe
 — Russian lawmaker
January 24th, 5:20pm (TASS)
NATO is seeking to expand its presence near 
the Russian borders, and this path is fanning 
tensions in Europe, a Russian lawmaker said 
on Monday, commenting on the alliance’s 
decision to deploy additional forces to 
Eastern Europe over the situation 
around Ukraine.
"Even a child can see, that the reason given, results in
 tensions fanned by the collective West. The alliance
 has obviously decided to continue the policy of 
double standards," Leonid Slutsky, chairman 
of the international committee of Russia's 
State Duma (lower parliament house,
on his Telegram channel.
He recalled that... ahead of the talks on security 
guarantees, NATO’s leadership has repeatedly
 declared its "readiness for dialogue."
"But in fact, we now see NATO striving to increase 
its military presence near the Russian borders. Is 
this the reason why they have been telling tales 
about plans of ‘Russian aggression’?" 
he noted.
"While Washington is... delaying its response to 
the Russian proposals on security guarantees, 
Brussels is openly pursuing a policy toward
 escalation of tension in Europe," he noted. 
"Does the NATO leadership understand 
that it may lead to the most 
severe crisis?"
Earlier, NATO announced its plans to deploy 
additional forces to Eastern Europe over 
the situation around Ukraine.

Opinion: Nationalistic plans to
 'mop up' pro-Russian Donbass 
likely to have opposite effect
January 24th, 4:29pm (DAN) 
Kiev's plans to eradicate the Donbass population
opposing radical nationalistic ideas, will have an
opposite effect, the head of the parliamentary
committee on foreign policy, Vladislav 
Berdichevsky, said.
Earlier on Monday, the commander of the Ukrainian
volunteer army (on DPR list of terrorist & extremist
organizations) Dmitry Yarosh, said that his troops 
are planning to: "cleanse the rear of traitors
 and collaborants".
"I believe that's what is going to happen, fanatics will
remain until the end, but 99% of the Ukrainian army
will defect, or escape to Poland. As for the pro-
Russian population, during the lawlessness 
period, they will try to eradicate their 
personal enemies.  But the opposite 
situation is highly probable: people 
will come together and liquidate
 "nazi fans" on their own."
Kiev and some western countries are accusing
Moscow of planning to invade Ukraine. 
Moscow has repeatedly denied the allegations.
 Earlier, the DPR Defense, reported the preparations 
of the Ukrainian army, for a large-scale offensive. 


US Forces at Al-Dhafra Air Base
 Resort to Basement... during 
Yemeni Attack on Abu Dhabi
January 24th, 1:58pm (al Manar)
U.S. troops at Al-Dhafra Air Base in Abu Dhabi, took
 shelter in bunkers, during Monday’s Yemeni aerial
 attack, according to US media.
Saudi Arabia and UAE were hit on Monday by drones
 and ballistic missiles, in retaliation for the ongoing 
aggression on Yemen, the Yemeni Armed 
Forces announced.
In a statement, Yemeni Armed Forces said “Yemen
 Tornado-2 Operation” targeted the Saudi and 
Emirati depth, with drones and 
ballistic missiles.
Several ballistic missiles, dubbed “Zoulfikar”, hit
Dhafra airbase in Abu Dhabi as well as other 
sensitive sites in the Emirati capital.
“Sammad-3” drones also targeted vital posts
 in Dubai, according to the statement.
The command of the US forces at the air base rejected
 to clarify whether the interception of the two Yemeni 
missiles was carried out by the US defenses.
Yemen has been since March 2015 under a brutal 
aggression by the Saudi-led coalition. Tens of 
thousands of Yemenis have been injured 
and martyred in Saudi-led strikes, with 
the vast majority being civilians.
The coalition has been also imposing a blockade on
 the impoverished country’s ports and airports as a 
part of its aggression, which is aimed at restoring
 power to fugitive former president Abdrabbuh
 Mansour Hadi.
Meanwhile, Yemen is home to the world’s largest 
humanitarian crisis, with at least 7 million people
 on the brink of famine and hundreds of 
thousands suffering from cholera.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

NATO begins naval exercises 
in the Mediterranean Sea
 by Elsy Fors Garzon
January 24th, 1:51pm (Prensa Latina) 
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
 reported today, in a statement, the start of
 Neptune Coup 22 maneuvers in the 
Mediterranean Sea, a show of force
 that aims to raise tensions
 with Russia.
The report released by the Allied Command of Joint
 Forces in Naples specified that the US aircraft 
carrier, Harry S. Truman (CVN-75).....  will 
participate in these maritime exercises, 
...which will include training in
distance attacks.
Neptune Strike 22 takes place in the middle of a
 complex scenario -- where the purpose of the 
Atlantic Alliance is to increase its military 
presence on the borders with Russia.
Russian presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov said 
Monday that NATO’s statements about increasing 
its contingent and sending forces to Eastern 
Europe, increases tensions in the region.
Peskov recalled that Moscow began talks and
 consultations on security guarantees for 
Russia and “we hope this week we will 
receive written responses to our 
proposals, which are designed 
to help us avoid tense 
situations in 
the future.”
Last Friday, press secretary of the US Department
of Defense, John F. Kirby, 
acknowledged... that
although Neptune 
Coup 22 has been planned
2020, the current tensions with 
Russia regarding the Ukraine issue,
were ''taken into 
deciding to carry 
out the exercise.


Dutch Senator, Tiny Kox, 
elected new PACE President
January 24th, 1:37pm (TASS)
 Tiny Kox of the Netherlands has been elected
 President of the Parliamentary Assembly of 
the Council of Europe (PACE) for this year.
The results of the voting were announced at the first
meeting of the PACE winter session, on Monday.
Kox scored 164 votes in his support. His only rival,
 Ukrainian lawmaker, Maria Mezentseva, who 
heads Ukraine’s delegation to the PACE, 
was supported by 80 votes.

Syria, Russia, Hold 
Joint Air Force Patrols 
near Golan Heights
January 24th,1:09pm (al Manar)
Syrian and Russian military jets jointly patrolled the
 airspace along Syria’s borders on Monday... and 
plan to make such flights regular, the Interfax 
news agency quoted Russia’s defense 
ministry as saying.
The path of the group, which includes fighter, fighter-
bomber and early warning and control aircraft, 
included the Golan Heights, the line which 
has seen repeated Israeli aerial
 aggressions against Syria.
Russian forces have been present in Syria since 2015
 under a request by the Syrian Government, in order 
to help Damascus in its war on terror.
Source: Agencies

Ukraine, Lithuania, file motion
 to challenge Russia’s PACE
 delegation powers
January 24th, 12:58pm (TASS) 
Some Eastern European participants of the
 Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of 
Europe (PACE), challenged the powers of
 Russia's delegation to the organization. 
This was announced in the opening 
of the PACE winter session in 
Strasbourg, livestreamed 
by PACE’s press office.
A total of 2 protests were filed. The initiative,
 introduced by the Lithuanian lawmaker, 
Emanuelis Zingeris, was supported 
by 49 session participants, while 
the 'initiative' introduced by the
Ukrainian lawmaker, Yevgeny
 Kravchuk, was supported 
by 47. 
According to the PACE rules, at least 30 votes from
 five different national delegations, were required.
Zingeris and Ukraine’s delegations regularly file
protests against the Russian delegation’s 
power, at the opening of every
This is being done at the first meeting of the year
 .....because this is when all delegations file
 applications for participation in this 
year’s Parliamentary Assembly work. 
During the first day of the session....  the powers of 
the delegations are being confirmed automatically
 ...unless challenged by PACE members.
At present, the PACE Monitoring Committee will have
 to prepare a report and a draft resolution within
 hours. Until the report is published and
resolution is adopted, the Russian 
delegation enjoys all powers... (can
 participate in meetings, speak
 and vote). 
Under the draft resolution, the Russian delegation
 ...won’t be allowed to vote. The debate on the 
powers of the Russian delegation will take 
place on Wednesday, January 26th.
Diplomat slams ‘report’ of Xi 
asking Putin not to attack 
Ukraine - as jaw-dropping 
fake news
January 24th, 12:53pm (TASS)
 A Bloomberg report about the Chinese President Xi 
Jinping, allegedly asking Russian leader Vladimir
 Putin, not to attack Ukraine during the Beijing
 Olympics is spectacular fake news, Russian
 Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman, Maria 
Zakharova told the Ekho Moskvy (or 
Echo of Moscow) radio station 
on Monday.
"Bloomberg has publicized utter jaw-dropping fake 
news recently, claiming that Xi Jinping had asked
 Putin not to attack Ukraine... during the Olympic
 Games," she noted. 

"Frankly speaking, I didn't 
expect this level of
disinformation from 
Bloomberg; not because
it is an 
unconfirmed fact, but because it
sheer impossibility & unbelievable 
stupidity... I could have expected it 
from some US newspaper, but not 
from Bloomberg. They used to be 
less susceptible to these types of 
propped-up leaks, but now, they 
seem to have given up on that," 
Zakharova stated.
The Russian diplomat pointed out that while 
working on the report, Bloomberg did not 
request any comments from the Russian 
presidential press service, or from the 
Foreign Ministry.  "That’s not like 
Bloomberg.. is it? They maintain 
virtually round-the-clock contact
 with high-ranking Russian 
officials on all issues," 
she emphasized.
The Bloomberg agency reported earlier, citing an
unidentified diplomat in Beijing, that Chinese
 President Xi Jinping... could have allegedly 
asked Putin.. not to attack Ukraine during 
the Olympics scheduled for February 4-20. 
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman
 Zakharova slammed the report as
"an information black op" ...carried out
the United States.

Furthermore, the 
Chinese Embassy in Russia 
rejected the report as fake news.. and
a provocation.
Risk of Ukraine staging
in Donbass
higher than before
 — Kremlin
January 24th, 12:52pm (TASS)
 The risk of the Ukrainian Armed Forces staging
 provocations in Donbass, is now higher than 
before, Russian Presidential Spokesperson, 
Dmitry Peskov, told reporters on Monday --
 when asked what was the Kremlin’s view
 of the risk of a Ukrainian offensive and 
provocations --- against the self-
proclaimed Donbass republics.
"The risk is there, it is very high. It is higher than
 before," the Kremlin spokesman pointed out.
At the same time, Peskov declined to answer the
 question: when, according to the Kremlin, 
Ukraine might launch an offensive 
operation in Donbass. 
"Let’s not behave like our vis-a-vis, and engage in
what looks like hysterical actions," the Russian
 presidential spokesman said, hinting to 
Western allegations about Russia’s 
possible invasion of Ukraine.
Russian military cannot ignore 
NATO’s activity in Europe,
 says Kremlin
January 24th, 12:52pm (TASS) 
NATO’s activity near Russia’s borders cannot be
 ignored by the Russian military, Kremlin 
Spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on 
Monday --- speaking about the 
participation of the Baltic 
Fleet’s warships in 
naval maneuvers.
"These actions and NATO’s increased activities 
near our borders, cannot be ignored by our 
military, which is responsible for the 
security of our country," Russia's
 presidential spokesman 
pointed out.
When asked about whether the participation of the
 Russian Baltic Fleet’s warships in drills could be 
viewed as a response to the deployment of 
NATO’s forces to Eastern Europe and the
Baltic states, Peskov advised reporters 
to address this question to Russia’s 
Defense Ministry.
"After all, there is a constant process of drills,
 maneuvers and military development, that 
has never ceased and will be continued,"
 the Kremlin spokesman said.
The press office of the Russian Baltic Fleet reported
 earlier on Monday that the Fleet’s task force, made 
up of the corvettes, Stoiky and Soobrazitelny, had
departed from the naval base of Baltiysk for long
-distance deployment, to participate in naval 
drills under the general command of Navy 
Commander-in-Chief... Admiral Nikolay
Yevmenov, to ensure naval presence 
and demonstrate the St. Andrew’s 
(Russian naval) flag in various 
parts of the World Ocean.
In compliance with the 2022 plan of the Russian Armed
 Forces’ training, a series of naval drills will be held in
 all the areas of responsibility of the Navy’s fleets. 
The naval maneuvers will focus on measures by the 
Navy and the Aerospace Force to protect Russia’s
 national interests in the World Ocean and counter
 military threats to Russia from the direction of 
seas and oceans.
Putin takes measures to ensure 
Russia’s security at proper level
 — Kremlin spokesman
January 24th, 12:40pm (TASS) 
Russian President Vladimir Putin takes necessary
 measures to ensure Russia’s security and the
 interests of its citizens at a proper level, the 
Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told
 journalists Monday.
"The head of our state, as the commander in chief, and
 the man who defines the foreign policy of our country, 
he takes necessary measures to ensure our common
 security and to protect our interests," Peskov said.
"It was us who initiated the negotiations, the
 consultation [on guarantees of security for 
Russia], and we expect to receive written 
responses to our proposals - which aim 
to help us avoid such tense situations 
in the future," he added.
According to the spokesman, Russia currently
 exists in an "aggressive environment."
"We read statements made by NATO countries,
 totally unfriendly, made towards us. This is 
the reality that we exist in," 
Peskov concluded.
Last week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
 met with US Secretary of State Antony B Blinken, 
discussing further steps... in regards to 
Moscow’s proposals on guarantees
 of security.
Russia expects separate response 
on security proposals from NATO
 — Kremlin
January 24th, 12:33pm (TASS)
 Moscow expects the United States and NATO to
 provide their separate responses to Russia’s
 proposals on security guarantees, Kremlin 
Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters.
"Yes, we do expect [them to do it], based on how
 [NATO Secretary General] Mr Stoltenberg put it. 
He said that such a response will be prepared,"
 Peskov said, in a response to a question.
At the same time, Peskov declined to specify if 
Moscow planned to publish the West’s written
 responses. "Let’s not discuss the response 
that we haven’t received yet," he said. 
According to him, the same goes for 
NATO’s response. "We would prefer 
to get it first," Peskov added.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said,
 following talks in Geneva, that it would be 
right to make Washington’s response to 
Moscow’s proposals public. However, 
the Washington Post reported that 
"US officials asked their Russian 
counterparts to keep the
 document secret." 
According to the newspaper, "the Biden
 administration’s written response will 
include... US security proposals and 
demonstrate Washington’s interest 
in continuing dialogue" but "fall 
short of Russia’s demands to 
close NATO’s open-
door policy."

West using legacy media, official
 resources more often, to spread 
disinfo, says diplomat
January 24th, 12:33pm (TASS)
 Western countries are more frequently employing
 legacy media, or official sources, to disseminate 
disinformation about Russia’s alleged plans of 
aggression against Ukraine, since social 
networks are not able to keep the hype 
on this topic on life support for them, 
Russian Foreign Ministry Spokes-
woman Maria Zakharova said 
on Monday.
"Today, [this disinformation]....  is being published in
 official, traditional mass media daily, because they
 (Western nations - TASS), are unable to keep this 
story going on social media any longer. That, is
 why they are turning to traditional mainstream 
media to publish this disinformation, or even 
use their own official resources, like the 
British did," she said in an interview 
with the Ekho Moskvy... (Echo of 
Moscow) radio station, referring 
to recent published allegations 
by the UK Foreign Office, on 
Russia’s plans to "install" a 
pro-Russian government
 in Ukraine.
According to Zakharova, the British would have never
have posted anything of the kind on an official web-
site, unless it was a "sensational story." "They 
typically behave in a different way, by citing 
sources, through leaks and so on. But they 
chose this option and published the state-
ment on the official website, & even their
 own media laughed at them --- because
provocation looked too obvious," 
she noted.
The UK Foreign Office said late on Saturday, that
 Moscow was seeking to "install" a pro-Russian
 government in Kiev, with former member of 
Ukraine’s Verkhovna Rada (parliament) 
Yevgeny Murayev as its head. 
London claimed it allegedly had information that 
Russia’s intelligence services maintain contacts
 with a number of former Ukrainian politicians, 
including Sergey Arbuzov (Ukraine’s First 
Deputy Prime Minister in 2012-2014 and 
interim Prime Minister in 2014), Andrey 
Kluyev (First Deputy Prime Minister in 
2010-2012 and chief of the presidential 
staff under former Ukrainian President 
Viktor Yanukovich), Vladimir Sivkovich 
(former Deputy Head of the Ukrainian 
National Security & Defense Council), 
and Nikolay Azarov (who served as 
Prime Minister of Ukraine 
in 2010-2014).
Murayev has already slammed this publication 
as groundless --- saying that he has been on 
Moscow’s sanction list for three years and 
cannot enter Russia. Moreover, in his 
words, his father’s assets in Russia 
have been frozen. Murayev called 
on the British side to stop 
fomenting inflammatory 


DPR head says republic’s 
armed forces are on 
high combat alert
January 24th, 12:19pm (TASS)
The army of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s
Republic (DPR) is on high combat alert, but the 
authorities are doing their utmost to settle 
the conflict peacefully, DPR head Denis 
Pushilin said on Monday.
"Naturally, we are now on high combat alert because
 we don’t know what to expect from Ukraine.  On our
 part, we are sparing no effort to settle the conflict
 peacefully," he said in an interview with the 
Rossiya-1 television channel.
He also pointed to a serious media campaign in
 Ukraine that accompanies developments at the
 contact line. 
"I mean that Ukraine invites foreign journalists to the
 contact line as though they are supposed to start 
recording something. Naturally, I am speaking 
about instructors who are near the contact 
line, taking photos and openly posting 
them on the internet. These are
 instructors from the United 
States and Great Britain,"
 he said.
Kiev actively preparing for 
forceful resolution of 
Donbass conflict, 
DPR says
January 24th, 11:57am (TASS) 
Ukraine continues its attempts to destabilize the
situation in Donbass, and is actively preparing
to resolve the conflict by force, the Donetsk 
People’s Republic (DPR) People’s Militia 
deputy head, Eduard Basurin, stated 
on Monday.
"Ukraine not only continues its attempts to destabilize
the situation in Donbass by shelling settlements, but
its preparations are well underway, to resolve the 
conflict by force. The People’s Militia command
 strongly urges its adversary -- to drop its 
criminal intents," says the emergency 
statement, published in the People’s
 Militia’s Telegram channel.
The People’s Militia registered Ukrainian Armed
 Forces’ (UAF) inside the Kiev’ force operation 
in Donbass preparing for an offensive.
 According to Basurin, the Ukrainian command is
 pulling the UR-77 self-propelling minesweepers 
to the contact line, and military vehicles are 
being prepared for combat.  Vacations for 
all personnel in individual battalions and 
brigades have been suspended, while all 
commanders were ordered to remain in
 their temporary deployment locations.
 In addition, commissions arrived in tank 
battalions from brigade headquarters to 
supervise the preparation of weapons 
and combat vehicles.
The DPR intelligence also obtained information
 the formation of armoured brigades
deeper in
 Ukrainian territory, and
their dispatch
 to Donbass.
 Furthermore... Ukraine is relocating forces
from their
 permanent deployment location
in the Odessa 
region... disguised as a
"planned tactical 
special exercise."
 All these facts confirm: that the UAF is preparing
 aggression against the Donetsk and Lugansk
People’s Republics, Basurin says.
The People’s Militia stated that it will provide a 
response, should Kiev commence the forceful 
resolution of the Donbass conflict, and it will
 cause irreparable damage to the UAF.
"Acts of Ukrainian aggression against the DPR and
 LPR will not be left without an appropriate reaction. 
The Ukrainian army will suffer irreparable damage 
that it will not recover from," Basurin said, calling 
on Ukrainian servicemen to "reject taking part in 
hostilities and executing the criminal orders of 
their command.".


Ukrainian armed forces
 intensify preparations
 to invade Donbass 
- Basurin
January 24th, 10:15am (DAN)
 DPR People's Militia Command strongly recommends
the Ukrainian military to abandon their plans of
 offensive against Donbass, the deputy 
chief-of-staff of the Republican 
People's Militia, Eduard 
Basurin, said.
"We have recorded activities of Ukrainian armed 
formations aimed at preparing for an offensive,"
 he said.
All scheduled leave has been revoked in the units of
 1st tank brigade, 53rd and 54th brigades' tank
 battalions, 58th separate motorized brigade. 
Their commanders are ordered to remain
 in temporary dislocation quarters.

Driver-mechanics and spotters 
are urgently discharged from 
hospitals. Tanks and artillery 
teams are being sent to the
Volnovakha, Andreyevka
 and Dobropolye areas.
Special task units have been deployed to Avdeyevka
after completing their training under the command 
of British instructors at the 142nd training centre.
"The DPR People's Militia Command strongly
recommends the Ukrainian military to 
abandon their plans of an offensive 
against Donbass. Aggression 
against the Republics will 
not remain unrepelled," 
Basurin said.
According to intelligence reports and sources, 
Kiev forces are rigorously training radiation, 
chemical and biological protection units, 
and deploy high calibre MLR systems 
in Donbass, and replenish their
 ammo stocks.

US, UK Withdraw Diplomats'
 Families, Staff from Ukraine,
 EU Says Not Following Suit
January 24th, 9:45am (FNA)
 The US said it had instructed the families of its
 diplomats to leave Kiev on Sunday, the same 
day Ukraine said: it had received a second 
batch of US weapons to boost its defense 
amid an alleged threat of Russian
 military invasion.
The US's non-essential embassy staff have also 
been cleared to leave the Eastern European 
country on a voluntary basis -- and US 
citizens need to: "consider departing 
now," the US State Department said,
 adding that travel to Russia is also
 discouraged, CGTN reported.
The UK also began withdrawing staff from its 
embassy in Ukraine, the BBC reported on 
Monday. But the European Union 
(EU) said the block is not 
following suit. 
"We are not going to do the same thing because we
 don't know any specific reasons," top European
 Diplomat Josep Borrell said, adding that there 
was no need to "dramatize" the situation
 talks with Russia continue.
Ukraine, in response, has called the US move to
 withdraw diplomats' families, as "premature".
"We consider such a step by the American side, 
premature and a display of excessive caution," 
Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Oleg
 Nikolenko, said in a statement.
Tensions have been running high between Moscow 
and the West over Russia's massing of troops near
 its border with Ukraine, a country divided by pro- 
and anti-Russia elements that has over the past
several days, received two consignments of US
security assistance, including ammunition. 
"The second bird in Kyiv! More than 80 tons of
 weapons to strengthen Ukraine's defense 
capabilities from our friends in the USA! 
And this is not the end," said Ukraine's 
Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov 
on Twitter.
Washington has promised Ukraine 
defensive aid totaling $200 million.
The West accuses Russia of planning a massive
 military offensive against Ukraine, and claims 
such as Russia is plotting to overthrow the 
Ukrainian government and install a
 "puppet regime" have added fuel 
to the ongoing tension. 
Moscow has repeatedly denied these allegations, 
but warned that it could be forced to "eliminate
 unacceptable threats to our security".
Apart from threatening Russia with severe sanctions,
 the US and European countries have been stepping
 up diplomatic efforts to resolve the standoff, with
 British Foreign Minister, Liz Truss, planning a 
visit to Moscow, and Washington proposing 
a summit between US President Joe Biden 
& his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.
Russia has said that, in order to deescalate tensions, 
the West must meet its demand: of not expanding 
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Eastward
 or deploying forces to Ukraine and other 
ex-Soviet nations.

US Congresswoman urges 
end to Israel’s Palestinian 
homes demolition policy
January 22nd, 7:20pm (PressTV)
A US Congresswoman has condemned the Israeli
 practice of the demolition of Palestinian-
homes, in the occupied East
neighbourhood of Sheikh
Jarrah --- 
calling on the Israeli
 to quit
the policy.
Democratic Representative Marie Newman made the
 appeal in a post on her Twitter account on Saturday
 ...after Israeli forces tore down the property of a
 Palestinian man in Sheikh Jarrah, earlier this 
week, displacing his entire family of over a 
dozen, mainly children, the Palestinian 
Information Centre reported.
Newman further noted that members of the Palestinian
 family became homeless... after Israeli police forced
 them out of their home in the middle of the night, 
while pointing out that Israeli forces have 
carried out over 1,000 demolitions 
since 2016, in the same area.
On January 19th, an Israeli mechanical digger, under 
the tight protection of Israeli soldiers, tore down the 
property of Mahmoud Salhiyeh, in Sheikh Jarrah. 
The Israeli police cordoned off the area where
the house was located, during and after 
the demolition. 
Local sources said a large number of police forces
 stormed the house and arrested 20 activists and 
six individuals from the 18-member Salhiyeh 
family, including Mahmoud. They assaulted 
the other members of the family, including 
his nine-year-old daughter and her aunt. 
The family said that the Israeli forces had cut off
 electricity from the house, as they raided it, 
and started firing tear gas, to block 
everyone’s vision.
The Israeli regime presses ahead with its settlement
 expansion & land-grab policy across the Palestinian
territories, despite the 
international outcry. Many
such a policy is aimed at forcing the
Palestinians to leave their 
homeland, by
making it 
difficult for them to
 live there.
Sheikh Jarrah has been the scene of frequent
 crackdowns by Israeli police, on Palestinians
 protesting at the displacement of dozens of 
Palestinian families from their homes.
Since Israel seized East al-Quds in the 1967 war,
 Israeli settler organizations have claimed 
ownership of land in Sheikh Jarrah and 
have filed multiple lawsuits to force 
Palestinians from the area.
Most of the international community considers Israeli 
settlement construction illegal under international 
law and an obstacle to the so-called two-state 
solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. 
Nearly 700,000 Israelis live in settlements built since
 the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories 
of the West Bank and East al-Quds.
The UN Security Council has - in several resolutions, -
condemned the Tel Aviv regime’s settlement projects 
in the occupied Palestinian lands. Palestinians want 
the West Bank as part of a future independent state
--- with East al-Quds as its capital.


 Daesh terrorists capture 
Syria prison - after failure 
of US-backed SDF to
 control Ghwayran
January 22nd, 6:18pm (PressTV)
Daesh terrorists have taken control of a major prison
 in northeastern Syria, two days after they launched 
an attack on the prison to free their comrades, 
marking one of the most serious Daesh 
assaults in Syria, since the Takfiri 
terrorist group was vanquished 
in the Arab country.
The attack began on Thursday night, when the Daesh
 terrorists detonated two car bombs at the entrances
 of Ghwayran prison in the northern city of Hasakah.
Sources said Saturday that clashes are still ongoing
 inside Ghwayran prison, which is controlled by the
 so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), after 
the Daesh attack.
“The clashes are still going on inside the prison, its 
outskirts, surroundings of the al-Basel roundabout 
and the highway,” Syria’s official news agency 
SANA quoted local sources as saying.
According to the sources, the freed terrorists 
have been fortifying themselves in 
surrounding complexes.
They added that the US-backed SDF failed to 
control the prison and its surroundings, 
despite aerial support by the US
 occupation forces.
The prison houses at least 3,500 
suspected members of Daesh.
Nearly 90 people have been reportedly killed 
so far, as fighting raged for the third day
 running on Saturday.
The SDF said on Saturday that “fierce clashes”
 broke out in the neighbourhoods north of 
Ghwayran, where it claimed to have 
killed more than 20 Daesh 
terrorists and seized 
explosive belts, 
weapons, and
The fighting has also triggered a civilian 
exodus from neighbourhoods around
 the prison.
According to SANA, people have been pushed 
by the SDF to leave their houses immediately. 
The SDF imposed a curfew on Ghwayran and
 al-Zohour neighbourhoods on Friday, the 
news agency added.
Syria has been gripped by a foreign-backed 
militancy since 2011, when the US and its 
Western and regional allies began their 
overt attempts --- to overthrow the 
government of Bashar al-Assad.
In recent years, the US has been maintaining 
an illegal military presence on Syrian soil, 
collaborating with militants against 
Syria’s legitimate government, 
and bombing the positions of
 the Syrian army and anti-
terror popular forces.
The US military has also stationed its forces and
 equipment in eastern and northeastern Syria --- 
with the alleged aim of preventing the oilfields
 in the areas from falling into the hands of the
 Daesh terrorists.
The Takfiri terrorists have been active in the oil-rich
 provinces of Syria, despite the heavy deployment 
of the US-led forces.
The terrorists have managed to regain a foothold 
in the region, after facing defeat at the hands of 
the Syrian army in 2019.
Since the toppling of its self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’, 
the group has killed at least 1,800 government 
and allied forces in the Syrian Desert... that 
stretches all the way from the Damascus
 outskirts to the Iraqi border.
Syria calls for US withdrawal amid ‘war crimes’
On Saturday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry condemned
 the actions that led to a displacement of thousands 
of Syrian civilians, in Hasakah province - calling for 
the withdrawal of the US forces from northeastern
 Syria, and Turkish forces from northwestern Syria.
“During the past few days, Daesh and QSD (SDF) 
gangs committed massacres against the 
civilians and massive destruction in the 
infrastructure in Hasakah province,”
 the ministry said in a statement.
It further described the acts committed by the
 forces and the SDF, as “war crimes” and
 “crimes against humanity”.
The Syrian Foreign Ministry also called on all
 international humanitarian organizations to 
provide assistance to thousands of Syrian 
civilians who were displaced in such 
harsh weather conditions.
It came after US warplanes completely destroyed
the Technical Institute building in Hasakah city, 
under the pretext of targeting the 
released prisoners.

Ansarullah rebukes ‘bankrupt’ 
Riyadh-led coalition ------- says 
Saudis disillusioned about war
January 22nd, 3:07pm (PressTV)
The spokesman for Yemen’s Ansarullah resistance 
movement says the deadly airstrikes carried out 
by the Saudi-led military coalition against
manifest the bankruptcy of
the coalition, in the 
face of
Yemeni resistance.
Mohammed Abdul-Salam said the countries that 
began the war on Yemen, in March 2015, still 
maintain the illusion of the first day of 
the war.
He said their recent attack on Yemen demonstrates
 their failure to achieve any of their political and
 military goals.
Saudi Arabia launched the war on Yemen in March
 2015, leading a military campaign consisting of its
 regional allies, including the United Arab Emirates.
Through its war, Riyadh sought to dismantle the
 popular Ansarullah movement --- and regain 
Yemen as its pawn by reinstalling former 
president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi.
The kingdom estimated at the beginning of the war
 that it would come out victorious, within just a
 few weeks.
“The coalition, has reached the climax of bankruptcy,
 and these actions are the result of the fact that they
 are being defeated in the field... and they want to 
make up for these failures by bombing civilians,
 prisoners, public areas and communication 
centres,” Abdul-Salam said.
Coalition warplanes on Friday morning pounded a
 detention centre in Sa’ada province, killing over 
80 people and injuring hundreds more, with
 reports saying that the death toll... is 
expected to rise since many of the 
wounded were seriously hurt.
The airstrike followed a Yemeni drone attack on the
 UAE, on Monday, which itself came in retaliation
 Abu Dhabi's recently intensified role in the 
protracted war on the impoverished
 Arab country.
Despite the coalition’s increased attacks against
 Yemen, the UN Security Council condemned the
 Yemeni attack in a statement on Friday, saying
 in a statement, “The members of the Security
 Council underlined the need... to hold the
perpetrators, organizers, financiers and 
sponsors of these reprehensible acts of 
terrorism accountable and bring them
 to justice."
Abdul-Salam rebuked the statement as “an attack
 against humanity” and “an encouragement for
 the aggressor” to continue its attacks and
 siege against Yemen and whitewash
 its atrocities.
He said the atrocities and massacre committed by 
the war coalition countries will not dissuade the
 Yemeni people from defending themselves or 
using every possible and legal tool at
 their disposal.
Rather, the Yemeni spokesman continued, they will
 unify the Yemeni people and further persuade 
them to continue supporting the Yemeni 
forces fighting off the aggressive 
countries on the battlefield.

China describes US as: 
‘biggest threat’ to global
 stability with its nuclear
January 22nd, 2:26pm (PressTV)
China has warned that the United States is the biggest
 threat to global stability, saying Washington should
 make the first move in shrinking its 
nuclear stockpile.
In a joint statement on January 20th, the US and 
Japan expressed concern over what they called
 China’s “ongoing increase in its nuclear 
capabilities” and called on Beijing to 
“contribute to arrangements that 
reduce nuclear risks, increase 
transparency, and advance 
nuclear disarmament.”
On Friday, Beijing lambasted Washington and Tokyo
 for sounding the false alarm - with Chinese Foreign 
Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian warning - that it is
 the US that is the biggest threat to global security
 and stability, with the largest arsenal of nuclear
 weapons in the world. 
“As we all know, it is the US that is the biggest threat 
to global stability with the world’s biggest and most 
advanced nuclear stockpile,” Zhao said.
The United States, he added, has deployed missile 
defense systems around the world. “Despite
 possessing the world’s largest, and most 
advanced nuclear arsenal, the US is still
 investing trillions of dollars.. to upgrade 
its ‘nuclear triad’, developing low-yield 
nuclear weapons, and lowering the 
threshold for using nuclear 
He also said the US should “mind its own business”...
 before criticizing China, and cut its nuclear stockpile
 to set an example for other countries, emphasizing 
that China remained firmly committed to a self-
defensive nuclear strategy and no-first-use 
policy on nuclear weapons.
The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman denounced
 Japan for accumulating large quantities of weapons-
grade plutonium and “desperately trying to prevent
 the US from adopting the no-first-use policy.”
“If the Japanese side is sincere about promoting 
nuclear arms control and non-proliferation, it 
should adopt a responsible attitude... and 
respond to these international concerns,”
 Zhao stated.
Separately in his remarks... Zhao censured Washington
 for imposing “hegemonic” sanctions on three Chinese
 companies over the charges of “missile technology 
proliferation”, urging the White House to “revoke
 relevant sanctions --- and stop suppressing
 enterprises and smearing China.”

The spokesman
 accused the US of hypocrisy
for selling nuclear-
capable cruise missiles.

US denying visa to cosmonaut 
may endanger cooperation on
 ISS, space chief says
January 22nd, 1:17pm (TASS)
 The US denial of an entry visa to Russian cosmonaut
 Nikolay Chub, creates a dangerous precedent for
 cooperation on the International Space Station
 (ISS), General Director of the Roscosmos 
space agency, Dmitry Rogozin, said.
"What the US authorities have done with the entry visa 
of our cosmonaut is a dangerous precedent for 
cooperation on the International Space 
Station," he wrote on his 
Telegram channel.
Earlier, a source familiar with the situation... told TASS
 that, without any explanation, the US refused to issue
 an entry visa to the Roscosmos cosmonaut Nikolay 
Chub, who was supposed to undergo training in
 the US. The Roscosmos CEO later confirmed
 this information, specifying that he asked 
NASA to clarify their position on
 the matter.
The training of foreign astronauts at Russia’s Yury 
Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center & of Russian
 cosmonauts at the Johnson Space Centre...  is a 
routine practice, giving space crews knowledge 
of the US and Russian segments of the Inter-
national Space Station. Such training 
sessions are held regardless of what 
kind of spacecraft will be used to 
deliver the cosmonauts and 
astronauts to the orbit.
Nikolay Chub is a member of the backup crew of ISS
 Expedition 68, which is to fly to the orbital outpost
 aboard the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft in September
 2022. He is also a member of Expedition 69’s 
main crew, to be delivered to the ISS by a 
Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft, next spring.

Afghans Call for Recognition 
of US Drone Attack in Kabul 
as War Crime
January 22nd, 1:12pm  (FNA)
 Relatives of Afghan civilians killed or injured in a 
US drone bombing in Kabul last August called for
 recognition of the deadly attack as a war crime
-- and due punishment of the US perpetrators.
"It is well known that they were looking at us from
 above when the airstrike happened. You can also
 see in the video, that they are targeting civilians 
and children,” the brother of one of the victims, 
Emal Ahmadi, said in an interview with China 
Central Television (CCTV), citing the recently
-released video of the strike by US military’s 
Central Command (CENTCOM).
Those killed in the allegedly mistaken US 
bombing in Kabul included seven children.
“The US military admitted it had made a mistake but
 did not punish anyone for carrying out the strike," 
Ahmadi added, questioning the oft-repeated
trend --- 
of US forces conceding guilt in
bombing non-
military targets, but not
punishing those 
responsible for
the massacres.
In September of 2021, the US military officially
 acknowledged... that the US airstrike that was 
conducted just prior to its hasty withdrawal
from Afghanistan 
after the Taliban’s victory
 march across the country --- was a
tragic “mistake".
However, three months later, it announced that 
no one would be held accountable for the 
brutal carnage and destruction of 
Ahmadi further emphasized, that the US military 
nearly always proclaims that it "made mistakes"
 in conducting strikes that kill or hurt civilians,
 but has never bothered to punish anyone for
deadly bombings.
He went on to say that the US drone strike
 last August, amounted to a war crime.
CCTV also pointed out, in a report regarding US
 atrocities in Afghanistan that Afghans generally
 believe that US occupation forces have killed 
many innocent people, not only in Kabul, but 
across many other Afghan provinces 
and cities.
"As I said, US forces bombed Kabul and other 
provinces many times. We've seen families 
killed, so it's not a mistake. This is a war 
crime. Because the strike was planned, 
we can't just call it a mistake," added 
an Afghan university student –
 identified as Faisal Amarkhil 
– as quoted in the report.
"Although the US armed forces admitted it had 
made a mistake, until now, they have done 
nothing to help the family,” stated another
 Kabul resident, identified in the report 
as Zarifullah.
“Honestly, it's a war crime," Zarifullah stressed.
The Taliban took control of the Afghan government 
in mid-August last year, in the midst of a hasty,
 reckless withdrawal by the US military and 
diplomatic forces and their affiliates 
from the country.
The US pullout, 20 years after it invaded the country, 
was followed by Washington’s imposition of cruel 
sanctions and the cessation of humanitarian aid 
...leaving millions of Afghans on the verge of 
starvation, including women and children, 
who are particularly at risk.
The US also froze nearly $10 billion of Afghanistan’s
 funds after the Taliban’s takeover, dismissing the
 Taliban’s call to release the funds --- in spite of 
public demonstrations by Afghans.

The German Chancellor 
Snubs Biden’s Ukraine
-Themed Invite
January 22nd, 1:01pm (FNA)
 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has turned down 
an invitation for talks sent by US President Joe 
Biden, on short notice, according to a report.
According to Der Spiegel, Scholz cited a busy
schedule, as the reason why he could not 
discuss the situation around Ukraine...
 his counterpart in Washington.  
The German leader had arranged an official visit 
to Spain, by the time the invitation from the
 House reached him, the outlet
on Friday.

Furthermore, Scholz was 
allegedly eager
to spend more time
 in Germany, as the
grappled with Omicron. 
The two sides are now reportedly working to
 arrange a bilateral meeting by mid-February.
German journalists claim to have found out that 
the canceled meeting was meant to bring the 
two countries’ positions closer together, vis
-a-vis Russia. Biden had, reportedly, hoped 
to convince Scholz to adopt a tougher line
 on Moscow. To...''prepare the ground'' for 
that, CIA head William Burns is reported 
to have paid the German chancellor
a visit, in 
Berlin, last week.
Both the German government and the 
White House have officially denied 
the claims made by Der Spiegel.
When asked to comment on the report, 
a spokesperson for the White House 
National Security Council branded
 it as..... “completely made up”, 
adding that nothing of the
 kind “happened”.
 The official went on to say that the initiative to 
hold talks actually came from Berlin, and that
 Washington is expected to welcome Scholz
 in February.
Speaking on Tuesday, following talks with NATO
 Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, Scholz 
made it clear that Germany would not 
export lethal weapons to Ukraine.
 He stressed that “on that point, 
nothing has changed” since 
his government took over
 in December. 
Earlier in the week, UK Defence Secretary Ben 
Wallace told MPs that Britain had “taken the 
decision to supply Ukraine with light anti-
armour defensive weapon systems”.

small group of UK military personnel 
would also be sent to the Eastern 
European country --- to provide
 training. The delivery flights 
reportedly bypassed 
German airspace, 
Spanish MPs Oppose
 Sending Country's 
Warships to Black Sea 
Amid Tensions in Ukraine
January 22nd, 12:52pm (Sputnik) 
Nine Spanish parties have signed a joint manifesto
 against the sending of Spanish warships to the 
Black Sea as part of a NATO mission, as well
the country's participation in the NATO
mission in Bulgaria amid tensions on
 Ukrainian-Russian border.
The manifesto was published on Twitter by the 
Spanish left-wing party, Podemos, which is 
part of the government coalition....
with the Socialists.

On Thursday, 
Podemos urged the Socialists to
weigh its actions regarding 
the Ukrainian
crisis ------- saying that Madrid is
against war.
"We strongly oppose any threat or military aggression
 against a sovereign state -- as well as the sending of
 Spanish troops to the Black Sea and Bulgaria in the
 framework of NATO. This conflict can only be 
resolved through dialogue, easing tensions, 
and with the belief that peace is the
way", the manifesto said.
The nine parties also expressed serious concern 
about the growing tensions in relations between 
the United States and Russia over the situation 
surrouding Ukraine.
In addition, the parties urged NATO to abandon
 the idea of Ukraine's membership in the bloc.
On Friday, Spanish Defence Minister Margarita Robles
 said that Madrid had accelerated the sending of two
 warships to the Black Sea as part of the NATO
 mission there, amid a deteriorating 
environment on the Russian-
Ukrainian border.
According to Radio Bulgaria, Robles said that the
 Spanish authorities had also decided to send six
 Eurofighter jets & nearly 100 military personnel
 to Bulgaria in February as part of NATO military
 training. However, the Spanish Ministry of 
Defence did not confirm to Sputnik that
 the decision had been made officially.
Spanish Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares said
 that Spain and the European Union preferred
 diplomatic means... to resolve the conflict,
 if they did not lead to de-escalation..
then the 
allies would carry out a policy
of deterrence 
against Russia.
Over the past few months, the West and Ukraine 
have accused Russia... of amassing troops near 
the Ukrainian border in alleged preparation for
 an invasion. Moscow said that it has no 
intention of invading Ukraine, while 
stressing that it has the right to 
move forces within its 
own territory.
Russia has also expressed concern over NATO's
 military activity near the naiton's borders and 
the ongoing military support for Ukraine, 
including an increase in the number of
 Western instructors in Donbass.

Fatah Military Wing 
Announces Mobilization 
in Occupied West Bank to 
Confront Zionist Escalation
January 22nd, 12:22pm (al Manar)
Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, Fatah Movement’s 
military wing, announced, on Saturday, the 
general mobilization among its fighters in 
the occupied West Bank, stressing that
 the Zionist crimes will be faced with 
ambushes and painful strikes.
The spokesman of the Palestinian movement
 indicated that the crimes committed by the 
Israeli occupation forces and settlers -- in 
Beita, Jabal Sabih and Barqa will be met 
with painful strikes in the depth of the 
occupation... emphasizing that the 
enemy... will never enjoy security 
and stability before abandoning
 the Palestinian lands 
and sanctities.
Fatah military spokesman added that the 
Palestinian territories can never be 
invaded by the Israeli occupation 
forces and settlers, noting that
 the ambushes will be waiting 
for them.
The battle will remain open-ended, as long as 
the Zionist entity occupies Palestine, the 
spokesman of the Palestinian 
movement concluded.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Russian Foreign Ministry called 
a provocation, US publication 
on Russian policy in Ukraine
January 22nd, 12:13pm (TASS) 
The US Department of State publishing a bulletin 
on Russia’s policy in Ukraine on the eve of talks
between Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey 
Lavrov and US Secretary of State Antony 
Blinken, is an open provocation, states
a commentary by Russia's Foreign
Ministry, made public on Saturday.
"The very fact of the State Department publishing
 such ‘instructional guidelines’, immediately 
before the talks between Russian Foreign 
Minister Lavrov and US Secretary of 
State Blinken in Geneva, can be 
called nothing more than an 
open provocation," the 
commentary said.
The diplomatic agency noted that since December 15th,
 2021, when Washington officially received the drafts
 on security guarantees, and the measures of 
ensuring the security of Russia and NATO 
member states, the US, generally, was 
making obvious attempts to draw 
out the negotiation process of 
specific parameters proposed 
by Russia on various expert 
levels and formats.
"Instead of pausing......   and concentrating on
substantively answering the questions posed
in Russian documents, the White House and 
its Western allies, launched a highly toxic 
information and propaganda campaign - 
painting our country as an ‘aggressor,’  
the ‘enemy of civilized Europe’ and a 
‘threat’ to international stability. All 
this, is coupled with the incessant 
threats of ‘painful’ sanctions ------ 
designated to drain our domestic 
economy & solidify a systematic
challenge to Russia," the 
diplomatic agency 
pointed out.
On her Telegram channel, Russian Foreign Ministry
 Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova emphasized that 
the document was "shaped on the basis of 
separate scenarios taken out of context" 
and approaches attributed to Russia 
"that have nothing in common 
with reality."
The talks between Lavrov and Blinken within 
the framework of the agreement on security
 guarantees in Europe proposed by 
Moscow, were held in Geneva,
 on Friday.
Zelensky commented on
possible evacuation of US 
diplomats from Ukraine 
January 22nd,  8:27am (TASS)
 A possible evacuation of the family members of US
 diplomats from Kiev - would be an "overreaction" to
 the situation around Ukraine. According to a source
 close to the Ukrainian government, the opinion was
 expressed by Ukrainian President Zelensky, in a
conversation with the US State Secretary
Blinken, CNN reported on Friday.
The television channel did not report 
Blinken’s reaction to these remarks.
Meanwhile, according to another CNN source, the 
US has informed Ukraine that it is "likely to start
 evacuations, as early as next week" of the 
families of diplomats from the embassy 
in Kiev. The embassy has also 
requested, that the State 
Department authorize 
the departure of all 
nonessential staff.
Earlier on Friday at a regular briefing for journalists,
 White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that 
the US Department of State was planning for the
 'possibility' of the evacuation of the Americans 
from Ukraine as it is done when "any security 
situation deteriorates -- in any country around
the world." She added that the US authorities 
were not advising US citizens to visit Ukraine.
Lately, in the West and Ukraine, the claims of 
an alleged possible Russian "invasion" into
 Ukrainian territory, are being touted 
increasingly more often. 
Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov branded such 
information, as the empty and groundless 
escalation of tension, emphasizing that 
Russia, does not represent a threat to 
anyone. That said, he did not exclude 
the possibility of provocations being 
whipped up, in order to justify such 
claims and warned that attempts to
resolve the problem in S. Eastern 
Ukraine through the use of force,
 would have the most serious 
Plane with US weapons arrives
 in Kiev, US Embassy says
January 22nd, 7:29am (TASS)
 A shipment of military cargo, including ammunition,
 weighing over 90 tonnes, arrived in Ukraine, the 
press service of the US Embassy in Ukraine 
reported on Saturday.
"The first shipment of assistance recently directed by 
President Biden to Ukraine arrived in Ukraine tonight. 
This shipment includes close to 200,000 pounds (90 
tonnes - TASS) of lethal aid, including ammunition 
for the front line defenders of Ukraine," the 
diplomatic agency posted on its 
Twitter page.
The embassy noted that, last year, the US provided
over $650 million worth of military aid to Ukraine
 while since 2014, the country has received $2.7
 for these purposes. It stressed that this
"demonstrates U.S. commitment to
Ukraine bolster its defenses -- in
the face of 
growing Russian aggression."
On Thursday, Ukrainian Foreign Minister, Dmitry 
Kuleba confirmed information by Western media 
outlets, that Kiev would receive $200 mln worth
 of military aid from Washington. He noted that 
the country received the total of $650 million
these purposes, from the US last year. 
According to the foreign minister, the last
$200 mln
 were not scheduled and were
"emergency defense aid.".
Washington asks Russia..... 
to keep the US response on 
security guarantees secret 
- paper
January 22nd, 3:58am (TASS)
 US officials have asked their Russian colleagues
 not to publish Washington’s written response to
 Moscow’s proposal on security guarantees, 
The Washignton Post has reported.
However, according to the paper, "a senior State
 Department official acknowledged... that the 
Kremlin may decide to publish it after the 
United States sends it next week."
Department of State sources also told The Post that
 the written US response will include US proposals 
in the security domain and will demonstrate the 
country’s interest... in maintaining the dialogue 
with Moscow. At the same time, the document 
will not contain any commitments regarding 
NATO’s open-door policy and accession of 
new members.
However, the US administration believes that 
providing a written response is important,
 because in this case the document can 
be read directly by Russian President 
Vladimir Putin.
"There‘s one decision-maker in Russia and it’s
 President Putin," the paper quoted another 
Biden administration official as saying. "If 
this then allows the ultimate decision-
maker in Russia to look at these
 ideas and decide whether to 
move forward, it’s in
 our interest."
"We don’t want to be the ones who foreclose 
a potential diplomatic solution," he added.
Following Friday’s meeting between Russian Foreign
 Minister Sergey Lavrov, and US Secretary of State
 Anthony Blinken in Geneva, Washington agreed 
to provide written responses to Moscow’s 
proposals on security guarantees. 
After that, the US Secretary of State and Russian
 top diplomat, plan to hold the next meeting. At a 
news conference after the meeting, Lavrov told 
reporters that, in his opinion, publishing the US 
response would be a right thing to do. However, 
Russia will request Blinken’s consent to do so, 
he added.
Ukrainian expert describes 
Blinken’s briefing as 
‘pathetic babble’
January 22nd, 3:28am (TASS) 
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s recent 
news conference can only be described as 
"pathetic babble," Director of the Kiev 
Centre for Political Research and 
Conflict Study, Mikhail 
Pogrebinsky said.
"How would you describe Blinken’s press 
conference in just 2 words? My version
 is ‘pathetic babble.’ He appears to be 
scared of his own shadow," 
Pogrebinsky wrote in a
 Facebook post.
After talks with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey 
Lavrov, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken 
said his counterpart assured him that Russia
 had no plans to attack Ukraine. At the same 
time, he said that if Russia wants to prove
 its peaceful attitude, it should withdraw 
its troops from areas adjacent to the 
Ukrainian border, and engage in
a diplomatic dialogue with the 
Kiev government. 
In his words, this was necessary in order to 
continue talks with the United States on
 security guarantees.
The US top diplomat also said.. US President Joe 
Biden was ready to meet with Russian President 
Vladimir Putin if it helps to resolve the crisis. At 
the same time, he reaffirmed US support for 
Ukraine, and pledged more deliveries of
weapons to the country.
Germany blocks Estonia's 
arms supplies to Ukraine
 - paper
January 22nd, 2:20am (TASS)
 Berlin has blocked Estonia’s attempt to deliver
 German-made weapons to Ukraine, the Wall 
Street Journal reported on Friday.
Earlier, several European countries started delivering
 modern weaponry to Ukraine, as the situation 
surrounding the country has escalated.

 US has permitted Baltic countries to
transfer US-made weaponry to Kiev, 
including air defense and anti-tank 
missile systems.  At the same
Germany firmly refused
supply weapons to Kiev.
According to Wall Street Journal, Berlin insists that
 the transfer of German-made weapons to Ukraine 
by third countries, is possible only upon a 
special permission, which was not 
granted in this case.
Earlier, Western media expressed doubts about
 Berlin’s readiness to fully support its NATO 
allies in case of a standoff with Russia.
The West and Kiev have recently been spreading
 allegations about Russia’s potential invasion of
 Ukraine. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov 
castigated these claims as "empty and 
unfounded", and serving as a ploy to 
escalate tensions, pointing out 
that Russia does not pose any
 threat whatsoever to anyone.
 However... Peskov did not rule out the possibility of
 provocations aimed at justifying such allegations.. 
and warned that attempts to use military force to
 resolve the crisis in southeastern Ukraine, 
would have serious consequences.
Ukrainian president authorizes 
sanctions against 24 Russian 
January 22nd, 00:46am (TASS)
 The Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky approved 
on Friday, a decree by Ukraine’s National Security 
and Defense Council, to impose sanctions on 
several Russian companies.
According to the document, published by the 
presidential website, the blacklist includes
 construction firms Lenpromtransproyekt
 and Geozemstroy, as well as a Russian
 insurance company, Insurance
Business Group.
The list also mentions Sevastopol’s state-run Culture
 Development Centre, the National Culture Heritage
 foundation for social and cultural projects, the 
Departmental Security Service of the Russian 
Transport Ministry and the Transstroy 
holding company.
Overall, the list has 24 companies whom the Kiev
government holds responsible --- for the "illegal
construction and use....  of the railway section 
of the transport route across the Kerch Strait,"
organizing a rail service between Crimea, and 
mainland Russia... and "damaging the national 
cultural heritage on the territory of Sevastopol."
After the February 2014 government coup in Ukraine,
 the authorities of Crimea and Sevastopol held
 referendums on the issue of reunification 
with Russia. 
The voting took place on March 16th, with turnouts
 exceeding 80%. Reunification with Russia was
 supported by 96.7% in Crimea and 95.6% in
 Sevastopol. On March 18th, the Russian 
president signed a treaty on the 
accession of the Republic of 
Crimea and Sevastopol to 
the Russian Federation. 
Russia’s Federal Assembly ratified the treaty on
 March 21st. Despite the unequivocal outcome 
of the referendum, Kiev has refused to 
recognize Crimea as part of Russia.
Zelensky also has approved a decree by Ukraine’s 
National Security and Defense Council to impose
 sanctions on the Russian Presidential 
Plenipotentiary Envoy to the North 
Caucasus Federal District,
 Yury Chaika.
The sanctions, imposed for a five-year period, 
include the blocking of assets in Ukraine and 
the suspension of financial transactions.

Russian diplomat on Blinken’s
 remarks: US confused about
 its values
January 21st, 8:29pm (TASS)
Our US partners have found themselves 
confused about ‘values,’ the Russian 
Foreign Ministry’s official spokes-
woman, Maria Zakharova, said
Friday, commenting on US 
Secretary of State, Antony 
Blinken’s recent remarks.
The US top diplomat said earlier that the situation
 in Ukraine cannot be discussed without Ukraine,
 NATO-related issues cannot be addressed 
without NATO, and so on.
Commenting on his words, Zakharova wrote in her
 Telegram channel: "Then why is it possible to
 discuss the situation in Belarus without 
Belarus, to count Venezuela’s money 
without Venezuela’s government,
 to distribute Russian gas
in Europe
 without Russia?
"Discussions on issues... beyond the Group of 
Seven’s sphere of competence... take nearly 
half of the G7 summits’ total time, although 
no one ever invited them to deal with the 
problems of other countries. But it’s ok 
[for them], [and they] keep discussing 
[those matters]," the Russian 
diplomat continued.
"Our partners are confused about
 their values," she added.
Lavrov warns Blinken about 
consequences... of ignoring 
Russia’s concerns - ministry
January 21st, 8:20pm (TASS)
 The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov, made it 
clear to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, that
 further ignoring Russia’s legal concerns would
 entail the most serious consequences, the 
Russian foreign ministry said on Friday, 
after the talks between the two top 
diplomats in Geneva.
"It was made clear to Antony Blinken that further
 ignoring Russia’s legal concerns, first of all, 
those linked with the United States’ and its 
NATO allies’ advance in Ukraine amid the 
large-scale deployment of the alliance’s 
forces and weapons near our border,
 will have the most serious 
consequences," it said.
"It can be avoided, if Washington positively responds
 to our draft agreements.. on security guarantees. We
 expect to receive the American side’s written article
-by-article response, next week," the ministry said.
The sides also discussed bilateral relations and 
stated they are "in an unsatisfactory state." 

"It was agreed to invigorate expert work to 
normalize the operation of the countries’ 
diplomatic missions --- and stabilize the 
visa regime.'' 
''The Russian side... stands for the resumption of a
full-scale diplomatic presence...  on a reciprocal 
basis. We demand that the American authorities
immediately return the seized Russian 
diplomatic property," it said.
The situation in Ukraine was also among the topics
 at the talks. "Special attention was paid to the
 Ukrainian conflict. It was stressed that Kiev 
must fully implement the Package of 
Measures...  including establishing 
direct dialogue with the LPR and 
DPR (Lugansk and Donetsk 
People’s Republics - TASS) 
authorities, as soon as
 possible," it said.
Apart from that, "the sides compared their positions
on the prospects for 
the restoration of the Joint 
Comprehensive Plan of Action on the Iranian 
nuclear program," the ministry added.

Biased UN Security Council
Disregards UAE/Saudi 
Massacres of 
Fire at Emirates
January 21st, 6:22pm (al Manar)
As expected, the biased United Nations Security
Council condemned, in a statement, the Yemeni
response to the ongoing Saudi-led aggression 
on Yemen -- disregarding horrible massacres
by the coalition forces against the Yemenis.
“The members of the Security Council expressed 
their deepest sympathy and condolences to the 
families of the victims of the Yemeni attacks,” 
the statement read.
The members of the Security Council reiterated: that 
any acts of ‘terrorism’ are criminal and unjustifiable,
 according to the statement. However, the statement 
disregarded the Saudi-led aggression’s massacres
 against the Yemenis.
Yemeni sources reported a brutal massacre was
 committed -- as Saudi-led warplanes struck on 
Friday, a prison in the northwestern province 
of Saada.
Saudi fighter jets targeted a temporary prison in 
Saada, killing or injuring more than hundred, Al-
Massirah TV quoted the sources as saying.
Local sources reported that at least 150 people 
have arrived at hospitals in Saada, including 
About 2,500 people were reportedly in the prison
and, as the rescue operations are taking place, 
dozens are still reportedly under the rubble.
Meanwhile...  the Arab impoverished country has lost 
its connection to the internet nationwide after Saudi
-led air strikes targeted a site in the contested city 
of Hodeida, plunging the war-torn nation offline.
The disruption began around 1:00 a.m. (local time), 
on Friday & affected TeleYemen, the state-owned
 monopoly that controls internet access in the 
country, advocacy group NetBlocks said.
Yemen was “in the midst of a nation-scale
 blackout, after an air strike on
(a) telecom
 building,” NetBlocks said,
Yemen has been since March 2015 under a brutal 
aggression by the Saudi-led coalition. Tens of
 thousands of Yemenis have been injured 
and martyred in Saudi-led strikes, and
the vast majority, are civilians.
The coalition has also been imposing a blockade on
the impoverished country’s ports and airports 
as a
part of its aggression --- which is aimed
restoring power to the fugitive
former president Hadi.
Meanwhile... Yemen is home to the world’s largest
 humanitarian crisis - with at least 7 million people 
on the brink of famine and hundreds of thousands
suffering from cholera.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

China blasts
missile sanctions
January 21st, 3:23pm (PressTV)
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian
 on Friday, also accused Washington of hypocrisy
 --- for selling nuclear-capable cruise missiles.
The US State Department on Friday announced 
sanctions against three Chinese companies, 
accusing them of “missile technology 
The companies are: China Aerospace Science, and
 Technology Corp First Academy, China Aerospace
 Science and Technology Corp Fourth Academy, 
and Poly Technologies Incorporated.
The sanctions, which apply to the companies and their
 subsidiaries, mean that those entities are barred from
 US markets and from obtaining technology that can
 be used to make weapons.
“This is a typical hegemonic action. China strongly
 deplores and firmly opposes it,” Lijian told
 reporters, according to The
 Associated Press.
“China urges the United States to immediately correct
 its mistakes, revoke the relevant sanctions and stop
 suppressing Chinese enterprises and smearing 
China,” he continued.
China accounted for 5.2% of the global share of 
major arms exports between 2016 and 2021, 
while, in comparison, the US accounted for
37% of the global share, according to the 
Stockholm International Peace Research
The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said 
China strictly controls is exports of missiles... 
adding - “normal cooperation between China
relevant countries, doesn’t violate any 
international law and doesn’t involve


Lavrov says his meeting with
will help the US
issue its response 
Russia’s proposals
January 21st, 1:41pm  (TASS)
 Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov... said 
on Friday his meeting with his US counterpart, 
Antony Blinken, will help the United States 
issue a response to Russia’s security 
guarantee initiatives.
When asked about the duration of his meeting with
 Blinken, Lavrov said, "In principle, punctuality 
cannot be a bad sign, so, as you said, we 
planned a 90-minute meeting, because 
we knew what we were going 
to discuss."
"We did not need to repeat everything that had been
said at the Russian-US talks here, in Geneva, on
January 10th and at the talks during the Russia
NATO Council meeting on January 12th. And, 
naturally... we did not repeat that.  We have 
heard the United States’ first reaction, oral 
so far, to what was discussed in those two
 formats at the level of our deputies. And 
the reaction, the US side told us, when 
asking to organize this meeting, was 
preliminary.   We have been warned 
about that and it was accompanied 
by some follow-up questions to us, 
the answers to which will help the 
US side as Antony Blinken told me 
over the 'phone several days ago, 
to prepare a written response ---
our written draft agreements 
with the United States & NATO.
As a matter of fact, 
this is
what happened 
Lavrov said.

Yemen’s Ansarullah:
Prison Strike War Crime, 
and Retaliation Our
Legitimate Right
January 21st, 12:45pm (al Manar)
Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionary group lashed
 out at the aggression powers on Friday, over 
the horrible massacre their warplanes had 
committed by striking a prison in the 
northwestern province of Saada.
In a statement, Ansarullah's politburo said that the
“aggression powers - on top of which, is the US -
bear full responsibility for this crime” that
or injured at least 150 people
in the prison
 in Saada.
“This crime is a war crime against humanity,” the
 group’s politburo said, stressing that retaliation 
for this attack “is a legitimate right, since the 
blood of our people is precious.”
The statement called on the United Nations and
 international organizations to bear their 
“moral and legal responsibility” by 
denouncing such crimes.
Ansarullah's politburo also called on the Yemeni 
people to go ahead with their revolutionary
 project against the aggression.
For his part, Head of Yemen’s national delegation 
and the Ansarullah spokesman, Mohammad 
Abdulsalam, said the Saudi-led crimes 
against civilians in Saada, Hodeidah
 and Sanaa, will neither force the 
Yemeni people to surrender,
 nor break their will.
“Such crimes will prompt our people to retaliate
 forcefully, and with all means,” Abdulsalam 
said in a tweet.
Earlier on Friday, Saudi-UAE warplanes committed
a horrible massacre by striking a prison in Saada, 
killing or injuring at least 150 people. The strike
 followed another raid on Al-Hodeidah -- where
the aggression powers’ fighter jets struck a 
state-owned company that controls the
internet in the Arab impoverished 
country, forcing the internet to 
go down... in most of the 
Yemeni governorates.
Source: Al-Manar English Website


‘Outdated and arrogant’:
Foreign Ministry
blasts the U.S.'s dual
containment policy
January 21st, 10:56am (TASS)
 Washington needs to understand that its dual 
containment policy towards Moscow and 
Beijing, is completely outdated, and has 
nothing good to offer the United States, 
the Russian Foreign Ministry said in 
response to media questions 
collected for top diplomat 
Sergey Lavrov’s press 
The ministry’s responses were 
published on its website 
on Friday.
"It’s high time that our American colleagues
understand that Washington’s dual contain
-ment policy towards Moscow and Beijing, 
is completely outdated ...and offers no
prospects for the US. ''
The Americans... would do more good for them-
selves and the entire world, if they abandoned 
their arrogant claim for global dominance and 
engaged in an equal and honest dialogue, 
with Russia, China & other major players,
in order to search for balanced solutions 
to pressing global security, and develop-
ment issues. We are ready for such
 the ministry pointed out.
According to Russia’s diplomatic agency, relations
 between Moscow and Beijing, "don’t depend on the
global political situation" since both parties seek 
to boost them based on respect for each other’s
 sovereignty, and political culture, and on the
of non-interference in each
other’s internal affairs. 
"It’s crucial that Moscow & Beijing share the same
 or similar approaches to resolving key global 
issues. This is why our countries play a 
stabilizing role in global politics," the 
Russian Foreign Ministry stressed.
"Russia and China seek to boost [their] strategic 
partnership based on objective historical logic 
and the vast mutual potential...  that the two 
countries have. Another thing to remember 
is that there is a stable social consensus 
in Russia and China...  on the prospects, 
scale & depth of bilateral cooperation"
the ministry emphasized.

Threat of Ukraine using 
chemical weapons
 persists - Basurin
January 21st, 10:16am (DAN) 
The threat of the Ukrainian army using chemical
 weapons against Donbass Republics persists,
 the deputy chief-of-staff of the Republican 
People's Militia, Eduard Basurin, said.
"CBRN units, part of the 25th brigade, underwent
 intense training at the Anadol training range, 
thereby the possibility of the enemy using 
chemicals for provocations, remains. 
Some chemicals were delivered to 
Avdeyevka and Krasnyi Liman
late 2021," he saaid.
Ukraine received several shipments of toxic 
substances from the United States, in the
autumn of 2021.
Botulinum toxin causes paralysis and is deadly.
 Basurin said that the toxin came in metal 
containers that can be used in grenade 
launcher attacks, as well as dropped 
by unmanned aerial vehicles.
Earlier, Russian Defence Minister, Sergei Shoigu, said
 that the Ukrainian side was preparing a provocation
 using poisonous substances. It was reported that 
tanks with unidentified chemical components 
were delivered to Avdeyevka and 
Krasnyi Liman. 
DPR intelligence reports: 
NLAW anti-tank systems 
supplied to Ukraine
 from Britain
January 21st, 9:36am (DAN)
 NATO countries have supplied Ukraine with more
 than 560 tons of weapons, including 2,000 NLAW 
anti-tank missile systems, the deputy chief-of-
staff of the Republican People's Militia
 Eduard Basurin said, citing 
intelligence reports.
"NATO has recently been flooding Ukraine with 
various weapons and equipment. Just in the 
past couple of days, nine C-17 aircraft 
shipped nearly 2,000 NLAW anti-tank 
missile systems from Britain,"
 he said.
The main battle tank and light anti-tank weapon 
is shipped to the 25th and 95th assault groups 
of the Ukrainian armed forces airborne 
brigades and nationalistic squads
 tasked with occupying
Military instructors have already trained Ukrainian
 troops in how to use the system; exercises were 
organized on the premises of the 199th 
training centre in Zhitomir Region.
The Main Battle Tank and Light Anti-tank Weapon
 (MBT LAW), also known as the NLAW, is a joint 
British and Swedish short-range fire-and-
forget anti-tank missile system.
Designed for use by infantry, the MBT LAW is 
shoulder fired and disposable, firing once 
before being disposed of. 
Basurin:  Ukraine prepares 
to invade Donbass, deploys 
Uragan and Smerch MLRS
 to contact line
January 21st, 9:17am (DAN) 
The Ukrainian army has deployed Uragan and 
Smerch MLRS to Donbass and embarked on 
refilling ammo stockpiles, the deputy chief-
of-staff of the Republican People's Militia,
 Eduard Basurin, said.
The DPR has been recording preparations
the Ukrainian army to unleash active
 action in Donbass, he said.
"Six Smerch MLRS and two Uragan MLRS have 
been unloaded at Krasnoarmeisk (Pokrovsk
in Ukrainian) railway station," Basurin said.
Nationalistic armed units of the Right Sector 
have been deployed to the JFO zone: 
Shumy, Maryinka, Taramchuk and
Chermalyk, as well as snipers 
of the 74th reconnaissance 
battalion, and the Alfa 
special group of the 
Ukrainian Ministry 
of State Security.
Field artillery depots outside Dobropolye 
and Krasnoarmeisk, are being refilled.
Kiev forces violate ceasefire
four times - in 24 hours
January 21st, 8:43am (DAN) 
Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire four times 
over the past 24 hours, the DPR mission to the 
Joint Centre for Control and Coordination 
(JCCC) said.
Shakhta Trudovskaya, Spartak and Novolaspa 
came under grenade launcher, mortar and 
high calibre machine guns fire.
No damage or casualties have been reported.
In the previous reporting period, Kiev 
forces violated the ceasefire once.
The Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire
 were signed at the Contact Group meeting, on July 
22nd, to reinforce and control the indefinite cease
-fire in effect since July 21st, 2019, the latest in 
the series of more than 20 reconfirmation and
 announcements of the “silence regime”. The
 package came into effect on July the 27th. 

Iran, Russia, China Drill
 in Indian Ocean Kicks off
January 21st, 8:32am (al Manar)
A trilateral Combined Naval Drill, dubbed as 
“Maritime Security Belt 2022,” kicked off
on Friday in the North Indian Ocean with
participation of military units from
China and Russia.
The joint naval drill participated by naval and 
airborne forces the Iranian Navy, Islamic 
Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy, 
and vessels from China and Russia, 
kicked off in the Indian Ocean, 
on Friday.
Rear Admiral Mostafa Tajeddini the Spokesman 
for the naval drill, said that this is the third 
combined naval exercise that will be held 
with the participation of Iran, China 
and Russia.
The naval drill was held with the aim of strengthening
security in the region, enhancing marine security, 
combating piracy and maritime terrorism, and 
the exchange of information, he added.
With the planning made in this regard, various tactical 
exercises such as rescuing the floating vessel from
 fire, freeing the hijacked vessel... and shooting 
against specific naval targets during day and 
night will be practiced by the naval units of 
Iran, China and Russia in the exercise, 
Rear Admiral Tajeddini emphasized.
He considered the North Indian Ocean region ‘very
 important’ due to the existence of waterways and
the important straits of Bab al-Mandeb, Malacca
 Hormuz and said, “These three straits are
as golden triangles in the region
and also, the 
Sea of Oman and the North
Indian Ocean, are 
among the crucial
trade areas.”
Therefore,the  Islamic Republic of Iran, China and
 Russia, with their collective efforts to achieve
 sustainable maritime security in this region 
and its vital waterways, are going to safe-
guard their interests in this area, the
 rear admiral added.
The Combined Naval Exercise, Maritime Security 
Belt 2022 is held under the slogan of “Together 
for Peace and Security” over an area of 17,000 
square kilometres.
Sources: Al-Manar English 
Website and Iranian media

Raeisi: Iran, Russia, Reached
‘Fundamental Agreements’ 
on Expanding Ties
January 21st, 8:10pm (al Manar)
President Ebrahim Raisi has said that Iran and 
Russia reached “fundamental agreements” on
 expanding all-out bilateral relations to secure
 mutual interests.
“Undoubtedly, the development of relations with