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Bill Dores

 China is no threat
to people in the US;
Wall Street, CIA & 
the Pentagon are
-- Analyst
October 16th, 3:14pm (PressTV)
US political analyst and activist Bill Dores says
China is no threat to the people in the US., but
Wall Street, the CIA, and the Pentagon, are.
Dores, a writer for Struggle/La Lucha and a longtime 
antiwar activist, made the remarks in an interview
 with Press TV on Saturday, after the CIA launched 
a new mission centre to address what it calls
most important geopolitical threat”
 by China.
CIA Director William Burns said in a statement last week 
that the new unit, called the China Mission Centre, will
 “further strengthen our collective work on the most
 important geopolitical threat we face in the 21st 
century, an increasingly adversarial Chinese 
Burns said that his agency will still focus on other threats
 as well, including those emanating from Russia, North 
Korea and Iran.
The CIA’s renewed attention to China is the latest evidence
 of the Biden administration’s focus on Beijing as its main
 foreign policy target.
Since taking charge of the White House earlier this year, 
the Biden administration has been directing resources 
toward countering China.
Why is the CIA targeting China?
“The CIA is grabbing more tax money  ---  to start a ‘mission
 centre’ aimed at China, which it calls the ‘most important
 geopolitical threat we face.’ This is ominous news 
- considering the agency’s history of 'fabricating' 
evidence to start wars, e.g. Iraq’s nonexistent
 ‘weapons of mass destruction,’” Dores 
commented to Press TV.
“US troops have left Afghanistan. But not a dime has been
 slashed from the bloated US military budget. Indeed, it’s
 being increased to $778 billion from $753 billion to face 
the alleged ‘Chinese threat.’ That’s more than the 
combined military budgets of China, India, 
Russia, Britain, Saudi Arabia, Germany, 
France, Japan, South Korea, Italy 
and Australia,” he added.
“It’s also been revealed that US Special Forces have been 
operating secretly on Taiwan for two years. Meanwhile...
the US Congress will not pass the Build Back Better Act
 to modestly extend our social safety net,” he added.
“The People’s Republic of China...  has five times the
opulation of the United States. But it spends only 
$258 billion on its military. China’s forces are 
deployed in - or around - the borders and 
coasts of China. By no stretch of the 
imagination is China threatening 
he US militarily. Why would it? 
For what gain?” he asked.
So, what the Sam Hill is a ‘geopolitical threat.’ It’s a
 twisted concept based on the twisted premise that 
the United States, with 4 percent of the world’s 
population, should dominate the world 
politically & economically. And that 
really means the billionaires and 
millionaires, that Occupy Wall 
Street protesters called the 
‘One Percent,’” he stated.
China’s economic  ‘threat’ to US
“China’s real ‘threat,’ in the minds of the US corporate 
ruling class, is economic. China produces more than 
the United States, and its economy is growing
faster,” the analyst said.  
“It has achieved this, not by destroying the economies of 
other countries with war and sanctions, but by growth, 
and trade. China’s Belt and Road Initiative has greatly
 weakened the stranglehold Wall Street banks once 
held on the world economy. An article in the US 
magazine Foreign Policy whined: that China is 
‘whittling away’ at the murderous ‘sanctions 
regime’ the US and West Europe use -- to 
‘punish’ countries that defy their 
dictates,” he explained.
“US corporations do, of course, invest in China. They make
 a lot of money there. But they cannot dictate to China's
 government the way US oil companies dictated to the 
Shah of Iran before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Or 
the way they dictate to their paid servants in the 
White House and the Capitol today,”
 he observed.
“Politicians and news media tell working-class people in 
the US that China’s growth is, somehow, a threat to our 
well-being. They conceal the fact: that China’s dynamic
 growth is the biggest single factor staving off a global
 economic collapse,” he said.
“Yet it is their own Wall Street masters who have shut 
down plants all over this country and foreclosed on 
millions of homes. It is they who used the techno-
logical revolution as a weapon, to drive down 
wages and destroy millions of jobs,” 
Dores said.
Washington’s ‘hate China’ campaign
“Washington raises several phony issues in its ‘hate 
China’ campaign. One is the alleged persecution of
 the Uighur people in Xinjiang Province. There’s 
nothing but hypocrisy here,” the analyst said.
“If this claim were true - and I’ve seen no reliable evidence
 that it is - Washington would be the last to care. The US 
leads the world in mass incarceration and murder 
by police,” he noted.
“According to the Equal Justice Initiative... ‘Millions of 
Americans are incarcerated in overcrowded, violent, 
and inhumane jails and prisons.. that do not provide 
treatment, education, or rehabilitation.' A majority 
are from the oppressed Black, Latin and Native 
nations... targeted by the police,” he said.
“Among the incarcerated are dozens of political 
prisoners, such as Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard 
Peltier and Jamil Abdullah Al Amin, who have 
spent decades behind bars on framed-up 
charges,” he stated.
“Last year’s Black Lives Matter uprising..... highlighted 
the extent of racist police murder in the US. Between 
1980 and 2018, the US police killed more than 30,000 
people. Half of those killings were misclassified,
according to a study published in the Lancet 
medical journal,” he said.
US supports ‘ethnic cleansing and 
murder of Palestinian people’
“We also can't forget that Washington not only supports
but subsidizes --- the ethnic cleansing and murder of 
Palestinian people --- by the racist state of Israel,
including the mass imprisonment of 2 million
people in the giant concentration camp 
called the Gaza Strip. The US also has 
no problem with the oppression of 
the majority Muslim people of 
Kashmir, by the Indian
Dores noted.
“The US accuses China of stealing ‘intellectual property,’ 
a twisted concept indeed. Perhaps the West should pay 
China for inventing paper, iron smelting, the seed drill,
 the compass, rockets, gunpowder and other 
innovations... that made its economic 
development possible,” he said.
“There is the accusation of currency manipulation. But 
Washington... has flooded the world with devalued 
dollars ever since the Nixon administration took 
the dollar off the gold standard in the 1970s. 
The US has long used the dollar as an 
instrument of financial warfare,” 
he said.
Why is the US Navy in the South China Sea?
“And there is the issue of ‘free navigation’ in the South 
China Sea. Which raises the question, what is the US 
Seventh Fleet doing in the South China Sea anyway? 
For that matter, why is the US Fifth Fleet off the 
coast of Iran and the US Fourth Fleet off the 
coast of Venezuela,” Dores said.
“Every year, ships carry $3.4 trillion worth of goods 
through the South China Sea. Most of that is 
bound to and from China,” he said.
“The PRC has no interest in stopping that commerce. 
It does have an interest in keeping US warships 
away from its coast and ports,” he said.
“For the past seven years, the US Navy has helped Saudi 
Arabia impose a naval blockade that is starving the 
children of Yemen. US sanctions, backed by the 
US Navy, are the main obstacle to commerce 
between nations in the world today,”
 he said.
“Instead of new CIA mission centres, military bases and 
fleets of warships and warplanes all over the world, the
 US should do what China does: Invest in schools, 
health care, housing, railroads and renewable 
energy. Bring all the ships, planes, troops 
and spies home. The world would be a
 much better and safer place,” 
he concluded.

NATO has a Scandinavian
'leftist' as its head - WHY?


Efran and Poet's tribute to
 all those killed by wars


 Librated Captive Al-Saleh 
Martyred - by shots of
 Israeli Enemy
October 16th, 6:13pm (al Manar)
The freed prisoner, Midhat Saleh al-Saleh, embraced
 martyrdom, when the Zionist forces targeted him
occupied Golan.
SANA mentioned that Al-Saleh was martyred as Israeli 
enemy’s soldiers opened fire at him, while he was 
returning home, in Ein al-Tina town, near the 
occupied town of Majdal Shams.
Source: SANA

Taliban say special forces 
to provide security for 
Shia mosques
October 16th, 2:55pm (PressTV)
The Taliban say their forces will be tasked with 
providing security at Shia mosques in the 
southern city of Kandahar, in the wake 
of a “brutal attack” on Friday prayers
which killed at least 60 worshippers.
The head of Kandahar’s police, Maulvi Mehmood, 
said on Saturday that Shia mosques had so far 
been guarded by local volunteer forces, with 
special permission to carry weapons. But, 
after the Friday attack on the Bibi Fatima 
mosque, the Taliban would take charge 
of its protection.
“Unfortunately, they could not protect this area and 
in future we will assign special security guards for 
the protection of mosques and Madrasas,” 
Mehmood said. He made the remarks
 hundreds of people gathered on 
Saturday, to bury the victims of 
the Friday bomb attack.
According to religious authorities, the toll from the 
bombing had reached 60. Health officials say the 
casualties could rise further, as “some of the
 wounded are in a critical condition and we 
are trying to transfer them to Kabul.”
The massacre came just a week after another Shia 
mosque in Afghanistan’s northern city of Kunduz, 
was targeted in a bombing during Friday prayers, 
leaving at least 150 people dead and over 200 
others injured.
Both tragedies were claimed by a local affiliate of
 the Daesh Takfiri terrorist group, which has a 
long history of attacking Afghanistan’s 
Shia minority.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the
 killings as a “despicable attack” and demanded those 
using violence to restrict Afghans’ religious freedom 
be brought to justice.
The Friday attack was the 4th since the Taliban took 
power in mid-August. The Taliban first ruled 
Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001, when the 
United States invaded the country and 
toppled the Taliban-run government 
on a pretext of fighting terrorism 
...after the September 11th
in the US.
The United States, Britain, and Israel are seeking to 
create chaos and provoke a sectarian war in 
Afghanistan in an attempt to destabilize
country, says an analyst.
Political commentator, Edward Corrigan, told Press 
on Friday... that: “somebody is trying to provoke a 
sectarian war between the Shias and the Sunnis.”
“Who is going to benefit from that, is the ultimate 
question,” Corrigan asked.  “There is evidence
that the British, the US, and the Israelis have 
been setting up bombs -- trying to provoke a
 conflict between the Shias and the Sunnis.” 

He further noted that the US occupation of 
Afghanistan, as well as the messy with
drawal of foreign troops from the 
country in August, was clearly a 
big part of the problems that
 the Afghans are facing now.

Lebanon Arrests 19 People
 Involved in Bloody 
Beirut Events
 October 16th,  2:03pm( FNA)
Lebanon has detained 19 people in relation to the recent 
gunfire in Beirut, state National News Agency reported.
Security officials said authorities detained 17 Lebanese
and 2 Syrians for questioning over Thursday's firefight.
The officials spoke on condition of 
anonymity, in line with regulations.
Lebanon, on Friday, mourned seven people killed in 
gunbattles on the streets of Beirut the previous day 
--- a confrontation that erupted over a long-running 
probe into last year’s massive port blast in the 
city --- and raised fears of the country being 
drawn into further violence.
Schools, banks and government offices across Lebanon 
shut down for a day of mourning Friday, while funerals 
were held in several parts of the country.


‘Israel’ Fails to Join the 
African Union as an 
Observer Member
October 16th, 1:27pm (al Manar)
Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtane Lamamra, revealed 
on Friday evening, that the file of granting ‘Israel’ the 
status of an observer member of the African Union 
will be 'discussed' during the summit scheduled 
to be held next February.
Lamamra made his statements after the end of the 
Executive Council of the African Union session... 
which was held on the 14th and 15th of October.
On July the 22nd, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 announced: that its ambassador to Ethiopia, Admasu 
Elali, had submitted his credentials as an observer 
member to the African Union.
After considering the decision of the EU Commission to
accept ‘Israel’ as  “irresponsible”, Lamamra assured 
that the African foreign ministers had agreed to 
discuss the issue, during the summit of EU 
heads of state, next February.
“We hope that the summit will be a correct start 
for an Africa worthy of its history,” he added.
On July 25th, the Algerian Foreign Ministry announced, 
in a statement, its refusal to accept ‘Israel’ as a new 
observer in the A.U.  Seven Arab states had also 
informed the African Union of their objection 
to its decision, to grant ‘Israel’ observer 
status in the continental organization, 
a position supported by the 
Arab League.
Source: Websites

Islamic Jihad Prisoners at Israeli Jails 
Continue Hunger Strike for the
Fourth Consecutive Day
October 16th, 11:45am (al Manar)
The Islamic Jihad prisoners at Israeli jails continued
 their hunger strike for the fourth consecutive day...
 in protest at the persecution inflicted upon  them 
by the prison authorities.
It is worth noting that 6 Palestinian prisoners, 5 of whom
 belong to the Islamic Jihad Movement...   managed, in 
early September, to escape from Gilboa jail, despite 
the strict Zionist measures... before they were
 recaptured by the enemy.
The Palestinian Prisoner Club confirms that the two 
prisoners Mohammad Al-Amoudi and Hosni Issa, 
escalated their strike, by refraining from 
drinking any water in Raymond Prison:
adding that their health conditions 
have deteriorated and that they 
were transferred to the 
prison clinic. 
The prisoners who belong to the other Palestinian 
Resistance movement will join the hunger strike 
--- if the Zionist authorities do not halt their 
punitive measures imposed on the 
Islamic Jihad prisoners.
Source: Al-Manar English Website
Dozens of Palestinians Injured 
in Israel Attack --- on Anti-
Settlement Rallies
 October 16th, 9:47am (al Manar)
Israeli occupation troops attacked protest rallies 
held south of Nablus, in the West Bank --- to 
condemn the Zionist settlement activities, 
which are illegal under international law,
--- injuring at least 44 Palestinians.
The clashes occurred on Friday, when Israeli soldiers
 attacked anti-settlement rallies, mainly by young
 Palestinians, in Beita town and the village of 
Beit Dajan, Palestine’s official Wafa news 
agency reported.
According to the Palestinian Red Crescent, at least 44
 Palestinians sustained injuries, after being attacked
 by Israeli forces.
It added, that 41 suffered respiratory problems, due to
the inhalation of tear gas, one received wounds from 
rubber-coated bullets, and two of the protesters 
were injured by falling, while the occupation 
forces were chasing the young 
The town of Beita, and the village of Beit Dajan, have 
been witnessing peaceful anti-settlement rallies on 
a daily basis, for months -- to protest against the 
planned expansion of an Israeli settlement.
More than 600,000 Israelis live in over 230 settlements 
built since the 1967 Israeli occupation of the West 
Bank and East Jerusalem al-Quds.
After former US president Donald Trump took office,
 December 2016, Israel stepped up its settlement
expansion in defiance of United Nations Security
Council Resolution 2334, which pronounces 
settlements in the West Bank and
 East Jerusalem al-Quds as “a
 flagrant violation, under
 international law.”
All Israeli settlements are illegal under
 international law, as they are built on 
occupied land.
The UN Security Council has condemned Israel’s 
settlement activities in the occupied territories
 in several resolutions.
Palestinians want the West Bank as part of a future
independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem
al-Quds as its capital.
Source: Agencies


Iran, China, Weigh Plans: to
Cooperation Deal
October 16th, 8:50am (al Manar)
The foreign ministers of Iran and China discussed 
the latest status of bilateral relations & regional 
and international developments...  with both 
stressing the need for the implementation 
of the Iran-China comprehensive 
cooperation agreement.
In a Friday 'phone conversation with his Chinese
 counterpart, Wang Yi, Iranian Foreign Minister 
Hossein Amirabdollahian --- put special 
emphasis on the need to implement 
the comprehensive 25-year 
cooperation program.
He praised China’s valuable support in 
providing the coronavirus vaccines 
needed by Iran.
The Iranian foreign minister also discussed the 
latest status of the Joint Comprehensive Plan 
of Action, with his Chinese counterpart.
For his part, Wang Yi stressed Beijing’s stance... on 
the need for all JCPOA parties to resume honoring 
their obligations. He also praised the position of 
the Islamic Republic of Iran, in this regard, the 
Iranian Foreign Ministry’s website reported.
The top Chinese diplomat, then welcomed the 
start of talks between Iran and the European
side... saying he'd 
instructed his colleagues
continue 'close consultations', in this
regard, with their 
counterparts in the 
Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Wang expressed Beijing’s readiness to implement 
the 25-year cooperation document... highlighting 
China’s commitment to continuing cooperation 
with Tehran to contain the coronavirus out-
break and providing any volume of the
 required vaccine ...for as long as 
Tehran requests.
He also stressed that the leaders of the two countries 
are determined to fully expand bilateral relations, 
and therefore Beijing, just as in the past, will 
continue to cooperate and consult with the 
Islamic Republic of Iran at all levels, 
including mutual cooperation in
regional and international 
Amirabdollahian described relations between the two
 countries as strategic, emphasizing Tehran’s serious 
efforts to follow up on the agreements reached 
between President Xi Jinping and President 
Ebrahim Raisi, in a recent telephone 
conversation... as well as the full
 implementation of the 25-year 
cooperation document.
On the beginning of talks between Iran and the European
 Union... which took place a day before, at the level of 
deputy foreign minister & deputy secretary general 
and political director of the European External 
Action Service, the Iranian foreign minister 
explained the framework of the talks and 
the definite policy of Iran --- which is the 
effective and complete removal of the
unilateral and illegal sanctions
imposed by the US.
Amirabdollahian also criticized the inaction of the three 
European countries, saying the talks have started in 
a positive and constructive direction...  which was 
confirmed by both sides at the end of Thursday’s
talks, and, therefore, it was agreed that the 
negotiations will continue at the same 
level, in Brussels... in the next
 two weeks.
Chief of Staff of Iranian
 Armed Forces to 
visit Moscow
October 16th, 7:58am (al Manar)
Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Major-
General Mohammad Bagheri, will visit Moscow 
...heading a high-ranking military delegation 
to develop mutual cooperation with the
Russian Federation.
Commodore Reza Khosravi Moqaddam, the military 
attaché of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic
Iran in the Russian Federation, made the 
announcement on Friday... saying that 
Major-General Bagheri, will travel to 
Moscow at the official invitation of 
the Russian Defense Minister, 
General Sergei Shoigu,
 next week.
According to Khosravi Moqaddam, General Baqeri
scheduled to discuss and exchange views with
Russian officials... on the development of 
cooperation - and joint defense and military
relations - the fight against 
terrorism, and
regional and international 
Source: Iranian Agencies

Sayyed Safieddine: Tayouneh Martyrs’ 
Blood Will Not Go in Vain, Coward 
“Lebanese Forces” Does Not 
Dare to Confront Hezbollah
October 15th, 4:08pm (al Manar)
Head of Hezbollah's Executive Council, Sayyed Hashem
 Safieddine, stressed, on Friday, that the “Lebanese 
Forces” Party itself, committed the massacre 
against the civilian peaceful protesters 
in Tayouneh area, on Thursday.
Delivering a speech during Hezbollah's funeral of a number
of the Tayouneh martyrs in Beirut’s Dahiyeh...  Sayyed 
Safieddine indicated that the peaceful protest was
normal event held to express a certain stance 
against the politicization of the Beirut Port 
probe, and it could have ended regularly.
However, the massacre which was committed by
 “Lebanese Forces” was planned earlier,
Safieddine added.
His eminence explained that Hezbollah had prior 
knowledge about the militia's movements in 
Tayouneh area and coordinated the protest 
with the Lebanese Army, -- noting that the 
Army may not have been able to obtain
 the necessary data, about the 
“Lebanese Forces” decision 
to attack the protesters.
“Who committed this unspeakable crime, was the 
Lebanese Forces, which will be held responsible 
before the martyrs’ blood.”
Sayyed Safieddine indicated that the cowardly
 militiamen of the “Lebanese Forces”.. did not 
dare to confront those men and women who 
have defeated the Israeli enemy and the US 
plots in the region, so they attacked the 
civilians... to lead Lebanon into a 
civil war.
“Hezbollah Resistance will stay powerful 
and nothing can undermine its might.’
The “Lebanese Forces” Party has unveiled its reality
 because its may be ordered by its defeated regional 
masters to ignite a civil war in Lebanon, according 
to Sayyed Safieddine, who added that the
crime is one of the US plots
funded by some 
Arab states.
Sayyed Safieddine stressed that Hezbollah will not
be dragged into a civil war, but that the martyrs’ 
blood will never go in vain.
In this regard, Sayyed Safieddine indicated that the
Tayouneh martyrs protected the entire nation from 
the “Lebanese Forces” sedition, stressing that 
Hezbollah will pursue the case of the 
Tayouneh martyrs... until their
are restored.
Sayyed Safieddine called on everyone in Lebanon to
 express a clear attitude towards the “Lebanese 
Forces” plot to lead Lebanon into a civil war
--- to 
serve the interests of the US and 
some Arab regimes.
On Thursday, the Lebanese Forces militia staged  a 
deadly ambush in Tayouneh, as they opened fire at 
peaceful demonstrators who were protesting the
 politicization of Beirut Port blast, near the
Palace, leaving seven martyrs
and more than
 30 injuries.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Iran says Shia-Sunni unity 
a must: to counter divisive 
plots by Muslims' enemies
October 15th, 3:51pm 9PressTV)
Iran has condemned as an anti-human crime a 
terrorist attack by Takfiri groups at a Shia 
mosque, in Afghanistan’s southern city 
of Kandahar.. underlining the need for 
unity among Shia and Sunni Muslims
 to counter divisive plots by enemies.
In a statement on Friday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry 
warned against enemy schemes for the Muslim 
world, and called for reinforcing unity and 
integrity among Muslims, and avoiding 
violence and extremism in the name 
of Islam.
More than 60 people were killed in three back-to-back
 explosions that hit the Bibi Fatima mosque during 
Friday prayers, one of the biggest blasts in 
Kandahar city.
There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the 
attack. Eyewitnesses described three terrorists, one 
of whom blew himself up at the entrance to the 
mosque, with the other two detonating their 
devices inside the building.
It came just a week after a bomb attack claimed by the 
Daesh Takfiri terrorist group killed more than 150 
people and left score of others injured at a Shia
 mosque in the northeastern city of Kunduz.
Some believe the bombings are aligned with a plot 
hatched by the United States to use Daesh to 
undermine the Taliban’s newly-established 
government in Afghanistan and continue 
its long-running campaign... aimed at 
ethnically cleansing the minority 
Hazara Shia community.
In its statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the 
tragic incident and other sad events in the past, 
including the attack on worshipers in Kunduz, 
further highlight the need to adopt measures 
to protect Shia and Sunni religious centres 
and other gatherings in Afghanistan.... It 
expressed confidence that the Muslim 
Afghan people would thwart the 
enemies’ plots through 
On Friday...  Iran’s embassy in Kabul also denounced the
terrorist attack in Kandahar. In a statement, the Iranian
diplomatic mission extended its condolences to the
bereaved... and hoped for firm action by the

Kiev forces violate ceasefire
 nine times over past week
October 15th, 3:46pm (DAN)
 Ukrainian forces violated the ceasefire nine times 
over the past week, said DPR People’s Militia 
deputy chief-of-staff, Eduard Basurin.
“Ukrainian fighters violated the ceasefire nine times 
over the past week using 120 mm, 82 mm mortars, 
grenade launchers, and small arms," he said.
The enemy targeted seven townships.
A civilian was injured in Alexandrovka,
 and a household sustained damage
 in Kominternovo.
The Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire were
 signed at the Contact Group meeting, on July 22nd... to
 reinforce and control the indefinite ceasefire in effect 
since July 21st, 2019, the latest in the series of more 
than 20 reconfirmations and announcements of the 
“silence regime”. The package came into effect on 
July the 27th.
32 Killed, 53 Injured, 
In Blast at Mosque In 
Afghanistan’s Kandahar
October 15th, 1:18pm (al Manar)
The blasts that tore through a Shiite mosque in the 
southern Afghan city of Kandahar during Friday 
prayers, killed at least 32 people and injured 
53 others.
A doctor at the city’s central Mirwais hospital told AFP:
 “Thirty-two bodies and 53 wounded people have 
been brought to our hospital so far.”
The cause of the explosions was not immediately clear, 
but they came a week after a suicide attack on Shiite
 worshippers at a mosque in the northern city of
 Kunduz, that was claimed by the ISIL
 terrorist group.
Other medical sources and a provincial official confirmed
 a toll of more than 30, and at least 15 ambulances were 
rushing to and from the scene.
The mosque’s Facebook account made 
an appeal for blood donations.
An eyewitness told AFP he heard three explosions, one 
at the main door of the mosque, another at a southern 
area, and a third where worshippers wash, before
 their prayers.
Another witness also said that three blasts rocked 
the mosque in the centre of the town during 
Friday prayers, the busiest congregation 
of the week.
“We are saddened to learn...  that an explosion took place 
in a mosque of the Shiite brotherhood in the first district 
of Kandahar city in which a number of our compatriots 
were martyred and wounded,” tweeted the interior 
ministry spokesman, Qari Sayed Khosti, of the 
Taliban movement that rules Afghanistan.
“Special forces of the Islamic Emirate have arrived in the 
area to determine the nature of the incident and bring 
the perpetrators to justice.”
Source: Websites


Kiev forces shell 
with mortars
October 15th, 12:33pm (DAN) 
Ukrainian armed formations shelled Yasinovataya 
with mortar rounds today, the DPR Mission to the 
JCCC said.
The fire originated from Ukraine-controlled 
Avdeyevka at 11.55 a.m., 6 shells exploded.

FM: Saudi Arabia 'serious about' 
detente with Iran, talks 'cordial'
October 15th, 11:26am (PressTV)
Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud 
has signaled his country's desire to repair relations 
with Iran, saying the kingdom is “serious” about 
talks with the Islamic Republic.
The two Middle East heavyweights have held four rounds 
of talks since April, including a first meeting last month 
with the government of new President Ebrahim Raeisi.
In an interview with the Financial Times published on 
Friday, Prince Faisal described the negotiations as
 “exploratory” but “cordial”.
“We are serious about the talks,” he said. “For us it’s
 not that big a shift. We’ve always said we want to 
find a way to stabilize the region.”
Saudi Arabia unilaterally cut diplomatic ties with Iran in
 January 2016... after angry protests were held outside 
its embassy in Tehran, in reaction to the kingdom's 
execution of a senior Shia cleric.
The Financial Times cited an unnamed Saudi official as
 saying that Riyadh was considering an Iranian request 
for it to open its consulate in Jeddah. Riyadh was
considering allowing Tehran to reopen its 
representative office for the Organization 
of Islamic Cooperation, in the port
it added.
Under Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s stewardship,
 Riyadh had aggressively pursued a confrontational policy
 vis-a-vis Iran, but Prince Faisal indicated that his
has changed tack.

“The leadership has a clear policy that the priority is
 prosperity, building the country, Vision 2030, and 
you can’t deliver those things with a region in 
turmoil,” he commented. “So, while we will
defend our national security
and our 
sovereignty, we will try to
them through diplomacy
as well.”
Saudi Arabia has been waging a destructive war on 
Lebanon, which has left the kingdom mired in a 
quagmire. Its brief detention of Saad Hariri 
while he was Lebanon’s prime minister 
and the murder of the dissident 
journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, 
also landed it in hot water. 
Prince Faisal cited a “confluence of events, that 
made it feel like it was the right moment” to
to Iran.
“We were always willing to talk, if they might actually 
be serious,” he said. “Various factors came into play.”
Last month, Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdulaziz 
Al Saud expressed hope that Riyadh's direct dialogue 
with Tehran, would lead to confidence building.
Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh 
has said Tehran is pleased with how negotiations have
 proceeded with Saudi Arabia, emphasizing that the 
two regional players have the capacity to
 “sustainable” ties.

 Multiple casualties reported: 
explosion at mosque gates 
in Afghanistan’s Kandahar
October 15th, 11:11am (RT)
An explosion at a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s southern 
city of Kandahar, during Friday prayers, has left multiple
 casualties, according to witnesses, with victims being 
transported to hospital in ambulances and cars.
The explosion hit the Imam Barga mosque while Shia 
worshippers were gathering at packed Friday 
prayers, leaving local media reporting 
multiple casualties, although an 
exact number, is not 
yet known. 
Footage circulating on social media showed the aftermath 
of the blast, with smoke billowing from the area where
 the mosque is located, in the centre of the city.
Distressing videos showed bodies, covered by blankets, 
as they were surrounded by worshippers who 
attempted to help them in the wake of 
the explosion.
The cause of the blast has not been confirmed but it is
 thought to have been a suicide bombing. If that is the 
case, it would mark the second suicide bombing in 
Afghanistan in recent weeks, with IS-K having 
taken responsibility for an explosion in 
Kunduz last week.
Kandahar has been under the Taliban’s control since 
August 13th, as the militant group swiftly gained 
territory across Afghanistan, ahead of their 
ousting of the country’s government.


Uzbekistan rules out 
prospect of hosting 
US forces
October 15th, 10am (PressTV)
Uzbekistan has strongly rejected any possible stationing 
of US troops in the Central Asian country to purportedly 
combat terrorism in Afghanistan, following the Taliban
 takeover of the war-ravaged country.
"This is out of the question"...  Uzbekistan’s Foreign Minister 
Abdulaziz Kamilov said after US-based news outlet Politico
 reported Thursday that Pentagon officials intended to visit
 Uzbekistan this month... to discuss the possibility of 
deploying forces for striking extremist positions
 in Afghanistan.
Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, earlier said at 
a press briefing in Moscow, that former Soviet states
- including Uzbekistan - stand firm in their 
unwillingness to host US forces.
Lavrov's comments came after the Wall Street Journal 
- citing unnamed sources - reported on Monday that 
Moscow and Washington were, allegedly, in talks 
discussing the possible use of Russian military
 bases in Central Asia, by US troops.
Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria 
Zakharova, said US Under Secretary of State 
Victoria Nuland, who visited Russia this 
week, was told that the deployment of 
the US, or NATO infrastructure, in 
the region...  is categorically 
unacceptable for Russia.
A Pentagon delegation... is currently in Uzbekistan 
discussing with Uzbek authorities the possibility 
of deploying its "over the horizon" counter-
terrorism forces - aiming to maintain its
surveillance on Afghanistan and strike
 targets in this country, if necessary.
US Ambassador to Kazakhstan, William Moser, said at 
a news briefing on Tuesday, that the US military does 
not yet have any specific plans for using Russian 
military bases in Central Asia, in order to 
counter terrorism.
The latest developments come as United States is now 
reportedly going to increase drone surveillance and 
strikes in Afghanistan, despite formally pulling out
 its troops.
The Taliban-ruled Afghan government has recently warned
 Washington that there would be “bad consequences” if the
 US-operated unmanned drones continued the violation of 
the country’s airspace.
Taliban warn US against ‘destabilizing’ Afghan government
“We clearly told them that trying to destabilize the
 government in Afghanistan, is good for no one,” 
said the Taliban’s foreign minister.
The government of Afghanistan rapidly collapsed on August
15th and President Ashraf Ghani fled the country in the face
 of the lightning advances of the Taliban that followed US 
President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw, in a 
disastrous pullout.
The US-led invasion of Afghanistan, in 2001, removed the
Taliban from power, but worsened the security situation 
in the country. Two decades later, the Taliban have 
returned to power again. After the takeover of 
Afghanistan by the Taliban, Russia held 
military drills with Tajikistan and 
Uzbekistan... which share a 
border with Afghanistan.

Lebanon Interior Ministry --- confirms 
Geagea militia behind sniper killings
 in Beirut
October 15th, 9:58am (PressTV)
A top-level meeting at Lebanon’s Interior Ministry has
 concluded that the far-right Lebanese Forces (LF) a 
political party led by Samir Geagea, had started
 the Thursday shooting in Beirut, that killed
people on Thursday.
All details of the bloody event were discussed in a meeting 
of the Central Security Council, at Lebanon’s Interior 
Ministry, in the presence of the leaders of the 
security services, who unanimously agreed 
that members of the LF had started 
the shooting.
At least six people were killed and 60 others injured in
 attack, during which Hezbollah supporters were
from rooftops, while they were gathering to 
peacefully protest against a judge
 investigating last year’s Beirut 
Port explosion, as they 
accused him of bias.
After the incident, the Lebanese Army issued a statement, 
saying: “the protesters, as they headed to the Adliyeh
 area, were fired upon in the Tayouneh-Badaro area.”
However, observers noted contradictions between the army
statement and a second statement that was issued after a
meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State for Political 
Affairs, Victoria Nuland.
The second army statement said when protesters headed to
 the Al-Adliya area for their sit-in, there was a dispute and an
 “exchange of fire” took place, which led to the killing of a 
number of citizens and the injury of others.
In a statement, Hezbollah and its ally Amal said armed groups
 affiliated with Geagea's Lebanese Forces party fired at the
 protesters from rooftops, aiming at their heads, in an 
attempt to drag Lebanon into new sectarian strife.
According to The Cradle, one of the officers attending the
 Interior Ministry meeting produced details about snipers
 spread out across the roofs of surrounding buildings, in
 advance of events, who then opened fire on protesters 
as they passed from the Tayouneh area.
Armed LF assailants had already been deployed in the
internal streets of the adjacent Ain al-Remmaneh
neighbourhood since early morning, to prepare 
for the confrontation, a security source told
 the investigative media platform.
The unnamed source revealed that as the protesters 
were passing on the Old Sidon road, there were 
already provocations by a gathering of forces 
in Zaroub al-Farr School, who threw stones 
at the demonstrators, even before the LF 
assailants attacked them.
Military sources also said that no one was arrested 
after the army stormed a number of buildings from 
which the shooting was directed.
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah 
has accused Judge Tarek Bitar, who is investigating 
the Beirut port explosion, of “politically targeting” 
officials in his investigation.
Bitar has, for months, tried to question former prime 
minister, Hasan Diab, as well as ex-ministers Ali 
Hasan Khalil, Ghazi Zeiter, Nouhad Machnouk
 and Youssef Finianos. Khalil and Zeiter 
belong to the Amal Movement,
allied to Hezbollah.
The judge has, also, sought to summon General Security 
chief Major General Abbas Ibrahim and State Security 
head, Major General Tony Saliba. However, the 
Interior Ministry and Higher Defence Council 
did not grant him permission to do so.
Iran condemns Beirut shooting
In a statement on Friday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry 
spokesman condemned the Beirut shooting, 
calling for restraint and calm in Lebanon.
The Islamic Republic “believes that through their cohesion
 and unity, the Lebanese people, government and army, 
along with the resistance, will emerge victorious as 
always against the seditions and conspiracies 
rooted in the Zionist regime, and designed 
and carried out by the regime’s masters 
and agents,” Saeed Khatibzadeh said.
Khatibzadeh offered his condolences to the Lebanese
 government and people, particularly the bereaved 
families of the victims, and wished a quick 
recovery for the injured.
He called on the Lebanese government and resistance to
 immediately identify and arrest the perpetrators behind 
such crimes against and provocations among, the
 Lebanese people.
Hezbollah also called on the army to intervene quickly 
and detain the perpetrators, and called on its 
supporters to remain calm and “not be 
drawn to malicious discord.”
Geagea's history of sedition
Geagea was tried and convicted in 1994 for ordering four
 political assassinations, including the assassination of
 Lebanon’s Prime Minister Rashid Karami in 1987, and 
the unsuccessful attempted assassination of 
Defense Minister Michel Murr, in 1991.
The LF and Geagea are known for their close affiliation to
 the West and Saudi Arabia, a country that has sought to 
increase its sway in Lebanon, mainly to block the rise 
of the Lebanese resistance movement, Hezbollah.
The LF party that now holds 15 out of 64 Christian seats in
the Lebanese parliament, was previously a militia group
that emerged from the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990).

"Perform up to your mandate"DPR
 residents demand OSCE to react
 to LPR officer kidnapping
Donetsk, 15 October 9:51am (DAN.)
 "We are sick and tired of the Ukrainian armed forces," 
"Ukrainian army and security services kill and 
capture people," read the signs that 
protesters hold in front of the 
SMM office in Donetsk.
The crowd of about 100 people streamed to the city centre
 Friday morning. to rally against the mission's silence after
 the abduction of an LPR officer in the JCCC by an armed 
Ukrainian reconnaissance squad, in the "grey zone" of 
the Zolotoye settlement. 
Demonstrators gathered under the warm sun right at the
 entrance to the Park Inn hotel at the Pushkina Blvd, 
where the international monitoring mission is 
based, to demand that its members assist
liberating officer Andrey Kosyak.
"He was performing his duties, monitoring the situation, 
he was not a threat to anyone, but he was kidnapped 
by a Ukrainian DRG," says Michael, using an 
abbreviation, that has become a household
phrase in the war-torn region, as it stands 
for saboteur and reconnaissance squads 
so often used by the Ukrainian army,
perpetrate attacks in the 
frontline areas.
"They must react to this act of Kiev and demand Andrey's
 liberation. After all, he is their colleague, he is also a 
monitor, he was not going to attack anyone, He was 
treated so despicably. The OSCE must --- show 
courage and condemn Kiev's actions," said 
Irina, of Petrovskiy district, in Donetsk.
The mission has not responded so far... some of its 
members silently observing the crowd and signs, 
calling on them --- to do something.


Russian Military: Israel Carried Out 
Syria's Homs Airstrike Under Cover 
of Two Civilian Aircraft
October 15th, 9:32am (FNA)
The Russian Ministry of Defense, verified on Thursday,
that the prior day's airstrikes near Palmyra had been
 carried out by Israeli strike aircraft.
Rear Adm. Vadim Kulit, deputy head of the Russian Centre
for the Reconciliation of Warring Parties in Syria, said at 
a Thursday briefing, that the airstrikes, which were 
launched in the vicinity of At-Tanf near the tri-
border area with Jordan and Iraq, late on 
Wednesday night, had been carried out
by four Israeli Air Force F-16 Sufa 
strike aircraft, Sputnik reports.
The long-range missiles struck a communications tower 
and the surrounding area near the city of Palmyra in 
Eastern Homs Governorate, killing one Syrian Arab 
Army soldier and wounding three others, Sputnik 
reported at the time, citing Syrian state media. 
Kulit said, on Thursday, that a phosphate ore 
processing plant, had also been hit.
It was reported at the time Syria's air defenses near
 Palmyra...  had attempted to engage the incoming 
projectiles. However, Kulit said that "The Syrian 
military leadership decided not to use the air 
defense systems, since, at the time of the 
Israeli aviation attack, two civilian 
passenger aircraft were in the 
zone of destruction of the
 anti-aircraft systems".
Israel has pioneered the use of this new 'tactic' during the
Syrian War, using the flights of civilian aircraft over Syria
 as a way to get around the Russian-made air defense
 systems used by the SAA, which have a very high 
rate of intercept when able to properly engage
 incoming targets.
In February, an Airbus A320 with 172 passengers on board
 was forced out of the sky by an Israeli attack, temporarily
 making an emergency landing at the Russian-operated
 Hmeimim Air Base... before continuing on to
after the attack was over.
In 2018, Jerusalem was forced to apologize, after using a 
Russian Il-20 reconnaissance aircraft for cover during an
 attack, causing a Syrian S-200 surface-to-air missile to 
shoot down the Russian aircraft instead. The attack 
killed 15 Russian servicemembers, injured 10 
others, and also killed two Syrian service-
members. According to Russia's MoD -- 
the IAF warned them of an impending 
strike, just 60 seconds before the 
Israeli aircraft lifted off -- giving
 them just minutes to prepare.

Palestinian Man Shot Dead by 
Occupation Army in Bethlehem
October 15th, 9:31am  (FNA)
A Palestinian young man was shot dead on Thursday 
night, and another one arrested, by the Israeli 
occupation forces during an Israeli raid of 
Beit Jala town, in the occupied West 
Bank province of Bethlehem, 
local sources said.
Witnesses told WAFA that clashes broke out between 
local residents and the Israeli occupation forces in 
Bir Ouna neighbourhood, on the outskirts of Beit 
Jala, during which a Palestinian was shot dead 
and another one was arrested by the forces.
The Palestinian killed by the Israeli occupation 
forces during the raid, is yet to be identified.
DPR Foreign Ministry warns of 
aggravations following JCCC 
officer abduction
October 15th,  9:14am (DAN) 
Donetsk has protested over the abduction of
an officer 
of the LPR Mission to the JCCC,
the DPR Minister 
of Foreign Affairs,
Natalia Nikonorova said.
"A diplomatic note was sent yesterday to the Special
 Representatives of the OSCE Chairperson-in-Office
in Ukraine and in the Contact Group - where we 
have voiced a vehement protest against Kiev's 
unacceptable actions. Moreover, we have 
attracted the attention of the mediators
the risk of establishing a dangerous 
precedent," she said.
Nikonorova added that, in the absence of any reaction 
from international organisations, similar situations 
might happen.
"It would inevitably deteriorate the situation at the 
contact line, making it tens, or rather, a hundred 
times worse."
The kidnapping of an LPR representative in the Mission 
to the JCCC might affect repair works at the Donbass 
critical infrastructure, the DPR Mission to the JCCC
 said earlier.
The officer was kidnapped this week by two armed 
members of the Ukrainian army in the Zolotoye 
area, as he was observing the ceasefire 
during the clearance of a road at the 
Pervomaisk-Zolotoye checkpoint.

U.S. to keep 'hegemonic ambitions'
says academic Michael Brenner
October 14th, 10:43pm (Prensa Latina)
 Michael Brenner, on Thursday, assured that the 
United States has no political leadership that 
allows it to give up its hegemonic ambitions
 and accept global multipolarity.
I´m convinced this will not happen in the 
short or medium term, said Brenner.
In a stark assessment of the international politics 
of the United States and its allies, the professor 
added that there is a failure of political leader
ship and strategic thinking, in successive 
White House administrations.
This is evident in Washington's relentless antagonism 
with China, and its inability to talk and reach 
agreements with Beijing.... so as to solve
issues of interest to both nations.... and
the world, Brenner said, in an interview
 with the Strategic Culture Foundation.
According to Brenner, the United States will need 
something similar to Cuba´s 1962 Missile Crisis, 
when the U.S. and Soviet Union were on the
of a nuclear war.
Only the fear of war will break the comatose 
intellectual-political state in which the 
United States finds itself, 
Brenner claimed.
In the interview, the US analyst explained: that 
such crude conduct in international relations,
 is counterproductive for the United States 
and its Western allies.
Brenner condemned President Joe Biden´s strategic
 ambiguity, who, despite repeatedly saying he is not
 interested in a cold war with China, takes 
provocative steps, to cause a rift 
with China.
Joe Biden has no coherent strategic design, and the 
control over his homeland security team is tenuous, 
Brenner explained, and clarified that China is a 
lethal threat - for the United States - and 
confrontation is its only 'logical 


President Aoun Reassures 
the Lebanese: Clock 
Won’t Be Turned Back
October 14th, 8:42pm (al Manar)

President Michel Aoun reassured, in a televised address 
on Thursday, the Lebanese that the clock would not be 
turned back and that Lebanon won’t surrender
 to strife.
Tackling the latest security developments in 
Tayouneh area, President Aoun rejected 
what happened, stressing that the 
competent authorities will hold
 the culprits accountable.
President Aoun indicated that the street is not the 
proper place to express political objections, 
highlighting the role of the constitutional
 institutions in finding solutions.
Six martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack carried out by the 
“Lebanese Forces” gunmen on the 
peaceful protestors in 
Tayouneh area.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Army Arrests Group of
“Lebanese Forces” Gun-
men in 
Mount Lebanon
- Al-Manar Sources
October 14th, 7:40pm
According to Al-Manar sources, the Army units 
arrested, late on Thursday, a group of
Forces” gunmen
in Mount Lebanon.
The sources added that the arrested gunmen 
were fully prepared and standing by, in wait 
for the party’s orders.
The Lebanese army announced, in a statement
on Thursday, that its units arrested 9 culprits
 in the attack of the “Lebanese Forces” 
gunmen, on the protesters in 
Tayouneh area.
According to Al-Manar sources, the “Lebanese 
Forces” members and commanders.. who 
carried out the attack on the protesters 
in Tayouneh area, were George Touma 
...and his son, Rodrigue, Nasib Touma, 
Rodney Aswad, Najib  Hatem, Tawfik 
Moawad, Tawfik Simon Moawad, 
Elias Michel Nakhle, Shukri
Saab, and Pierre
Jabbour, the security aide of the “Lebanese Forces” 
head Samir Geagea had earlier inspected the scene 
of the attack... and instigated the gunmen to show
brutality which appeared during the assault.
Six martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack, carried out by the 
“Lebanese Forces” gunmen on the 
peaceful protestors in 
Tayouneh area.
Source: Al-Manar English Website


Yemeni forces close in on Ma’rib 
...as powerful tribe agrees to 
hold back
October 14th,  7:40pm (PressTV)
Forces with Yemen’s Ansarullah movement, which 
controls the country’s government, from the 
capital Sana’a, have continued to advance 
on the strategic city of Ma’rib, with local 
reports saying that some leaders of the 
powerful Murad tribe, have agreed to 
refrain from fighting the resistance 
forces... who seem destined to
 the remaining areas.
The Yemeni Army has, so far, advanced in Ma’rib’s 
al-Jubah district and now controls most of it, the 
Middle East Eye, quoted residents as saying, 
while battles in the remaining areas of al-
Jubah, as well as in al-Abdiya district, 
are underway.
Both districts are home to the Murad tribe, whose 
agreement with the government has paved the 
way for the smooth capture of al-Jubah.
Yemeni journalist Mohammed Ali said the recent 
advances by the Sana’a government forces in 
Ma’rib, reflect how tribal leaders feel let
by the Saudi-led coalition.
“It would be impossible for the Houthis (Ansarullah
 movement) to capture any area in the city without
 the support of locals,” he told the MEE.
Saudi Arabia and its allies launched a devastating 
military campaign against Yemen, in 2015... to 
reinstall Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi in Sana’a,
but the war has failed to 
achieve its goal,
and instead, 
killed hundreds of 
thousands of Yemeni people.
In recent months, the war coalition’s forces have 
been striving in vain to stop the Yemeni Army’s 
advances towards Ma’rib city.
‘Ansarullah can capture Ma’rib in one day’
“The battles now are very close to the city, and the 
Houthis took over some areas, for the first time,” 
Khaldoon, a resident of Ma’rib, told the MEE.
He confirmed that many leaders of the Murab tribe 
helped the Sana’a government seize some areas 
by not fighting. “Many people, including tribal 
leaders, have lost trust in the [overthrown] 
government and the president.”
Mohammed, a pro-Ansarullah resident of Sana’a 
who is originally from Ma’rib, said forces of the
 resistance movement respect civilians and 
“they want to take over Ma’rib, with the
 least loss among them.”
He said if Ansarullah didn't care about civilians, 
they could take over Ma’rib city, in one day.
"But the battle has taken a long time because the 
Houthis don’t want to harm civilians,” he said, 
noting that the main reason behind the 
recent advances by the Yemeni Army
 is that people from Ma’rib have 
been joining and supporting 
them to liberate their areas.
Ever since some regions in the strategic province 
of Ma’rib, which sits at a crossroads between the 
southern and northern regions, were liberated 
by the Yemeni forces, recently, Saudi Arabia 
and its allies have significantly stepped
their military aggression.
The spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces said 
the operations to fully liberate areas currently 
under enemy control in the central Yemeni 
province, will continue.

Far-right nationalists march under
‘White Lives Matter’ 
banner in Kiev
as Ukrainians 
celebrate ‘Defenders
Defendresses Day’
by Jonny Tickle
October 14th, 6:17pm (RT)

Thousands of far-right Ukrainian nationalists have taken 
to the streets in Kiev, on the country’s Defenders and
 Defendresses Day, a public holiday, under the flags 
of the Azov and Right Sector extremist 
organizations, among others.
The march, which began in the city’s centre, started at 
noon on Thursday...  and saw the participants walk 
through Kiev to Maidan, the capital’s main square.
The holiday, founded in 2015...  is celebrated every year on
October 14th. A regular fixture of the festivities has been 
a march of Nazis through the centre of Kiev. The date 
was chosen to coincide with the anniversary of the 
founding of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a Nazi 
collaboration group that fought against the 
Soviet Union during World War II.
 In recent years the group has been revered, despite 
its collaboration with occupying German forces and 
its involvement in the Holocaust & ethnic cleansing. 

The Ukrainian Insurgent Army was the paramilitary 
arm of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, 
led by ultra-nationalist collaborator and anti-
semite, Stepan Bandera.

Last year, the march saw banners decrying the 
country’s “occupation and robbery” by a 
“Jewish clan.”
Groups involved in the annual march... include Svoboda, 
an ultranationalist political party, and National Corps, 
a group founded by veterans of the neo-Nazi Azov 
Battalion. The extremist group, Right Sector,
 also represented.

On Maidan square, the nationalists burned a clown 
effigy, resembling Volodymyr Zelensky, the 
Ukrainian president, who is Jewish.
Nazi marches are not uncommon in Ukraine. Earlier 
this year, far-right nationalists staged a march in 
the centre of the city, to mark the 77th 
anniversary of WWII Nazi military 
division, SS Galicia.
Created in Lvov in 1943, SS Galicia was made up
 predominantly, of Ukrainian volunteers who 
wanted to take up arms for Nazi Germany 
against the Soviet Union and mainly 
fought against local partisans. 
The unit was almost wiped out in the 1944 Battle of Lvov–
Sandomierz and later saw action in Slovakia and Austria. 

In 1945, it rebranded as the Ukrainian National Army, 
and lasted until the end of the war, in May that year.


 Chinese Think Tank Triangulates 
Spot Where US Sub Likely Collided
 With Mystery Object
October 14th, 5:50pm (Sputnik)
Last Thursday, the US Pacific Fleet reported that 11 Navy
 seamen received minor to moderate injuries after their
 nuclear attack sub struck an unknown object while
 submerged and operating in international waters 
in the Indo-Pacific region on October 2nd. US 
media later clarified that the incident took 
place in the highly sensitive South 
China Sea.
A Beijing-based think tank believes it’s honed in on the
 approximate area where the USS Connecticut bumped
 into a mystery object during operations in the South 
China Sea earlier this month.
Speaking to the Chinese language edition of the Global 
Times newspaper, Hu Bo, director of the South China 
Sea Strategic Situation Probing Initiative (SCSPI), 
said the think tank used satellite data to 
determine that the sub was likely to 
have had its accident southeast of 
China’s Hainan Island and north 
of the Paracel/Xisha Islands in
 the Hainan-Paracel-Bashi 
Channel triangle.
“This is an area of major activity by the US military
 in the South China Sea,” Hu explained.
The director pointed out that on the morning of October 4th, 
two days after the sub bump incident, a US carrier group 
- led by the USS Carl Vinson - passed through the Bashi 
Channel. Hu pointed out that it is standard procedure 
for US submarines to scout ahead of carriers at 
distances between 300 and 500 km, to help 
assure their safety.
“If the submarine was part of the carrier group, then
 it was certainly in the triangle we indicated,” the 
analyst said.
Hu indicated that, based on US naval strategy against
 the Soviet Union during the Cold War, US attack subs
 typically deployed near ports where enemy
nuclear subs 
are stationed. If that was the
mission of the USS 
Connecticut, that too,
could help to explain its 
location at the time of the
he said.
If the SCSPI’s estimates are correct, that would put the 
errant US sub well within the so-called nine-dash line
 demarcation of the People’s Republic’s claims in the 
South China Sea. In addition to China, Vietnam
stakes a claim to the waters.
Chinese Military Culture Society director and military 
strategist Du Wenlong told Global Times that if the 
accident led to any leak of radiation from its 
onboard nuclear reactor, it could prove 
catastrophic for the entire planet.
“Highly enriched uranium used in nuclear submarine
 reactors is different from industrial-grade enriched
 uranium used in nuclear power plants. If a nuclear
 submarine with a displacement of over 9,000 
tonnes suffers a nuclear leak under water, 
the consequences would be very 
serious,” Du said.
The expert stressed that this kind of leak would not only 
poison the local environment and contaminate water, 
marine animals, and plant life but get spread around
the oceans by sea currents, resulting in a 
catastrophe on a global scale.
In its statement last week, the US Navy emphasised that the
 USS Connecticut’s nuclear propulsion plant was “not 
affected” by the bumping accident, and remained 
fully operational, with the sub limping back to 
port in Guam, independently.
The USS Connecticut is a Seawolf-class submarine, one of
 the most advanced, but also the most expensive, kinds of 
attack subs in the US Navy’s arsenal. The boat is one of 
three Seawolf-class subs in service. Thanks to their 
nuclear reactor, the vessels’ endurance is limited 
only by the need to stock up on supplies for its 
crew, and they are equipped with an arsenal 
of anti-ship, anti-sub & land-attack arms. 
Last week, retired Russian Admiral Vladimir Valuyev said he 
couldn’t imagine that a sub decked out with such advanced 
onboard navigation systems... could simply collide with an
 underwater reef or rock formation. He suggested that the 
most likely explanation was that the sub struck a 
“recently built or still under construction oil-
drilling installation” which the Pentagon 
was not aware of on its maps.
Beijing has urged the United States and any other country or
 countries involved in the incident to provide relevant details, 
“including the exact location of the incident, the purpose of 
this trip, and details of what the submarine encountered.”
On Monday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao 
Lijian, accused the US... of failing to provide the relevant
information, & suggested that: “such [an] irresponsible
& secretive approach has raised even more suspicion
among the international community, about the USA’s
intentions and the details of the accident.”
The South China Sea, is one of the most sensitive bodies 
of water in the world. Along with China, parts of the sea 
are claimed by Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, 
the Philippines, and Vietnam. The sea is not only
 crucial artery for global shipping, but is also
in fish and untapped energy resources.
Despite laying no claims of its own to the body of water, the
 United States characterises the South China Sea as a 
“matter of strategic interest” for Washington. Since 
2010, the US has sought to establish or shore up 
regional alliances with claimants other than 
China, and has carried out drills and so-
called "freedom of navigation"
in the area. 
Beijing has blasted these efforts, and called on the US 
to butt out of regional affairs. In the early 2000s...
People’s Republic & the members of ASEAN 
(Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, 
Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand
 and Vietnam) began talks on establishing a 
"code of conduct" in the South China Sea 
meant to resolve territorial and other 
disputes, without the involvement
outside powers. 
Washington has done all in its power to 
hamper or torpedo, these negotiations.

 US Army Has Conducted
Long-Range Precision
Missile Test  Exceeding
Maximum Threshold
October 14th, 5:34pm (Sputnik)
The US Army conducted a test flight of a new long-range
 precision missile that exceeds the maximum threshold, 
Lockheed Martin said on Thursday.
"Lockheed Martin’s Precision Strike Missile... completed its 
longest flight to date, exceeding maximum threshold, with 
the US Army yesterday at Vandenberg Space Force Base, 
California," Lockheed Martin said, in a press release. 
"This marks the fifth consecutive successful flight
 test for the missile."
Another test flight for the weapon is scheduled to take place
 before the end of this year, the release said, adding that the
 goal is to have early operating capability by 2023. The
 missile was launched from a high Mobility Artillery 
Rocket Systems launcher and flew over the 
Pacific Ocean, the release said.
A Politico reporter earlier broke the news on Twitter, saying 
that the range exceeded what had been agreed to by the US
 and Russia in the now-suspended Intermediate-Range 
Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.
According to Defense News, "the original intent was to reach
 a maximum of 499 kilometres," but Washington's 2019
 pullout from the INF Treaty "has allowed the US Army
 to develop the missile to reach ranges much farther."
The 1987 agreement between the US and the then Soviet 
Union banned land-based missiles with ranges between 
500 and 5,500 kilometres, in a bid to ease tensions: 
created by quick-strike missiles capable of 
delivering a nuclear attack, in between 
six and eight minutes.

Army Commander Updates
President Aoun... on the
Massacre Committed 
by “Lebanese Forces”
 in Tayouneh Area
October 14th, 4:42pm (al Manar)
President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, met Army
Commander, General Joseph Aoun, this afternoon, at the
 Presidential Palace.
The Army Commander briefed the President on the details 
of the security events that took place today in Tayouneh, 
and the measures taken by the Army to cease fire and 
restore security and stability to the region.
General Aoun also briefed President Aoun on the ongoing
 investigations to reveal the reasons for what happened 
and the parties behind it.
Six martyrs and around 30 injured were reported during 
the armed attack carried out by the “Lebanese Forces”
 gunmen on the peaceful protestors in Tayouneh area.
Source: Al-Manar English Website and NNA

Hezbollah, Amal Movement:
 “Lebanese Forces” Snipers 
Deliberately Opened Fire
Protesters, Claiming
and Injured
October 14th, 2:12pm (al Manar)
Hezbollah and the Amal Movement issued, on Thursday, a 
joint statement, which indicated that “Lebanese Forces”
 party’s armed groups, deployed in Tayouneh area, 
opened fire, deliberately killing and injuring
large number of protesters.
The statement clarified that the “Lebanese Forces” 
snipers resorted to the roofs of the buildings and 
the close neighbourhoods to carry out their 
attacks on the protestors, who were 
peacefully demonstrating off the 
Justice Palace, against the 
politicization... of the
blast probe.
Hezbollah and Amal Movement called on the Army and
security forces - to assume their responsibilities... 
arresting the culprits, whose identities,
The statement also called for arresting the instigators 
who administered the operation from their dark 
chambers... and inflicting the severest
on them.
Hezbollah and Amal Movement hailed the protestors for 
participating in the peaceful demonstration, offering 
deep condolences to the families of the martyrs 
and vowing to pursue their case, until
is served.
Six martyrs and around 30 injured were reported 
during the armed attack carried out by the 
“Lebanese Forces” gunmen on the
 peaceful protestors in 
Tayouneh area.
Source: Al-Manar English Website

Troops fire from armoured vehicles 
as Beirut descends into chaos,
 resembling warzone
October 14th, 12:41pm (RT)

Armoured vehicles have rolled into Beirut as the
Lebanese capital descended into chaos, with 
crowds led by Hezbollah and Amal groups 
demonstrating against Tarek Bitar, the 
lead judge of the Beirut port blast 
Beirut resembled a warzone on Thursday as the army 
deployed armoured vehicles to a divided area of the 
city where deadly skirmishes erupted following an 
attack on a protest. The army declared that the 
troops would fire at any armed individuals on
 the capital’s streets. 
The Lebanese army has deployed a range of armoured 
vehicles, including tanks and trucks with mounted
 machine guns. Sources on the ground... suggest
 the troops have moved toward a building, from 
which, militants are allegedly based. 
Videos show armed men firing rocket-propelled 
grenades; others responding with machine-gun 
fire. Many of the militants are dressed in body 
armour and have sought to protect their 
identities, by wearing balaclavas. 
In other footage shared online, Lebanese troops can 
be seen patrolling the devastated area of the city, 
pointing their guns up at apartment blocks, as 
they hunt for those involved in the unrest. 
Prime Minister Najib Mikati called for calm. The leader 
attended the defense ministry... to oversee the 
response to the violent clashes. 
In a statement, the Lebanese army said that the gunfire
 started... as protesters demonstrating against Tarek 
Bitar, the lead investigator of the Beirut port probe
...passed through a traffic circle located in an
dividing Christian and Shiite Muslim 
Reports suggest the shooting came from the Christian
neighbourhood of Ain el-Remmaneh and spiraled...
with shots being fired in both directions. 
Hezbollah's al-Manar TV cited that two had been martyred 
and several wounded had been taken to a hospital in the 
Shiite southern suburbs. Lebanese Interior Minister, 
Bassam Mawlawi, said five people have died. 
The protesters have been calling for the removal of Judge
Bitar, from the port explosion probe --- accusing him of
prejudice, after he requested that some of the
most senior politicians, appear
before the court.
On Tuesday, Bitar issued an arrest warrant for ex-Finance
Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, shortly before Khalil & former 
Public Works Minister, Ghazi Zeiter, filed a complaint: 
asking for Bitar’s removal from the case. Both 
Zeiter and Khalil, are close, or allied 
to, Hezbollah. 

Russia expects Taliban govt.
 to deal with Daesh
by itself
October 14th, 11:35am (PressTV)
Russia has expressed concern about the activities of 
Daesh in Afghanistan and says it expects the Taliban 
to deal with the Takfiri terrorist group, without 
external support.
“We hope that the new authorities in Kabul...  will deliver 
on their statements that they can cope with IS on their
own, without any outside help,” Russian Foreign 
Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said 
on Thursday, using another abbreviation to 
refer to Daesh.
“Next week, we are expecting a representative delegation 
of the Taliban movement to visit Moscow, to take part in 
the third Moscow format consultations on Afghanistan,”
 the Russian official said. The meeting will focus...
 consolidating international assistance for 
Afghanistan to “prevent a humanitarian 
crisis” in the wake of the Taliban 
takeover, Zakharova added.
On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin warned 
that battle-hardened terrorists from Iraq and Syria were
 “actively” entering Afghanistan. “The situation in 
Afghanistan is not easy,” Putin said, during a 
video conference with the security service 
chiefs of ex-Soviet states. “It's possible
that terrorists may try - to destabilize 
the situation in neighbouring states.”
The talks in Moscow are scheduled for October 20th, 2021. 
The Moscow format for Afghan peace.. was established in
 2017 on the basis of a six-party consultation mechanism 
of the special envoys of Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iran,
 China, and Pakistan.
Moscow has hosted Taliban representatives several times 
in recent years, and seems cautiously optimistic about
 new Taliban government in Kabul, even though
Taliban are designated as a terrorist
in Russia.
After the takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban in August,
 Russia held military drills with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, 
which share a border with Afghanistan.
The Taliban, who have announced a caretaker government, 
are seeking international recognition, as well as financial 
assistance to avoid a humanitarian disaster.
An affiliate of Daesh terrorist group is active in Afghanistan. 
It has carried out several deadly attacks in the country 
since the Taliban’s rise to power. A bomb attack by 
the terrorist group killed over 50 civilians in a 
Shia mosque in northern Afghanistan, on 
October the 8th.

Hezbollah, Amal Warn -- against
‘Malicious Sedition’: Instigators 
Investing in Blood of Beirut 
Port Blast Victims
October 14th, 11:23am (al Manar)
Hezbollah & Amal Movement warn: against a scheme
 to drag Lebanon into a ‘malicious sedition’, as the 
country witnessed a 'bloody day' in Tayouneh 
area, where demonstrators protesting at a
politicization of the Beirut Port blast
 came under fire attack.
In a joint statement, the two Lebanese allies said that 
peaceful protesters, who were near Justice Palace 
in Tayouneh, came under fire attack by snipers.
The snipers directed their weapons at the heads of the
protesters, Hezbollah and Amal Movement said.
“This attack aims to drag the country into an intentional 
sedition,” the statement said, lashing out at “instigators 
who are investing in the blood of Beirut Port blast’s 
victims... in a bid to serve their spiteful 
political interests.”
Hezbollah and Amal Movement, in this context, called 
on the Lebanese Army to shoulder its responsibility 
in securing the area.
The two allies also urged their supporters - to calm 
down and “not to be drawn into malicious sedition.”
Earlier on Wednesday, Hezbollah and Amal movement 
called on supporters to stage a rally near the Justice 
Palace, to call for non-politicization of the probe into 
the Beirut Port blast.
Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Nasrallah slammed 
the judicial investigator Judge Tarek Bitar last Monday
 (October 11th), accusing him of bias and politicizing
 the probe.
Sayyed Nasrallah stressed that Hezbollah is keen to 
reveal the truth in the Beirut Port blast case, but 
noted that the judicial investigator should take
the unbiased judicial course, and away from 
any politicization.
Source: Al-Manar English Website
If you want live updates on this, go to:


Al-Quds Brigades Announce 
General Mobilization -- in
 of Palestinian
October 14th, 10:15am (al Manar)
Al-Quds Brogades, the military wing of Islamic Jihad
 Palestinian Resistance movement, announced on 
Thursday, a general mobilization in support of 
Palestinian prisoners at Israeli jails.
In a statement, Al-Quds Brigades stressed its fighters 
were fully ready, following the remarks of the
Islamic Jihad 
Chief,  Ziad Nakhale.
“We have taken notice of leader Ziad Nakhale’s remarks 
with high responsibility. Accordingly, we announce the 
general mobilization among the ranks of our fighters,” 
the statement said.
“We are fully ready and at the service of our 
command,” Al-Quds Brigades concluded.
Earlier on Wednesday, Nakhale warned against the
 conditions Palestinian prisoners have been
through, at Israeli jails, vowing to
stand by them.
“We will stand by our brothers in Israeli jails, by all 
means, even if the cost is to go into war for them.”
Source: Al-Manar English Website


Official: Iran Not to Tolerate 
Presence of Terrorists 
in Region
October 14th, 10:04am (FNA)
Iran’s Prosecutor-General, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, 
in a meeting with the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol
Pashiniyan, reiterated his country’s serious 
campaign... against the presence of 
terrorists in the region.
Iran is strongly opposed to provocative acts and the
deployment of terrorists in the region, Montazeri 
said, in the meeting in Yerevan, on Wednesday.
He said that Iran is eager to expand relations with
as it seeks further enhanced relations
with neighboring
The prosecutor-general conveyed the warm greetings 
of President Ebrahim Rayeesi, to the Armenian 
prime minister.    
Pashiniyan, for his part, said that Armenia is ready to
 boost judicial relations with Iran to the highest levels.
He added that the visit to Yerevan by the Iranian 
prosecutor-general, provides a chance for the
expansion of such relations between the 
two neighbouring countries.
Referring to a recent meeting he had with President 
Rayeesi on the sidelines of a Shanghai Cooperation
Organization Summit, in Dushanbe... Pashiniyan 
stressed the need for implementing the already 
reached agreements between the two sides.  
Pashiniyan and Montazeri also discussed
 the latest developments in the region.
Iranian officials have underscored their seriousness 
in confronting the terrorist groups in the region and 
inside Iran.
In a relevant development in mid september, Iranian 
security forces identified and disbanded a terrorist 
cell affiliated to foreign spy agencies, the 
intelligence ministry announced, in a 
statement, on Wednesday.
The security and intelligence forces dismantled 
the terrorist team in an operation, while it was 
attempting to carry out acts of sabotage and 
terrorist attacks --- against Iran’s vital and
sensitive centres, the statement said.
It added that more information about the terrorist
team will be provided to people in the near future.
Also, in July, the Iranian security forces had also 
dismantled a terrorist group affiliated to the 
Israeli spy agency, Mossad, and captured 
its members.
“A network of agents of the Zionist regime (Mossad) 
has been dismantled and captured, along with a 
large shipment of weapons and ammunition,
 after arriving at the western border posts 
of the country,” the director-general of 
the Intelligence Ministry for Counter
-Espionage Operations, said.
Mossad operatives intended to use the equipment 
during riots in cities & towns & for assassination 
operations, he said, adding that... during the 
presidential elections, the Zionist regime 
had also intended to carry out acts of 
sabotage, in different parts of the 
country, on several occasions -
 but it failed and the “terrorist 
Mossad” was given a heavy
 blow in the region.
“The seized weapons include pistols, grenades, 
Winchester shotguns, Kalashnikov assault 
rifles and bullets, some of which, like 
shotguns and grenades, are used
 to turn the protests into riots,”
 the official said.

Ukrainian forces fire at
DPR twice over 24 hours
October 14th, 9:25am (DAN) 
Ukrainian armed formations violated the ceasefire twice 
over the past 24 hours, firing 17 rounds of ammunition 
at the Donetsk People’s Republic, the DPR Office at
 the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination
 (JCCC) reported on Thursday.
Strikes were delivered at the areas of the Shakhta 
Trudovskaya settlement in Donetsk... and at the 
Leninskoye village in the south of the Republic. 
The enemy employed 82mm mortars, grenade launchers 
and small arms. The Ukrainian representatives at the 
JCCC, when requested a ceasefire by the DPR 
Office, replied that “they  cannot confirm the 
strike and that Ukraine is observing 
the ceasefire.”
In the previous reporting period, Ukrainain armed 
formations opened fire at DPR areas, three times.
The package of tighter ceasefire control measures...
has been in effect in Donbass since July 27th, 2020. 
The document bans the use of any weapons,
the deployment of heavy armaments in and 
around settlements, engineering works, 
and unmanned aerial vehicle flights.


Syria Allies Force Vows
 Harsh Response to US-
Israeli Aggression
 on Palmyra
October 14th, 9:08am (al Manar)
Syria’s Allies Joint Operations Room, vowed, on Thursday,
a harsh response to the US-Israeli aggression on Palmyra.
In a statement, the joint room said that its command has
 decided to retaliate to the aggression staged by Israeli 
warplanes on Palmyra, in Homs countryside, overnight
 on Wednesday.
The attack, which killed at least one Syrian soldier and
3 others, took place from the direction of
Al-Tanf area, 
where US occupation forces are
stationed in the
 Arab country.
“If it had not been for the deployment of our forces, the
 number of martyrs would be more,” the statement said.
The joint room noted that the presence of Syria’s Allies 
has been to support the Syrian state and “under its 
wing” against Takfiri terrorists.
“Throughout years we have been subjected to several US-
Israeli attacks in an attempt to drag us into other battles 
that don’t match the priorities of our presence in 
Syria,” the joint room said, in the statement.
“Therefore, and after the aggression...  which was launched
through Jordanian skies and the US-occupied Al-Tanf area,
the command of the Joint Operations Room, has decided 
to retaliate… And the response will be harsh.”
Source: Al-Manar English Website


Syrian Air Defenses Engaging 
Hostile Targets Over Homs 
Province, State Media
October 13th, 10:34pm (Sputnik)
According to social media reports, Syrian anti-aircraft 
defenses engaged several inbound targets over 
Homs Governorate, shortly before midnight 
on Wednesday.
Reports indicated that Syrian air defense systems were 
firing at unknown targets in the skies above Palmyra, 
the ancient city in Homs Governorate, about
miles east of Damascus.
Missiles were also reportedly seen over At-Tanf, the US
 garrison, about 80 miles to the south, near where the
 Jordanian, Iraqi, and Syrian borders meet. Other 
reports indicated that a Syrian radar station
Al-Bukamal, in Deir-ez-Zor, also
spotted inbound 
over At-Tanf.
While initial reports suggested the attack might have been
 Israeli airstrikes, At-Tanf is harder for Israeli Air Force jets 
to reach, which typically strike Syrian targets from the 
west, firing their missiles over Lebanon, or off the
 Mediterranean coast. However, airstrikes were 
also launched several days ago from the area 
of At-Tanf, targeting Tiyas (T4) Air Base, to
west of Palmyra. Syrian air defenses
down most of the projectiles.
The Israel 
Defense Forces... did
not claim 
responsibility for
that attack.
However, the US has launched several airstrikes in
in recent weeks, since the collapse of the
 government in Afghanistan, as the
administration looks to reframe its
on terror, into chasing down al-
 in other countries,
including Syria 
and Yemen. 
However, they have mostly been in Idlib,
where the 
al-Qaeda-linked force Hay'at
Tahrir ash-Sham
 holds sway, with
Turkish backing.


Algeria thwarts planned armed 
attacks by Israeli-backed 
separatists: Report
October 13th, 7:38pm (PressTV)
Algeria’s security forces, have thwarted a plot by 
separatists backed by Israel and a North African 
country to conduct armed attacks, a report says.
The Ennahar TV reported on Wednesday, that Algerian 
forces dismantled a criminal group belonging to MAK, 
which is designated by the Algiers government as a 
“terrorist organization,” this week.
The television station said 17 suspects were detained, 
adding that documents indicating continuous contact 
with the “the Zionist entity” organizations, and 
weapons were confiscated.
In August, Algeria blamed MAK and another group... for the
 devastating forest fires that erupted in several provinces
 in the country, including Tizi Ouzou, saying one of them 
was supported by Morocco and Israel, with which, 
Algiers has rejected any normalization of ties.
 Later that month, Algeria severed diplomatic ties with
 Morocco over “hostile actions.” The two neighbours 
have had strained relations for decades.
The dispute between Morocco and the Algeria-backed
 Polisario Front independence movement in the 
Western Sahara region has been a decades-
long bone of contention between the 
two neighbours.
Morocco annexed the vast Western Sahara region, a 
former Spanish colony, in the 1970s and has since 
been in conflict with the Polisario Front, a 
movement that seeks to establish an
 independent state in the territory 
and end Morocco’s presence.
Morocco is currently in control of 80 percent of the region,
 including its phosphate deposits and fishing waters. Last 
year, then US President, Donald Trump, agreed to 
recognize Morocco’s “sovereignty” over the
 Western Sahara... abandoning a long-
standing US policy on the region.
His decision came after Morocco agreed to join the 
list of Arab states normalizing ties with Israel. The
 normalization deals have been condemned by 
all Palestinian factions, as a betrayal of 
their cause.
Algeria once again rejects any normalization of relations 
with the Israeli regime, saying that Algiers is prepared
host a meeting of Palestinian factions, as part of
efforts to support the Palestinian cause.
Morocco’s support for the self-determination of MAK, also
 known as Kabylie, which is seeking self-governing rule 
for Kabylie in Algeria, is another area of dispute 
between the two.
The northeastern region of Kabylie is a stronghold of
 Algeria’s Amazigh (Berber) minority, which claims 
the Algiers government is making efforts to 
assimilate the minority group into the 
Arabized Berber and Arab majority.
The objective of MAK’s leadership is to establish 
regional self-determination for the Kabylie 
people, in Algeria... as the “first step 
towards a Kabylie, Berber State.”


Putin Says US Has Triggered 
a Global Arms Race  - by 
Withdrawing From
 ABM Treaty
October 13th, 4pm (Sputnik)
The United States withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile
 Treaty with Russia in 2002, prompting Moscow to dust 
off Soviet-era plans on the creation of hypersonic 
weapons technology. Russia unveiled several 
new hypersonic technologies in 2017, and 
said it expects these weapons to help 
guarantee global strategic stability.
Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused the US 
of opening a Pandora's Box to a global arms race by
 withdrawing from the ABM Treaty ---  and said that 
while the US - initially - pretended it didn't care 
about Russia's hypersonic weapons projects, 
they have now expressed concerns over 
these systems' potential.
Speaking at the Russian Energy Week forum on Wednesday,
 Putin said a global arms race was now "in full swing," and
 recalled... how he had urged his then-US counterpart 
George W. Bush, not to withdraw from the ABM, in 
the early 2000s, due to the treaty's status as a 
"cornerstone of international security." 
Moscow, he stressed, saw the US decision to quit the treaty
 as "not just about defence, but an attempt to receive
 strategic superiority, effectively eliminating the 
nuclear potential of a potential rival."
"What should we have done in response? I have spoken on
 this subject many times. If you're interested, I will repeat
 myself:  We could have, either created a similar system, 
which would cost immense amounts of money.... and it 
would be unclear in the end if it would work effectively
 or not. Or... we could have created a different system 
which would definitely overcome missile defences," 
Putin said.
"I said that we would do this," Putin recalled. "The response
 from our American partners was that 'our missile defences
 are not directed against you, do whatever you want, we will 
proceed from the fact your projects are not against us'. We
 built our systems. What claims do they have against us 
now? Now they don't like them."
Accusing Washington of "undermining all agreements which
 we reached in the past," Putin pointed out that it wasn't
 Moscow that withdrew from the ABM, abandoned the
 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or quit 
the Open Skies Treaty. 
"It was our American counterparts who did that. But they
 are simply shifting the blame on others, and the media 
are blowing it out of proportion - in the interests of
 those who are paying for it."
Asked to comment on Russia's 'hypersonic Mach 3 guided
 missiles', Putin corrected his interlocutor: "No, no, no. 
Mach 3 I think is what the US is working on, and even 
more than that. Our hypersonic missiles fly at more 
than Mach 20, and these are not just hypersonic... 
these are intercontinental missiles. This is a far 
more serious weapon than what you've just 
mentioned. And they are already in
in Russia," he said.
Similar weapons are being developed in other countries,
 Putin said, but Russia has not and will not abuse its 
superiority in this area or threaten anyone.
"Moreover, we are prepared to engage in negotiations on 
the reduction of offensive arms &, proceeding from the
 interests of our American partners, are ready to take 
account of the fact that we have such systems, in
 negotiating process," Putin said. Washington,
added, seems to be embarking on the path to 
starting "a substantive conversation" in this 
area. Putin said new contacts have been 
developed following his Geneva summit 
with US President Joe Biden in June.
Commenting on the "trust deficit" which has developed in
 relations between Russia and the West, including in the
 military sphere, Putin emphasized that Moscow always
 remains "willing to talk directly to NATO."
"As far as our soldiers go...  they are stationed on Russian 
territory. We recently conducted large-scale Zapad-2021 
military exercises on our territory. Our American 
counterparts are also engaging in exercises of 
a similar scale -- but thousands of kilometres 
from their national territory," Putin stressed.
What's the ABM Treaty?
The Soviet Union and the United States signed the Anti-
Ballistic Treaty in 1972. The agreement limited the two
 countries' development of anti-ballistic missile shield
 technology, allowing each side to create only a
 limited anti-missile system in one location -
with the USSR building its site around 
Moscow and the US creating its own 
in North Dakota.
The treaty was put under pressure in the 1980s --- after
 President Ronald Reagan announced his 'Strategic 
Defence Initiative' - or 'Star Wars' missile defence 
This prompted the USSR to begin working on hypersonic
 weapons capable of defeating missile defenses in the 
late 1980s. The collapse of the USSR, the end of the
 Cold War and the warming of relations between 
Moscow and Washington... led to these plans 
being put on the shelf, but they were dusted 
off after Bush's administration unilaterally 
scrapped the ABM Treaty, in 2002.
In 2018, Putin unveiled several new hypersonic weapons
 system at a state-of-the-nation address to lawmakers. 
The systems include the Avangard hypersonic glide 
vehicle, carried into orbit aboard intercontinental 
ballistic missiles and the Kinzhal air-launched, 
nuclear-capable hypersonic cruise missile.
 Russia expects these and other strategic weapons to help
 preserve the global strategic balance... and to cool the 
heads of Pentagon planners working on the concept 
of a 'Prompt Global Strike' - i.e. the idea of 
decapitating Russia's leadership and 
nuclear potential using a massed
 precision-guided conventional 
missile attack.


Kremlin says US & Russia agree 
...Ukraine must give Donbass 
special autonomous status.. 
as Nuland hails productive 
meeting in Moscow
by Jonny Tickle
October 13th, 2:14pm (RT)
Russia and the US have agreed to continue discussions... 
on the situation in the east of Ukraine, with both parties
 seeing eye-to-eye, on the need for Kiev to implement 
the controversial Minsk agreements, to create
in the region.
That is according to Dmitry Kozak, the Kremlin’s deputy 
chief of staff, who spoke to the media, after meeting in
 Moscow with US Under Secretary of State for Political 
Affairs, Victoria Nuland. Nuland is in Moscow for a 3-
day working visit and has already met with Russian 
Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov and the
Russian Deputy Defense Minister, Alexander 
Fomin. Nuland was previously banned from 
entering the country as part of counter-
sanctions against Washington, but the 
Kremlin agreed to remove her from 
the blacklist... to enable the 
short visit.
“A thorough and constructive dialogue took place
 regarding the settlement of the conflict in south
-east Ukraine,” Kozak told Kommersant news.
“It was confirmed that the Minsk agreements remain the
 only basis for a settlement,” he continued. “During the 
talks, the US confirmed its position … that significant 
progress towards the settlement of the conflict is 
unlikely, without any agreement on the future 
parameters of Donbass autonomy. In other 
words, giving the region a special status 
within Ukraine.”
Nuland herself described the talks at the Kremlin as both
 “productive” and “useful.” Nuland is best known world
-wide for visiting the site of Maidan protests in Kiev
 in late 2013, when she was seen handing out
 to demonstrators. This caused a
stir in Moscow, 
which saw it as overt
US support for 
the movement.
The conflict in Ukraine began, following the evens of the
Maidan, which eventually led to the two self-proclaimed
republics of Donetsk (DNR) & Luhansk (LNR) declaring 
independence, in a move recognized by neither 
Moscow nor Kiev. The Donetsk and Luhansk 
regions are both in the east of Ukraine, on
 the Russian border.
On September 5th, 2014, representatives from Ukraine, 
Russia, DNR, and LNR... signed the so-called Minsk 
Protocol, mediated by French President Francois 
Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. 

As well as being a ceasefire document, the 
agreement also included...  a roadmap for 
the future of Donbass, which specifically 
mentioned the decentralization of power
 away from Kiev.
On Tuesday, following a meeting with Ukrainian President 
Volodymyr Zelensky, European Commission President 
Ursula von der Leyen noted that the EU also backs
 the implementation of the Minsk Protocol.

Yemeni Official: Ma’rib Liberation
 ‘A Milestone’ in Battle to Expel 
Occupiers, Free Oil Wealth
October 13th, 1:50pm  (FNA)
 A senior member...  of the political bureau of Yemen’s
 Ansarullah resistance movement.. said the liberation
 of the strategic Central province of Ma’rib will mark
 an important milestone - in the battles to expel the 
occupiers --- and retake the country’s energy 
resources seized by the Saudi-led military 
coalition and its allied militants.
“The liberation of Mari’b.. will have significant impacts 
on [efforts to] expel occupation forces and return oil 
wealth” to the country, Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti told 
Al-Mayadeen television news network, on 
Tuesday night.
The official stated the Saudi-led coalition of aggressors 
runs a key command centre in Ma’rib, which is tasked 
with directing their operations against the Yemeni 
armed forces -- and  “that is why the liberation of 
the rest of Ma’rib constitutes a major objective 
for Yemen: and will mark a milestone and the 
start of a new phase” in the Yemeni army’s
 liberation struggles.
He added that Yemeni army troops and fighters from the
Popular Committees will soon mount a major operation
against the Saudi-led coalition forces and 
their mercenaries.
Bukhaiti said the Saudi-led coalition’s air power will not 
last long, and the Yemeni armed forces continue to
strengthen their military capabilities.
“We tell those involved in the fighting with the coalition that 
we do not want to target them,” added Bukhaiti, apparently 
addressing the militants serving the Saudi-led coalition on
 the battle ground. Besides foreign mercenaries, many
 Yemeni militants loyal to the former Riyadh-friendly
 government, have been serving the Saudi
-led campaign.
The balance of power is tilting in favour of Yemen... and 
the country will enter a new phase, once enemy forces
 are defeated, he said.
“The Sana’a initiative is still on the table” Bukhaiti added,
 calling on Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to
 “quickly seize the opportunity and embrace peace".
“Yemen’s goals are defensive at present, but the objectives 
of the battles may change, as time passes,” he continued.
Earlier on Tuesday, the Spokesman for Yemeni armed forces, 
Brigadier General Yahya Saree, said in a press conference
 that Yemeni armed forces had made significant territorial 
gains in Ma’rib Province, seizing control over large 
swathes of territory from the Saudi-backed 
The high-ranking military official added:  ''The latest military
 operation dubbed Fajr Al-Intisaar (Dawn of Victory), which
 came in the wake of a series of attacks by Saudi-backed
 aggressors - in recent days - was launched after the 
success of the previous operation dubbed Al-Bass 
Al-Shadid (Intense Strength): to liberate the
strategic province from the grip
of Saudi-
sponsored Takfiris.''
“With the participation of various military units, the 
Mujahideen began to carry out the plan... that 
necessitated the attack on the enemy from 
several sides, before the main sides 
branched out into several other 
sub-sides,” he said in a 
tweet, later.
“Every mercenary, agent, traitor, can save his life and 
leave his position as our forces advance, our forces 
will allow him to escape and leave, even if he is 
carrying his personal weapon,” Saree added.
Saudi Arabia, backed by the US and regional allies, 
launched the war on Yemen in March 2015, with 
the goal of bringing the government of former 
Yemeni president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi 
back to power and crushing the popular 
Ansarullah resistance movement.
The war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead,
and displaced millions more. It has also destroyed 
Yemen’s infrastructure and spread famine and 
infectious diseases.
Yemeni armed forces and allied Popular Committees, 
however, have grown steadily in strength against 
the Saudi-led invaders, and left Riyadh and its 
allies bogged down in the country.


Several reported injured as 
Kosovan police clash with
Serb crowd around Mitrovica 
amid rising tensions 
October 13th, 1:37pm (RT)
Special police units have clashed with Serbs in the 
divided town of Mitrovica after Pristina ordered 
raids on suspected goods smugglers. Local 
media reported that a number of Serbs 
had been injured in the skirmishes.
On Wednesday... Kosovan police undertook raids against 
smuggler gangs across the northern part of the country,
 notably the divided town of Mitrovica, where special
 officers faced opposition from local Serbs. 
A police statement said the raids took place in four areas,
 most of which are populated by the country’s Serb 
minority. Pharmacies and shops, were among
 locations raided by the authorities. 
Video footage shows Kosovan police firing tear gas to
 disperse crowds in and around the town; according
 to media reports, stun grenades were also used. 
Serbs made roadblocks and fought back by
 throwing projectiles at the special 
forces’ trucks. 
A truck and coach were seemingly used in the village 
of Zvecan, which sits north of Mitrovica, to prevent 
law enforcement moving towards the town. 
Online media outlets suggested that 
there had been a number of injuries. 
Reports suggest that Serbs were setting cars with 
Kosovan registration plates alight... in an effort to 
“cause chaos.” Footage shows vehicles on fire
 while hooded and masked men stand nearby. 
While Kosovo unilaterally declared independence 
from Serbia in 2008, some 50,000 Serbs still 
reside in the northern area of the country;
 many of them refuse to recognize 
Pristina’s authority and claim 
Belgrade is their capital.
Tensions between the two governments were 
heightened in recent weeks, with tanks and 
military vehicles deployed to the border 
area in a row triggered by a dispute 
over vehicle licence plates. Both 
sides agreed to de-escalate the
 situation in late September. 

Russia: Necessary to Block
the Supply of Weapons to 
Terrorists in Afghanistan
October 13th, 12:33pm (FNA)
 Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaking at 
the XVII Meeting of heads of security agencies and 
intelligence services of CIS countries, stated the 
need to block the supply channels of military 
products to terrorists in Afghanistan.
"It’s necessary to prevent any further deterioration of 
the humanitarian situation in the country resulting in 
increasing migrant influxes in the Central Asian 
direction. We share the concerns that, under 
the guise of refugees... terrorists and other 
radical elements can infiltrate the country 
via the southern borders. It’s necessary 
to promptly block the supply channels 
of all variety of military products,"
said, TASS reported.
The minister emphasized the importance of 
reinforcing the cooperation within the CIS, 
"Recently our leaders discussed this in detail, 
at the September summits in Dushanbe," the
top diplomat added.



Tehran Accuses Tel Aviv of Spreading 
‘False, Fabricated’ Claims About Iran 
--- While Stockpiling Nukes
October 13th, 12:17pm (Sputnik)
Israel has repeatedly threatened to launch a military 
attack against Iran --- to stop its alleged nuclear 
weapons programme.... Tehran has long denied 
having any ambitions to build such arms, with 
both its successive supreme leaders issuing 
religious rulings, decreeing nukes and other 
weapons of mass destruction to run 
contrary to the tenets of Islam.
Israel’s nukes, and not Iran’s supposed nuclear weapons
 ambitions, are the true threat to the Middle East, Iran’s 
envoy to the United Nations General Assembly’s first
 committee on global nuclear disarmament has 
“Israel continues to defy all international regimes governing
 weapons of mass destruction by refusing to adhere to the
 [Non-Proliferation Treaty], the Chemical Weapons 
Convention and the Biological Weapons 
Committee,” Iranian representative 
Heidar Ali Balouji said, speaking at 
a committee meeting in New York
 City on Tuesday.
Accusing the Jewish State of “seriously hampering” the
creation of a nuclear-free Middle East, which he recalled 
was proposed by Iran in 1974, Balouji suggested that Tel 
Aviv’s nukes pose “the most serious threat” both to the 
security of regional states, and to the non-proliferation 
regime. Israel neither confirms nor denies possessing 
nuclear weapons, in a policy known as 'deliberate 
“Nevertheless... it attempts to portray Iran’s conventional
weapons capabilities, or its exclusively peaceful, nuclear