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Peace Page

Push war in people's faces!
(That's what this brave lady does)

Poet and Efran Kaye's tribute
to everyone killed in wars.

Bless the large numbers of Ethiopians,
the many good people in Indonesia, and
the folks of Russia, Greece and Egypt,
who are now playing it.

After the above incident, the USS Donald Cook
chose to immediately - and at full speed - move
 towards a port in Romania... where 27 shocked
 crew members asked for their own dismissal.

Innovative sanctions deal saves face for Tehran
--- offers strict powers, avoids delicate terms

Major powers and Iran finessed how UN inspectors
 will get access to Iranian military sites in Tuesday's
 nuclear agreement, with a formula that gives the UN
 strong inspection powers, while allowing Tehran to
 save face.

Deep in the deal's details is a procedure under which
 Iran would have to provide access to suspect sites,
 including at its military facilities, within 24 days. If
 Iran refused, it would face the possibility of UN
 sanctions being slapped back on it.

The procedure ensures that UN inspectors
can get access to allay their suspicions, re
 Iran's nuclear activities, but doesn't explicitly
 force Iran to admit that its military sites could
 be open to foreign inspections -- leaving some
 uncertainty over the access Iran will allow
 in practice.

In Tuesday's landmark deal, Iran & six major
 powers, struck a compromise, under which,
 Tehran will limit its nuclear program in return
 for relief from economic sanctions.

One of the most controversial issues in the
negotiations was whether the UN's International
Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) would be able to
visit military sites if they had questions about
suspected nuclear activities or facilities in them.

The matter became even harder to resolve,
diplomats say, after Iran's Supreme Leader,
 Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, on June 23 said
granting access to Iran's military sites
 was a "red line."

In the end, Britain, China, France, Germany,
Russia and the US agreed on language with
 Iran that requires more of Tehran than the
present global nonproliferation system, yet
 avoides a direct mention of the sensitive
 military site issue.

"This is rather clever & reflects the interests
 of all sides," says George Perkovich, vice-
 president of studies at the Carnegie
Endowment for International Peace.

Inspections, 'without saying so'

Under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty's
 "Additional Protocol," the IAEA may ask for
 "managed access" to any Iran site, such as
a military one, but Iran can legitimately bar
access, by engaging the UN nuclear watch-
dog, in endless negotiations.

This deal aims to close such loopholes with
 a process under which Iran would give access
 or otherwise allay IAEA concerns --- within 24
days: a time frame experts say is tight enough
 to stop it sanitizing unauthorized nuclear work.

Iran and the IAEA have 14 days to resolve
 disagreements among themselves. If they
 fail to, a joint commission comprised of 8
members - the 6 major powers, Iran & the
 EU - would consider the matter for a week.

A majority of the 8 would then inform Iran
of the steps it would then take, within 3
more days.

Majority-rule means the US and its European
 allies, namely Britain, France, Germany and
 the EU as a whole, could insist on access or
 any other steps --- and that Iran, Russia or
China, could not veto them.

"This almost inevitably means inspections
 but without saying so. That's why diplomats
 make the big bucks," Perkovich adds.

Non-proliferation experts say that this falls
 short of  "anywhere, anytime"  inspections
 demanded by critics of the deal, including
 many Republicans, but says that will only
 be possible in a country that has been
 defeated militarily.

"It's not a perfect procedure. It would be good
 to get no notice inspections, but that simply
 wasn't on the cards," says Bob Einhorn, a
 nonproliferation specialist at the Brookings
 Institute and former US negotiator with Iran.

Hailing the agreement Tuesday, US President
 Barack Obama says it means that "inspectors
will have 24/7 access to Iran's key nuclear

Obama on Wednesday, said the deal is the
"most vigorous inspection and verification
 regime by far, that's ever been negotiated,"
but he was referring only to Iran's declared
nuclear sites.

Sites the IAEA has suspicions about...
 including any that may be within Iran's
 many military complexes, fall under
the separate procedure, with its 24-
day time limit.

The word "military" occurs only once
in the agreement, where it says access
 requests will not aim at interfering with
 Iran's military or other national security

Senior Iranian officials say they would
provide the "managed access" called
for under the Additional Protocol, and
say little about additional procedures
 stipulated under the new deal.

"Managed access" is the mechanism to
allow a minimum needed IAEA oversight
 to ensure there is no diversion to secret
 nuclear or nuclear-related activities,
while limiting access, to protect any
legitimate military or industrial secrets.

"We've nothing to hide. We have always
 cooperated with the IAEA and allowed
 them to visit our sites," a senior Iranian
official tells reporters in Vienna.

 "However, it does not mean that we are
 going to share intelligence with others
 --- or allow them to enter our bedrooms
to investigate," he adds.

US officials say they believe Tehran has
 committed to providing access to any site,
 including military, but they acknowledge
 the possibility, that it might refuse.

If it finds Iran to be in breach of the deal,
the US could, single-handedly, move to
"snap back" UN sanctions on Iran.

Under an agreement among Britain, China,
 France, Russia and the US, the UN Security
Council's permanent members who each
have veto power, a resolution to re-impose
sanctions would be drafted in such a way,
that no-one could block it.

Reinstating the UN sanctions in full would
 be to wield a heavy hammer against Iran
 and one that the major powers might be
 loathe to use.

However, a senior US official raises the
possibility of re-imposing some but not
all sanctions, via a "partial snapback,"
 making the punishment more scalpel
 than hammer.


 Irrefutable Documents Prove Support of
US Intelligence Agencies for Terrorism

A US judicial organization on Thursday, revealed
 classified documents of the US State and Defense
 Departments that prove the Obama administration
 and its intelligence agencies have being involved
 in supporting the terrorist groups in Syria since
 the start of the crisis four years ago.

Watch the exclusive video here:



Confirmed: US Created ISIS Terror Group
Says New Declassified Pentagon Report.

From the first, the US has used 'Jihadists'
to gain a political goal: to depose Syria’s
president Assad, who for years has stood
 in the way of a Qatari natural gas pipeline
-- which could depose Russia as Europe’s
 dominant source of energy.

Russia saw right through this, and, in
 September 2014, its Foreign Minister
 Sergey Lavrov warned about the US,
reported Live

"if the West bombs Islamic State

 militants in Syria without consulting
 Damascus, the anti-ISIS alliance may
 use the occasion to launch airstrikes
against President Assad’s forces."

 Clearly seeing how Obama’s strategy
 on ISIS in Syria, was really all about
the Qatar pipeline through,
pushed back, saying that,
if the US
used ISIS as a pretext to
Syrian government's forces:

“such a development would lead to
a huge escalation of conflict in the
 Middle East and North Africa.”

But understanding and suspicions aren't
evidence or proof, which Russia lacked.

That has changed, thanks to a declassified
secret US government document, obtained
 by public interest law firm, Judicial Watch,
 which shows that the US government allied
 deliberately with al-Qaeda & other terrorists
 to topple Syria's (elected) President Assad.

Investigative reporter Nafeez Ahmed, says
 in 'Medium': the “leaked document reveals
 that -- in coordination with the Gulf states
Turkey - the West intentionally sponsored
violent Islamist groups to destabilize Assad,
despite anticipating that doing so,
lead to the emergence of an ‘Islamic

 State’ in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to the declassified document,
 the Pentagon foresaw the likely rise of
 ‘Islamic State’ as a direct consequence
 of its strategy, but described this out-
come as a strategic opportunity to
 “isolate the Syrian regime.”

So far media reporting has focused on
 evidence that Obama's administration
 knew of arms supplies from a Libyan
 terrorist stronghold to rebels in Syria.

No media outlets are reporting the
 disturbing details exposing how the
West knowingly helped a sectarian,
al-Qaeda-driven rebellion in Syria.

Charles Shoebridge, former UK Army
 and Metropolitan Police counter-
terrorism intelligence officer:

“..the documents... contain far less
publicized revelations that raise
 vitally important questions of the
 West’s governments and media, in
 their support of Syria’s rebellion.”

The newly declassified DIA document
 from 2012 confirms that the major part
 of anti-Assad rebel forces by this time,
were Islamist insurgents affiliated to
groups that would soon lead to ISIS'
 emergence. Despite this, the groups
 continued to get support from the US
 military and the US's regional allies.

“The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood,
 and AQI [al-Qaeda in Iraq] are the major
 forces driving the insurgency in Syria,”
 the document noted, adding “the West,
Gulf countries, and Turkey support the
 opposition,” while Russia, China and
 Iran, “support the [Assad] regime.”

The DIA document stated that al-Qaeda
 in Iraq, precursor to the Islamic State
 in Iraq --- which became the Islamic
State in Iraq and Syria (thus ISIS)...
“supported the Syrian opposition from
 the beginning, both ideologically and
 through the media.”

In a part titled ‘The Future Assumptions
 of the Crisis,’ the DIA report predicts how,
 while Assad’s regime will survive, keeping
 control over Syrian territory, the crisis will
 continue to escalate “into a proxy war.”

The document recommends creating “safe
 havens under international sheltering, as
 in Libya --- where Benghazi was chosen as
 the command centre for the temporary

In Libya, anti-Gaddafi rebels, most of whom
 were al-Qaeda affiliated militias, were then
protected by NATO's ‘safe havens’
 (aka ‘no fly zones’).

In a striking prediction, the Pentagon document
 explicitly forecasts the probable declaration of
 “an Islamic State through its union with other
terrorist organizations in Iraq and Syria.”

“Western countries, the Gulf states and Turkey
 are supporting these efforts” by “opposition
 forces” fighting to “control the eastern areas
 (Hasaka and Der Zor), adjacent to Western
 Iraqi provinces (Mosul and Anbar)”:

“… there is the possibility of establishing a
declared or undeclared Salafist Principality
 in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and
this is exactly what the supporting powers
 to the opposition want, in order to isolate
the Syrian regime, which is considered the
 strategic depth of the Shia expansion
(Iraq and Iran).”

The secret Pentagon document thus provides
 extraordinary confirmation that a US coalition
 now bombing ISIS, just 3 years ago welcomed
 a terrorist “Salafist Principality” in the region
 as a way to undermine Assad and block Iran.
Crucially, Iraq is labeled as an integral part
of this “Shia expansion,” which the US is
facing down.

The establishment of such a “Salafist
 Principality” in eastern Syria, the DIA
 document asserts, is “exactly” what
 the “supporting powers to the
opposition want.”

 Earlier on, the document repeatedly
described those “supporting powers”
 as “the West, Gulf countries & Turkey.”

The document reveals how Pentagon
 analysts were acutely aware of the
 'risks', yet ploughed ahead anyway.

The establishment of a “Salafist Principality”
 in eastern Syria, they said, would create “the
 ideal atmosphere for AQI to return to its old
 pockets in Mosul and Ramadi.”

 Last summer, ISIS conquered Mosul in Iraq,
 and this month has taken control of Ramadi.

Such a quasi-state entity will provide, the
new document reveals:

“… a renewed momentum under the
 presumption of unifying the jihad among
 Sunni Iraq and Syria, and the rest of the
Sunnis in the Arab world against what it
 considers to be one enemy. ISI could also
 declare an Islamic State through its union
 with other terrorist organizations in Iraq
 and Syria, which will create grave danger
 in regards to unifying Iraq and the
 protection of its territory.”

The 2012 DIA document is an Intelligence
 Information Report (IIR) --- not a “finally
 evaluated intelligence” assessment ---
but it was 'vetted', before distribution.

 The report was circulated throughout the
 US intelligence community, including to
 the State Department, Central Command,
 the Department of Homeland Security,
the CIA, FBI, among other agencies.

The UK government has gone into 'denial',
when confronted with this evidence, as a
UK Foreign Office spokesperson says:

“AQ & ISIL are proscribed terrorist organisations.
 The UK opposes all forms of terrorism. AQ, ISIL,
& their affiliates pose a direct threat to the UK’s
national security.

 “We are part of a military and political coalition to
 defeat ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and are working with
 international partners to counter the threat from AQ
 and other terrorist groups in that region. In Syria we
 have always supported those moderate opposition
 groups who oppose the tyranny of Assad and the
 brutality of the extremists.”

Security analyst Shoebridge, who has tracked
 Western support for Islamist terrorists in Syria
since the beginning of the war, points out that
 the secret Pentagon report has exposed fatal
 contradictions at the heart of US and Western
official pronunciations:

“Throughout the early years of the Syria crisis,
the US/UK governments, and almost universally
 the West’s mainstream media, promoted Syria’s
 rebels as moderate, liberal, secular, democratic,
 and therefore deserving of the West’s support.

 “Given that these documents wholly undermine
 this assessment, it’s significant that the West’s
 media has now, despite their immense
significance, almost entirely ignored them.”

Brad Hoff, a former US Marine:

“US intelligence predicted the rise of the Islamic
 State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL or ISIS), but
 instead of clearly delineating the group as an
enemy, the report envisions the terror group
 as a US strategic asset.”

Hoff, managing editor of Levant Report,
an online publication run by Texas-based
educators who have direct experience
 of the Middle East, notes how the DIA
document “matter-of-factly” states that
 the rise of such an extremist Salafist
 political entity in the region offers a
“tool for regime change in Syria.”

The DIA intelligence report shows, he says,
 that the rise of ISIS only became possible
 in the context of the Syrian insurgency.

“there is no mention of US troop withdrawal
from Iraq as a catalyst for Islamic State’s
 rise, which is the contention of innumerable
politicians and pundits.” The report, he
demonstrates that:

“The establishment of a ‘Salafist Principality’
 in Eastern Syria, is ‘exactly’ what external
 powers supporting the opposition want
 (identified as ‘the West, Gulf Countries,
 and Turkey’) in order to weaken the
Assad government.”

The rise of a Salafist quasi-state entity
 that might expand into Iraq & fracture
 Iraq, was seen by US intelligence as
likely but strategically useful -- in the
 West’s commitment to “isolating Syria.”

The US official line still, is that the US
government did not retain sufficient
oversight on the funding to anti-Assad
 rebel groups, which was supposed to
be monitored & vetted to ensure that
 only ‘moderate’ groups were helped.

But the newly declassified Pentagon report
 proves unambiguously that years before ISIS
 launched its concerted offensive against Iraq,
 the US intelligence community was fully aware
 that Islamist militants constituted the core of
 Syria’s sectarian insurgency.

Despite this, the Pentagon still supported
 an Islamist insurgency, even as it foresaw
 the probability that it would establish an
 extremist Salafi stronghold in Syria & Iraq.

As Shoebridge told Dr Nafeez Ahmed, from
whose brilliant article this news is taken:

“The documents show that not only did the
 US government, at the latest by August
 2012, know the true extremist nature &
 likely outcome of Syria’s rebellion”: ie,
 the emergence of ISIS — “but that this
 was considered an advantage for US
foreign policy.

 “This also suggests a decision to spend
years in an effort to deliberately mislead
the West’s public, via a compliant media,
 into believing that Syria’s rebellion was
 overwhelmingly ‘moderate.’”

The 2012 DIA document shows that, while
 sponsoring purportedly former al-Qaeda
 insurgents in Iraq, to counter al-Qaeda,
Western governments were at the same
time, arming al-Qaeda insurgents in Syria.

The new Pentagon report reveals that,
 contrary to Western government claims,
the primary cause of ISIS' threat, comes
 from their deeply misguided policies of
secretly sponsoring Islamist terrorism,
for dubious geopolitical purposes.


The Color Revolution in Macedonia Is Underway

by Wayne MADSEN
The diabolical plan to destabilize Macedonia by
Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the
 U.S. ambassador to Macedonia Jess Baily, and
 Macedonian 'social democrat' opposition leaders
Zoran Zaev and Branko Crvenkovski – who could
 be called the 'Arseniy Yatsenyuk' and 'Petro
 Poroshenko' of Macedonia - has entered a critical
 phase with members of the supposedly disbanded
 Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) increasing their
 terrorist border incursions on Macedonian
from Kosovo.

The plan by the US State Department & Macedonian
 stooges like Zaev and Crvenkovski, is to create a
 situation where the democratically-elected
 government of Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski and
 President Georgy Ivanov, is ousted in an uprising
 crafted by well-paid operatives for George Soros.

The coup plotters, including those who've become
 known throughout Macedonia as 'Sorosites,' hope
to replace the independent-minded government of
Macedonia with one that will cancel the Turkish
 Stream pipeline project that's designed to carry
 natural gas into central Europe from Russia via
Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, and Hungary;
 negotiate with Greece, the European Union and
 NATO to end the nation’s use of the name
 'Macedonia,' thus ensuring the fast-track entry
of Macedonia into the EU and NATO; and satiate
 the desires of Albanian nationalists in Albania
and Kosovo for Albanian-majority regions of
 Macedonia to be whittled away from the
 country and appended to a 'Greater Albania.'

It's the rise of Albanian nationalist irredentism
along the fragile Kosovo-Albanian border that
poses the greatest threat to Macedonia’s political
 and territorial integrity. The first signs of trouble
 along the border, was an attack in April, on a
 Macedonian police border post at Gošince by 40
 armed men wearing the insignia of the allegedly
 outlawed KLA.

 That action came at the same time that Kosovo's
 Foreign Minister, Hashim Thaci, the former leader
 of the KLA, defied threats by Serbian authorities to
 arrest him for terrorist charges brought in 2007 and
 visit Belgrade to attend a conference organized by
 'Sorosites.' The arrest of Kosovo's foreign minister
 would have set the stage for a NATO/EU
 confrontation with Serbia, another critical partner
in, not only the Turkish Stream pipeline, but the
 Chinese-funded Balkan railway part of the Silk
Road project, that will link the Greek port of
Piraeus to Budapest, through Macedonia and

On May 9, armed gunmen who'd earlier crossed
 over from Kosovo and into Macedonia, were
 confronted in the northern border town of
Kumanovo by Macedonian police in a counter-
terrorism operation. A firefight broke out between
 the suspected KLA terrorists and the police. Six
Macedonian police and an unknown number of the
 Albanian terrorists were killed in the ensuing battle.

The attack by the restored KLA on the Gošince
 Macedonian border post, where Macedonian police
 officers were held hostage before the Albanian
 raiders returned to Kosovo, and the most recent
 foray by the KLA into Kumanovo, could not have
been possible without the knowledge of Kosovo's
military protector, NATO, which operates its largest
military base, in Camp Bondsteel, in Kosovo.

In 2001, when KLA forces, allied with Macedonian
 Albanian nationalists of the National Liberation Army
 (NLA) of Macedonia, fought Macedonian government
 forces, fighters of the US private military company,
Military Professional
Resources, Inc. (MPRI), were
involved with both
sides. MPRI was assisting the
NLA while also
advising the Macedonian army.

 It is believed that MPRI had passed Macedonian
 national security information to the NLA prior to
the attack by the KLA/NLA. The Ochrid
Agreements saw Macedonia grant generous

 autonomy rights to its Albanian population in an
 effort to keep the violence that wracked Kosovo
and Bosnia from spilling over into generally
peaceful Macedonia. The Ochrid Agreements are
 now in jeopardy as the destabilization forces of
Nuland and Soros increase their pressure on the
 government in Skopje.

As if on cue from his 'Sorosite' masters, Albanian
 nationalist leader Koco Danaj, said from Tirana,
that the Kumanovo incident was the fault of
Gruevski, who Danaj likened to Adolf Hitler. Danaj
 is the leader of an Albanian nationalist group called
 'Platform for Natural Albania,' which has adherents
 in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro, and Macedonia
who want to create a 'Greater Albania.'

 Danaj indicated that he has allies in Pristina,
Skopje, & Ulcinj, the latter the major Albanian
 centre in Montenegro, who stand ready to
bring about a Greater Albania.

In an attempt to intimidate Gruevski, Danaj said
 'Gruevski will end in blood.' Danaj was warning
 Gruevksi against any attempt to stamp out
 foreign Albanian terrorist activities in Macedonia.
In fact, the KLA members caught by the police
 in Kumanovo were, states Gruevski, planning
 a series of terrorist attacks on government
 installations in Skopje and other Macedonian
 population centers.

At the same time Danaj was making threats
against Macedonia from Albania, a NATO member
 state, Bosniak Muslims staged a reenactment of
 a wartime Nazi Waffen SS Handzar division parade
 in Novi Pazar, the capital of the Muslim-dominated
 Sandzhak province of Serbia. The Bosniaks chose
May 9, Victory in Europe Day, to stage their Nazi
 reenactment parade. The move is similar to the
neo-Nazi Waffen SS division parades conducted
 in Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania and meant to
 outrage ethnic Russians in those countries.

 The Bosniak Waffen SS troops were identifiable
 by their green uniforms and red fezzes and were
 among Hitler’s fiercest of fighters & the Bosniaks
 marching in Novi Pazar wore the very same
uniforms on VE Day.

The Bosniak Muslims of Sandzhak and their
like-minded colleagues in Bosnia-Herzegovina,
 Montenegro, and Macedonia largely favor the
 establishment of an Islamic caliphate in the
Balkans that would include the Bosniak
 Muslims and Albanians.

Zaev, Crvenkovski, and the 'Sorosites' are using
 the outbreak of violence in the Albanian majority
 regions of Macedonia in an attempt to dislodge
 from the current government the Albanian
political party, Democratic Union for Integration
 (DUI), as a junior coalition partner of governing
 VMRO DPMNE party of Prime Minister Gruevski.

The problems in the Albanian regions of Macedonia
 follow violent anti-government demonstrations in
 Skopje that were egged on by the 'Sorosites.' Zaev
 and Crvenkovski are using unfounded charges that
 Gruevski’s government eavesdropped on the phone
 calls of 20,000 Macedonians, as a rallying theme
 against the government.

Largely ignored by the foreign press is the fact that
 only the US National Security Agency and its British
 and German partners have the capability to conduct
 such massive surveillance. The question remains:
 who provided the Macedonian opposition with the
 taped conversations of Gruevski and other
 government leaders with the opposition leaders?
The sophistication of the intercepts rules out the
 Macedonian Intelligence Service.

The opposition to Gruevski's government has been
 joined by two of the major Soros-funded media
 operations in Macedonia, the television networks
 "Telma" and "24 Vesti." They helped stoke recent
 violent protests directed at the government on
Macedonia Square in central Skopje, demonstrations
 that saw 36 of the 40 total injured in the melees in
front of the government headquarters in Skopje
 identified as police officers.

One Social Democratic leader and ally of Zaev and
 Crvenkovski, Radmila Shekerinska, was witnessed
 at a café near the protest venue issuing instructions
 to protesters to forcibly enter government buildings.

 Crvenkovksi and Zaev have openly called for a
 popular uprising against the Macedonian
 government. The Soros-influenced Radio Free
 Europe, has consistently understated the
number of police officers injured by 'Sorosite'
 rioters and it has failed to report on the
external agitation behind the rioting.

The good news is that Macedonians from all walks
 of life and ethnic backgrounds, Slavic and Albanian
 and Muslims and Orthodox alike, are aware of the
 'Sorosite' influences behind the outbreak of violence
 in their country and they are willing to stand up
 against it. For Soros and his agitators within the
 Macedonian opposition and the US embassy in
Skopje, Macedonia, unlike Ukraine, will not be
easily walked on.



Saudi war on Yemen has failed: Hezbollah chief

Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general
of Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement,
 says the Al Saud regime has failed to achieve
 its goals against the Yemeni nation.

“Tell me about a single objective that has
 been achieved. Has Saudi Arabia restored
 the so-called legitimacy in Yemen? Has it
managed to prevent the expansion of the
Yemeni army and popular committees?
 Has it confiscated the arms of Ansarullah?
 Has it been able to return Mansur Hadi to
 his country?” Nasrallah asked in his TV

The Hezbollah chief rejected as lies, the
Riyadh regime’s claims of victory in the
war on Yemen, asking, “Do Arab citizens
accept such deception & misinformation?
As an Arab citizen I want information about
 the objectives that were allegedly realized.”

He said the Saudi kingdom is seeking to
 gain dominance over Yemen by launching
 a bloody war on its neighbour, and asked:

 “Have they managed to achieve their real
 objective: restoring their hegemony over

He lauded the Yemeni people’s resistance
against Saudi aggression, saying Riyadh
could not weaken the Yemenis.

“We are before a clear and obvious Saudi
 failure and a clear Yemeni victory. This is
 the result of the firmness & steadfastness
 of the Yemenis,” the Hezbollah chief said.

The Saudis claim the airstrikes only target
military positions. However, reports show
civilians & infrastructure in civilian areas
are being attacked. Recent reports also
 show Saudis used cluster munitions in
the northern province of Sa’ada.

Riyadh declared an end to the “Decisive
Storm” operation against Yemen & then
announced the beginning of a new phase
 “Operation Restoring Hope.”

“The launch of Operation Renewal of Hope
 was an attempt to cover up for the failure
 of the 1st round of the war against Yemen,”
he stressed.

He criticized Saudi Arabia and its backers
in the aggression against Yemen for their
hypocrisy in the war and their blocking of
 humanitarian aid to the Yemeni people.

“They claimed they want to fight terrorism,
 but they are offering arms to al-Qaeda &
bombing popular committees, to prevent
them from reaching the regions where al-
Qaida is operating. They have prevented
 any humanitarian aid from reaching
Yemen,” he stressed.

Nasrallah praised the victories of Yemen's
people, and called on the international
 community to step up its efforts to help
 the Yemenis.

“The world has a responsibility to confront
this aggression's repercussions, at the
humanitarian level,” the Hezbollah chief
 said, condemning Saudi Arabia’s arial
bombing of Yemen and the destruction
 of its infrastructure.

He said, “Exerting pressure by killing
 children and women is a futile policy.”



Hezbollah's chief also referred to Iraq,
saying the US is seeking to split Iraq
under the pretext of fighting the ISIL
Takfiri group.

“After the IS seized control of Mosul
 and started threatening the other
provinces and the region, a US-led
international coalition was formed
to fight it. Back then, we said that
the US is not serious in fighting IS
 & that it would utilize the threat of
IS in the region, to realize its own
scheme for the region.

We said that the US has a scheme to
fragment the regions on a sectarian
& ethnic basis: Arabs, Kurds, Sunnis
and Shiites,” Nasrallah added.

Nowadays, the Americans have revealed
 their true intentions through their attempt
to bestow legitimacy on the fragmentation
of Iraq, and this is what the US Congress
 is trying to do, he noted.

The draft of a US annual defense bill, which
 was released on April 27 by the House Armed
 Services Committee, urges the US government
 to recognize separate Kurdish & Sunni states,
 and provide them with at least 25% of the 715
million dollars in aid money, allegedly planned
to be given to the Iraqi government, to help it
fight the ISIL terrorist group.

The draft bill also says the figure could even
 be 60% of the money, about USD 429 million.

The bill mandates that “the Kurdish Peshmerga,
 the Sunni tribal security forces with a national
 security mission, and the Iraqi Sunni National
Guard be deemed a country,” adding that this
 “would allow these security forces to directly
 receive assistance from the US.”

This was a prophecy which has now come true,
with a Senate vote in favour of carving up Iraq


Widespread Use of Torture by
 Ukrainian Army & Security Services


you can read the article here:



Washington Choreographing All-Out War with Russia?


The reckless American leaders are putting in place
 incendiary elements that heighten the risk of an all-
out war with Russia.

For several weeks now the Ukrainian self-defence
 militia, in the breakaway eastern Donbas region,
has been warning that the US-backed Kiev regime
 is readying to break a fragile ceasefire and resume
 its offensive. The refusal, as mandated by the truce,
 to fully withdraw all heavy artillery and the ongoing
 practice of live-fire drills near the conflict zone, are
the evidences cited.

With the arrival of 300 US paratroopers in
Ukraine, collaborating with Kiev’s
National Guard brigades, who are the worst
offenders over the past year’s fights in east
 Ukraine – that development is an alarming
 harbinger of imminent conflict.

The Minsk ceasefire, brokered by Russia,
& France, has, up to this time,
held for over
two months. Given the Kiev
regime’s past breach of
previous cease-
fires, the duration of the truce signed

 on February 12th, has surprised many.

But now it seems the
levee is about to burst,
ushering more violence into the

Of utmost concern is that the US military forces have
 reportedly moved into the Donetsk region, near the
 conflict zone.

(This has been "officially" denied by the US.)

The arrival of the US troops was already described
by Moscow as a breach of the Minsk ceasefire. Bad
 enough, was that the Americans were supposed to
 conduct their military exercises in the west of the
 country, near Lviv city. Inexplicably, according to
the Russian Ministry of Defence, US troops
of the
173rd Airborne Brigade have taken
up "training"
positions in Donetsk --- only 20-30
kilometres from
the conflict zone. The positions
include the towns
of Artemivsk, Severodonetsk and

Moreover, the military training given by the
 Americans to their charges includes the use of
made arms, not the usual Soviet-style arms
  the Ukrainian Armed Forces traditionally use.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson,
Lukashevich, notes that the
mode of training,
shows that Washington
is preparing to fulfil its
promise to supply
lethal weapons to the Kiev

The disturbing upshot of the ceasefire breaking in
 eastern Ukraine is that this time around the United
 States will be an overt participant in any renewed
 war. Not only the US, but two other closely aligned
 members of the NATO alliance – Canada and Britain.
 Nearly 600 troops from these three countries are in
 place acting as "military advisors" and providing
 weapons training to Kiev’s forces.

If the shaky Minsk ceasefire collapses, as many fear
 it might, then the situation has American, Canadian
 and British military boots on the ground, and on the
 side of the Kiev regime. There is no equivocation
 about it. These NATO members will then be overtly
 at war in Ukraine fighting for a Neo-Nazi regime that
 has been responsible for 6,000 deaths over the past
 year in its wanton offensive on the Russian-speaking
 people of Donetsk and Luhansk.

That new situation will have dispelled the erstwhile
 pretence of the US and its allies, of "only" providing
indirect support to Kiev. For these West
ern powers
will be at war – officially.

In addition to the sinister military build-up on
ground, the US has begun a revamped
 choreographing of disinformation and war

In recent days, the US ambassador to Kiev, Geoffrey
 Pyatt, took to social media with more shrill claims of
a Russian military presence in eastern Ukraine. Pyatt
 averred that it was "the highest concentration of
 Russian air defence forces in eastern Ukraine since
 [last] August." He posted a photograph of a Buk
 Missile system, which actually turns out to have
been taken
from a commercial military exhibition
held in Russia ---
two years ago.

Pyatt, along with State Department official Victoria
 Nuland, it may be recalled, was the architect of the
 coup in Kiev last February when the American CIA
 backed the violent overthrow of the elected
 government of President Viktor Yanukovych.

Meanwhile, back in Washington, the US State
 Department used the exact same formulation of
 words to claim Russia was installing advanced air
 defence systems in eastern Ukraine. There is "no
 doubt that Russia is involved," said spokeswoman
 Marie Harf --- without, as usual, providing any
 evidence. When asked about exact numbers of
 alleged Russian forces in eastern Ukraine, Harf's
 cosmetic demeanour appeared to crumble with
 uncertainty. "It is really hard to get precise
 information about Russian troop numbers
 specifically, but we know there is a substantial
 Russian presence," she told reporters.

Ironically, Washington cited these alleged infractions
 to accuse Russia of "violating the Minsk ceasefire",
 that could be construed as an act of war "requiring"
 Kiev forces to "respond". The irony is cloyingly rich
 given that it is the US that has sent paratroopers
eastern Ukraine to train Neo-Nazi brigades
on how to
kill more ethnic Russians.

Apart from an outright falsification of the alleged
 presence of Russian forces in Ukraine, the potential
 is rife for so-called false-flag terror attacks carried
 out by the Kiev regime and its American handlers.
 Such an atrocity, amplified by the dutiful Western
 news media, could, in turn, be cited as a
to relaunch hostilities.

Earlier this year, for example, on January 13th,
Volnovakha town, a bus carrying civilians
blown up, reportedly with a roadside mine,
killing twelve
people onboard. The US-backed
Petro Poroshenko, immediately
blamed "Russian

It's been a familiar routine over the
past year,
whose choreography suggests
planning. In the Volnovakha bus
only later did it emerge, that the explosive
device belonged to the Kiev forces who hold
area, and it may indeed have been set off
 deliberately, to impugn the pro-Russian rebels.

Volnovakha is one of the towns in eastern Ukraine
 where US troops are now reportedly carrying out
 military exercises with the disreputable National
 Guard, whose crimes against civilians in eastern
 Ukraine is amply documented, even by Western
 human rights groups.

The combined factors in this equation do not bode
 well. US and NATO troops on the ground in eastern
 Ukraine working with Neo-Nazi paramilitaries, plus
 renewed audacious media attempts to criminalise
 Russia. That array of factors equals a return to all-
out war, this time with NATO openly participating.

The provocation to Russia has to be seen in a wider
even more troubling context, of American-led NATO
 build-up of troops, warplanes, warships & missiles
 across Eastern Europe – and all pointed at Russia.

This begs the inevitable conclusion of Washington
 choreographing events for all-out war with Russia.

Given the decrepit, crumbling state of America’s
 global empire and its bankrupt capitalist economy,
 the pernicious motive for such a war begins to look

Unless, of course, the American people and the rest
 of the world can somehow unite – to abolish the out-
of-control regime in Washington.


Something must have happened
 for Hollande to be so incoherent.

The US has maintained constant pressure on France
since her refusal to join the first anti-Iraq coalition in
 2003, when Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin
made his remarkable address before the Security
 Council: France’s last independent policy statement.

 France has been punished for this foolhardy act
 of disobedience: the Bush Law - “Those who are
 not with us are against us” - was laid on France
 in full. Sanctions after sanctions, most of them
unpublicized, some unannounced, until they
in, and joined the war in Afghanistan.

The last sanction, and the most crippling, was
  the US
embargo on military equipment, which
forced France
to join the Afghanistan war, as
revealed at
the above-mentioned hearings:

- Senator: “Do you mean to say, General, that
went to Afghanistan because of some
spare parts??!!

- Gen. Bentégeat (former Deputy Chief of General
 Staff): Those spare parts were essential for the
 propulsion system of our helicopter carrier. The
embargo on military hardware was decreed by
Donald Rumsfeld after our opposition to the
 intervention in Iraq; it was only lifted when
joined the war in Afghanistan.”

The French were so ill-prepared for this war, they
 soon ran out of everything, even toilet paper, that
 they had to steal from the US barracks. The worst
 part of it all, is that when the US decided to with-
draw the main force from Afghanstan, they didn't
 even inform the French.. “The Americans just use
 us as “kit expéditionnaire”, Gen Desportes cries.

Thus fares la Grande Armée, under the heel
of the American hegemon...

Hollande may be under renewed pressure from
the US, which apparently never ends its threat
 to deprive France (and the UK too) of their seat
 on the UN Security Council - as Gen. Bentégeat
testifies, during the same senate hearings:

“The pressure in this regard is constant, both
 on France, and the UK. France's Permanent
 Representative [to the UN] always tells me
 France & the UK are constantly challenged
 to demonstrate that they're not out of place
 on the Security Council.”


Top Polish Military Advisor "Completely
Withdraws" His Support for Kiev

General Skrzypczak, former head of Poland's Armed
 Forces, no longer supports military assistance and
 political support for Kiev because of the Kiev-coup
 Parliament's decision to honour OUN-UPA, who are
 World War Two Ukrainian ultra nationalists, who
slaughtered tens of thousands of Poles.

This article originally appeared at The New Cold War

A top military adviser and former head of Poland’s
 armed forces tells Gazeta Prawna news in Poland
 that he has “completely withdrawn” his previous
 views favoring providing more military assistance
 and political support to the government of Ukraine.

General Waldemar Skrzypczak spoke to the paper
 briefly on April 16th. On April 17th, Gazeta Prawna
is publishing a feature interview with him.

His change of view is prompted by a law, passed
 by Ukraine's Parliament on April 9th, glorifying
 World War Two collaborators with Nazi Germany.

 It followed an address to the Verkhovna Rada
April the 9th, by the then Polish President,
Komorowski, in which he voiced
strong support
for Ukraine, including its
military ambition to
put down the pro-
autonomy movement in the
east of Ukraine.

Skrzypczak tells Gazeta Prawna:

 “A few hours later, Ukraine's parliament passed a
 law glorifying the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA).
At this point, I realized Ukraine does not consider
 the Polish people. I’m talking of what happened
 in Volhynia, the slaughter of 100,000 Poles by
 the UPA [in 1943 and 1944]…

“The UPA murdered my uncle, nailing him with
forks to the barn door. From what I know, he
 died 3 days later. Their savagery was beyond
 human imagination. Nazi Germany did not
come up with what those Ukrainians were

“I wonder what future the president of Ukraine,
Mr Poroshenko, is building for Ukraine. On a
foundation of bloodthirsty nationalism? This
 is terrible.

“It has long been said that Ukrainians should
get rid of nationalism, because if they don't,
collaboration with Poland will be very hard,
 in fact, impossible.”

General Skrzypczak is no pacifist, or friend of
Russia. Born in 1956, he was the commander
 of Polish Land Forces from 2006 to 2009.

Since September 2011, he's an adviser at the
 Polish Ministry of National Defence. In June
 2012, he became deputy minister of defence,
 responsible for armament and modernisation.
 In an August 2012 interview, he outlined his
 plans for a continuing & vast modernization
 and expansion of Poland’s military.


American Exceptional Hypocracy
by Michelle Semet.

 This article appeared in full at
 Letters from Globistan

According to the official narrative, Americans
 are the reluctant enforcers of human rights as
 Putin recklessly pushes for nuclear war. In this
 latest revision, France & Germany reprise their
 roles as spineless and unprincipled allies who
 won't defend Ukrainian democracy, because
 of Russia’s nuclear arsenal.

To make the case that Russia is lurching towards
 diplomatic belligerence, much hay has been made
 regarding the revision of Russia’s military doctrine:

“Although the revised Russian military doctrine
 in December 2014, is not new in its allowance
 of tactical nuclear weapons in the case of a
 conventional attack that “threatens the very
 existence” of the Russian state, given the
 strengthening of Russia’s narrative on its
own perceived encirclement by NATO,

such threats are potentially open to
dangerous interpretation.”   
Sarah Lain,

 IB Times.

Feckless allegations and paranoid speculations
 re Putin’s motives are published as unassailable
 fact in prestigious media outlets, casting Russia
as the mustachio-twirling nuclear villain of our
fevered imaginations:

“Others want nuclear weapons not to freeze the
 status quo, but to change it. Russia has started
 to wield nuclear threats as an offensive weapon
in its strategy of intimidation.

 Its military exercises routinely stage dummy
nuclear attacks on such capitals as Warsaw
 and Stockholm. Mr Putin’s speeches contain
 veiled nuclear threats. Dmitry Kiselev, one of
 the Kremlin’s mouthpieces, has declared with
 relish that Russian nuclear forces could turn
 America into “radioactive ash”.
       The Economist.

“No one wants to acknowledge the truth: We
 won’t sell even defensive weapons to Ukraine
 because Russia is a nuclear power, & because
 Russia keeps reminding us of that fact. Last
month, Russia's government declared it had
put nuclear-capable missiles near Kaliningrad
 city, in striking range of Warsaw, Stockholm,
 and possibly Berlin. To underline the point, they
 also put a few more missiles in Crimea.

 During the last NATO summit, Russia suddenly
 decided to get out its nuclear weapons and
 “practice” loading them. During its 2009 military
 exercises, Russia also “practiced” a nuclear
strike on Warsaw. Of course these are bluffs &
 threats, designed to make everyone nervous.
 But because there is a sliver of a chance that
 Putin is crazy enough to kill millions of people,
they work.”               
   Anne Applebaum, Slate.

Pot Calling Kettle As America’s
Standard Operating Procedure

Buried under all the Russia & Putin hysteria
 lies the raging institutional hypocrisy that
 masquerades as American exceptionalism.
 Though it’s undeniable (and completely
 understandable) that Russia would be
willing to use nuclear weapons in the
defense of her borders and sovereignty,
 it's the US that has “officially” reserved
 the prerogative of a nuclear first strike.
 As former Assistant Treasury Secretary
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains:

“I pointed out years ago that the Bush regime
 had changed US war doctrine such that the
role of nuclear weapons was no longer
retaliatory to be used in the event of nuclear
 a attack on the US.  It was elevated to a
first strike position.  It is now our war

doctrine that we can initiate a nuclear war
on somebody we don’t like, or who we think
might not agree with us, or who we think
might be prepared to go to war against us. 
This doctrine applies to countries that do
 not have nuclear weapons.”

Unfortunately for the vast majority who rely
on mainstream media for their information,
 this reality is relentlessly obfuscated with
 provocative rhetoric and a disingenuous

“It’s a curious reversal of roles: In the 1980s,
 the Soviet leadership was terrified that a
cowboy in the White House - someone who
was so nutty he made jokes about signing
 “legislation that will outlaw Russia forever”
 - might just flip a switch and send a missile.

 Nowadays, it’s we who fear the madmen in
foreign capitals, while our own large nuclear
arsenal goes unmentioned - unacknowledged
 by a Western political class that is frankly
 embarrassed that it still exists.”   
 Anne Applebaum, Slate

Given the real motives & documented objectives
 of American foreign policy, it is exceedingly clear
 that Russia’s true crime, is her all-too-real ability
 to defend herself on the world stage. How can
 American leaders accuse Russia of shameless
 nuclear intimidation when they openly advocate
 for the exclusive right of preemptive nuclear war
–even against nations without nuclear weapons?


says Robert Parry

Robert Parry, the American investigative journalist
who broke many Iran-Contra stories in the 1980s
 for the Associated Press and Newsweek, speaks
out now about Robert Kagan & Victoria Nuland &
 their hold on Obama, whose foreign policy seems
 to be outsourced to these ideologue-opportunists,
whose companies depend on wars..

According to Parry, the couple’s latest project is
to sink Minsk-2 and lay the ground for further US
 military-industrial-complex profiteering at the EU's
 expense and of the US itself, and peace in Europe.

How to sink Minsk-2

In another overheard conversation — in Munich,
 Germany — Nuland mocked the peace agreement
 as “Merkel’s Moscow thing,” German newspaper
 Bild says, citing unnamed sources, likely from the
 German government which may have bugged the
 conference room in the luxurious Bayerischer Hof
 hotel and then leaked the details.

Picking up on Nuland’s contempt for Merkel,
another US official called the Minsk-2 deal
the Europeans’ “Moscow bullshit.”

Nuland suggested that Merkel and Hollande
cared only about the practical impact of the
 Ukraine war on Europe: “They’re afraid of
damage to their economy, counter-sanctions
 from Russia.”

According to the Bild story, Nuland also
 laid out a strategy for countering Merkel’s
diplomacy by using strident language to
frame the Ukraine crisis.

“We can fight against the Europeans, we
 can fight with rhetoric against them,”
Nuland reportedly said.

NATO Commander Air Force General Philip
 Breedlove was quoted as saying that sending
 more weapons to the Ukrainian government
 would “raise the battlefield cost for Putin.”

 Nuland interjected to US politicians present
 that “I’d strongly urge you to use the phrase
 ‘defensive systems’ that we would deliver to
oppose Putin’s ‘offensive systems.’”

Nuland sounded determined to sink the Merkel-
Hollande peace initiative, even though it was
 arranged by two major US allies, and blessed
President Obama.

And, now, the deal seems indeed to have been
blown apart by Nuland’s hand-picked PM,
Yatsenyuk, who inserted a poison pill into the
 legislation to implement the Minsk-2
political settlement.

The Ukrainian parliament in Kiev added a
clause that, in effect, requires the rebels
 to first surrender, and let the Ukrainian
 government organize elections, before
federalized structure is determined.

 Minsk-2 had called for dialogue with the
 representatives of the rebellious eastern
 territories en route to elections and the
establishment of broad autonomy for
the region.

Instead, reflecting Nuland’s hard-line position,
 Kiev refused to talks with the rebel leaders,
 & insisted on establishing control over these
territories before the process can move

If the legislation stands, the result will almost
surely be a resumption of war between military
 forces backed by nuclear-armed Russia and the
 United States, a very dangerous development
 for the world.


If Downtown New York City Was Hit
 by ONE Modern Nuclear Weapon

Or downtown Moscow for that matter. Today's
nukes are deadlier than ever. Russia & the US
 have 700 800-kiloton deployed warheads each.

This article originally appeared at OpEdNews

What would happen if just one 800-kiloton nuclear
warhead was detonated above midtown Manhattan?

The Russians are reputed to have 10 such weapons
 trained on the city. And we threaten their cities in a
like manner. This chilling account was delivered at
a recent Caldicott Foundation 'For A Nuclear Free
 Future' conference held at the New York Academy
 of Medicine.

It is the work of 3 distinguished authorities on
 the subject.

By Steven Starr, Lynn Eden and Theodore A. Postol

(Lynn Eden is a member of the Security Board
 of "Bulletin of The Atomic Scientists" and a
 Senior Research Scholar & Associate Director
 for Research, at Stanford University's Centre
 for International Security and Cooperation.)

(Physicist Theodore Postol is Professor of
Science, Technology, and National Security
Policy at MIT. His expertise is in ballistics.)

(Steven Starr is Director of the University
 of Missouri's Clinical Laboratory Science

Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles are
 believed to carry a total of approximately 1,000
 strategic nuclear warheads that can hit the US
less than 30 minutes after being launched.

 Of this total, about 700 warheads are rated at
 800 kilotons; that is, each has the explosive
 power of 800,000 tons of TNT. What follows
 is a description of the consequences of the
 detonation of a single such warhead over
midtown Manhattan, in the heart of NYC.

The initial fireball. The warhead would probably
 be detonated slightly more than a mile above the
 city, to maximize the damage created by its blast
wave. Within a few tenths of millionths of a second
 after detonation, the centre of the warhead would
 reach a temperature of roughly 200 million degrees
 Fahrenheit (about 100 million degrees Celsius), or
about 4 to 5 times the temperature at the centre
 of the sun.

A ball of superheated air would form, initiallly
 expanding outward, at millions of miles per
hour.  It would act like a fast-moving piston
on the surrounding air, compressing it at the
edge of the fireball & creating a shockwave
of vast size and power.

After 1 second, the fireball would be roughly
a mile in diameter. It would have cooled from
 its initial temperature of many millions of
degrees to about 16,000 degrees Fahrenheit
-- roughly 4,000 degrees hotter than the
surface of the sun.

On a clear day with average weather conditions,
 the enormous heat and light from the fireball
would almost instantly ignite fires over a total
 area of about 100 square miles.

Hurricane of fire. Within seconds after detonation,
fires set within a few miles of the fireball would
 burn violently. These fires would force gigantic
 masses of heated air to rise, drawing cooler air
from surrounding areas toward the centre of the
 fire zone, from all directions.

As massive winds drove flames into areas
where fires hadn't yet fully developed, fires
 set by the detonation would begin to merge.
Within tens of minutes of the detonation, fires
from near and far would join & have formed a
single, gigantic fire. The energy released by
 this mass fire would be 15 to 50 times greater
 than the energy produced by the nuclear

The mass fire, or firestorm, would quickly increase
 in intensity, heating enormous volumes of air that
would rise at speeds approaching 300 miles per hour.
This chimney effect would pull cool air from outside
 the fire zone towards the centre of the fire at speeds
 of hundreds of miles per hour. These superheated
ground winds of more than hurricane force, would
 further intensify the fire. At the edge of the fire zone,
the winds would be powerful enough to uproot trees
three feet in diameter and suck people from outside
 the fire into it.

The inrushing winds would drive the flames from
 burning buildings horizontally along the ground,
 filling city streets with flames and firebrands,
 breaking in doors and windows, and causing
 the fire to jump, sometimes hundreds of feet,
swallowing anything not already violently

These above-hurricane-force ground winds
would have average air temperatures well
above the boiling point of water. The
targeted would be transformed into a
 huge hurricane of fire, producing a lethal
 environment throughout the entire fire zone.

Ground zero: Midtown Manhattan. The fireball
 would vaporize the structures directly below it
and produce an immense blast wave and high-
speed winds, crushing even heavily built concrete
 structures within a couple miles of ground zero.
The blast would tear apart high-rise buildings and
expose their contents to the solar temperatures;
 it would spread fires by exposing ignitable
surfaces, releasing flammable materials, and
 dispersing burning materials.

At the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station,
 the Chrysler Building, and St. Patrick's Cathedral,
about a half to three quarters of a mile from ground
 zero, light from the fireball would melt asphalt in the
 streets, burn paint off walls, and melt metal surfaces
 within a half second of the detonation. Roughly one
 second later, the blast wave and 750-mile-per-hour
 winds would arrive, flattening buildings and tossing
 burning cars into the air like leaves in a windstorm.
 Throughout Midtown, the interiors of vehicles and
 buildings in line of sight of the fireball would
explode into flames.

Slightly more than a mile from ground zero are
the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Midtown East,
and Lenox Hill, as well as the United Nations;
at this distance, for a split second the fireball
would shine 10,000 times brighter than a
desert sun at noon. All combustible materials
illuminated by the fireball would spew fire and
black smoke.

Grass, vegetation, and leaves on trees would
explode into flames; the surface of the ground
 would explode into superheated dust. Any
flammable material inside buildings (paper,
curtains, upholstery) directly exposed to the
 fireball would burst into flame. The surfaces
of the bronze statues in front of the UN would
melt; marble surfaces exposed to the fireball
would crack, pop, and possibly evaporate.

At this distance from the fireball, it would take
 about four seconds for the blast wave to arrive.
As it passed over, the blast wave would engulf
all structures & crush them; it would generate
 ferocious winds of 400 to 500 miles per hour
that would persist for a few seconds.

The high winds would tear structural elements
 from buildings and cause them to disintegrate
 explosively into smaller pieces. Some of these
 pieces would become destructive projectiles,
causing further damage. The superheated,
dust-laden winds would be strong enough to
overturn trucks and buses.

Two miles from ground zero, the Metropolitan
 Museum of Art, with all its magnificent historical
 treasures, would be obliterated. Two and a half
miles from ground zero, in Lower Manhattan, the
 East Village, and Stuyvesant Town, the fireball
would appear 2,700 times brighter than a desert
 sun at noon. There, thermal radiation would melt
and warp aluminum surfaces, ignite the tires of
 autos, and turn exposed skin to charcoal, before
 blast waves arrived & ripped apart the buildings.

Three to nine miles from ground zero. Midtown is
 bordered by the relatively wide Hudson and East
 rivers, and fires would start simultaneously in
 large areas on both sides of these waterways
(that is, in Queens and Brooklyn as well as
Jersey City and West New York). Although the
 direction of the fiery winds in regions near the
 river would be modified by the water, the overall
 wind pattern from these huge neighboring fire
zones would be similar to that of a single mass
 fire, with its centre at Midtown, Manhattan.

Three miles from ground zero, in Union City, New
 Jersey, and Astoria, Queens, the fireball would be
 as bright as 1,900 suns and deliver more than five
 times the thermal energy deposited at the peri-
meter of the mass fire at Hiroshima. In Greenpoint,
Brooklyn & in the Civic Centre of Lower Manhattan,
clothes worn by people in the direct line of sight of
 the fireball would burst into flames or melt, and
uncovered skin would be charred, causing third-
degree and fourth-degree burns.

It would take 12 to 14 seconds for the blast wave
 to travel three miles after the fireball's initial flash
of light. At this distance, the blast wave would last
for about three seconds and be accompanied by
winds of 200 to 300 miles per hour. Residential
structures would be destroyed; high-rises would
 be at least heavily damaged.

Fires would rage everywhere within five miles of
 ground zero. At a distance of 5.35 miles from the
 detonation, the light flash from the fireball would
 deliver twice the thermal energy experienced at
 the edge of the mass fire at Hiroshima. In Jersey
 City and Cliffside Park & in Woodside in Queens,
 on Governors Island and in Harlem, the light and
heat to surfaces would approximate that created
 by 600 desert suns at noon.

Wind speed at this distance would be 70 to 100
miles per hour. Buildings of heavy construction
 would suffer little structural damage, but all
exterior windows would be shattered, and non-
supporting interior walls and doors would be
severely damaged or blown down. Black smoke
 would effuse from wood houses as the paint
 burned off surfaces and furnishings ignited.

6 to 7 miles from ground zero, from Moonachie,
New Jersey, to Crown Heights, Brooklyn, from
Yankee Stadium to Corona, Queens and Crown
Heights, Brooklyn, the fireball would appear
 300 times brighter than the desert sun at noon.
 Anyone in the direct light of the fireball would
suffer 3rd degree burns to their exposed skin.
The firestorm could engulf neighborhoods as
far as seven miles away from ground zero,
since these outlying areas would receive the
 same amount of heat as did the areas at the
 edge of the mass fire at Hiroshima.

Nine miles from ground zero, in Hackensack,
Bayonne, and Englewood, New Jersey, as well
as in Richmond Hill, Queens, and Flatlands,
 Brooklyn, the fireball would be about 100 times
 brighter than the sun, bright enough to cause first-
 and second-degree burns to those in line of sight.
About 36 seconds after the fireball, the shockwave
 would arrive and knock out all the windows, along
 with many interior building walls and some doors.

No survivors. Within tens of minutes, everything
 within approximately 5-7 miles of Mid Manhattan
 would be engulfed by a gigantic firestorm. The
fire zone would cover a total area of 90 to 152
 square miles (230 to 389 square kilometers).
The firestorm would rage for three to six hours.
Air temperatures in the fire zone would likely
average 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (200
 to 260 Celsius).

After the fire burned out, the street pavement
would be so hot, that even tracked vehicles
 could not pass over it for days. Buried and
unburned material from collapsed buildings
throughout the fire zone, could burst into
flames when exposed to air -- months after
 the firestorm had ended.

Those who tried to escape through the streets
 would have been incinerated by the hurricane-
force winds filled with firebrands and flames.
 Even those able to find shelter in the lower-
level sub-basements of massive buildings
 would likely suffocate from fire-generated
 gases or be cooked alive as their shelters
 heated to oven-like conditions.

The fire would extinguish all life and destroy
 almost everything else. Tens of miles down-
wind of the area of immediate destruction,
 radioactive fallout would begin to arrive
within a few hours of the detonation.

But that, is another story.


Sixty-Six Years Ago on April 4th,
NATO Began its War Program

by Danielle Ryan

On April 4th, 1949, NATO consolidated itself
 into an alliance, whose only purpose, is to
 arm the world against Russia.

About three and a half months later, on July 26,
 Senator Bob Taft, the son of President W H Taft,
made a speech explaining why he voted against
its establishment.

It’s clear now, that he could foresee what those
 blinded by triumphalism & ideology couldn’t see.
 He was no apologist for communism or the USSR,
but he knew that a military pact against Russia
was a provocative act --- and one more likely to
lead to aggression and insecurity, than peace
and stability.

This is “not a peace program, it is a war program,”
 he said.

“…the treaty is a part of a much larger program by
 which we arm all these nations against Russia. A
 joint military program has already been made. It thus
 becomes an offensive and defensive military alliance
 against Russia. I believe our foreign policy should be
 aimed primarily at security and peace, and I believe
 such an alliance is more likely to produce war, than

“A third world war would be the greatest tragedy
 the world has ever suffered. Even if we won the war,
 we -- this time -- would probably suffer tremendous
 destruction, our economic system would be crippled,
 and we would lose our liberties and free system just
as the 2nd World War destroyed the free systems of
Europe. It might easily destroy civilization on this

Taft could see the Russian perspective clearly
-- without necessarily agreeing with it -- and he
 understood that it ought not be disregarded
 out of hand -- the de rigueur starting point in
 Washington today.

“If we undertake to arm all the nations around Russia
-- from Norway on the north, to Turkey on the south --
 and Russia sees itself ringed about gradually by so-
called defensive arms from Norway and Denmark to
Turkey and Greece, it may form a different opinion.
It may decide that the arming of western Europe,
regardless of its present purpose, looks to an
attack on Russia. Its view may be unreasonable,
and I think it is. But from the Russian standpoint
it may not seem unreasonable.”

“How would we feel if Russia undertook to arm
a country on our border; Mexico, for instance?”

Taft went on to argue that there would be only “one
 real hope” for peace in the world. It would be an
 “association of nations building itself to abide by a
 law governing nations and administered by a court
of legal justice”. Such a judicial finding “must not
be subject to veto by any nation”, he said.

3 years earlier, the United Nations had been
 founded. Taft regarded the young UN as an
 organisation looking in the right direction,
but one that was deeply flawed.

As his predictions on NATO turned out to be true
and justified, so too did his criticism of the United
 Nations. The UN veto power, held by five nations,
 has added to its ineffectiveness as a supposedly
 diplomatic and democratic organisation.

There may be some debate to be had about the
 legitimacy of a veto power --- but add to those
 criticisms Washington’s complete disregard for the
 UN Security Council, and you have an organisation
 which is essentially useless --- because one of its
members operates outside its bounds, at all times.

While the UN these days rarely serves anyone well,
NATO serves the interests of only 1 of its members.

Finally, on NATO, Taft said:

“… as set up, it is a step backward — a military
 alliance of the old type where we have to come to
 each others’ assistance, no matter who's to blame
and with ourselves, the judges of the law.“

66 years later and NATO still exists, as many
 have argued, for no good reason; to counteract
threats which are either imagined or which only
exist because NATO itself exists. Or worse, to
lend legitimacy to the geopolitical whims of its
 only beneficiary.

This article originally appeared at Journalitico


Robert Parry: Ukraine's poison pill for Minsk-2

The Ukrainian government is doing everything
 possible to disrupt the Minsk-2 arrangements.

 Ukraine may thus expand the geography of the
 civil war in the Donbass, while the United States
and Russia may approach the line behind which
 nuclear war may start, Robert Parry, a journalist
known for his  investigative reports, believes.

According to him, recent legislative decisions
by the Verkhovna Rada, have now poisoned
 the Minsk-2 agreements.

With its "legislative" work, Kiev's parliament
 has ruined the peace initiatives by European
  politicians trying to stop the bloodshed in
eastern Ukraine.

 There's another round of the bloody conflict
in store for Donbass, he says, and Ukraine's
MPs will do nothing except accuse Russia
and President Putin, for the blood shed.

The civil war was expected to finally end,
if Kiev agreed to grant 'special status' to
the two breakaway regions of Ukraine.

 However, after the "fruitful" work by the
 US-backed parliament, the value of this
 "special status" has been reduced to nil,
Pravda.Ru says.

Kiev says the People's Republics of Donetsk
and Luhansk will have to hold new elections
-- under Kiev's control -- if they want "special
status" for themselves. The elections would
have to be conducted after full capitulation
by the militia forces, as elections would not
take account of any frontline between the
  two sides.

Vadim Karasyov, director of the independent
Institute of Global Strategies --- in Kiev:

 "Ukraine won't go along with any legalization
 of those so-called people's republics. We need
 them to be dismantled," the Christian Science
 Monitor reports.

The leaders of Donetsk and Luhansk republics
have protested the decision by Ukraine's Rada.
 They note that it is contrary to both the letter
 and spirit of the Minsk agreements:
"We agreed to "special status" for the territories
 of our republics and a renewed, united Ukraine,
 although all our people want full independence.

 "We took this step to stop the bloodshed and the
 fratricidal war. Now we can clearly see that the
 Ukrainian authorities need the peace talks only
to further prepare for a new phase of the war."

It remains to add that Kiev's MPs are unlikely
 to have taken such "poisonous" solutions --
without the support of American "hawks,"
such as Victoria Nuland.
Those hawks put pressure on Poroshenko,
 Merkel and Hollande, taking the world to
 the brink of a possible nuclear war,
Robert Parry writes.


Russian Intelligence Saved
                 Yanukovych's Life, says Putin               
 Russian President Vladimir Putin says
he ordered the Russian intelligence

services to save ousted Ukrainian
president Viktor Yanukovych, as his
was an objective of the coup.

Putin says that, from the beginning,
the coup plan and the elimination of
Yanukovych in an attack, was clear.

"There were reasons to believe they would
 simply eliminate him", says the President,
 to explain an order he gave security forces
during the coup of February 22nd, in 2014.

The information received, indicated that
the coup leaders were prepared to not
just capture Yanukovich, but physically
 eliminate him, as this was simply more
 'convenient' for the coup, says Putin.

According to President Putin, subsequent
events detected by the Kremlin's security
services, only confirmed this.

Andrei Kondrashov's documentary, which
contains Putin's words, on Rossiya 1, has
created quite a stir in Russia and abroad.

Referring to the documentary 'Crimea.
to the Motherland', the spokes-
person for the
Commissioner for
Foreign and Security Policy
of the EU,
Maja Kocijancic, criticizes Russia.

'We are aware of the shooting of this
film, but
what matters is that we have
condemned -- and
will condemn -- the
accession of Crimea and
she says.


US Private Military Companies
Used for Arms
Supplies to Ukraine

CyberBerkut, Ukrainian hackers set up to fight neo-
fascism, nationalism and power abuse in Ukraine,
 has gained access to files on the mobile device of
 the Green Group PMC (private military company)
 official who recently visited Kiev as a member of
 a US military delegation. It made the materials
public on February 27th using its website

Green Group is a US private military company
 founded in 2007 with headquarters in Edmond,
 Oklahoma. It has a European branch in Tbilisi.

The company is licensed with the US Department
 of State and the State Department. CyberBerkut
 posted the documents to open access along with
 the Green Group advertisement. Two letters from
 Gregg Holmes, CEO of the PMC, to the Ukrainian
 Armed Forces' Chief of Staff, Muzhenko, became
 public domain. One of them, written in Ukrainian
 and dated February 15, 2015 (the Minsk deal was
 signed on February 12) is worth citing.

"As you know, the United States is in contact with
 NATO partners on lethal arms supplies to Ukraine.
 There has been no mutual understanding reached
 so far. As I am informed by my friends in the State
 Department and the Pentagon, the United States
 is going to increase pressure on European allies."

 "During recent consultations with the Ministry of
 Foreign Affairs of France the US State Department
 team insisted on expediting the procedures for
 delivering anti-tank systems and heavy weapons
 to Ukraine's military. The United States believes
 lethal arms will stop the advance of separatists
 in Ukraine and prevent them from approaching
 the administrative border of the Luhansk and
 Donetsk regions.

"According to US government estimates, the use
 of up-to-date weapons by Ukraine's military will
inevitably inflict heavy losses upon Russian
 volunteers fighting in the terrorists ranks. It
be impossible to hide the heavy casualties."

 "In its turn, this information will cause tension
 in Russia and spur the emergence of anti-war
 movements to organize mass protests against
 the current Russian government."

"No matter the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs
 always supports the White house initiatives, the
 Government of France is hardly happy with our
 proposals. President Francois Hollande is not
ready to drastically change his Ukraine policy
but the US State Department came up with a
bright idea. The weapons will be delivered to

“volunteers” fighting for Ukraine or operatives
 of Western private military companies, with
great experience of using the weapons and
 equipment. Green Group is ready at any time
 to provide Ukraine's military with volunteers
 -- in sufficient numbers."

"The US government believes France could
 at least make a financial contribution, with
money transferred from the French Foreign
Ministry to State Department accounts, to
the real purpose it is allocated for."

"It's known that the Ukraine-U.S. Joint Commission
 is responsible for arms supplies. A document of the
 US European Command (Eucom) contains a proposal
 to deliver lethal arms to Ukraine allocating $75 mn
for the purpose."

"The package includes Javelin
anti-armor missiles,
different kinds of light weapons,
equipment and individual protection
kits. $2
million is to be spent on the Maidan network."

Another Eucom document mentions ammunition,
including grenades. $45 million is to be allocated
 for the training of Ukraine’s military, first of all,
the special forces.

The arms will be transferred within the frame-
work of the Joint Multinational Training Group
– a program in accordance with the Ukraine
/U.S. Joint Commission.

Perhaps the purpose of the Green Group’s mission
 was to get acquainted with the Ukraine’s military
 requirements and observe the situation on spot.

 The documents show that the US assessments
are a bit different from what Ukraine asked for.
 The US offers to make it a much bigger deal. For
 instance, Green Group proposes to increase the
 number of robotic systems, and includes 9,000
 optical devices. Communication systems top
 the list, while Ukrainians give priority to drones.

According to the documents, Kiev started talks
 on weapons supplies, no later than mid-2014.

 The Ukraine-U.S. Joint Commission (its next
 session is slated for May or June 2015)...
serves as a cover.

 The US does not trust Ukrainians with making
 assessments of their needs. This mission will
be undertaken by private contractors. They
will also take part in combat actions and
work as consultants and trainers.

Green Group is not the only private military
company hired by the Pentagon and State
 Department to provide arms to Ukraine.

According to media, at least 3-4000 people
 employed by defense contractors, operate
in Ukraine. The decision is not taken at a
 political level but this doesn't prevent the
 organizers of military supplies from doing
their job.


'USA: Through Rough Ways to the Wars'
by Francis Boyle;
recommended reading:



US president’s decision to prolong anti-Russian
 sanctions far-fetched - analysts

US President Barack Obama’s decision to prolong
the operation of anti-Russian sanctions on Ukraine
 for one year, by no means reflects the situation in
 Ukraine --- and their sole effect will be a further
worsening of bilateral relations, experts say.

Obama on Wednesday extended the operation
 of sanctions against Russia, imposed on March
 6th, 16th and 20th, 2014, to affect a number of
 Russian companies and individuals, former
 members of the ousted president, Viktor
 Yanukovich’s government, and leaders of
 Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics.

 The sanctions of December 19, 2014, taken
against the Crimean economy, will stay, too.

Obama claims that the situation in Ukraine
remains extraordinary and constitutes "an
unusual and extraordinary threat to the
national security and foreign policy of the
 United States."

President of the International Centre for
Geopolitical Analysis, Leonid Ivashov:

 "When he says that he has made a decision
 to prolong the anti-Russian sanctions on the
 excuse there is a threat to US foreign policy
Obama is right, in that the restoration of
peace to the east of Ukraine would run
counter to Washington’s strategic plans
for tearing Ukraine away from Russia.

" When they were steering the events in Kiev
 towards a change of power, US Department
 of State emissaries certainly pursued an aim
very different from the situation achieved,
where Normandy Quartet leaders would push
 Washington aside to achieve implementation
 of the peace accords concluded in Minsk on
February 12th."

"Obama’s decision to prolong anti-Russian
sanctions fully reflects the United States’
wish to keep the war in Ukraine going,
because this war is against Russia.

"Washington has no intention of letting the
 European Union leaders settle the situation
 in the east of Ukraine. Otherwise Obama’s
already unimpressive rating would sink to
 new lows," Ivashov believes.

"In reality the process of ceasefire & pull-
back of heavy armaments in the east of
Ukraine is continuing. Unlike the Ukrainian
armed forces, the Donetsk and Luhansk
militias have followed the Minsk accords
to the letter, for which, Moscow can take
some credit.

"It should be obvious to US and EU leaders
that the self-proclaimed republics are by
no means interested in an escalation of
violence: the economy is in ruins, there
are no jobs, and no funds are available
to pay wages and salaries.

 But the West avoids putting proper pressure
on Kiev, to make it comply with the Minsk
accords, while the US puts the blame for
this, on Russia, and extends
which is utterly dissonant with
the real
state of affairs," Ivashov says.

A deputy director of the Institute of US and
Canada Studies, Viktor Kremenyuk, remarks
that unlike the German and French leaders,
 the US president is in no mood to take a
milder line towards Moscow.

"Regrettably, the Obama-Putin mechanism
 does not work.

"It is deplorable that the US president  turned
 a deaf ear to a message about the possibility
 of easing the food embargo. President Vladimir
 Putin’s spokesperson said that Russia might
 resume importing farm produce from Europe
 and the United States, on the condition that
Western companies began investing in the
 construction of processing facilities.

 Regrettably, that constructive message
resulted in a prolongation of sanctions
 against Russia," Kremenyuk says.

"I believe the US president may reconsider
 his stance re the anti-Russian sanctions,
 if German Chancellor Angela Merkel and
Francois Hollande, as well as the heads of
the OSCE mission in Ukraine, provide certain
guarantees that hostilities in the east of the
country will not resume. None of them has
been able to assume such a responsibility
...so far," Kremenyuk ends.


Nuclear War and Clashing Ukraine Narratives
By Robert Parry

America and Russia have two nearly opposite
 narratives on Ukraine, which is more an indictment
of the US news media, which feigns objectivity, but
 disseminates what amounts to propaganda. These
 divergent narratives are driving the world towards
 a possible nuclear crisis, writes Robert Parry.

The US government and mainstream media are
 swaggering to a possible nuclear confrontation
 with Russia over Ukraine, without any of the
seriousness that has informed this sort of
decision-making throughout the nuclear age.
 Instead, Official Washington seems possessed
 by a self-righteous goofiness that could be
the prelude to the end of life on this planet.

Nearly across the US political spectrum, there is
 a pugnacious “group think” which has changed
 what should have been a manageable political
dispute in Ukraine into some morality play where
US politicians and pundits blather on about how
 the nearly year-old coup regime in Kiev “shares
 our values” and how America must be prepared
 to defend this regime militarily.

Though I’m told that President Barack Obama
 personally recognizes how foolhardy this attitude
 is, he has made no significant move to head off
 the craziness and, indeed, has tolerated
provocative actions by his underlings, such as
 neocon Assistant Secretary of State Victoria
 Nuland’s scheming with coup plotters to over-
throw Ukraine’s elected President, Viktor
Yanukovych, last February.

Obama also has withheld from the American people
 intelligence information that undercuts some of the
 more extreme claims that his administration has
 made. For instance, I’m told that he has detailed
 intelligence reports on both the mysterious sniper
 attack that preceded the putsch nearly a year ago
 and the shoot-down of the Malaysia Airlines Flights
17 that deepened the crisis last summer. But he
 won’t release the findings.

More broadly over the last year, Obama’s behavior –
 ranging from his initial neglect of the Ukraine issue,
 as Nuland’s coup plotting unfolded, to his own
 participation in the tough talk, such as boasting
 during his State of the Union address that he had
 helped put the Russian economy “in tatters” –
 ranks as one of the most irresponsible
 performances by a US president.

Given the potential stakes of nuclear war, none
of the post-World War II presidents behaved as
 recklessly as Obama has, which now includes
 allowing administration officials to talk loosely
 about sending military support to an unstable
regime in Kiev that includes neo-Nazis who
have undertaken death-squad operations
against ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

US Gen. Philip Breedlove,
NATO'S Commander,
declared last November that – on supplying
military support to Kiev's government –
“nothing at this time is off the table.”

 Breedlove is now pushing actively to send
lethal US military equipment to fend off an
offensive by ethnic Russians in the east.

I’m told the Russians fear that US officials
are contemplating placing Cruise missiles in
Ukraine, or otherwise introducing advanced
weaponry that Moscow regards as a direct
threat to its national security. Whether or not
 the Russians are being alarmist, these fears
 are affecting their own decision-making.

None of the nuclear-age presidents – not Harry
 Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy,
 Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford,
 Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush,
 Bill Clinton or even George W. Bush - would have
 engaged in such provocative actions on Russia’s
 borders, though some surely behaved aggressively
 in overthrowing governments and starting wars
 farther away.

Even Ronald Reagan, an aggressive Cold Warrior,
 kept his challenges to the Soviet Union in areas
 that were far less sensitive to its national security
 than Ukraine. He may have supported slaughtering
 leftists in Central America and Africa, or armed
 Islamic fundamentalists fighting a Soviet-backed
 government in Afghanistan, but he recognized the
 insanity of a military showdown with Moscow in
Eastern Europe.

After the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, US
 presidents became more assertive, pushing
 NATO into the former Warsaw Pact nations
 and, under President Clinton, bombing a
Russian ally in Serbia, but that came at a
 time when Russia was essentially flat on
 its back, geopolitically.

Perhaps the triumphalism of that period is
still alive, especially among neocons who
 reject President Vladimir Putin’s reassertion
 of Russia’s national pride. These Washington
 hardliners still feel they can treat Moscow
 with disdain, ignoring the fact that Russia
 maintains a formidable nuclear arsenal and
 isn't willing to return to the supine position
 of the 1990s.

In 2008, President George W. Bush – arguably
one of the most reckless presidents of the era
– backed away from a confrontation with Russia
when Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili,
 a neocon favorite, drew the Russians into a
border conflict over South Ossetia. Despite
 some war talk from the likes of Vice President
 Dick Cheney and Sen. John McCain,
President Bush showed relative restraint.

Imbalanced Narrative

But Obama has failed to rein in his administration’s
 war hawks and has done nothing to correct the
 biased narrative his State Department has fed
 to an equally irresponsible mainstream US news
 media. Since the Ukraine crisis began in fall of
 2013, the New York Times and other major US
 news outlets have provided only one side of the
 story, openly supporting the interests of pro-
European western Ukrainians, over the ethnic
Russian eastern Ukrainians.

The bias is so strong that the mainstream media
 has largely ignored the remarkable story of the
Kiev regime willfully dispatching Nazi storm
 troopers to kill ethnic Russians in the east,
 something that hasn’t happened in Europe
 since World War II.

For Western news organizations that are quick
 to note the slightest uptick in neo-Nazism in
Europe, there has been a willful blindness to
 Kiev’s premeditated use of what amount
to Nazi death squads undertaking house-to
-house killings in eastern Ukraine.
[See Consortiumnews.com’s
“Seeing No Neo-Nazi
Militias in Ukraine.”]

Russia's government has repeatedly protested
these death-squad operations and other crimes
 committed by the Kiev regime, but the US
 mainstream media is so in the tank for western
 Ukrainians that it has suppressed this aspect
of the crisis, typically burying references to
the neo-Nazi militias at the end of stories... or
dismissing accounts as “Russian propaganda.”

With this ugly reality hidden from the US public,
 Obama’s State Department has been able to
present a white-hat-vs.-black-hat narrative
to the crisis. So, while the Russians saw a
constitutionally elected government on their
 border overthrown by a US-backed coup last
February – and then human rights atrocities
 inflicted on ethnic Russians in east Ukraine
 – the American people heard only about
wonderful pro-American “reformers” in Kiev
and the evil pro-Russian “minions” trying to
 destroy “democracy” at Putin’s bidding.

This distorted American narrative represents
 one of the most unprofessional & dangerous
 performances in the history of modern US
 journalism, rivaling the false conventional
 wisdom about Iraq’s WMD --- except in this
case the media propaganda is aimed at a
country in Russia that really does have
 weapons of mass destruction.

The Russians also have noted the arrival of
 financially self-interested Americans, including
 Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden
 and Ukraine’s new Finance Minister Natalie
 Jaresko, reminding the Russians of American
 financial experts who descended on Moscow
with their “shock therapy” in the 1990s, with
 “reforms” that enriched a few well-connected
 oligarchs, but impoverished millions of
average Russians.

Ukraine’s Finance Minister Natalie Jaresko.

Jaresko, a former US diplomat who took Ukraine
 citizenship in December 2014 to become Finance
 Minister, had been in charge of a US-taxpayer-
financed $150 million Ukrainian investment fund
 involving substantial insider dealings, including
 paying a management firm that Jaresko created
 more than $1 million a year in fees, even as the
$150 million apparently dwindled to less than
$100 million.

Jaresko also has been involved in a two-year-long
 legal battle with her ex-husband to gag him from
 releasing information about apparent irregularities
 in the handling of the US money. Jaresko went
 into Chancery Court in Delaware to enforce a
 non-disclosure clause against her ex-husband,
 Ihor Figlus, and got a court order to silence him.

This week, when I contacted George Pazuniak,
Figlus’s lawyer about Jaresko’s aggressive
enforcement of the non-disclosure agreement,
 he told me that “at this point, it’s very difficult
 for me to say very much without having a
detrimental effect on my client.”

With Jaresko now hailed as a Ukrainian
 “reformer” who – in the words of New York
Times’ columnist Thomas L. Friedman –
 “shares our values,” one has to wonder why
 she has fought so hard to shut up her ex-
husband regarding possible revelations about
the improper handling of US taxpayer money.
 [See Consortiumnews.com’s “Ukraine’s
Made-in-USA Finance Minister.”]

More Interested Parties

The Russians also looked askance at the
 appointment of Estonian Jaanika Merilo as
the latest foreigner to be brought inside the
 Ukrainian government as a “reformer.”
 Merilo, a Jaresko associate, is being put in
charge of attracting foreign investments but
 her photo spreads look more like someone
 interested in some rather kinky partying.
(Photos show her dressed in skimpy tights
with a knife held provocatively)

The Russians are aware, too, of prominent
Americans encircling the potential plunder
 of Ukraine. For instance, Hunter Biden was
named to the board of directors of Burisma
 Holdings, Ukraine’s largest private gas firm.
Burisma is also a shadowy Cyprus-based
company linked to Privat Bank.

Privat Bank is controlled by thuggish billionaire
 oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky, who was appointed
 by Kiev's regime to be Dnipropetrovsk governor
  Oblast, in a south-central province of Ukraine.

Kolomoysky has helped finance the paramilitary
 forces killing ethnic Russians in eastern Ukraine.

And Burisma has been lining up well-connected
 lobbyists, some with ties to Secretary of State
John Kerry, including Kerry’s former Senate
chief of staff David Leiter, according to lobby
disclosures. As Time magazine reported,
“Leiter’s involvement in the firm, rounds out
a power-packed team of politically-connected
Americans that includes a second new board
member, Devon Archer, a Democratic bundler
and a former adviser to John Kerry’s 2004
presidential campaign. Both Archer and
Hunter Biden have worked as business
 partners with Kerry’s son-in-law, Christopher
 Heinz, founding partner of Rosemont Capital,
 a private-equity company.”
[See Consortiumnews.com’s
“The Whys Behind the Ukraine Crisis.”]

So, Russians have a decidedly different view
 of Ukraine's “reforms” than much of the US
 media does. But I’m told that Russians would
 be willing to tolerate these well-connected
 Americans enriching themselves in Ukraine,
 and even Ukraine expanding its economic
 relations with the European Union.

But Russians have drawn a red line at the
 prospect of an expansion of NATO forces
 into Ukraine, and the continued killing of
ethnic Russians at the hands of neo-Nazi
 death squads. Putin is demanding that
those paramilitary forces be disarmed.

Besides unleashing these right-wing militias
on the ethnic Russians, the Kiev government
 has moved to punish the people living in the
 eastern sectors by cutting off access to banks
 & other financial services. It also has become
 harder & more dangerous for ethnic Russians
 to cross into territory controlled by the Kiev
 authorities. Many are turned back and those
who do get through, face the risk of being
taken and killed by the neo-Nazi militias.

These conditions have left the people in the
Donetsk and Luhansk areas - the so-called
Donbass region bordering Russia - dependent
 on relief supplies from Russia. Meanwhile, the
Kiev regime - pumped up by the prospects of
 weapons from Washington, as well as more
 money - has toughened its tone, with vows
 to crush the eastern rebellion once & for all.

Russia’s Hardening Line

The worsening situation in the east and the fear
 of US military weapons arriving in the west have
 prompted a shift in Moscow’s view of Ukraine's
 crisis, including a readiness to resupply ethnic
 Russian forces in eastern Ukraine and even
provide military advisers.

These developments alarm European leaders who
 find themselves caught in the middle of a possible
 conflict between the United States and Russia.
 German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French
 President Francois Hollande rushed to Kiev and
then Moscow this week, to discuss possible
to defuse the crisis.

The hardening Russian position now seeks, in effect,
 a division of Ukraine into 2 autonomous zones, the
 east and the west with a central government that
 maintains the currency and handles other national
 concerns. But I’m told that Moscow might still
 accept the earlier idea of a federated Ukraine with
 greater self-governance by the different regions.

Putin also does not object to Ukraine building
closer economic ties to Europe and he offered
 a new referendum in Crimea, on whether the
 voters still want to secede from Ukraine and
 join Russia, said a source familiar with the
Kremlin’s thinking. But Putin’s red lines also
include no NATO expansion into Ukraine and
protection for ethnic Russians by disarming
the neo-Nazi militias, the source said.

If such an arrangement or something similar isn’t
 acceptable, and if the killing of ethnic Russians
 continues, the Kremlin would support a large-
scale military offensive from the east that would
 involve “taking Kiev,” according to the source.

A Russian escalation of that magnitude, would
 likely invite a vigorous US response, with leading
 American politicians and pundits sure to ratchet
 up demands for a military counterstrike against
Russia. If Obama were to acquiesce to such
 bellicosity – to avoid being called “weak” – the
 world could be pushed to the brink of nuclear war.

Who’s to Blame?

Though the State Department and the mainstream
 US media continue to put all the blame on Russia,
the fact that the Ukraine crisis has reached such
 a dangerous crossroads reveals how reckless the
 behavior of Official Washington has been over the
 past year.

Nuland and other US officials took an internal
Ukrainian disagreement over how quickly it
should expand ties to Europe – while seeking
 to retain its historic relations with Russia –
and turned that fairly pedestrian political
 dispute into a possible flashpoint for a
 nuclear war.

At no time, as this crisis has evolved over the
 past year, did anyone of significance in Official
 Washington, whether in government or media,
stop and contemplate whether this issue was
worth risking the end of life on the planet.
Instead, all the American people have been
 given is a steady diet of anti-Yanukovych
 and anti-Putin propaganda.

Though constitutionally elected, Yanukovych
 was depicted as a corrupt tyrant who had a
pricy sauna in his official mansion. Though
 Putin had just staged the Winter Olympics
 in Sochi, signaling his desire for Russia to
 integrate more with the West, he was
portrayed as either a new-age imperial
czar or the second coming of Hitler - if
not worse - because he occasionally
would ride on a horse while not wearing
a shirt.

Further, US news media refused to conduct
 a serious investigation into evidence that
Nuland and other US officials had helped
destabilize Yanukovych’s government,
 with the goal of achieving another neo-
con “regime change.”

Nuland, who personally urged on anti-Yanukovych
 protests in Kiev, discussed with US Ambassador
 to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, in early February 2014
 who should lead the new government – “Yats is
 the guy,” she said, referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk
 – and how to “glue this thing.”

After weeks of mounting tensions & worsening
 violence, the coup occurred on Feb. 22, 2014,
when well-organized neo-Nazi and other right-
wing militias from western Ukraine, overran
 presidential buildings forcing officials to flee
for their lives. With Yanukovych ousted,
Yatsenyuk soon became Prime Minister.
 [See Consortiumnews.com’s
“When Is a Putsch a Putsch.”]

Many ethnic Russians in southern and eastern
 Ukraine, who'd strongly supported Yanukovych,
 refused to accept the US-backed order in Kiev.

 Crimean officials and voters moved to secede
 from Ukraine and rejoin Russia, a move that
Putin accepted because of Crimea’s historic
ties to Russia and his fear that Russia's naval
 base at Sevastopol might be handed to NATO.

The resistance spread to eastern Ukraine,
 where other ethnic Russians took up arms
against the coup regime in Kiev, which then
responded with what it calls an “anti-terrorist
 operation” against the east. To bolster the
weak Ukrainian army, Internal Affairs Minister
 Arsen Avakov dispatched neo-Nazi and other
 “volunteer” militias to spearhead the attacks.

After the deaths of more than 5,000 people, a
 shaky cease-fire was announced in September,
 but - amid complaints about neo-Nazi death
squads operating in government-controlled
areas and with life deteriorating in the rebel-
controlled towns and cities - ethnic Russians
 launched an offensive in January, using
 Russian-supplied weapons to expand their
control of territory.

In reaction, US pundits, including columnists
 and editors of the New York Times and the
 Washington Post, called for dispatching US
aid to the Kiev forces, including proposals for
 lethal weaponry to deter Putin’s “aggression.”
 Members of Congress and members of the
Obama administration have joined the chorus.

On Feb. 2, the New York Times reported “With
 Russian-backed separatists pressing their
attacks in Ukraine, NATO’s military commander,
Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, now supports providing
 defensive weapons and equipment to Kiev’s
 beleaguered forces, & an array of administration
 and military officials appear to be edging toward
that position, American officials said… President
 Obama has made no decisions on providing such
 lethal assistance.”

That same day, the lead Times editorial was entitled
 “Mr. Putin Resumes His War” and continued with the
 theme about “Russian aggression” and the need “to
 increase the cost” if Russia demands “a permanent
 rebel-held enclave.”

On Feb. 3, the Washington Post ran an editorial
 entitled “Help for Ukraine. Defensive weapons
could deter Russia in a way sanctions won’t.”
 The editorial concluded that Putin “will stop
only if the cost to his regime is sharply raised
 – and quickly.”

A new war fever gripped Washington and no one
 wanted to be viewed as “soft” or be denounced
 as a “Putin apologist.” Amid this combination of
 propaganda, confusion and tough-guy-ism – and
 lacking the tempering wisdom about war and
nuclear weapons that restrained earlier US
 presidents – a momentum lurched toward a
nuclear showdown over Ukraine that could
 put all life on earth in jeopardy.

By Robert Parry, consortiumnews.com



Barack Obama wants to continue the program
 that George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and G.W. Bush,
 worked on before him, to surround Russia with
NATO missiles. The takeover of Ukraine, and the
 enlistment of the Arabic oil sheikhs in assisting
 further to turn the screws against Russia, are
key components in doing that: crushing Russia’s
 resistance to American domination.

Whereas, for FDR, the alliance with Sunni Islam
 was purely anti-communist, against the Soviet
Union, the US Presidents after 1980, were and
are, anti-Russian, and it's nothing whatsoever
 to do with ideology. The US aristocracy intend
 to dominate the aristocracy in every other
 nation, and Russia is the only militarily
powerful nation that is opposed to being
controlled by this global Empire.

Consequently, President Obama, who's an agent
 for America’s aristocracy, wants to cripple if not
 destroy, Russia. And this is why, in his National
 Security Strategy 2015, 17 of the 18 times he
used the term ‘aggression’... he applied it

 Russia’s President Putin would have to be an
 idiot not to recognize that today’s United States
 (its aristocracy, not the American public, who
 are quite different) is extremely hostile.

Russia could be the bulwark that, along with the
 rest of Europe and America, could restrain Islamic
 extremism; but, since America’s aristocracy is
 primarily concerned with crushing Russia, Islamic
 terrorism will probably only continue to grow.

Furthermore, events such as 9/11 are necessary
 for the Arabic aristocrats, in order for them to
 keep their clerics with them and thereby
 control their own nation’s public.

So: the US ends up being allied with Islamic
 terrorists, while accusing Russia of backing
 ‘terrorists’ in the former Ukraine, whose only
 crime is, they don’t want to be slaughtered.

On 12 February 2015, was issued a “Statement
 by IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde on
 Ukraine,” which opened: “Ms. Christine Lagarde,
Managing Director of the International Monetary
Fund (IMF), statement today in Brussels, Belgium:

‘I am pleased to announce that the IMF team
working in Kiev has reached a staff-level
agreement with the Ukrainian government
 on a new economic reform program that
would be supported by an Extended Fund
 Facility of SDR 12.35 billion (about $17.5
 billion, €15.5 billion) from the IMF, as well
 as by additional resources from the
 international community.”

Violating even the IMF’s own prohibitions --
against pouring loans into a nation that’s at
war -- the IMF was here making clear that
were 100% behind Obama’s Ukrainian
war against Russia.

 This is where the money will come from to
 finance Ukraine’s acquisition of more weapons
 to exterminate or else drive out the residents in
 the area of Ukraine that had voted 90% for the
 democratically elected Ukrainian President that
 Obama overthrew.

It’s ongoing mass-murder on the installment
 plan, with the IMF providing most of the funds.

Because the loaned money is going to pay for
 the ethnic-cleansing campaign, it’s not going
 to the needs of the Ukrainian people. This is
extreme austerity, and it started immediately,
a day after the day, 26 February 2014, when
Arseniy Yatsenyuk became appointed to run
the country, as he had been selected to do
by Victoria Nuland of Obama’s State Dept.,
 22 days prior.

As Kommersant reported, on 6 March 2014:
“the strategy of the government was
approved in Parliament on 27 February and
 on 3 March the Ministry of Finance sent an
action plan for approval to the Ministry of
Economic Development. The document is
striking in its scale. … ‘Under the Knife’ go
social costs. Already in March, the payment
 of pensions will be reduced to only 50% of
 the designated pension amounts.” But an
 uproar held that up. However, now, it’s
being done.

On December 11th: “Cabinet wants to reduce
 schooling to 9 years [from 12 years], to reduce
 the cost of the budget the Finance Ministry
proposes to amend the legislation governing
 the humanitarian sphere, the sphere of public
administration, pensions, social security, the
work of the prosecution and the army.”

On December 19th: “Education Minister Sergey
 Kvit noted that the department, which he heads,
will never agree to such a proposal.”

On December 24th we read:
“Education Minister Sergei quits.”

Pensions are now set to be halved, even in
the greatly depreciated Ukrainian currency;
 & public schooling is to be reduced to only
 nine years. All of that IMF (and US and EU)
 money goes instead to pay to mass-murder
 the residents in Ukraine’s former Donbass
 region, an area in which the residents voted
 90% for Viktor Yanukovych, whom Obama
 overthrew, and where all of the residents
 are officially ’terrorists.’ The phrase for this
used to be a “free-fire zone.” Obama wants
 the residents exterminated, and the IMF
 and EU are going along with that.

The circuitous way in which Ukraine will be
buying its weapons, is designed to avoid
 triggering a declaration of war by Vladimir
 Putin, or else to make it non-obvious to the
 public why he would be justified in doing so.

(Selected in part from What’s Behind Ukraine’s
Weapons Deal with the United Arab
Emirates (UAE)?,
by Eric Zuesse.) 

Full article here:



Investigative historian Eric Zuesse,
is the
author, most recently, of:
'They’re Not Even Close:
The Democratic
vs. Republican Economic Records,



Kiev coup gets checkmated


Ukraine's Army is continuing the dishonor
of abandoning their dead on the

Our Ukrainian sources tell us
this is one of
the ways they keep their
KIA numbers down
and avoid
paying out benefits to the families.

 This is disgraceful conduct by their general
 staff, & one for which they should all be shot.

Western media have sadly played the role of
cheerleader during this whole conflict. And I
could say even worse… that they have been
 aiders & abettors to war crimes. When Kiev
 refused to turn over its air traffic control data
on the MH-17 shoot down, I remember the old
days when the press would have fried Kiev’s
livers in print, but the press says nothing and
 are dancing cowards one and all.

As NATO made claim after claim of a pending
 Russian invasion, none of which happened, I
 remember a time when print media cartoonists
 would have made NAT0 a laughing stock.

General Breedlove would have been given a
 Pinocchio nose, and Kiev’s military PR spokes-
person would have played “Baghdad Bob” of
Persian Gulf War I, who gave Saddam’s daily
 press briefings on how Coalition Forces were
being destroyed by Iraq’s Republican Guard.

 EU and NATO countries are shipping arms and
lethal supplies into the military effort. But
they are
also steadily advancing NATO bases
closer to the
Russian border -- a serious
security concern for
Moscow. And, as
additional cover for this obvious
the world public is treated like we'
re all idiots,
who will believe the constant
mantra of
“It’s all the Russians’ fault.”

The Financial Times has validated my long stream of
 articles on the financial black hole Ukraine has been
pushed into by the vultures in the West. Industrial
production is down over 20% from last year, which
 already had been struggling. And their economy
 shrank 15% in the last quarter, with an outlook
 of getting worse.

Sure, there has to be a rebuilding boom in the SE,
 the area that has taken all of the war carnage --
the rest of the country not even having a broken
 window -- a strange civil war there. But unlike
the US that can just print money, or have the
Federal Reserve create billion-dollar bank
 deposits out of thin air, Ukraine’s currency
 is down the tubes. Their gold has been
 shipped off to some undisclosed place,
and their cost of living increases under
 the IMF austerity plan, will impoverish
them for the next generation.

They will never be able to repay the loans
-- so their national assets will be sold off.
Ukrainian assets will be bought for fire
sale prices, and it will become the “go
 to” place for White slave labour with
good skills and education.

Welcome to the New World Order. German Intel
 tells us the civil war’s body pile is already 50,000
 people high, all in one year’s work. By contrast,
 America took the whole Vietnam War to kill that
 many of our own troops. And we hear calls for
 another Coalition war on Libya “to fix things” in
that country. The Western war on terror is the
 Frankenstein I always said it would be… and
 it’s not finished yet.

The Ukraine internet abounds with talk of a second
 Maidan revolution in the works. The Right Sector
 thugs have gained a lot of combat experience, plus
 some added extras, like nailing kids to fences and
 dragging mothers down the road behind APCs.

The West will wear eternal shame for what it has
done to Ukraine. Sure, it was a corrupt country

when this started, but it is worse now. So that
shows the West has really attacked & pillaged
 the country with a time-delay economic bomb
--- which will go off when all of these loans
 eventually boomerang back onto Europeans
 in the form of more austerity --- some day.

Nikita Khrushchev, who's a hard guy to quote,
 does have one that perfectly fits the Ukraine
 situation. “Support by the United States rulers
 is rather in the nature of the support that the
 rope gives to a hanged man.”


Most US people polled believe that 9/11 was
an "inside job",
but what would they feel if they
found out that it was
designed by Zionists, who
deliberately killed thousands
of innocent US
citizens to drive the US into wars on Muslims?

They'd be angry, right?

Fernando Imposimato, President of the Italian Supreme
Court, calls for a criminal investigation of 9/11, comparing
the attack to false flag incidents carried out by the CIA
in Italy: Operation Gladio.


"The 9/11 attacks were a global state terror operation
that was permitted by the US
administration, which
had foreknowledge of the operation, yet
intentionally unresponsive in order to make war
Afghanistan and Iraq," Imposimato declares
in a letter published by
the Journal of 9/11 Studies.

 Ferdinando Imposimato is the Honorary President
of the Supreme Court of Italy and a former Senator
who served on the Anti-Mafia Commission in three
administrations. He is the author or co-author of 7
books on international terrorism, state corruption,
and related matters, and a Grand Officer of the
Order of Merit of the Republic of Italy.

As a former state prosecutor, Imposimato has
extensive experience in investigating high-
profile crimes, including the kidnapping and
assassination of Italian Prime Minster Aldo
Moro & the attempted assassination of Pope
John Paul II. He also worked on the Anti-
Mafia commission as a Senator, giving him a
wealth of knowledge on the inner workings
of organized crime syndicates.


Imposimato points to several facts contradicting
the official 9/11 story, including the free-fall
collapse of WTC Building 7, the report that the
CIA met with Osama Bin Laden in a Dubai hospital
in July 2001, and the overwhelming evidence of
insider trading before 9/11 that didn't lead to any
criminal charges, reports digitaljournal.com

The following is an excerpt from Imposimato’s letter
published by the Journal of 9/11 Studies on Sunday:


The reports of the National Institute of Standards
and Technology (NIST), November 20, 2005, set
forth the following conclusions:

The airplanes that struck each of the Twin Towers
caused a breach as well as an explosion evidenced
by a giant fireball. The remaining jet fuel flowed onto
the lower floors, sustaining the fires. The heat from
the fires deformed the building structures and both
towers collapsed completely from top to bottom.

Very little that was of any size remained after these
events except steel as well as aluminum fragments
and the pulverized dust from the concrete floors.


The World Trade Center 7 also collapsed–in a way that
was inconsistent with the common experience of
engineers. All three buildings collapsed completely,
but Building 7 was not hit by a plane. WTC7’s collapse
violated common experience and was unprecedented.


The NIST report does not analyze the actual nature of the
collapses.  According to experts at the Toronto Hearings
(Sept. 8-11, 2011), the collapses had features that indicate
controlled explosions. I agree with architect Richard Gage
  & engineer Jon Cole both highly experienced professionals
[from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth – now
numbering 1,700 strong], who have arrived at their
conclusions through reliable tests, scientific proof,
and the visual testimony of people above suspicion,
including firefighters and victims.

The authoritative theologian David Ray Griffin has
described very precisely why the hypothesis of
controlled demolition should be considered.
Various witnesses heard bursts of explosions.


According to NIST the collapse of Building 7 was
due to fires provoked by the collapse of the twin
towers. Chemist and independent researcher Kevin
Ryan, however, has demonstrated that NIST gave
contradictory versions of the collapse of Building 7.

In a preliminary report NIST declared that WTC7
was destroyed because of fires provoked by diesel
fuel stored in the building, while in a second report
this fuel was no longer considered the cause of the
building’s collapse. Additional comments on the NIST
version of events have been made by David Chandler,
another expert witness at the Journal of 9/11 Studies
Letters, September 2012 Toronto Hearings.

Despite NIST’s claim of 3 distinct phases of collapse,
 Chandler pointed out that many available videos show
that for about two and a half seconds the acceleration
of the building cannot be distinguished from freefall.
NIST has been obliged to agree with this empirical fact
as pointed out by Chandler; now understood by everyone.


The only possibility for achieving justice is to submit the
best evidence concerning the involvement of specific
individuals in 9/11 to the Prosecutor of the International
Criminal Court and ask him to investigate according to
the articles 12, 13, 15 and 17, letters a and b, of the
Statute of the ICC, recalling the preamble of the Statute:


“Recognizing that such grave crimes threaten the
peace, security and the well being of the world,”


“Affirming that the most serious crimes of concern to
the international community as a whole must not go
unpunished and that their effective prosecution must
be ensured by taking measures at the national level
and by enhancing international cooperation, ”


“Determined to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators
of these
crimes and thus to contribute to the prosecution
of such crimes,
recalling that it is the duty of every state
to exercise its jurisdiction over
those responsible for
international crimes.
"  reports infowars.com.

More and more people from all walks of life and all
professions seem
to be questioning the “official”
narrative of what happened on 9/11.
Those who
are questioning the events of 9/11 may be moving
the radar of the corporate media from being
labeled “conspiracy
theorists” to legitimate
investigators with legitimate questions and
concerns, reports examiner.com


Theorists believe that the World Trade Center
buildings were
demolished by bombs, phone
calls from the planes were made up,
and the
former President George W. Bush secretly
profited from
the attacks, reports


The World Trade Center collapse appeared similar to a
demolition. Many speculate that the towers
were in fact blown down
with explosives placed in
selected locations. Some witnesses heard
inside the building as they attempted to escape. Many

architects & scientists maintain that plane fuel couldn't
enough heat to melt the steel frame of the
buildings that collapsed,

little girl frightens USA


Article by Finian Cunningham.

100 years ago, the assassination of Archduke
Franz Ferdinand and his wife in the
city of Sarajevo, was the fatal spark that

 ignited a geopolitical powder keg in Europe.

Within a month, all the major powers of Europe
 would be embroiled in the First World War, which
 also dragged in Russia and the US. The war would
 last for nearly five years and resulted in at least
 20 million deaths.

That catastrophe has perplexing resonances
today. One incident set off a conflagration
 back then, because it came amid simmering
rivalries among imperial powers. Another
resonance is how historians recount that, in
 the run-up to the First World War few believed
 that a war in "modern, civilized" Europe was
likely, because of the belief that diplomacy
 would prevail.

Today, we see a similar reckless goading by
 imperial powers across Europe. The US and
 its European NATO allies are embarked on a
25-year expansion towards Russia's heartland.

 The dynamic of encroachment has only sped up,
not lessened. This expansion is provocative,
 aggressive and duplicitous, because it not only
 presents a military threat to Russia, it also flies
 in the face of past commitments by the US-led
 NATO alliance not to do so, such as in the 1997
 Founding Act, signed with Moscow.

Russia has every right to feel threatened by ever-
encroaching ballistic missile systems on its borders
 that could be used in a pre-emptive nuclear strike
 by the US and its allies. That concern is heightened
 ever since Washington invoked a "first strike
 doctrine" under President George W Bush,
which Obama still retains.

Yet, provocatively, Washington dismisses Russian
 President Vladimir Putin's concerns about NATO
 expansion, as if they are the deliriums of a Soviet

The complacency of the present time towards
 the dangers of war, has disturbing echoes of
the past - on the eve of World War I. A major
factor in the present complacency is that the
 Western mainstream media are failing, woefully,
 to properly report on the gravity of the situation
 in Ukraine, and just how provocative that
 parlous situation is to Russia's vital interests.

This week saw the signing of a trade pact between
 the European Union and Petro Poroshenko, the
 declared president of Ukraine. The Western media
 have hailed it in glowing terms as "a landmark event"
 and a positive outcome of democracy in the former
 Soviet Republic. That blithe assessment invites
 dangerous ignorance and complacency.

The truth is that the signing of the EU trade pact is
 the outcome of an illegal regime-change operation in
 Ukraine fomented by Washington and its NATO allies.

 That regime change involved CIA-backed mass
 murder of civilians (the February 20 sniper shootings
 in Kiev's Maidan Square) and the overthrow of an
 elected government.

Since the illegal coup against President Viktor
Yanukovych, the Western-backed Kiev regime has
 been waging war on ethnic Russian populations
 in the east and south of the country, who refuse
 to recognize the regime as legitimate.

 Poroshenko, the billionaire oligarch who is now
 signing over the sovereign affairs of Ukraine to
 the US, NATO and the EU, was elected president
 in a farcical vote last month, where only 45% of
the electorate turned out and large sections of
the east and south did not even cast a ballot
amid a murderous "anti-terror" crackdown by
 Kiev troops and paramilitaries.

The campaign of terror by the Kiev forces against
 pro-Russian civilians was launched at the end of
 April, days after CIA chief John Brennan made a
 secret visit to the Kiev regime. Brennan briefed
the Kiev leadership, including the so-called Prime
 Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who only last week
used Nazi language to vow that his military forces
 would "cleanse sub-humans" from the country -
 referring to the ethnic Russian populations and
the self-defence militias they have set up in the
 Donetz and Lugansk regions.

The impostor-President Poroshenko may have
 declared a ceasefire over the past week, but
 the hostilities against civilian centres continue
 unabated. Crimes against humanity include the
 bombing of homes, churches, schools & hospitals,
 the use of White Phosphorus incendiary bombs
 and exploding bullets, as well as the shelling of
 electricity and water supplies.

Western media have largely ignored these violations
 by the "new democratic Ukrainian government", or at
 best have reported them as "unverified" or merely as
 "breaches of the ceasefire by both sides".

Western governments and media have gone into
 denial mode, refusing to acknowledge what even
the United Nations this week confirms as a massive
 displacement of over 150,000 people from eastern
 Ukraine.  Why are such numbers fleeing, if the
 violence is not also massive?

Another example of the Western cover-up over state
 terrorism in Ukraine, is the recent killing of three
journalists. Earlier this month, Russian journalist Igor
 Kornelyuk and his colleague Anton Voloshin were
 killed near Lugansk when they were hit with a mortar
 shell. Survivors of the attack said it was deliberate
 targeting by Kiev troops. Previously, Italian journalist
 Andrea Rochelli was slain near Slavyansk in another
 incident that bore the hallmarks of shoot-to-kill.

In the past week, by contrast, there was an
 outpouring of condemnation from Washington and
 other Western governments, as well as widespread
 media coverage, of the jailing of three Al Jazeera
 journalists in Egypt. Those sentences were no
 doubt a gross miscarriage of justice. But what
 about the taking of journalists' lives in Ukraine?
 Where is the Western condemnations and 
media coverage?

Western-backed regime change and genocidal
 repression in Ukraine, is a collision course of
 extreme provocation towards Russia and its
 vital interests. Yet it is presented to the
 Western public as if it is a "good news" story
 about democratic European enlargement,
 which, perversely, is being spoiled by Russian

This is a powder-keg situation in Europe, led
 by US geopolitics and its European henchmen,
 and which is wrapped up in an explosive shell
 of ignorance, by a lying Western media.

The repetition of history is not inevitable.
But the chances are increased when people
are kept in the dark about the underlying
causes of war and conflict.

China Russia reach deal

Petko Ganchev, wrote this article for Pravda.Ru.

Today it is absolutely clear that there is
a multipurpose strategic operation being
 conducted on the territory of the former
 Soviet Union. Ukraine plays a key role in
 the operation. Why Ukraine?

It's an open secret - the West has always
wanted to master the vast territories of
Russia and Eurasia, the axial space of the
Earth, with its enormous natural resources.

 To achieve this goal, there was the outer belt
 (Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan) built
 around Russia-Eurasia after World War Two.
 The inner belt (Georgia, Moldova, Lithuania,
 Latvia, Estonia) was built after the
 collapse of the USSR.

Successively, after the Cold War, almost all
East European countries - Soviet satellites -
were admitted to NATO under the condition
of their membership in the European Union.

 But the West didn't get closer to Russia's
western borders. There were 2 Russia-
friendly countries left - historically,
culturally and economically - Belarus
 and Ukraine.

Belarus is closely tied to Russia ethnically,
culturally and economically. Ukraine, with
its failed state organization was a weak link.

The reason for that is that the regions from
which Ukraine was created after World War
 II (1945), were formed by areas with very
different religious and value systems.

In his famous book "The Clash of Civilizations
and the Remaking of World Order" by Samuel P.
 Huntington, the author described Ukraine as
one of civilizational "splits," where one can
expect clashes, i.e. wars.

That's why Ukraine was chosen by the US
 as the key to implement a multi-purpose
 strategic operation.

 In the Middle East, the US has always used
 monarchies from the Middle Ages as allies -
 Saudi Arabia and Qatar. In Ukraine, the most
loyal ally of the United States was Poland.
The country was used to train "Right Sector"
 fighters and other figures from anti-Russian
 ultranationalist structures.

What are the main objectives and directions of
 this geo-strategic operation, the implementation
 of which began immediately after the US was
 forced to freeze its activities on Syria and Iran?

First and foremost, the goal is to strike a blow on
 Russia as the most active US geopolitical rival in
 the new millennium. When Ukraine leaves Russia's
 orbit, the US will implement several geostrategic

- to move air defense systems and other NATO
 systems closer to Russian borders: neutralizing
 its defense, including its nuclear capability;

- to undermine the Russian economy by cutting
 relations with the economy of Ukraine (Poroshenko
 has already ordered, following instructions from the
 US, to cease cooperation with the Russian defense

- to burden the budget of the Russian Federation with
 bigger spending to maintain refugees from Ukraine
 and substitute imports from Ukraine;

- to close Russia's gas and oil pipelines to the EU
 to thus block the inflow of foreign currency into
the Russian economy;

- to prevent creation of the Customs Union
 and the Eurasian Economic Union;

- to destabilize the political system in Russia,
 accusing its leadership of what is happening
 in Ukraine;

- to stop or minimize economic cooperation
 between Russia and the EU;

- to sow distrust between Russia and other BRICS
 countries - Brazil, India, China, South Africa.

Secondly, the U.S. plans to strike a blow on the
European Union, which, along with China, acts
 as a major competitor in the economic sphere.
The EU needs to be reminded of its secondary role.

The United States seeks to confirm the assessment
 of Russophobe Brzezinski in his book "The Grand
 Chessboard" (1997), according to which the EU
was a "U.S. protectorate."

 For the U.S. it is vitally important to strengthen the
 economic dependence of the EU in light of their
 signing the "Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement"
 to turn the EU towards the consumption of US
shale gas. In this regard, the EU is the most
developed market.

To achieve this, Ukrainian company Naftogaz (the
 largest company in Ukraine) became  the property
 of a new consortium, whose leadership includes
the son of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and
former Polish President Kwasniewski.

At the same time, Chevron is preparing shale gas
 production in south-eastern Ukraine - in the areas
 of the towns of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk.

Chervon, directly or indirectly, through the European
 Commission, put pressure on Bulgaria, forcing the
 country to abandon the South Stream project.

 At the same time, the U.S. continues to put pressure
 on France, to make the country freeze the sale of
two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia. France's
 largest bank PNB faces a fine of $10 billion for
 violating the financial embargo that the U.S. put
on Cuba, Sudan and Nicaragua.

 At the same time, the United States, with its
national debt of 17 trillion dollars and GDP of
14 trillion, prepares to grant NATO's Eastern
 European members $1 billion for new weapons.

Fortunately, on the "grand chessboard" of world
 civilization, the U.S. does not play against virtual
 opponents. The geo-strategy of the United States
 does not unfold like the Desert Storm Operation in
2 003. Today, the US is playing against experienced

 Russia is rising after the disgrace of the Yeltsin era,
 and the EU becomes increasingly aware of the fact
 that the only chance to survive is hidden in the
 slogan "More Europe for Europeans!"

The last elections to the European Parliament have
 confirmed the trend. Hitherto, with so many large-
scale geopolitical operations after World War II
 (Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.),
 the US has not been able to boast considerable

Through all those wars, as George Friedman says
 in his book "The Next 100 Years," America has
 stimulated the growth of the national economy.

America was gradually and steadily evolving from
 a manufacturing economy to the economy of a
 military-industrial complex. In history, such a
 condition has always heralded the end of any

working toward very cold war


The US government is a “criminal enterprise”
 with a foreign policy that places the well-
being of Israel ahead of America’s, a political
commentator in San Antonio, Texas says.

“This is a criminal enterprise that has the support
 of both of the major political parties in the United
 States,” Mark Dankof, a broadcaster and former
US Senate candidate, says.

This criminal enterprise “principally involves
 conducting a foreign policy firstly for Israel,
 secondly for the international central banks
and thirdly for the oil and natural gas
 consortiums,” Dankof says.

There is no difference between the policies
 of the Obama and Bush administrations, he
 notes. Both “are supporting the criminal
 policies of Benjamin Netanyahu,” he adds.

Dankof dismisses as a deception the recent
 remarks by US Secretary of State John Kerry
 that the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq was a
 serious mistake:

“This is an attempt to absolve John Kerry and
 Barack Obama of the responsibility for all the
 criminal policies that they have carried out.”

In an interview with Chinese news agency Geo
 News, Kerry acknowledged that many problems
 in the Middle East, have their roots in that war.

George W. Bush, ordered the invasion of Iraq
under a pretext --- that former Iraqi dictator,
 Saddam Hussein, possessed weapons of
 mass destruction.

 In October 2004, a CIA report revealed
 that Saddam Hussein did not possess any
weapons of mass destruction at the time
 of the invasion.

In a survey out on Wednesday 2nd June,
Quinnipiac University Polling Institute,

33% of registered voters name Obama
as the worst president since 1945.

 28% choose his predecessor, George
Bush, as the worst.

By Jim Jones

For many, myself included I suppose, the tragic
 events unfolding in Ukraine have been riveting
over the last couple of months. No need here to
 go into the sordid history of Coloured Revolutions
 and the CIA/NATO role in them; most reading this
 medium as opposed to CNN/SKY/VOA, are informed
 people and are aware of the manoeuvrings of the
 West and the associated puppet states in trying
embroil Russia in a war it doesn't want and in
extending NATO frontiers to the heart of Russia.

Missile strikes from Ukraine, for example, would be
 in Moscow in 10 minutes, leaving no reaction time
 and fits neatly within the new US policy of a "first
 Strike" nuclear capability. [As opposed to the
retaliatory strike doctrine of the last 40 years].

We all know what happened in 1961, when
 Khrushchev put Soviet Missiles into Cuba after
the US put missiles into Turkey. The US wasn't
very impressed at all. What is not well known
that Kennedy asked Khrushchev to "cut him
slack" and withdraw the missiles without
to the US' withdrawal of its missiles
from Turkey!

 The US had upped the rhetoric so much, that it
 couldn't be seen to lose face in the public arena
 - condescendingly, Khrushchev accommodated.

Hold that thought of "face saving" as we explore
 the current Ukraine Crisis.

The US/NATO pushed the EU to pressure the Ukraine
 to join the EU and swing to the West. They almost
succeeded 4 years ago with their Orange Revolution.

 But Russia had learnt a thing or two about the
 Coloured Revolutions and mounted a successful
 and embarrassing reversal of the revolution and
 installed their own man in Ukraine who was leading
 Ukraine back along the Russian brotherhood line.

Four years later, after over $5 billion in NGO funding
a huge amount of State Department scheming
CIA covert action, the US finally got a chance
 to redress the "egg on face incident" that the
Russians had made for them.

The US played a "background role" in this - preferring
 to have the EU seen as the driving force behind the
 Maidan. However, leaked phone calls, like that made
 to Cabinet Minister Ashton, which clearly identified
the role of paid mercenaries in killing both Police &
 protesters, and later, Viktoria Nuland [US State Dept]
hand-picking who will be in the Ukraine
and saying the EU can go get fucked -
did nothing to
endear the US to the EU -- it came
hard on the heels
of revelations of extensive phone
tapping of EU
leaders' phones etc. by the US.

Then we have the unsavoury influence of the Right
 Sektor in Ukraine being pushed, funded and trained
 by NATO and the US's Kerry, Nuland, John McCain,
 Mark Twain and all, were seen in public endorsing
 the very Right Sektor extremists that the German
 government was in the process of declaring as

Europe could see itself being plunged back 70 years
 with the rise of neo Nazi's, not just in Germany - but
 across Europe. [Remember Anders Behring Breivik
 and his mass killings in Norway: an ultra nationalist].

Europe also asked the question, what is the US going
 to lose over this? If Russia turns off the gas, Europe
 freezes: the economy of Europe goes down the toilet!

Already Germany is losing billions of Euros in trade
 with Russia, France has several military deals with
 Russia, the supply of Mistral Class ships for one,
 and Putin has promised follow-ons from that. Italy
 is supplying armour vehicles, many EU nations
trade with Russia - so, US, what sanctions are
to hurt you, the EU asks?

Germany has a growing discord there over the
year occupation of Germany by US forces -
see demonstrations - Yankees go home!
is realising that the US cares, not for
them, but
only for US and US businesses.

Against this background, we are witnessing the
 separation of the US/EU and a drawing closer of
 EU/Russia on common grounds & shared interests.

I was appalled: driven to tears by the criminal
of the Kyiv Junta's ex facto war crimes/
against humanity. The shelling and
bombing of
civilians [non-combatants the
Junta declares
are Terrorists]. The targeting
and destructionof
schools, kindergartens and
hospitals - with the
murder of 25 wounded in
the hospital - shot by
Junta troops!

Destruction of the means of
support of life
  - with water supplies destroyed,
installations and sanitary plants
by shelling. The shooting of women
children leaving the region for shelter in

 Crimea, by bus. The execution style killing
civilians in a town by Junta forces, who
the people up and shot them in the
back of
their heads. The use of chemical
against civilians - chlorine gas
[where is
Obama's Red Line on this?]. The
targeting of
TV reporters in the area trying
to objectively
record events. I'm sure that
I have missed some

 I cried out from the depths of despair for justice
surely Russia would intervene; surely Russia
would protect it's people like it has said it would?

And all along, that is exactly what the US has been
 saying too - telling the Ukrainian Junta to commit
 further acts and atrocities against the people who
 simply want true democracy in the East.

To help them in this, they even get them to
demonise and degrade the people there.
 Junta leaders have called the Russians in
 the East, "sub-human" - those of you as old
 as I am, will have heard that phrase before.

They are called parasites and vermin by the
 new Choco King Junta leader Poroshenko.
 Such a debasing of the population makes it
 more acceptable to murder them and commit
 atrocities against a subhuman species - not
 much higher than animals really, are they?

The provocation of Russia in this regard has been
 carefully stage managed by the US, intent as always
 to let it appear as the EU 's doing, while all the time
 ensuring that their people are the ones pulling the
 strings in Kiev - the CIA/FBI and State Department
are up
to their proverbial balls in Kiev's business.

 Don't see the EU featuring though. The US has
 pushed the warmonger Russian story all through
 Europe - putting the fear of the bogyman into all
ex Soviet states, and determined to show them
all how much they need NATO's protection.
 [In truth, the world needs to be protected from
 the US].

However, Russia has consistently demonstrated
 restraint and maturity in handling the world crisis.

 Since the failed US--led revolution in Georgia,
Russia has been seen to be taking the moral
 high ground from the US and their consistent
 lies [WMD et.al].

The lies over Georgia were exposed and eventually
 the EU came out & confirmed that Georgia started
 the war. Reluctantly, the Western media has had
admit to "errors" in reporting - all of which have
 favoured the Russian position. Remember the
 incredible piece of statesmanship from Russia
 in pulling the war rug out from under the US's
over Syrian Chemical weapons?!

Russia has quietly been cementing relationships
 in Europe - building "partnerships' with European
 countries, and is doing so in accordance with
 international law and through responsible,
mature actions.

All of this has been driving a wedge between the
 US and the EU. This hasn't gone unnoticed - the
 US cannot accept that they are not in the driving
 seat of a single seater any more. Goading and
 provoking Russia into attacking the Ukraine is
how they will demonstrate that the Russia of
 today is what they told everyone that the
USSR of old, was.

Putin has been smarter than they realised.

 Reuters reported on July 1st:

Ukrainian forces struck at pro-Russian separatist
 bases in the eastern regions with air and artillery
strikes on Tuesday, after President Poroshenko
 announced he would not renew a ceasefire, but
 go on the offensive to rid Ukraine of "parasites".

His decision quickly drew fire from Russian President
 Vladimir Putin who said Poroshenko had disregarded
 the advice of himself & German and French leaders.
 Putin said Poroshenko would now have to bear full
 responsibility for veering off the road to peace.

Poroshenko, who accuses Russia of fanning the
 conflict and allowing fighters and equipment to
 cross the border to support the rebels, then
his back on another renewal of a 10-
unilateral ceasefire after the phone talks
 involving Putin, German Chancellor Angela
 Merkel, and President Francois Hollande.

The important thing here is that Putin obtained
 consensus from France and Germany in a four-
way dialogue. This consensus was broken by
 Poroshenko, under pressure from US handlers.

 The facts are obvious. What it also shows, is
once again the US has marginalised the
EU and
shown scant regard for the EU position.

This now opens the door for Russia to reiterate its
 threat; "Putin said Moscow will continue to defend
 the interests of ethnic Russians abroad - up to 3
 million of whom live in the east of Ukraine, which
 has been in separatist ferment since April."

By obtaining consensus to a path of peace, and
 seeing it broken, Moscow now has the mandate
 to use force... IF it wants to.

The question is, does Russia want or need to?
That famous General of Guerrilla warfare, Vo

 Nguyen Giap [Incidentally, his book Peoples War,
 People's Army is worth reading] said, "we do not
 want to defeat the enemy, we simply want him to
leave our country!". In this regard, the Ukrainian
Junta cannot win the war in Novorussiya.

Firstly, they have completely lost the battle for
the hearts and minds of the people --- through
brutal atrocities they have committed.

 Their transparent attempt at a Kosovo type ethnic
 cleansing, has been seen for what it is and has
 made people more determined to "hold their
ground". Their brutality has now created a
 generational animosity, which will not be
 resolved in our life-time.

Secondly, militarily they can't succeed - every day,
Novorussiya is gaining in strength and skills. The
 skill level of Novorussiya's troops is much higher
 than those of the basic conscripted Junta forces
 and they're much more motivated than the Junta
 forces - they are fighting for their existence and
 homeland. Conventional military doctrine states
that we require a 10 to 1 advantage to press a
 successful attack against a defending enemy.

 1,000 to 1 is not enough to succeed in a Guerrilla
 war scenario. Look at the hiding the Yanks got in
 Vietnam and they poured hundreds of thousands
of troops into there, used the might of total air
superiority and naval bombardment etc, and still
 got their arses kicked. Ask them how many they
 and NATO had in Afghanistan fighting "towel
 heads"? [and still lost].

The Ukrainian Army has about 30,000 troops
 committed against 10,000 in the Novorussiya
 Army, and many Junta forces are actually
 surrendering without a fight, handing over
gear, getting on a bus and going home
with mum
who came to collect their sons.

Also, the Junta
is bankrupt. They can't even
feed their army;
people are deserting and
walking home,
because of no food or pay.

To save face: that wonderful US terminology
again; I see it is proposed that Novorussiya
become a Russian protectorate! The US is
 looking to stem the Junta's haemorrhaging.

All Russia needs to do, is open a humanitarian
 corridor into Novorussiya and maintain/police it
 and supply Novorussiya with what war materiel
 they ask for. And it can do all that with the tacit
 approval of Europe - the US having gone a bridge
 too far in Ukraine. Russia can allow the Junta to
 bleed to death here and like Georgia before; the
 US will be powerless to stop it.

The US has had it's last Tango in Europe.

Jim Jones

civilians being murdered by Kiev coup forces

Washington's War Crimes Spread from
 Africa and the Middle East to Ukraine

By Paul Craig Roberts

A person might think that revulsion in "the world
 community" against Washington's wanton slaughter
 of civilians in eight countries would have led to War
Crimes Tribunal warrants issued for the arrest of
presidents Clinton, Bush, Obama & many officials
 in their regimes.  But the vocal part of "the world
 community"-- the West -- has become inured to
 Washington's crimes against humanity and
doesn't bother to protest.  Indeed, many of
these governments are complicit in the US's
 crimes, and there could just as well be arrest
 warrants for members of European governments.

The exception, is Russia. The Ministry of Foreign
 Affairs of the Russian Federation has published a
 White Book on violations of human rights and the
 rule of law in Ukraine.  Propagandized Americans
 think that all the violations in Ukraine are made
by Russians.  The White Book carefully and
 accurately documents reported violations that
 occurred in Ukraine for four months from
 December 2013 through March 2014.

The White Book is available here:


  You will not hear much or anything about it from
presstitute US media, & it's unlikely to receive
 much coverage in Europe. The facts are so greatly
 at odds with the West's position, that the White
 Book is a huge embarrassment to the West.

The slaughter of Ukrainians on Washington's orders
 by Washington's stooge government in Kiev, has
 worsened considerably in the past three months,
 producing more than 100,000 Ukrainian refugees
 fleeing into Russia for protection from strikes
 against civilian housing, from the air, artillery,
 and tanks. 

Every effort by Russia's government to involve
 Washington, the European Union, and Kiev in
 negotiations to find a peaceful settlement,
has failed.

Washington is not interested in a settlement.
 Disturbed by its NATO vassals' dependence
 on Russian energy and the growing economic
 relationships between Russia and Europe,
 Washington is at work through its Kiev proxy
 murdering citizens in eastern and southern
parts of present-day Ukraine that once were
 part of Russia.

 Washington has declared these civilians to be
 "terrorists" and is trying to force Russia to
 intervene militarily in order to protect them.

  Russia's protective intervention would then
 be denounced by Washington as "invasion
 and annexation."  Washington would use
this propaganda, which would blare from the
 Western media, to pressure Europe to support
Washington's sanctions against Russia. The
 sanctions would then effectively destroy the
existing economic relationships between
 Russia and Europe.

Washington hasn't had success in imposing
 sanctions, because, although Washington's
 European vassals, such as Merkel, are willing,
 business interests in Germany, France, and
 Italy stand opposed.

 Washington is hoping that by forcing Russia
 to act, Washington can sufficiently demonize
Russia and silence the European business
 interests  with propaganda.

To counter Washington's ploy, Putin had Russia's
 Duma rescind his authority to send Russian forces
 into Ukraine.  Unlike US' presidents Clinton, Bush,
 and Obama, Putin does not claim the authority to
use military forces without permission from the

Washington's response to Putin's stand down is
 to increase the slaughter of civilians, all the while
 denying that any such slaughter is occurring.

  Washington is determined not to acknowledge
 the existence of the slaughter for which it is
 responsible, although everyone knows that
 Kiev would not dare to take on Russia
 without Washington's backing.

Putin's bet is that European business interests
 will prevail over Washington's European lap dogs.

 This is a hopeful and optimistic bet, but Washington
 is already at work to threaten and undermine the
 resistance of European business interests. Using
 concocted charges, Washington has stolen $9
from France's biggest bank --- for doing
business with
countries disapproved of by

 This was Washington's warning to European
 business to comply with Washington's sanctions.
Washington even told France that the fine
would be rescinded or reduced if France broke
 its contract with Russia to supply 2 helicopter
 carriers.  Other such moves against European
 businesses are in the works. The purpose is
to intimidate European businesses from
 opposing sanctions against Russia.

Washington's arrogance that Washington
can decide with whom a French bank can
do business is astonishing.  It is even more
astonishing that France and the bank would
 accept such arrogance and infringements
France's sovereignty.

 France's acceptance of Washington's hegemony
 shows that one risk in Putin's bet is that the bet
 assumes that European business interests can
 prevail over Washington's strategic interests. 

Another risk in Putin's bet is that by standing down
 and tolerating Washington's slaughter of civilians,
 Putin is becoming complicit in Washington's crimes
 against humanity. The longer the slaughter goes on,
 the more complicit Russia's government becomes.

 Moreover, the passage of time allows Kiev to
 increase its forces and NATO to supply these
 forces with more deadly weapons. A Russian
 intervention, which previously would have met
 with easy success, becomes more costly and
more drawn out as Kiev's forces increase.

Paul Craig Roberts

Donetsk residents call on Russia

Guilt by insinuation: How
American propaganda works

By Paul Craig Roberts

Why hasn't Washington joined Russian President
 Putin in calling for an objective, non-politicized
 international investigation by experts of the
 case of the Malaysian jetliner? 

The Russian government continues to release facts,
 including satellite photos showing the presence of
 Ukrainian Buk anti-aircraft missiles in locations from
 which the airliner could have been brought down by
 the missile system, and documentation that a
 Ukrainian SU-25 fighter jet rapidly approached the
 Malaysian airliner prior to its downing.

The head of the Operations Directorate of Russian
 military headquarters said at a Moscow press
 conference on July 21st, that the presence of the
 Ukrainian military jet is confirmed by the Rostov
 monitoring centre.

The Russian Defense Ministry pointed out that, at
the moment of destruction of MH-17 an American
 satellite was flying over the area. The Russian
 government urges Washington to make available
 the photos and data captured by the satellite.

President Putin has repeatedly stressed that
the investigation of MH-17, requires "a fully
 representative group of experts to be
working at the site under the guidance of
 the International Civil Aviation Organization

  Putin's call for an independent expert examination
 by ICAO does not sound like a person with anything
 to hide.

Turning to Washington Putin stated: "In the
 meantime, no one (not even the "exceptional
 nation") has the right to use this tragedy to
 achieve their narrowly selfish political goals." 

Putin reminded Washington: "We repeatedly
 called upon all conflicting sides to stop the
 bloodshed immediately and to sit down at
 the negotiating table. I can say with
 confidence that if military operations
 were not resumed [by Kiev] on June 28
 in eastern Ukraine, this tragedy would
not have happened."

What is the American response?

Lies and insinuations.

On July 20, the US Secretary of State, John
Kerry confirmed that pro-Russian separatists
were involved in the downing of the Malaysian
airliner and said that it was "pretty clear" that
 Russia was involved. Here are Kerry's words:

 "It's pretty clear that this is a system that
was transferred from Russia into the hands
 of separatists. We know with confidence,
with confidence, that the Ukrainians did not
 have such a system anywhere near the
vicinity at that point and time, so it obviously
 points a very clear finger at the separatists."

Kerry's statement is just another of the endless
 lies told by US secretaries of state in the 21st
 century.  Who can forget Colin Powell's package
of lies delivered to the UN about Saddam
Hussein's "weapons of mass destruction"
or Kerry's lie repeated endlessly that Assad
"used chemical weapons against his own
people" or the endless lies about "Iranian

Remember that Kerry on a number of occasions
 stated that the US had proof that Assad crossed
 the "red line" by using chemical weapons.

 However, Kerry was never able to back up
 his statements with evidence.  The US had
 no evidence to give the UK prime minister,
whose efforts to have Parliament approve
Britain's participation with Washington in a
 military attack on Syria were voted down.
 Parliament told the prime minister, "no
evidence, no war."

Again here is Kerry declaring "confidence"
 in statements that are directly contradicted
 by the Russian satellite photos and endless
 eye witnesses on the ground. 

Why doesn't Washington release its photos
 from its satellite?

The answer is for the same reason that the USA
 will not release all the videos it confiscated and
 that it claims prove that a hijacked 9/11 airliner
hit the Pentagon.  The videos do not support
 Washington's claim, and the US satellite
photos do not support Kerry's claim.

The UN weapons inspectors on the ground in
Iraq, reported that Iraq had no weapons of
mass destruction.  However, the fact did not
 support Washington's propaganda and was
 ignored. Washington started a highly
destructive war, based on nothing but
Washington's intentional lie.

The International Atomic Energy Commission's
 inspectors on the ground in Iran and all 16 US
 intelligence agencies reported that Iran had
no nuclear weapons program. However, the
was inconsistent with Washington's
and was ignored by both the US
and the presstitute media.

We are witnessing the same thing right
now with the assertions, in the absence
 of evidence, that Russia is responsible
 for the downing of the Malaysian airliner.

Not every member of the US government
is as reckless as Kerry and John McCain.
In place of direct lies, many US officials
 use insinuations.

US Senator Diane Feinstein is the perfect
 example.  Interviewed on the presstitute
 TV station CNN, Feinstein said: "The issue
 is where is Putin?  I would say, 'Putin, you
 have to man up. You should talk to the
 world. You should say, if this is a mistake,
 which I hope it was, say it.'"

Putin has been talking to the world non-
calling for an expert non-politicized
and Feinstein is asking Putin
why he is hiding
behind silence.  We know
you did it, Feinstein
insinuates, so just tell
us whether you meant
to, or whether it
was an accident.

The way the entire Western news cycle was
 orchestrated with blame instantly placed on
Russia, long in advance of real information

 suggests that the downing of the airliner
a Washington operation.  It is, of course,
 possible that the well-trained presstitute media
 needed no orchestration from Washington, in
 order to lay the blame on Russia.  On the other
 hand, some of the news performances seem too
 scripted not to have been prepared in advance. 

We also have the advanced preparation of the
 youtube video that purports to show a Russian
 general and Ukrainian separatists discussing
 having mistakenly downed a civilian airliner.

 As I pointed out earlier, the video is twice damned.
  It was ready in advance, and, by implicating the
 Russian military, it overlooked that the Russian
 military can tell the difference between a civilian
 airliner and a military airplane. The existence of
 the video itself, implies that there was a plot to
 down the airliner and blame Russia.

I've seen reports that the Russian anti-aircraft
 missile system, as a safety device, is capable
 of contacting aircraft transponders in order to
 verify the type of aircraft.  If the reports are
correct and if the transponders from MH-17
 are found, they might record the contact.

I have seen reports that Ukrainian air control
 changed the route of MH-17 and directed it to
 fly over the conflict area.  The transponders
 should also indicate whether this is correct.

  If so, there clearly is at least circumstantial
 evidence, that this was anintentional act on
 the part of Kiev, an act which would have
 required Washington's blessing.

There are other reports that there's a divergence
 between the Ukrainian military and the unofficial
 militias, formed by the right-wing Ukrainian
 extremists who apparently were the first to attack
 the separatists.  It is possible that Washington
 used extremists to plot the airliner's destruction
 in order to blame Russia and use the accusations
 to pressure the EU to go along with Washington's
 unilateral sanctions against Russia. We do know
that Washington is desperate to break up the
 growing economic and political ties between
 Russia and Europe. 

If it was a plot to down an airliner, any safety device
 on the missile system could have been turned off,
so as to give no warning, or leave any telltale sign.
  That could be the reason a Ukrainian fighter was
 sent to inspect the airliner.  Possibly the real
 target was Putin's airliner -- and incompetence in
 implementing the plot, resulted in the destruction
of a civilian airliner.

As there are a number of possible explanations,
let's keep open minds and resist Washington's
 propaganda --- until facts and evidence are in.

 At the very least, Washington is guilty of using
 the incident to blame Russia in advance of the
 evidence. All Washington has shown us so far
 is accusations and insinuations.  If that is all
 Washington continues to show us, we will
know where the blame resides.

In the meantime, remember the story of the boy
 who cried "wolf!"  He lied so many times that
 when the wolf did come, no one believed him.
 Will this be Washington's ultimate fate?

Instead of declaring war on Iraq, Afghanistan,
 Libya, Somalia, and Syria, why did Washington
 hide behind lies?  If Washington wants war with
 Iran, Russia, and China, why not simply declare

The reason that the US Constitution requires war
 to begin with a declaration of war by Congress, is
 to prevent the executive branch orchestrating
any wars, in order to further 'hidden agendas'.

 By abdicating its constitutional responsibility, the
 US Congress is complicit in the executive branch's
 war crimes.  By approving Israel's premeditated
 murder of Palestinians, the US government is
 complicit in Israel's war crimes.

Ask yourself this question: Would the world be
 a safer place, with less death, destruction and
 displaced peoples, and more truth and justice,
 if the United States and Israel did not exist? 

Paul Craig Roberts


Does Russia have a future?
By Paul Craig Roberts

The Russian government has finally realized that
 it has no Western “partners,” and is complaining
 bitterly about the propagandistic lies and
 disinformation issued without any evidence
 whatsoever against the Russian government
 by Washington, its European vassals, and
press-titute media.

Perhaps the Russian government thought
that only Iraq, Libya, Syria, China, and Edward
 Snowden would be subjected to Washington’s
lies and demonization.

It was obvious enough that Russia would be next.

The Russian government and Europe need to look
 beyond Washington’s propaganda, because the
 reality is much worse.

NATO commander General Breedlove and Senate
 bill 2277 clearly indicate that Washington is
 organizing itself and Europe for war on Russia.

Europe is reluctant to agree with Washington to
 put Ukraine in NATO. Europeans understand that
 if Washington or its stooges in Kiev cause a war
with Russia, Europe will be the first casualty.

Washington finds its vassals’ noncompliance
 tiresome. Remember Assistant Secretary of
State Victoria Nuland’s “fuck the EU.” And
 that is just what Washington is about to do.

The US Senate’s Russian Aggression Prevention
 Act, about which I reported in my previous column,
does even more mischief than I reported. If the bill
 passes, which it likely will, Washington becomes
empowered to bypass NATO and to grant the status
 of “allied nation” to Ukraine independently of NATO
 membership. By so doing, Washington can send
 troops to Ukraine and thereby commit NATO to a
war with Russia.

Notice how quickly Washington escalated the
 orchestrated Ukrainian “crisis”  -  without any
 evidence - into “Russian aggression.” Overnight
 we have the NATO commander and US senators
 taking actions against “Russian aggression”, of
which no one has seen any evidence.

With Iraq, Libya, and Syria, Washington learned
 that Washington could act on the basis of bald-
faced lies. No one, not Great Britain, not France,
not Germany, not Italy, not the Netherlands, not
 Canada, not Australia, not Mexico, not New
Zealand, not Israel, nor Japan, nor S. Korea,
nor Taiwan, nor (substitute your selection)
stepped forward to hold the US accountable
 for its blatant lies and war crimes.

The UN even accepted the package of blatant
and obviously transparent lies that Colin Powell
 delivered to the UN. Everything Powell said had
 already been refuted by the UN’s own weapons
 inspectors. Yet the UN pussies gave a go-ahead
 for that devastating war.

The only conclusion is that all the whores were
paid off. Whores can always count on Washington
 paying them off. For money, the whores are selling
 out civilization to Washington’s war, which likely
will be nuclear and terminate life on earth. The
 whores’ money will incinerate with them.

It's hardly surprising that Washington now targets
 Russia. The world has given Washington carte
 blanche to do as it pleases. We have now had three
 administrations of US war criminals welcomed and
 honored wherever the war criminals go. The other
governments in the world continue to desire
 invitations to the White House as indications of
their worth. To be received by war criminals has
 become the highest honor.

Even the president of China comes to Washington
 to receive acceptance by the Evil Empire.

The world did not notice Washington’s war crimes
 against Serbia and didn’t puke when Washington
 then put the Serbian president, who had tried to
 prevent his country from being torn apart by
 Washington, on trial as a war criminal.

The world has made no effort to hold Washington
 responsible for its destruction of Iraq, Afghanistan,
 Libya, and now Syria and Gaza. The world has not
 demanded that Washington stop murdering people
 in Pakistan and Yemen, countries with which
 Washington is not at war. The world looks the other
 way as Washington creates the US Africa Command.
The world looks the other way as Washington sends
 deadly weapons to Israel, with which to murder
 women and children in the Gaza Ghetto. Washington
 passes Senate and House Resolutions cheering on
 the Israeli murder of Palestinians.

Washington is accustomed to its free pass,
granted by the world, to murder and to lie,
and now is using it against Russia.

President Putin’s bet, that by responding to
Washington’s aggression in Ukraine, in an

 unprovocative and reasonable manner, this
demonstrate to Europe, that Russia
was not the
source of the problem --- has
not paid off.

European countries are captive nations. They
are incapable of thinking & acting for themselves.
 They bend to Washington’s will. Essentially, Europe
 is a nonentity that follows Washington’s orders.

If the Russian government hopes to prevent war
with Washington, which is likely to be the final
war for life on earth, the Russian government
needs to act now and end the problem in Ukraine
 by accepting the separatist provinces’ request
be reunited with Russia. Once S.2277 passes,
 Russia cannot retrieve the situation without
 confronting militarily the US, because Ukraine
will have been declared an American ally.

Putin’s bet was reasonable and responsible,
 but Europe has failed him. If Putin does not
use Russian power to bring an end to the
problem with which the US has presented
him in Ukraine, while he still can, the US’s
 next step will be to unleash its hundreds of
NGOs inside Russia to denounce Putin as a
traitor for abandoning Russian populations
 in the former Russian provinces that Soviet
 leaders thoughtlessly attached to Ukraine.

The problem with being a leader is that you
inherit festering problems left by previous
 leaders. Putin has the problems bequeathed
by Yeltsin. Yeltsin was a disaster for Russia.
 Yeltsin was Washington’s puppet. It is not
certain that Russia will survive Yeltsin’s

If Washington has its way, Russia will survive
 only as an American puppet state.

In a previous column I described the article in
 Foreign Affairs, journal of the Washington foreign
 policy community, that makes a case that the US
 has such strategic advantage over Russia at this
 time that a “window of opportunity” exists for the
US to erase Russia as a restraint on US hegemony
--- with a preemptive nuclear attack.

It's almost certain that Obama is being told how
 President John F. Kennedy had this window of
 opportunity and did not use it, and that Obama
must not let the opportunity pass a second time.

As Steven Starr explained in a guest column,
there are no winners of nuclear war. Even if the
 US escapes retaliatory strikes, everyone will
die, regardless.

The view in Washington of the neoconservatives
who control the Obama regime, is that a nuclear
war is winnable. No expert opinion supports
 their assumption, but the neocons, not the
experts, are in power.

The American people are out to lunch. They have
 no comprehension of their likely fate. Americans
 are an uninformed people distracted by their
 mounting personal and financial problems.
 If Europeans are aware, they have decided to
live for the moment, on Washington’s money.

What life is faced with is a drive for hegemony
on the part of Washington --- and ignorant
unconcern on the part of the rest of the world.

Americans worked into a lather about Washington’s
 unfunded liabilities, and the viability of their future
 Social Security pension, won’t be alive to collect it.


World doomed by Western insouciance
By Paul Craig Roberts

European governments and the Western media
 have put the world at risk by enabling the US’s
 propaganda and aggression against Russia.

Washington has succeeded in using transparent
 lies to demonize Russia as a dangerous aggressive
 country led by a new Hitler or a new Stalin, just as
 Washington sought to vilify Assad in Syria, Chavez
in Venezuela, and, of course, Iran.

The real demons – Clinton, Bush, Obama – are “the
 exceptional and indispensable people” above the
 reach of demonization. Their horrific real crimes
go unnoticed, while fictitious crimes are attributed
 to other people and countries.

The reason that Washington demonizes a leader and
 a country is to permit the creation of circumstances
 that Washington can use to act with force against
 a leader and a country.

Washington’s incessant lies alleging “Russian
 aggression” have created Russian aggression out
 of thin air. John Kerry and the State Department’s
 Marie Harf issue new lies daily, but never any
 supporting evidence. With the stage set, the US
 Senate, the NATO commander and the Chairman
 of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff are busy at work
 energizing the wheels of war.

Senate bill 2277 provides for beefing up forces on
 Russia’s borders and for elevating Ukraine’s status
 to “ally of the US” so that US troops can assist the
 war against “terrorists” in Ukraine.  

NATO commander Breedlove is preparing his plans
 for stockpiling war material on Russia’s borders so
 that US/NATO troops can more quickly strike Russia.

Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General
Martin Dempsey, is at work preparing American
 opinion for the upcoming war.

On July 24, Dempsey told Aspen Security Forum,
 a high level group where US opinion is formed,
Putin’s aggression in Ukraine is comparable
Stalin’s invasion of Poland in 1939 and that
Russian threat was not limited to Ukraine
Eastern Europe, but was global.

The intellects in the Aspen Forum did not break
 out laughing, when Dempsey told them that
Russia’s (alleged but unproven) involvement in
 Ukraine was the first time since 1939 that a
country made a conscious decision to use its
military force inside another sovereign nation
 to achieve its objectives.

 No one asked Dempsey what Washington has
been doing during the last three presidential
 regimes: Clinton in Serbia, Bush and Obama in
 Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Pakistan and
Obama in Libya and Syria.

Here are Dempsey’s words: “You’ve got a Russian
 government that has made a conscious decision to
 use its military force inside another sovereign nation
 to achieve its objectives. It’s the first time since
 1939 or so that that’s been the case. They clearly
 are on a path to assert themselves differently not
 just in Eastern Europe, but Europe in the main,
and towards the United States.”

Washington’s view that the world is its oyster is
ingrained that neither Dempsey nor his upper
 echelon audience at the Aspen Forum noticed the
 absurdity of his statement. Washington and the
 brainwashed US population take if for granted that
 the “exceptional, indispensable nation” isn't limited
 in its actions by the sovereignty of other countries.

Washington takes for granted that US law prevails
 in other countries over the countries’ own laws –
just ask France or Switzerland, that Washington
 can tell foreign financial institutions and
 corporations with whom they can do business
and with whom they cannot – just ask every
country and company prevented from doing
business with Iran, that Washington can invade
 any country whose leader Washington can
demonize & overthrow – just ask Iraq, Honduras,
 Libya, Serbia, and so forth, and that Washington
 can conduct military operations against peoples
 in foreign countries, such as Pakistan and Yemen,
 with which Washington is not at war.

All of this is possible, because Washington has
 claimed the title from Israel of being “God’s Chosen
 People.” Of course, Israel’s loss of the title has not
 stopped Israel from acting in the same way.

Washington has put in motion the wheels of war.
Once the wheels of war begin to turn, momentum
 carries them forward. The foolish, indeed utterly
 stupid, governments and media in Europe seem
 unaware of Washington’s orchestration of their
 future or lack thereof, or they are indifferent to it.

 They are dooming themselves and all of humanity
 by their insouciance.

Readers who cannot tolerate problems without
 solutions always request solutions. OK, here is
 the solution:

The only possibility of avoiding war is that Putin
take his case to the UN. If Washington can send
 Colin Powell to the UN unarmed with any truth to
 make Washington’s case for war against Iraq,
Putin should be able to take his case to the UN
 against Washington’s war against Russia.

The case that the emperor has no clothes is
 an easy one to make.

Unlike Washington, Putin is willing to share the
 evidence that Russia has about who is doing
what in Ukraine. It is a simple matter to establish
 that Washington organized a coup that overthrew
 an elected government, supports violence against
 those who object to the coup, and has turned a
deaf ear to Russia’s repeated pleas for Kiev and
 the separatists to negotiate their differences.

Putin should make it clear to the world that
 Washington continues with provocative military
 steps against Russia, with force buildups on
Russia’s borders and calls for more buildups,
with S.2277 which reads like a US preparation
 for war, with provocative actions & accusations
by top US generals and government officials
 against Russia, and with efforts to isolate Russia
 and to inflict economic and political injury
 on Russia.

Putin should make it clear to the world that there
 is a limit to provocations that Russia can accept
and that Russia believes that Russia is
in danger
of a preemptive nuclear attack by

 Putin can describe Washington’s withdrawal from
 the ABM treaty, the construction of ABM bases on
 Russia’s borders, and the announced change in
 Washington’s war doctrine that elevates US nuclear
 forces from a retaliatory role to a preemptive first
 strike role. These actions are clearly directed at
 Russia (and China–wake up China! You are next!).

Putin must state clearly that the likely consequence
 of the world continuing to enable Washington’s lies
 & aggression will be not merely another disastrous
 war, but the termination of life.

The governments of the world, especially
 Washington’s vassals in Europe, Canada,
Australia, and Japan, need to be told that it
their responsibility to stop their enabling
Washington’s aggression or to accept
responsibility for World War III.

At least we could all have the enjoyment of
watching the arrogant Samantha Powers and
 the craven British lapdog rise and walk out of
 the UN proceedings. There is no doubt what-
soever that Washington is unable to answer
 the charges.

Here again is the Wolfowitz Doctrine that controls
US foreign policy and that condemns Planet Earth
 to death:

“Our first objective is to prevent the re-emergence
of a new rival, either on the territory of the former
 Soviet Union or elsewhere, that posses a threat on
 the order of that posed formerly by the Soviet Union.

 “This is a dominant consideration underlying the
new regional defense strategy and requires that
 we endeavor to prevent any hostile power from
 dominating a region whose resources would,
 under consolidated control, be sufficient to
 generate global power.”

A hostile power is defined as any country that
 is not a Washington vassal.

The Wolfowitz Doctrine commits the United States,
 its peoples, Washington’s gullible EU allies and
 those peoples, to war with Russia and China.

The destruction of the world is what the idiot EU
 governments and the presstitute Western media
 are fostering by their enablement of Washington’s
 lies and aggression.



Two thirds of Russians say in the latest
poll that they are against sending troops
to Ukraine, despite the latest US' moves.


 The European Union is expanding anti-Russian
 sanctions against its own interests under tough
 pressure from the US in favour of the American
 military-industrial complex, say experts.

“This week, the EU is to expand and toughen
anti-Russian measures. This is obviously an
 operation staged by Washington that is using
 the Malaysian airliner downed in Ukraine with
 most of its passengers being Europeans, as
an excuse to defeat Russia,” says the director
 of the strategic analysis & developments dept,
 at the sanctioned Vnesheconombank, Vladimir

“The unprecedented propaganda campaign
 on Russia has turned the Old World's public
against Russia, to such an extent that its
politicians are afraid of looking indecisive
and losing voters' support, to blindly take
 their cue from the US”

“The EU has no chance to withstand US pressure
 over anti-Russian measures,” the expert explains:
 “Washington overtly interferes with Russian-EU gas
 supply talks & blackmails France over its contract
 on helicopter carrier Mistral supplies to Russia.

“The US is flagrantly pursuing its own policy in
and is appointing its own people to
key posts in the EU.”

“EU countries have a deficit of strong leaders
 now, and European governments are weak.
the EU's bureaucratic machine is
proving to be incompetent
on issues of global
politics and economics and
totally dependent
on the US will,” Andrianov says.

 “The fact that even German Chancellor Angela
 Merkel suddenly switched tactics after several
 months of a moderate approach shows the EU
 leaders’ dependence on the US.

 “Washington keeps files on all prominent politicians.
 It certainly has blackmail evidence against Merkel.
 It’s no coincidence that her cellphone was bugged
by US special services. For this reason, the German
 chancellor yielded to pressure from Washington.”

“All US foreign policy starting from Vietnam, has
been tailored to its military's needs. Amid global
 competition, the US - as the world’s gendarme -
 cannot bear the thought that Russia remains the
only major geopolitical opponent which it can't
control,” the expert says.

Washington aims to arm the Ukrainian army with
 modern weapons and equipment, and pull Russia
 into a confrontation with Ukraine,  Mr Andrianov

“For this purpose, the US Congress plans to
 recognise Ukraine as a major non-NATO ally
 and provide it with direct military aid.

 “The S.2277 - Russian Aggression Prevention Act
 of 2014 - has passed two readings in the US.
These moves are clearly designed to serve the
 interests of the US military-industrial complex
 in order to kindle the fire in Europe and line US
 pockets on weapon supplies to the crisis zone,”
Andrianov says.

“The scenario of pulling Russia into armed conflict
 with Ukraine is so dangerous that it's unacceptable,”
the dean of the Higher School of Economics Faculty
 for World Economy and International Affairs, Sergey
 Karaganov says.

 “But the EU sanctions already announced, and
those on the table, mean that the large-scale
US's anti-Russian campaign, caused by the
Boeing's downing in Ukraine, is bearing fruit.”

“US pressure for the EU to adopt anti-Russian
 sanctions aims at splitting Europe, weakening
 Germany and inflicting as much grave damage
 as possible on Russia, to deprive the country
of its power in the world,” the expert says.

“Europe is blindly obeying the US by imposing
 anti-Russian sanctions, because EU welfare
directly relies on the US in financial terms,
Deputy Director of Russia's Academy of
Institute for the USA and Canadian
Studies, Major
General Pavel Zolotarev says.

“In terms of its security policy, the EU is peace-
ful under the US umbrella. Washington bears the
 lion’s share of NATO spending, enabling the EU
 countries to reduce defense spending to 2% of
their gross domestic product.”

“EU countries lay out 6-7 times more for education
 and healthcare than defense,” the analyst adds.

 “Russia cannot afford such a budget distribution,
 while EU countries can, thanks to the US. Hence
 their obedience to Washington.”

The graphic video above shows
fascism in the centre of Europe.

Our media says the US-backed
coup in Ukraine, is a people's 
revolution: we say it's fascism.



Turkish Government Accused of
Promoting War in the Country

 The leader of the Democratic People''s Party,
 Selahattin Demirtas, today accuses the ruling
 Justice and Development Party (AKP), of
promoting a war in Turkey through its mass
 raids and bombings in neighboring nations.

"An acting Government with an acting prime
 minister is leading the country step by step
to a civil war, a regional war," says Demirtas.

In June's elections, the AKP, which had ruled
 by majority since 2002, was forced to begin
 talks with other parties, but they have not
reached a concensus yet and, in the mean-
time, the previous Executive is performing
 as a 'provisional' executive.

With regard to the recent Turkish Air Force
bombings in Syria and Iraq, and the internal
raids --- with hundreds detained --- Demirtas
considers this as a strategy thought out by
the president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and
 implemented by the prime minister, Ahmet
 Davutoglu, to create chaos in Turkey.

According to the politician, the AKP pretends
to take advantage of this manufactured crisis
 to stay in power --- despite losing its majority
 in the elections.

"The AKP is a party that is in corruption up to
 its neck -- and it is irascibly looking for a way
return to government again," Hurriyet, the
daily newspaper,
quotes Demirtas saying.

A terrorist attack in Suruc locality, on the border
 with Syria, killed 32 activists just a few days ago,
 causing waves of tension and violence in Turkey.


Explosion Hits Turkey’s Pipeline,
Halts Flow of Natural Gas from Iran

Unidentified persons attacked a pipeline carrying
 natural gas from Iran to Turkey in Turkey’s eastern
 province of Agri late on Monday evening, halting
 the flow.


Yemeni Army, PC Destroy Saudi Bases in Jizan
As Ansarullah Gains more Support

The Yemeni army and fighters of the Popular
 Committees (PC) hit 2 military bases in Jizan,
Southern Saudi Arabia, in retaliation for the
continued airstrikes of Riyadh government's
 on Yemen.

"The Yemeni army and popular committees
 destroyed al-Mamout and al-Radif military
bases in Jizan of Saudi Arabia," Yemen's
 defense ministry states, on Tuesday.

The editor of the Yemeni weekly al-Massar
writes on his Facebook page that Yemen's
 army and the Committees have destroyed
over 200 vehicles of the Saudi army since
 the start of the Saudi aggression against
 Yemen on March 26th.

On Sunday, the national Yemeni army seized
 back control over about 12 military bases in
the Southern parts of Yemen, after heavy
 clashes with Al-Qaeda militants and forces
loyal to fugitive president Mansour Hadi.

The Yemeni forces also won back 10 military
 bases from militants' control, in the town of
Mudiyah in Abyan province, Southern Yemen.

Moreover, tens of al-Qaeda militants and gun-
men loyal to fugitive President Abed-Rabbu
Mansour Hadi were killed in heavy clashes
 with the Yemeni forces.

In a similar development on Saturday, Yemeni
 forces seized back 10 other military bases in
Lawdar, in Abyan province.

Meantime, sources announced that the Yemeni
 army and the popular committees hold over 80
 Al-Qaeda terrorists captive in Aden province.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 125
days to restore power to Hadi, who stepped down
 in January and refused to reconsider the decision.

In another achievement, sixteen Yemeni political
 parties voiced their support, late on Monday, for
 Ansarullah movement in its fight against terror,
 and urged the powerful group to find "strategic
 options" to counter Saudi aggression against
 their country.

In a statement released Monday, 16 Yemeni
 parties express full support for Ansarullah’s
 leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, calling on the
movement to explore "strategic options" to
counter a brutal Saudi military aggression
against Yemen.

They also voiced support for the Yemeni army
troops & fighters of allied Popular Committees
--- who are engaged, alongside the Ansarullah
fighters, in heavy battles with Al-Qaeda-linked
 Takfiri terrorists and militants loyal to fugitive
 former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

The United Nations has lately declared its highest-
level humanitarian emergency in Yemen, as Saudi
Arabia continues its deadly airstrikes against the
 impoverished Arabian Peninsula country.

Saudi Arabia has been bombing Yemen since March
 26th to bring fugitive president Abed-Rabbu Mansour
Hadi back into power.

The airstrikes have so far claimed the lives of more
 than 5,302 civilians, mostly women and children.


Syria, Kurdish forces push ISIL
 out of Hasakah: Report

Syrian government forces & Kurdish fighters
 have pushed the IS terrorists from the north-
eastern city of Hasakah, says the so-called
 'Syrian Observatory for Human Rights'.

ISIL Takfiri group “was expelled by the army'
 from Zuhur, the last district in which it was
in Hasakah,” Rami Abdel Rahman,
director of the
London-based group says.

He says militants belonging to the terrorist group
 “have been pushed to the southern outskirts of
 the city.”

The victory was achieved after over a month of
fighting in the city between Syrian government

forces and Kurdish fighters on the one side, &
 the Takfiri terrorists on the other.

A Syrian military source adds that Syrian army
 forces killed over 500 gunmen in the process
of clearing the city from Takfiri militants.

The source highlights the contribution of Kurdish
 forces to the victory, as they backed the Syrian
army in cutting the militants’ supply routes.

According to the source, Syrian army forces
 are now demining the city.

A local Kurdish commander said at least 15
villages around Hasakah are 'uninhabitable'
now, due to the mines laid by terrorists.

Last month, ISIL terrorists began their assault
 on Hasakah, before capturing a number of its
 neighborhoods and forcing the evacuation of
many of its residents.

The conflict in Syria, which started in March 2011,
 has reportedly claimed over 230,000 lives, so far.

Violence has also forced over 3.8 million Syrians
 to take refuge in neighboring countries, including
 Jordan and Lebanon. More than 7.2 million others
 have been displaced within Syria, according to
the United Nations.


Syrian Kurds: Turkish Forces
 Shelling Our Fighters Near Kobani

antiwar.com - Syria's Kurdish militia faction,
 the YPG, reports that, as Turkey has begun
 launching attacks on IS, they've also begun
 attacking Kurdish targets inside Syria...
hitting a number of YPG forces by
villages on the outskirts of Kobani.

The YPG slams the “Turkish aggression” and
 demands they stop hitting Kurdish defensive
 forces --- and, instead, focus their fire on IS
forces that are occupying Kurdish territory
 in the area. They advise Turkey to follow
 “international guidelines” on this targeting.
Turkish officials insisted they didn't attack
YPG positions in northern Syria, but later
say they intend to investigate the claims.

 They go on to say that they don’t consider
the YPG within the scope of their current
wars against IS and the Kurdish PKK,
 in Iraq.
Turkey has long treated the YPG’s political wing,
the PYD, as a Syrian branch of the PKK, however,
 and they have been pushing for action against
 Kurdish forces in northern Syria for weeks now.

 This makes denials somewhat hard to believe,
 as Turkey seems to be attacking anyone and
 everyone it doesn’t like in the area, right now.


Iran Halts Military Aid to Hamas
Because of Saudi Rapprochement
antiwar.com - Hamas officials are once again
 confirming that their military ties with Iran, a
long-standing backer, are entirely halted ---
apparently the result of Iran being unhappy
 at Hamas’ political wing getting closer with
 the Saudi government, a key regional rival.
Hamas was already starting to fall out of love
with their place in Iran’s orbit, and vice versa,
as the group fairly quickly bailed on its offices
 in Syria, in the civil war, relocating its political
 offices elsewhere -- mostly places like Turkey.
Hamas’ plight worsened with the 2013 military
 coup in Egypt, which installed a junta hostile to
 Hamas in power. Historically, Hamas has relied
on Egypt's government to act as an intercessor
 with Israel, particularly during the semi-annual
 wars they seem to have with them. This forced
Hamas’ political leadership to seek alternatives
 for this role --- and they started cwtching up to
Saudi Arabia.
Hamas’ military wing was said to be 'not keen'
the idea, as it further alienated Iran and the

 Saudis are not coming forward with military aid
to replace them.

Some reports suggest
the Saudis are offering
billions in financial aid
to Hamas -- if they now
agree to formally end all
military resistance
to the Israeli occupation,
and other reports
suggest that the Saudis
are presenting, as
an alternative, sending
Hamas’ fighters to
Yemen --- to
get them out of their hair.


    Paramilitaries Withdraw from Disputed Ukrainian City               

Prensa Latina - The deputy and ex chief of the
 Donbass batallion, made up of Ukrainian neo-
fascists, Semen Semenchenko, on Sunday,
 ordered a withdrawal of the ultra-right wing
 members from the disputed
Shirokino city,
 in the southern Donetsk region.

Semenchenko, who's deputy of the Supreme
 Rada (unicameral parliament), states that a
 communiqué on it has been read by Donbass
batallion members, in sector M of Shirokino,
which must become a demilitarized zone.

The Donbass batallion, chiefly formed by
 paramilitaries & included in the National
 Guard, says - for its part - that it has not
received any order from its former chief
to withdraw.

The inspectors of the Joint Coordination and
 Control Center of the Organization for Security
and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), along with
a mission of the regional organization, verifies
 the withdrawal of the armed groups, from the
self-proclaimed People's Republic of Donetsk.

The quartet of Normandy (Russia, Ukraine,
France and Germany) called on the OSCE
 to make all possible efforts to guarantee
 that the Ukrainian troops pull out from
 Shirokino, where fierce fights have
 been reported.

About 6,500 people have been killed in Donbass
 after the Army and the National Guard launched
 a punitive operation, in April 2014, against the
 rebelious population in Donetsk and Lugansk,
who oppose a US-backed coup d'etat, staged
 in February last year.


Syrian army captures western parts of Palmyra

Xinhua -- The Syrian army is advancing against
 the Islamic State group in the city of Palmyra
 in central Syria, capturing parts of western
 mountains in the city, local media say.

The troops captured parts of the western parts
of Palmyra amid a collapse in the IS ranks, who
are fleeing the progress of the army, according
 to the pro-government Sama TV, and activists.

The IS stormed Palmyra (and its ancient part)
last May, prompting the Syrian troops to wage
 a counter offensive to recapture the city.

Palmyra contains the monumental ruins of
a great city that was once one of the most
vital cultural centres of the ancient world.

After storming Palmyra, IS militants blew
up the city's military prison - and several
Islamic tombs.

Syria has prehistoric, Greek, Byzantine &
Islamic heritages. Before the crisis, Syria
 drew many multinational archaeological
 missions coming to search for new clues
 of historical facts on the development of
 the world's civilizations.

UNESCO has listed six Syrian sites on the
World Heritage List, including the old cities
 of Damascus and Aleppo, al-Madhiq castle,
the Krak des Chevaliers, the ancient city of
 Bosra and Palmyra and ancient villages in
northern Syria.



 125 security personnel gave up fighting and
 joined Taliban militants, after three days of
 fighting in Tirgaran volley of Wardoj district,
Badakhshan province, (capital, Faizabad),
 the district governor, Dawlat Mohammad
 Khawar, says. (Xinhua).


Houthi leader rejects Yemen truce - Twitter

The leader of Yemen's Houthi movement has rejected
 the ceasefire planned by its Saudi-led Arab coalition
 enemy, on the grounds that such a truce will benefit
 only the Islamic State militant group and Al-Qaeda.

"The battle goes on and the war is not over," Houthi
 leader, Abdel-Malek al-Houthi, writes on the group's
 Twitter account.

The ceasefire was due to take effect
Sunday night, at a minute to midnight.

Houthi leaders say they have had no
notification from the UN about any


OSCE mission comes under fire
 in Lugansk region - media

Kiev's forces near the town of Shchastya
 (Lugansk region) shelled a delegation of
 the Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) of
 the OSCE, led by Trilateral Contact Group
 humanitarian subgroup coordinator, Tony
 Frisch, the Lugansk Information Centre
 reports, citing a source familiar with the

"An OSCE delegation led by Tony Frisch, a
 coordinator at the humanitarian subgroup
 of the Contact Group on Donbass, today
came under a mortar fire attack launched
 by the Ukrainian forces near the town of
Shchastya, while trying to return to
Ukraine," the report reads.

"After the Ukrainian Armed Forces fire ceased,
Frisch decided to go back to Lugansk," it says.
There are no reports about casualties.

Frisch arrived in Lugansk on July 25th, on a two
day visit --- to assess the humanitarian situation.


Most Crimeans ‘happy to be back in Russia’
– says
head of French delegation to peninsula

The Crimean people “seem happy to be back in
 Russia,” says the deputy of the French National
 Assembly at a press conference in Moscow on
 Saturday, after paying a 2 day visit to the region.
The French delegation confirms that Crimea
is 'a peaceful region'.


Taliban set free 125 police after
one day of capture: says official

Taliban militants, Sunday, set free all 125 police
 personnel -- a day after their capture in Tirgaran
area of Wardoj district in Badakhshan province,
governor of Wardoj district, Dawlat Mohammad
 Khawar, says.

"Taliban militants set free all 125 police on
Sunday, after overrunning the military base
Tirgaran area of Wardoj district,"Khawar
tells Xinhua news.

The armed militants, after 3 days of fierce
 fighting, captured the major military base
in the strategically vital Tirgaran valley,

 on Saturday evening, and arrested the
125 police officers.

However, according to Khawar, they
set them free, on Sunday afternoon.

Earlier, Badakhshan police chief, General
Baba Jan, in talks with local media, said
 that some local officials, after reaching
deal with the Taliban, handed over
of the military base to them.

Badakhshan province, with Faizabad as its
capital, is 315 km northeast of Kabul & has
 been the scene of increasing militancy for
 the past several months.


Zionist Police Storm Al-Aqsa Holy Mosque

Clashes erupt Sunday between the Zionist police
 and Palestinian worshipers after the Israeli police
 stormed into one of Islam’s holiest places -- east
Alquds’ Al-Aqsa mosque --- in a flagrant attempt
to desecrate a place of purity.

The Zionist troopers forced their way into the
sacred Muslim site by opening its doors using
 wedged metal bars, furniture and other items.

In response, Palestinians pelted the Israeli
occupation forces with stones and threw
building blocks, as they were trying to
reach the mosque’s yard.

"Masked rioters fled into the mosque and
began to throw stones & blocks at police
 from inside Al-Aqsa mosque," the Zionist
police claimed. "They threw fireworks
 directly at police," they alleged, adding
 that a number of police were wounded.

"In light of the severe confrontation and
 the escalating actions of the rioters and
 with the aim of preventing further injury
to police...  forces entered a number of
metres (yards) inside and closed the
doors to the mosque with the rioters
 inside, restoring order."

The Israeli regime continues to restrict
the entry of Palestinian worshipers in
to the al-Aqsa Mosque.


UK to hold referendum on EU membership
 in June 2016: Report

UK PM David Cameron says the UK is set to hold
 a referendum on the country's future membership
 in the European Union in June 2016, a report says.

"Cameron's decided to pencil in June of next year,"
 says today's 'Independent on Sunday', adding that
the timing of the referendum will be announced at
the annual conference of his Conservative Party,
 in October this year.

A spokeswoman for Cameron's office refused
to comment on the report.

Under pressure from Tory Eurosceptic MPs
 and the rise in popularity of the anti-EU UK
 Independence Party (UKIP), Cameron says
 he wants to renegotiate the UK's ties with
 the 28-nation bloc.

The premier says he will campaign in favor of
 remaining in the EU, but press for restrictions
 on EU migrants' access to welfare payments
in the UK, increased powers for London, and
 the ability to avoid closer political integration.

Last month, legislation paving the way for a
 referendum, passed its first obstacle in the
House of Commons, but it has to be ratified
now, by the House of Lords.

EU membership has long been contentious.
Eurosceptics believe the UK will be better
off outside a political and economic union,
and seek the UK's withdrawal from the EU.

Various polls indicate that the UK
 public is divided on the issue.


Riyadh declares five-day Yemen truce: SPA

Riyadh has announced a five-day lull in its
deadly military aggression against Yemen,
 according to the Saudi Press Agency.

A Saturday statement carried by the SPA said
 that a “humanitarian” ceasefire will take effect
 from Sunday evening at 11:59 pm Yemen’s local
 time (2100 GMT) and would last for five days.

It said the truce is meant to let humanitarian
 & medical aid be delivered to Yemen's people.

The statement warns that Riyadh reserves
 the right to respond to any "military activity
 or movement" by the Popular Committees
 allied to the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

It says Saudi fighter jets will keep flying
 reconnaissance missions above Yemen
 to gain information about the movement
of the Houthi forces and their allies.

Yemen’s ruling Ansarullah movement
 did not make any immediate comment.

Saudi Arabia has repeatedly violated all
previous UN-brokered ceasefires in Yemen.

Rupert Colville, spokesperson for the UN
 High Commissioner for Human Rights, said
 earlier in July, that at least 1,693 civilians
had been killed and 3,829 others injured
 in the Arab country, since March 26th.

However, local sources say more than
4,500 people have lost their lives.


Turkey, US agree on no-fly zone
over Syria: Turkish Hurriyet daily
PressTV - An agreement reached between Turkey
 and the US on what they call cooperation against
the ISIL terrorist group also includes establishing
a no-fly zone over the Arab country, a Turkish
 newspaper says.

Turkey’s leaders had on Friday confirmed that a deal
 had been reached, and said it would enable the US
 to use the key Turkish Incirlik Air Base -- near Syria.

However, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet says that the
 agreement also outlines a 90-kilometer (56 mile) no-
fly zone between the Syrian towns of Marea and

Hurriyet says the no-fly zone will shield a planned
 safe zone on the ground, which will extend up to
fifty kilometres (31 miles) inside Syria.

“US planes equipped with bombs and missiles will
 be able to use the Incirlik Air Base,” and Turkey
could back up their air raids with artillery, the
 newspaper writes.

Syrian warplanes will be targeted should they
 enter the no-fly zone, according to the report.

Turkey itself carried out aerial attacks using
three F-16 fighter jets against what were said
 to be ISIL targets inside Syria.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said
 the Turkish warplanes were “100 percent”
successful in their strikes inside Syria,
noting, “The operation against IS (ISIL)
 reached its target --- and will not stop.”

The pledge to confront ISIL Takfiris comes
 despite Turkey’s longtime support for the
militancy against Syrian President Bashar
 al-Assad, with reports showing how Ankara
actively trains and arms Takfiri extremists
operating in Syria, and also facilitates the
safe passage of foreign terrorists into the
Arab country.

Ankara & Washington previously signed
a deal to train & arm the anti-Damascus
 Takfiris. The program, which officially
started earlier this month, is aimed at
training 15,000+ militants, in 3 years.

Over 120 US soldiers are reportedly in
Turkey, to train the militants.


Turkey attacks Kurdish militia
 & ISIS positions – PM's office

Turkey's PM’s office says their fighter jets
 bombed 7 militant Kurdistan Workers' Party
 (PKK) targets in Northern Iraq, AFP reports.

 Kurdish forces have been battling Islamic
 State militants, for months.
Turkey has launched simultaneous ground
 attacks against the PKK and Islamic State
 in northern Syria, Reuters says, citing the
 PM’s office.

On Friday, Ankara announced joining the
anti-ISIS coalition, by providing jets and
airbases, as part of an agreement with
the US.

The move was due to a growing threat
to Turkey’s security, by the jihadists,
the Turkish foreign ministry stated.

Airstrikes were carried out against Islamic
 State, and also targeted PKK warehouses,
 logistics points, living quarters & storage
 buildings, the Turkish authorities state.

All Turkey's F-16 Air Force jets safely
 returned to their base in the southeast
 city of Diyarbakir, after a second wave
 of airstrikes, early Saturday morning,
according to AFP --- citing the official
Anatolia news agency.

The air assault that started at dawn, Friday,
 was the first Turkish strike against Kurds in
northern Iraq, since a peace deal between
Ankara and the PKK separatists was
announced in 2013.

"At around 11:00 pm (2000 GMT) tonight,
 Turkish warplanes started bombing our
positions near the border, accompanied
 by heavy artillery shelling," PKK spokes-
person, Bakhtiar Dogan, says to AFP.

Among the bombarded locations was the
stronghold of PKK's military leadership
 at Mount Kandil.

The Kurdistan Workers Party announces
 on its website, that after last night's air-
strikes and ground military attacks, the
 truce with Turkey has “no meaning

The Kurdistan Workers' Party has been
fighting Turkey for autonomy since 1984.
The Turks and their NATO allies list the
 group as a terrorist organization.

Turkish artillery also shelled Islamic State
and PKK positions from across the border,
Ankara says.

A new eruption of violence in Turkey was
sparked by an IS suicide bombing in the
southeastern Turkish city of Suruc on
Monday, that killed 32 people, most of
 whom were Kurdish nationals.

The Kurds have accused the Turkish
authorities of adopting a laissez-faire
approach towards Islamic State.

A series of terror acts hitting Turkish police,
 & carried out by Kurdish activists this week,
claimed the lives of two Turkish policemen
near the mainly Kurdish city of Sanliurfa,
 close to the Syrian border.

Friday, a suspected PKK militant threw a
small bomb into a police station in Bismil,
wounding seven police officers.


"Tough but smart" diplomacy helps Venezuela

"The president of the United States rejected
the decree he himself signed, and allowed
for diplomatic channels to seek respect
and understanding. We have to recognize
President Obama's bravery in saying what
he said, in reaching out, and creating a
diplomatic channel which, thank God, is
working very well," Maduro said recently
in parliament, referring to negotiations
 with the United States.

Such words were barely imaginable in March,
when Caracas accused Washington of plotting
 a coup, ordered it to reduce its embassy staff
& imposed a visa requirement on US visitors.

 In return, the United States declared Venezuela
a national security threat, & imposed sanctions
 on 7 officials it accused of corruption, & rights

The detente between the two countries came as
 the United States successfully mended ties with
 Cuba, the most dependable ally of Venezuela in
 Latin America. The US and Cuba restored their
diplomatic relations on July 20th, after a break
of 54 years.

"Tough & smart" has been Venezuela's diplomatic
 route -- ever since Maduro succeeded his mentor,
 Hugo Chavez, in 2013, and struggled to take his
 country out of triple-digit inflation, shortages of
goods, and a state besieged by the opposition.

Maduro's July 6 decision to recall his ambassador
 to Guyana for consultation, as the bilateral border
 dispute escalated over a significant offshore oil
find, was another significant turning point.

"There is a political, economic, diplomatic and
media campaign against Venezuela, to create
a sophisticated operation in the region, that
could end up in high-intensity military
conflicts," Maduro told the parliament.

He decided to reduce the size of the embassy
 to Guyana, conduct a review of their relations,
and asked Guyana to immediately revoke its
 permission for the US's oil giant Exxon Mobil
to operate in the disputed Essequibo River

While being tough to so-called enemies,
 this 16-year-old socialist government
has maintained tender and ever closer
relations, with its traditional friends.

As tension with the US ran high in March,
 Cuba led most Latin American countries
to rally behind Venezuela.

In mid-June, Venezuela sent its navy scholar
 ship, Simon Bolivar, to Havana, to celebrate
 the 10th anniversary of PetroCaribe, set up
 by Hugo Chavez, to keep the region's poor
countries supplied with subsidised oil.

The project provides oil and refined products
 at market prices, but only requires member
countries to pay a small portion of the cost
 in advance and allows them to finance the
 rest under extremely generous long-term
 debt agreements, as well as to barter for
agricultural products or services.

With US recent attempts to reset relations
 and the help of old friends, the Socialist
 Party of Venezuela is apparently poised
 to secure a majority in the legislative
 elections in December --- and ensure
 Maduro holds onto power smoothly...
until 2019.

With the largest oil reserves in the world,
Venezuela is widely expected to benefit
greatly from an anticipated oil price rise
in early 2016, which may help lift the
country out of its economic woes...
 in the near future.


Colombian Peace Talks Focus
      on Truth Commission     
Ongoing peace talks between Colombia's
 Government and FARC-EP, focus on the
 request made by FARC-EP to implement
 the Commission for the Investigation of
Truth, Coexistence and Non-Repetition.

As part of the peace agreement the parties
 have been discussing in Havana since 2012,
the delegation of the Revolutionary Armed
Forces of Colombia-People's Army (FARC-EP)
claims, for the second consecutive day, the
 need to swiftly implement this commission.

"If it is already the time to discuss justice,
it is essential that the Commission for the
 Investigation of Truth, Coexistence & Non-
Repetition starts working immediately",
says Commander Ricardo Tellez, stating
that truth should be the ground on which
justice must be fully restored.

According to FARC-EP, delaying the establishment
 of the Commission for a period after signing peace
 "means opening the door to biased allegations &
 the impunity of those responsible --- and for the
promoters of violence".

In his statement he says that 'the flame of truth
 must light the path to peace'.

To achieve this, he considers it as urgent, not
only to implement the Commission, but also to
 open files (State secrets regarding the conflict)
 --- counting on the victims, as major figures in
 the new stage of reconciliation.


Iran to double its support to "axis
 of resistance", after nuclear deal

Syria's Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem says
on Friday, that Iran is to double its support for
 the "axis of resistance," which includes Syria,
following the signing of the Iranian nuclear
 deal with world powers.

"Iran will not change its stance toward the
Syrian crisis and it stresses its continuous
support for the axis of resistance after the
conclusion of the nuclear accord," he says
 --- at the "International Media Conference
Against Terrorism" held in Damascus.

Moallem hails the recently-signed deal as
"historic," adding that Iran has entered "the
 international arena through its widest doors."

"If our allies are strong, we're strong as well,"
 he says, referring to Iranian support to Syria,
and is joined by several Iranian officials, who
all say that there will be 'no limits' to Iran's
 support for Damascus.

Ali Jannati, Iran's Culture Minister, who also
attended the Damascus conference, stated
that "Iran stood, and will stand by, Syria",
the righteousness of the cause, there.

Also, Naim al-Qassem, the deputy head
of Lebanon's Hezbollah group, told the
conference that Syria will not fall, and
boasted of the victories Hezbollah has
been achieving alongside Syrian troops
 against terrorists in several Syrian areas.

"Syria has proven that it's unbreakable,
but it broke the 'scheme' so it's no longer
 possible for Syria to fall or leave the axis
 of resistance," he stated, referring to the
 alliance of Syria, Iran and Hezbollah.

"The victory is close," he said, adding
that Syria is subject to "a foreign and
 regional aggression that uses radical
and takfiri currents to change its
political orientation."

Meanwhile, al-Moallem, head of Syrian
diplomacy, renewed his government's
 welcome for the recently-proposed
Russian vision of forming a regional
 alliance to fight Islamic State (IS).

Observers believe this Russian initiative
could mean real change in the political
landscape, shifting the map of alliances
 in the region, because of the rising
 threat of terrorism they all face.

Still, al-Moallem questioned the intentions
of neighboring countries, which, he said,
 are still lending support to radical groups.

"The neighboring countries have yet to
abide by the international resolutions
regarding countering terror. They have
 to abide by the resolutions, to achieve
success in fighting terrorism," he said.


UN: Canada must stop discriminating
against its indigenous people:

The UN Human Rights Committee says
Canada must support the rights of its
indigenous people ---- by ending all its
discriminatory measures against them.

The Geneva-based body, in a report
released Thursday, states Canada
 still has 'a lot of work to do' for its
aboriginals, and demands that the
 Canadian government swiftly stop
discriminating against indigenous
 women and children.

It also points to the disappearances and
 killings of indigenous women, noting that
 Canada's government needs to address
 the abuse of aboriginals in prison, and
offer them vital health care services.

Many natives live in poor conditions
 --- with unsafe drinking water, poor
housing, and high addiction and
suicide rates.
Canada's 1.4 million indigenous people
constitute 4.3 percent of the country’s
 total population.

The UN Human Rights Committee goes on
to express its concern at Canada’s new
anti-terrorism act, passed by parliament,
in June.

It says this legislation grants Canada's
 government sweeping powers, but stops
short of providing legal safeguards ---- to
people's political and civil rights.

The UN Human Rights Committee also urges
 Canadian officials to consider rewriting the
 law, to ensure it does not run foul of basic
 international human rights standards.

A spokesperson for Public Safety Minister,
 Stephen Blaney, says Canada 'stands by'
 the legislation.

"These are reasonable measures similar to
those used by our close allies, to protect
 their own citizens," Jeremy Laurin says.


Turkish warplanes carry out airstrikes in Syria

The Turkish government confirms that its warplanes
 have launched attacks on targets inside neighboring
 Syria said to be the positions of ISIL Takfiri terrorists.

On Friday, a government statement says three
F-16 fighter jets, flew from Diyarbakir Airbase,
in southeastern Turkey.

The statement also says the army used smart
 bombs... to target three positions across the
Turkish border province of Kilis, after one of
its soldiers was killed in an attack from an
 area inside Syria.

The decision to launch aerial attacks was
 made by security officials in Ankara, late
on Thursday. The meeting was chaired by
 Turkish Prime Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu.

"In this context.... an operation was carried
out against targets belonging to Daesh (IS)
inside Syria's border," the statement says.

"Three of our F-16s hit three targets belonging
 to Daesh," it says, and adds: "the government
of the Turkish Republic is determined to take
the necessary measures to protect national

The targets, according to an official, who spoke
 on condition of anonymity, were two command
centres, & a gathering point of ISIL supporters.

The official claims that the Turkish jets did not
violate Syria's airspace.

US given Turkish bases for Syria strikes

Meanwhile, Turkey has agreed to allow the US
 to use a base in the country’s eastern region,
 to launch airstrikes on Syrian territories.

On Thursday, an unnamed US official said that
Ankara had granted Washington permission to
 target IS militant positions in Syria.

"Access to Turkish bases such as Incirlik Airbase
 will increase the coalition's operational efficiency
 for such counter-IS efforts," said a US defense
 official, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Turkish National Council Spokesperson, Alistair
Baskey, also said his country and the US have
 decided to deepen cooperation in fighting ISIL,
after holding “consultations on ways we can
further our counter-ISIL efforts.”

However, White House spokesperson, Josh
 Earnest, said he was not allowed to reveal
 details on the agreement over “specific
operations security concerns.”

Turkish media are now referring to the issue
 as the first direct clashes between Ankara
and the Takfiri militants.

On July 22, US President Barack Obama and
his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan,
announced their agreement to work together in
 attempting to secure Turkey's border with Syria
 and to control the movement of ISIL militants
 in the region.

The move came after the killing of 32 people in
a bomb blast, reportedly claimed by ISIL, which
 targeted activists planning to help reconstruct
the Kurdish Syrian town of Kobani, murdering
them in the Turkish town of Suruc, on July 20.

Turkey, along with other regional countries,
 has been widely accused of supporting the
 Takfiri militants in Syria as part of a broader
Western plot to overthrow Syrian President,
 Bashar al-Assad, since March 2011.


Right Sector office set on fire in western Ukraine
TASS - An office of the Right Sector ultranationalist
organization, banned in Russia as extremist, has
 been set ablaze in the Ivano-Frankivsk Region in
 western Ukraine, local prosecutors say on Friday.

The incident occurred in the town of Gorodenka
 on Thursday night, the prosecutor says, adding
 that a 'criminal probe' has been launched into
 the arson.


Egypt's top cleric calls for Shia-Sunni gathering

The Grand Imam of the al-Azhar mosque, Egypt's
top Muslim authority, has called for a meeting of
 leading Sunni and Shia scholars to meet in Cairo.

The call by Sheikh Ahmed Al Tayeb, aired on
Egypt's state TV on Wednesday evening came
 at the end of a series of programs on Ramadan.

Al Tayeb called on Sunni scholars to issue a
Fatwa (Religious edict) prohibiting the killing
 of Shia Muslims.

He also called on Shia scholars to issue
 a similar fatwa, prohibiting killing Sunnis.

Al Tayeb said his call aims at "burying
sectarian strife" and ending a current
"bloodbath" gripping the region.

The sheikh of al-Azhar further stressed
 the necessity of endorsing the culture
of "coexistence and peace," and of
saving the Islamic nation from
"conspirators and plotters."

Al Tayeb has repeatedly accused what he
 described as a "Zionist plan" for wreaking
 havoc on Islamic countries, and creating
rifts and strife among Muslims.


Ukraine Announces 30 Km
 Eastern Demilitarized Zone

antiwar.com - Providing further details on
 Wednesday’s announcement of a further
 weapons pullback by both government
 and rebel forces in Eastern Ukraine’s
shaky ceasefire, officials on Thursday
announce the establishment of a 30km
demilitarized zone between the two
sides, in Luhansk Province.
The new demilitarized zone was agreed to
 by both sides, at the behest of Europe's
 OSCE, and Russian officials.

 Ukraine's government says it will
 prevent rebels attacking “peaceful
civilians” on their side of the buffer.
The Ukrainian civil war has been in a state
 of ceasefire since February, yet violations
 by both sides have continued to occur, &
 each side insists the other has been the
 exclusive instigator of such incidents.
A 30 km buffer should keep the sides
 further apart, than up to now.
EU officials praise the announcement and
 express hope it will lead toward a “more
 resilient and sustainable ceasefire.”

It is unclear how much of the frontier
between the two sides this zone
actually covers, however.


Obama''s Plan to Close Naval Base
                 in Guantanamo ''in Danger''              
 Prensa Latina - The plan by US President
 Barack Obama to close the naval base in
Guantanamo, in eastern Cuba, is now at
a crossroads and, according to experts,
 it is about to collapse.

The US has maintained since 2002, the
 detention centre in that military facility,
on Cuban territory --- against the will of
 the Cuban people and their government.

According to Obama's counterterrorism
 adviser, Monaco, the president remains
 firmly committed to close the prison, a
goal "for which all the national security
 team is working, plus the Departments
of State, Defense, Justice and the
intelligence community."

Approval for the transfer of prisoners is complex,
 as there are regulations restricting the transfer
 of detainees to prisons within the United States,
 and for that reason, the Pentagon chief should
notify Congress 30 days before any decision,
to confirm that there are no significant risks.

But Obama continues with an old aspiration
 --- in contrast to the good results he's had
 lately, with the approval by the Supreme
 Court of his health program (Obamacare)
and the achievement of the nuclear deal
with Iran --- an article from The New York
 Times says today.

The text, signed by journalist Charlie Savage,
states that delays by Secretary of Defense,
Ashton Carter, to transfer detainees to other
 countries, has generated growing concern
 at the White House and State Department
--- or so government officials say.

About 116 detainees are now in the prison,
 52 of whom, are proposed to be transfered
 - if safety requirements are complied with -
 most of them from Yemen, and because
of the unstable situation existing in that
Arab country, the White House prefers to
send them to other nations, rather than
 repatriate them.


German Social Democrats Demand
                 Cooperation with Russia               
German Social Democracy is seeing a rise
 in the number of voices demanding an end
to the
policy of confrontation with Russia,
by the European Union and the
United States.

In a statement by the group 'Willy Brandt Circle',
named in honor of the former Federal Chancellor
 (1969-1974), members of the Social Democratic
Party of Germany (SPD) warn of a large Russian-
Euro-Atlantic conflict.

This could end in catastrophe, "if we fail
 to stop the spiral of armaments, military
provocations & confrontational rhetoric."

"We demand a resumption of relations
Russia," says the statement,
presented in Berlin.

The document was signed - among others - by
former minister & Social Democrat, Egon Bahr,
the former Secretary of State in the Ministry of
 Defense, Walther Stuetzle, theologian Friedrich
 Schorlemmer, artist Klaus Staeck, and several

The call is directed to political officials, activists
of the movement for peace, and to the SPD itself.

"We face a decision to plunge into a new Cold
War with an unsafe end, or remember the idea
of a peaceful European order," the letter says.

At the same time, the signatories stress that
the promise of a peaceful order for Europe,
formulated in the Charter of Paris of 1990,
has not been met.

However, the signatories are convinced that
 Europe can't be interested in a continuation
of the rivalry between Washington & Moscow.

"That's the difference between the situation
 of European and American interests: without
Russia, or even against Russia, any problem
that concerns all of Europe --- cannot be
solved," they underline.

Thus, the signatories of the letter demand
 a reinstatement of Russia in the Group of 7
and recommend accepting the accession
of Crimea to Russia.


       Poll: Most Japanese Reject Changes in Constitution               
A poll shows 60% of Japanese citizens want
 the current Constitution to stay unchanged,
just as
the ruling party seeks constitutional
say local media reports.

In a survey run by Kyodo news agency,
 only 32% approve any possible change
end or change Article 9, in which,
renounces violence as a way
of settling
international disputes.

In July, 2014, Abe proposed a 'reinterpretation'
of the Constitution, a prelude to today's debates
 in Parliament, on the new national security law,
which will probably conclude with the adoption
of the law, because the ruling coalition has a
large majority.

With a 'doctrine of collective self-defense',
 Tokyo will be able to place troops outside
its national territory, 'to support allies'...
the United States.

However, 88% of respondents explain that
their greatest desire is that the traditional
 pacifism of Japan, remains unchanged.

Another 67% of respondents believe that
 PM Shinzo Abe owes an apology for the
atrocities committed by Japan,
and during, WWII.

In the Kyodo survey, conducted in May-June,
 three thousand adults took part from several
 Japanese provinces.


Thousands of Ukraine ultranationalists
 go to Maidan, announce ‘new revolution’

Up to 6,000 supporters of Ukraine’s ultranationalist
 Right Sector movement gathered in central Kiev on
 Tuesday, calling on the authorities to resign. This
 rally marks a “new stage of Ukraine's revolution,”
 the extremists' leader, Dmitry Yarosh, announced.

The radicals marched through the centre of the
 Ukrainian capital on Tuesday night, gathering
 on Maidan (Independence Square). Marchers
mainly consisted of people with camouflage
 clothes, waving the red & black flags of the
 Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). They were
 chanting “death to enemies,” TASS reported.

Speaking on Maidan, Right Sector (Pravy Sektor)
 leader, Dmitry Yarosh, said the group is “showing
 that we are a disciplined revolutionary force,”
 opening a “new stage of Ukraine's revolution”.

Ahead of the rally, Yarosh said that the
 gathering would be “peaceful” in nature.

The ultranationalist group announced its plans
 to start a referendum on a no-confidence vote
 in Ukraine's authorities. At the rally, protesters
 demanded the resignation of Ukraine's Interior
Minister, Arsen Avakov.

Field offices will be organized in all regions of
 Ukraine to work on the referendum starting
today (Wednesday(, Yarosh announced there,
saying that the Right Sector centres will also
act as “revolutionary committees.”

Martial law on the whole of
should also be put to the vote, he said.

“People must voice their attitude to what's occurring
 in the country... the government should know that, if
the people are not pleased with it, then it must go,”
 Yarosh said, as quoted by TASS. If the movement is
 not given the right to organize the referendum, then
 they will create their own election committee and
 “will vote independently on the whole territory of
Ukraine,” he added.

Average working people also joined the Tuesday
 rally, being displeased with poor living standards
 in the country under the Poroshenko government,
RT's  Murad Gazdiev, reported from Ukraine.

"Ukraine is in an absolutely terrible state at the
 moment, the economic situation is much worse
 than it was two years ago under Yanukovich,"
 journalist and broadcaster from London, Neil
 Clark, told RT. "It's quite predictable" that
people have taken to the streets, he added.

"The situation is going to get worse, because
 ordinary people are saying ‘what was all that
 about?’” he said, adding how ultranationalists
 might contribute to destabilizing the situation,
 since President Poroshenko is now "attacking
the very people who helped bring him to power."

Right Sector radicals participated in Ukraine's
Maidan revolution --- and have been fighting in
 the East Ukraine conflict, ever since.

 The heavily-armed battalions, who denounce
 the Minsk ceasefire, made calls "to blockade
 Donbass" during the Tuesday rally.

On Sunday, Kiev saw a large march of about
 2,000 - 3,000 people, who took to the streets
to protest over high housing costs and public
 utility price rises. Some of the Sunday march
 banners read "where are the reforms?" and
"we are dying of hunger."

 A similar rally occurred in Dnepropetrovsk city
 in central Ukraine, as dozens of demonstrators
 -- many people of an older age -- blocked one of
the roads in the city, demanding that President
 Poroshenko, resign now.


OSCE Agrees on Withdrawal of Heavy
               Weapons from Ukrainian Conflict Zone               
 Representatives of Russia, Ukraine and the
Organization for Security and Co-operation in
 Europe (OSCE) have agreed on a withdrawal
 of heavy weaponry from the contact line, in
contested areas of eastern Ukraine.

OSCE Chair Ivica Dacic says the Contact Group on
 Ukraine in Minsk, agreed on Tuesday, on a pullout
of tanks & weapons with calibers of up to 100mm,
 which self-defense forces had started to withdraw
 unilaterally, on Tuesday.

The document is almost ready to sign and, states
 Dacic, it will provide for the exact procedure on
 verification of the weapons withdrawal, i.e. who
does it, and how.

The meeting at the President Hotel took place as
 rebel forces in Donbass region, withdrew at least
five tanks and dozens of armored vehicles, 3kms
 away from the combat line, unilaterally.

We hope this agreement contributes to the peace
 process in Donbass, where at least 6,500 people
 have died since April 2014, Dacic says.


Kyrgyzstan cancels cooperation treaty with US

Kyrgyzstan has cancelled a cooperation treaty
 with the US which has been in force since 1993.

The move was prompted by a human rights prize
 given by Washington, to an activist serving a life
 sentence for his involvement in the killing of a
police officer.

The bilateral agreement that helped facilitate
 cooperation between the countries in certain
areas was ordered to be renounced by Kyrgyz
 Prime Minister, Temir Sariev.

With the document to become invalid, US aid
 to Kyrgyzstan brought in & out of the country
 will no longer free of taxes & custom duties,
 starting from August 20th.

US civil and military aid personnel working
 in Kyrgyzstan, will be deprived of their near
 diplomatic status, which they had been
 receiving under the agreement.

On Monday, the US warned Kyrgyzstan that
 if the accord got canceled, it would damage
 a range of its aid programs in the country.

Last week, the US State Department decided
 to hand its 'Human Rights Defenders Award'
to Kyrgyz national, Azimzhan Askarov, who
is jailed for life: convicted of taking part in
 the murder of a Kyrgyz police officer.

 Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Ministry protested at
 Washington's decision to reward Askarov,
 who played an active role in ethnic riots
between Kyrgyz & Uzbeks in his country,
 in 2010.

The US choice of this year’s award winner
 has been called “pure politics” by a number
 of experts & political analysts. While Brian
Becker from 'Answer Coalition', said it was
 “designed to support the opposition,” the
political expert, Srdja Trifkovic, called it an
 effort to destabilize the regime, “under the
auspices of democratic change.”

“Whenever relations between the US and
 a certain country deteriorate because
the country is no longer keen to be the
 US's strategic asset – like a joker from
 the sleeve – human rights activists
 are produced,” Trifkovic told RT.

Last year the US had to shut its military
 base in the country -- a base which had
 been "controversial", ever since being
opened, in 2001.

 The Transit Centre at Manas was used
 as a US military installation and Manas
International Airport near the capital
was the main air supply hub for ISAF’s
 contingent, in their Afghan campaign.

The hub's staff had full diplomatic immunity
 all that time, and all cargo delivered to the
 airport was exempt from any border or
 customs inspections.

Yet the US hasn't lost interest in Kyrgyzstan
 - strategically located right at the crossroads
 between Kazakhstan, Russia, Afghanistan,
China, and a number of other Central Asian

As the ISAF contingent withdrew, the US
built a new larger embassy in Kyrgyzstan,
 shipping tons of cargo by diplomatic pouch.

The secret shipments have raised many
concerns from critics, but the US insists
 that all cargo, was simply construction
 materials for diplomatic premises.

As the US lease at Manas Air Base ended
 in 2014, the US was “effectively watching
 one of the putative, important geostrategic
assets in Central Asia, slipping away,”
Trifkovic points out.

 “It’s curious... they weren’t so concerned
 about this particular human rights case –
as they call it – while they were still in
 possession of Manas Airport.”


    A Thousand People Flee from Burundi Everyday 
  Prensa Latina - About a thousand people flee from
Burundi every day, as the country plunges into a
political crisis -- after President Pierre Nkurunziza
 announced his bid to gain a third presidential
 mandate, the organization 'Doctors Without
 Borders' (MSF) reveals today.

Every day, a thousand people cross the border
 into Tanzania "through the forest -- with many
travelling in the dark on foot, and without any
belongings," the MSF statement adds.

Earlier in July, the UN High Commissioner for
 Refugees said that about 10,000 Burundians
 had already fled to neighboring nations prior
 to the new elections on June 29th, fearing
 an escalation of violence in the election &
 post-election period.

On Tuesday, controversial presidential elections
 in Burundi started in a tense climate, due to the
 announcement of a boycott, by those opposing
 Nkurunziza's re-election.

According to the opposition, the president's bid
to stand for re-election violates the Constitution
 and Arusha's peace agreements that put an end
 to the civil war in the country (1993-2005).

About 3.8 million Burundians are eligible to vote
 between 06:00 and 16:00 for the president, who
will hold office for the next five years.


NATO Military Drills in Ukraine
              Threaten Peace Process, Russia Says               
 Russia warns that NATO-led military exercises
 in western Ukraine, pose a threat to the peace
 process in the country.

As self-defense forces of the self-proclaimed
 Republic of Donetsk withdraw weapons with
a caliber smaller than 100 mm, Kiev invites
over a dozen NATO countries, to carry out

Russia's Foreign Minister says the war games
 in western Ukraine, with joint-drill exercises,
do not contribute at all, to achieving a
peaceful solution to the conflict.

"These actions may threaten to disrupt the
visible progress in the peace process,
 concerning the deep internal crisis in
Ukraine," he says.

Exercises are being carried out by the
 US, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary & other
 NATO nations, as Kiev announces new
 weapons 'given' it, by Western powers.

About 6,500 people have died, over 15,000
 injured, and over 2 million displaced, since
the beginning of the punishment operation
 against the population revolting in south-
east Ukraine, since April 2014.


Iran excludes Defensive Capacity
                  from UN Resolution               
 Prensa Latina reports that Iran welcomes the
approval of resolution 2231 by the UN Security
 Council, but excludes its missile program from
the plan, as it is purely defensive.

The Foreign Ministry stresses that a nuclear
 capability and the ballistic missile defense
program are untouchable and anyway, have
no restrictions within the UNSC resolution.

The UNSC unanimously approved the Joint
 Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA) signed
on July 14 in Vienna by Iran & the Group 5+1
 (its five permanent members plus Germany),
which was followed by a communique from
 the Persian Foreign Ministry.

Iran's authorities stress Tehran's willingness
 to contribute actively: both in the war against
 terrorism and in fostering peace & stability in
 the Middle East - especially in the Persian Gulf.

In that context, the military authorities say,
Iran's ballistic missiles are only for legitimate

 defense. The equipment is not designed with
a capacity to carry nuclear warheads, & they
 are out of the scope & jurisdiction, anyway, of
the SC resolution, & its appended documents.

The UN text fully guarantees that the Iranian
Government will continue its pioneering role
 in the campaign against terrorism & violent
 extremism --- including its cooperation with
 neighboring States, the communique says.


US Wrong Attack Kills Eight Afghan Military Men  
 Prensa Latina -- At least eight Afghan soldiers
are dead & four wounded, after being bombed
by a US helicopter attack, by mistake, in the
south of
Kabul, military sources report.

A US Army officer states that the attack
 occurred in Baraki Barak district, Logar
 province... where the Taliban Movement
frequently launches offensives against
 the security forces of the Asian country.

District Governor, Mohamad Rahim Amin,
 says, due to bombing by US helicopters,
an Afghan Army check
point was burned

The Taliban have recently increased their
attacks on Afghan Government facilities,
 and foreign targets.

Pentagon forces, jointly with the North
Atlantic Treaty Organization, are trying
 to kill all the prominent leaders of rebel
organizations, by using drones or other
war means.


Yemeni forces destroy army tower
 in Saudi Arabia's southwest

Yemeni troops backed by popular committees
blast a Saudi army tower in the southwestern
Jizan region, in retaliation for Riyadh’s attacks
-- now relentless -- on the poor Arab nation.
Yemeni TV channel al-Masirah reports that
missile attacks were also launched on a
Saudi base in the southwest on Sunday,
in Najran region.

Earlier on Sunday, over 30 people were killed
and many more were injured after Saudi war-
planes conducted multiple raids on the north-
western Sa’ada province, & the western Ibb

According to reports, most of the victims of
 the heinous attack, are women and children.

2 civilians are also dead after Saudi forces
 commenced shelling on the city of Haradh,
 in the northwestern Hajjah province.


‘Last fight’? Ukraine nationalist leader
 calls on army, National Guard to stop
obeying Kiev

Leaders of the Ukrainian far-right group Right
Sector call on the National Guard, army, and
security forces, to stop obeying Kiev’s orders
 amid the ongoing standoff between armed
 nationalists and the police, in West Ukraine.

“Nobody can take away our right to a last fight,”
Yarosh writes on his Facebook page, calling
 the Ukrainian government “traitors.”

“Let’s stop betrayers who hold high office and
 want to destabilize the situation in the enemy’s
 rear and…  dismiss the volunteer movements,”
 he says, accusing the Ukrainian authorities of
 being “bandits” who are only interested in
 making money.

“While we are shedding our blood defending
our Motherland, they [authorities] are making
fortunes, and doing everything they can, so
 the war will continue for as long as possible.”

The heated statement comes amid the ongoing
 crisis in the west Ukrainian town of Mukacheve,
 close to the Hungarian and Slovakian borders,
where the Ukrainian Security Service and the
National Guard, are pressing ahead with their
operation against armed Right Sector members.

Right Sector militants, trapped on the outskirts
of Mukachevo after deadly clashes with police,
are refusing to lay down their arms -- without
orders from their leaders. All civilians in the
area have been evacuated, as negotiations,
 so far, have failed.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko issued
 an order on July 13, requiring security forces
 to disarm all illegal armed groups. The Right
Sector responded by saying that the order is
not applicable to their volunteer organization.

“The statement by Petro Poroshenko is addressed
to illegal armed groups. We're not an illegal armed
 group. Illegal armed groups are bandits, and we
are volunteer Ukrainian corps, which protect
 the independence and territorial integrity of
Ukraine. Therefore, this statement does not
apply to us,” says the Right Sector spokes-
person, Artem Skoropadsky.

The conflict erupted on July 11, and is believed
 to have been triggered by an on-going 'turf war'
 between Right Sector members, and local MP,
 Mikhail Lanyo, who controls many businesses
 in the area.

Several people were killed and more than ten
 were wounded, after a shootout between the
 local police, and Right Sector militants.

The far-right are seeking to control the
lucrative cigarette smuggling business
 on the frontier.

The extremist organization insists that it was
 not they, who provoked the violence, but the
police, who, they say, are linked to a corrupt
 politician, who controls smuggling channels
in the mountainous Carpathian region.

A large part of the Right Sector militants taking
 part in the standoff, are believed to be hiding
 in the forests around Mukacheve.

The  group have issued a list of five demands
which they say must be fulfilled, to avoid an
'escalation' in Mukacheve.

 The demands include the resignation of Interior
 Minister Arsen Avakov, the prosecution of local
 authorities in Carpathian region and a separate
legal action against local MP Mikhail Lanyo and
 his “gang” -- as well as the release of those the
 group calls “prisoners of the new regime.”

The ultranationalist group is also calling for a
 new round of mass protests on Kiev’s Maidan
 -- to oppose the current government in power.

They have also hacked the Twitter account
 of Ukraine’s National Security and Defense

One of the hacked tweets released by the
group warns:

“While crooks & oligarchs remain in control
in Ukraine ---  Maidan 3.0, is unavoidable.”

Not long ago, the US propaganda outlet,
VOA, interviewed Right Sector's spokes-
person, Artem Skoropadsky, who said:

"If there's a new revolution, President
 Poroshenko and his teammates won't
 be able to make it out of the country,
 the way the previous president did.

 "They can not expect anything other
 than an execution in some dark vault,
carried out by a group of young officers
 of Ukraine's army and National Guard.”

Skoropadsky also says another coup is
inevitable, if the government refuses to
acquiesce to Right Sector's demands.

The Ukrainian civil war has moved west.
Whereas eastern rebels  are seeking to
 secede from Kiev, the neo-fascists now
 wish to take over the entire country...
 and control all its criminal levers.

Right Sector is essentially Ukraine's largest
private army, with 10,000 armed members.
 In recent weeks the group has intensified
 its anti-Kiev rhetoric in Mukachevo, calling
 the government "an inner occupying force"
and suggesting it should be overthrown.


LPR militia begins withdrawing
 weapons under 100mm calibre

We are making this step openly and
unilaterally, hoping the Ukraine side
 follows suit, Sergei Kozlov of the
People’s militia, says.

Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has
started a unilateral withdrawal from
line of engagement, of weapons
100-mm calibre, Sergei Kozlov,
of the
People’s militia, says Sunday.

"Following an order from the head of Lugansk
 People’s Republic, Igor Plotnitsky, we begin
 today, a unilateral withdrawal from the line of
 engagement of weapons under 100-mm calibre
 to a distance of at least three kilometres," the
 LuganskInformCentre, quotes him as saying.

"Despite a complicated military and political
 situation in Ukraine, we are not going to use
 this advantage, and provoke a new cycle of
conflict," he says. "While demonstrating
 adherence to the Minsk agreements, we're
making this step openly and unilaterally
hoping the Ukrainian side follows suit."

In order to avoid provocations, he says,
 the withdrawal will be organised in the
presence of OSCE mission members.


Right Sector stops protest at
 presidential administration in Kiev

On July 21st, the extremists will organise
 a so-called "veche" (public assembly), in
 Independence Square in Kiev.

TASS -- extremists of Right Sector, which is
 banned in Russia, have ended their protest
 at the Ukraine presidential administration
building, TASS reports from the scene.

"Right Sector has gone from the administration
 building, but this does not mean Right Sector is
stopping its rallies," the radical organisation’s
 press service says.

On Tuesday, July 21st, the extremists will
 run a so-called "veche" (public assembly)
 in Independence Square (Maidan) in Kiev.
The organisation’s leader, Dmitry Yarosh,
 will be a key participant there.

From July 12th, Right Sector held protests at
 the building of the presidential administration
 in Kiev, with protesters demanding the firing
 of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, and "a fair
 investigation into the events in Mukachevo".

 On Saturday, July 11th, in Mukachevo city, in
 Ukraine’s S. West Transcarpathian Region, 20
  Right Sector militants opened fire with small
arms, during a conflict with their opponents,
 with whom they were planning: "distribution
 of areas of influence." Three people were
 killed, and eleven injured.


ISIS claims kidnapping of 3 Christians in Libya

The militant group Islamic State (formerly ISIS)
 claims it's captured 3 Christians in Libya, says
Reuters. The men are from Egypt, Nigeria
Ghana, the extremists say, publishing their

passport pictures online.

The kidnappings happened in Noufliyah, a city
now turned into an IS stronghold, after the IS
 expanded into Libya, from its bases in Iraq
and Syria.


4 blasts target Hamas cars in Gaza,
witnesses spot IS flag at scene.

At least four blasts have targeted cars belonging
 to officials from Islamic factions in Gaza early on

A security source tells Al Arabiya that three of
the cars destroyed in the blasts, belonged to
 Hamas members.

 A young woman and a man were  wounded
slightly, in the attack, Ayman Sahabani, of
Gaza City's Shifa hospital, tells AP.

 No group has claimed responsibility for the
attack, but witnesses say they saw an IS
 flag at the scene of the explosions.

Earlier in July, IS issued a stark warning to
 Hamas that the Gaza Strip could be next on
 their list of territories they want to conquer.


Russia spends on people, US on
offensive weapons: US journalist

Rodney Martin: “The term ‘hypocrites’ comes
mind --- when we look at the US and NATO
and the West --- when you look at peace

 and peace-makers.”

The United States and its Western allies are
pouring billions of dollars into their offensive
 weapons capability, while Russia spends its
 money on developing its country & on social
 programs, a US activist and radio host in
 California, says.

Rodney Martin, who chairs the American
Nationalist Association, and who hosts
 the American Nationalist Network, the
Association’s internet radio station, adds:

“While the United States and Western nations,
members of NATO, pour billions of dollars into
 missile systems and offensive weapons, the
citizens in their own countries are living in

“Their education systems and programs are
 in a horrific condition, their infrastructure
in a horrific condition, social programs &
 social dynamics, are in horrific conditions,”
he stresses.

“You can contrast that with the Russian
Federation. Between 2008 and 20012,
the Russian Federation essentially
 halved --- cut by half --- its offensive
weapons capability,” states Martin,
 a former US Congressional staffer.

“So you look at who is more interested
in world peace in terms of action, and
 not words,” he emphasizes.

“Russia has invested large sums of funds
 in developing its country, and developing
 its social programs, and assisting other
countries, and has now actually cut its
offensive weapons capability, while
the West -- and NATO -- has expanded
its offensive weapons capability, at
the expense of its own people,” he
 points out.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
-- on Tuesday -- called on Washington
honour its pledge of dismantling the
 US-led missile system across Europe,
after the successful conclusion of
nuclear talks between Iran and
P5+1 group of countries.

“We all remember when, in April 2009
 in Prague, President Obama said that:
 if the Iranian nuclear issue was settled,
 there would be no need to create an air
 defense system in Europe,” Lavrov said.

“That is why today we have drawn the
 attention of our US colleagues to this
fact (the cancellation of the creation
 of the air defense system in Europe).
 We shall be waiting for the reaction,”
 he added.

Martin says that “the term ‘hypocrites’
comes to mind when we look at the US
 and NATO and the West, when we look
at peace and peace-makers.”

“They are certainly not interested in peace
 and being peace-makers, they're engaged
 in state-sponsored terrorism, and they are
engaged in economic terrorism,” he says.

“But they have quite a media machine, in
 terms of Hollywood, & to a lesser degree
 in Europe -- particularly the BBC -- and the
German media spinning for them, to make
 them look like the good guys, when in fact
 the opposite is true,” the analyst concludes.


Dozens killed as Saudi warplanes
 pound areas across Yemen

Over two dozen civilians have lost their
 lives and many more sustained injuries,
as Saudi military aircraft conduct a
round of attacks across Yemen.

On Sunday morning, a total of 13 people,
among them, women and children, are
 killed in airstrikes by Saudi warplanes,
on Yarim District of the southwestern
 city of Ibb, about 170 klmtrs (106 mls)
 south of the capital, Sana’a, the Arabic-
language al-Masirah satellite television
 network reports.

The report adds that over two dozen people
are also injured in the attacks, and seven
 residential buildings are reduced to rubble.

Saudi warplanes also pounded al-Anad air base
 near the southern al-Houta city in Lahij Province.
There are no immediate reports on the possible
 casualties or on the extent of the damage.

Additionally, Saudi military aircraft bombarded
 a number of houses in the Monabbih district of
Yemen’s mountainous northwestern province
of Sa’ada, leaving 19 people dead and several
 others injured.

Fierce clashes also broke out between Houthi
 Ansarullah fighters, and militants loyal to the
fugitive former President Abd Rabbuh Mansour
 Hadi, in the port city of Ma'alla, situated about
298 kilometers (185 miles) south of the capital.
Scores of people were killed or injured.

Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression
against Yemen on March 26th – without a UN
 mandate – in a bid to undermine the Houthi
 Ansarullah movement and to restore power
 to Hadi, who is a staunch ally of Riyadh.

Over 3,000 people, including 1,500 civilians,
have been killed over the past few months
in Yemen, according to the United Nations.

Some local sources, though, put the
number of dead, at 4,500.


Islamic State Claim Responsibility
                for Attack in Saudi Capital               
A group of Islamic State extremists
claim responsibility for a car bomb
explosion at a police checkpoint in
 Rhyad, that injures two policemen.

The self-proclaimed Najd Province
-- which takes its name from the
homonymous region of Central
Arabia -- announces via an
social network, that the
suicide bomber
at Al-Hair check-
point, in Riad, followed
the orders
of the DAESH (Arab
acronym of IS).

According to the Interior ministry,
 Abdullah Al-Rashid, 19, and a Saudi
 citizen, approached a police check-
point, & detonated the car when he
 was ordered to stop -- losing his life
 -- and leaving two policemen injured.

The Saudi ministry announces that the
 attack was staged at Maghrib, muslim
prayer time, when police agents at the
 checkpoint, found the car 'suspicious'.

According to the IS, Al-Rashid 's suicide
 attack is a message to Jidahists held
at Al-Hair prison, that they've not been
 forgotten, and IS will continue fighting
-- until they are out of jail.

The ministry says the two injured police-
men are in stable condition at a hospital
 in Rhyad, and an adequate level of alert
has been guaranteed, after the DAESH's

 The terrorist group has extended its
 activities to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait,
and Yemen.


Activists in Ukraine’s Lvov stage rally
 demanding autonomy for Lvov region

About 300 activists of public organizations
gathered for a rally in Lvov, on Friday, and
demanded autonomy for the Lvov region,
Ukraine’s on-line outlet, bagnet.net says.

The rally was held in front of the Lvov
 region state administration building.

Activists carried posters saying:
 "Poroshenko has betrayed his
people," "Special status to Galitia
 --- real autonomy to Lvov region,"
Galitia is Europe," "Stop nurturing
 thieves in Kiev," and "Taxes to
 Lvov region."

The rally organizer, Danilo Povidalchik,
 said: now that Ukraine has embarked
on its
constitutional reform, Galitia’s
do not want to be second-
class citizens in
their own country.

 "Corruption rules in the central authorities.
Wage labourers & pensioners of our region
 have the right to settlements which are in
the pockets of thieving Kiev officials. So,
we demand real autonomy for Lvov region
 --- within the process of the constitutional
 reform announced by President Pyotr
Poroshenko," he said.

Activists also demand Lvov's right to its own
 customs policy, an autonomous tariff policy
that a special economic regime with the
be granted to their region.

The rally’s resolution was handed over to the
of Lvov's regional state administration,

On Thursday, the Lvov arm of Right Sector,
 which is outlawed in Russia, issued their
statement, urging Kiev’s Security Service
 and interior minister, to make efforts not
 to allow manifestations of separatism in
Ukraine and, particularly, in Lvov region.

Right Sector tried to hamper Friday’s rally
but they were too few to do that, as most
 Right Sector activists are currently in the
 city of Mukachevo.

Lvov residents have already staged
 numerous rallies, demanding more
autonomy for their region.


Catalonian Pro-Independence Forces
                 Reduce Deadline for Secession               
 Prensa Latina - Two months before elections
 Catalonia's government says are a plebiscite,
 separatist forces predict independence from
Spain will be achieved within eight months --
ten months before their initial deadline.

The prediction is included in an agreement
 reached by Convergencia Democrática de
 Cataluña, the party of regional president,
 Artur Mas, and Esquerra Republicana de
 Cataluña (ERC), to submit a single list of
 candidates to elections on Sept. 27th.

If the 2 parties win a majority of votes,
 the new parliament will then approve a
"symbolic declaration of independence"
 -- and a transitional law, to regulate the
preparation of structures for the new
 state and formally declare separation
 from Spain.

The agreement establishes creating
 a government presided over by Mas,
 with ERC leader, Oriol Junqueras,
as second in command.

Spain's authorities repeat this week:
 they refuse to accept any plebiscite
nature to the elections, whose aim,
they say, is to just pick a regional
 parliament, as in all other Spanish
autonomous communities.

The situation has sped up plans to
create single candidacies, for the
forces opposed to independence.

To help ally the left and ecologists,
 the pro-independence single list is
 headed by Raul Romeva, a former
 European parliamentarian from ICV.

According to surveys, the Catalonian
 pro-independence forces are backed
 by 50% of the people --- not enough
validate a separation from Spain.


               Pastors for Peace Caravan Arrives in Cuba               
 Prensa Latina - The 26th US-Cuba Friendship
 Caravan, led by nearly 50 Pastors for Peace
 members, arrived in Cuba late on Friday with
 its solidarity aid cargo, after a stop in Mexico.

Solidarity groups and members of the caravan
 met yesterday night, to participate in a public-
ecumenical ceremony outside the US embassy
--- in Mexico.

Shouts of "long live Cuba and Mexico" were
heard, banners with phrases such as Now
it's time to end the bloqueo! and Return all
 the territory illegally occupied by the USA!,
 rose into the evening air, candles were lit,
flowers were laid, poems were recited,
and songs were sung.

The main objective was to highlight that,
despite the steps taken between the US
 and Cuba, a crucial item is still missing:
 that is, an end to the economic blockade
 and the closure of Guantanamo Bay, in
 Cuba's eastern region, occupied by the
 US, over 100 years ago.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Raul Vera,
 bishop of Saltillo, in the Mexican state of
 Coahuila, referred to this struggle, & how
heroic Cuban people have faced the

economic blockade with stoicism and "I
 always join such demonstrations," he
said, with a smile.

"We want the countries of the American
 continent, to unite with the island,
 because it benefits us all."

"Cuba's people have achieved great
 things, and, ever since I was young,
we have all viewed Cuba with great

Young Dominican Manolo de los Santos
 lived in the US for several years, & has
 lived in Cuba, for about four years.

He says the humanitarian cargo consists
 of school supplies, walking frames and
wheelchairs for the elderly, medicines,
X-ray equipment, and computers.

Rev. Luis Barrios, member of the executive
 board of Pastors for Peace, and one of the
 speakers, says he has been participating
 in the caravan since 1992, along with the
 Rev. Lucius Walker, its founder and leader.

The caravan departed on June 29th, from
several routes across Canada and the US,
 to reach Texas and cross Mexico's border.


UK pilots take part in
 anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria

A number of British pilots have secretly taken
 part in an anti-ISIL bombing campaign in Syria,
despite the 2013 parliamentary vote against
military action in the war-hit Arab nation.

Human rights group, Reprieve, reveals that
UK service personnel are acting under the
of 'other members' of the US-led
coalition. These details are just
revealed, under
a freedom of information
request, from
the rights group.

About 20 personnel, including 3 pilots,
reportedly 'embedded' with the

Although the figure cited is believed to be
 in single figures, it is also unknown, what
planes UK pilots have used to carry out
 strikes, but reports suggest that they're
 embedded with US & Canadian airforces.

The Ministry of Defense has, so far, only
admitted that the UK is contributing to
the 'anti-ISIL' coalition with intelligence,
surveillance and reconnaissance.

The participation of the Royal Air Force in
the Syria campaign is, however, against a
 2013 motion in parliament, rejecting ANY
 military campaign in Syria. The House of
Commons authorized the defense ministry
 to go ahead with airstrikes in neighboring
 Iraq, alone.

“The UK government would never be able
to succeed in the Middle East because they
are the architect of the problems in the first
place and the only way it can solve it, is by
trying to bomb more people.

 “The UK government is not actually looking
 for a political solution: if you look at operations
by the UK government, most have been around
 providing funding to certain groups. In fact, it
has led to more support for ISIS, because of
 the military action this country has been
taking”, Raza Nadim, a London-based
political commentator tells Press TV.

Recently, the new Conservative government
 has hinted at extending air strikes in Syria,
the Tunisia massacre, carried out by
an ISIL-affiliate which claimed
38 lives,
including 30 UK tourists.

PM David Cameron and Defense Secretary,
Michael Fallon, indicated that they would
seek parliamentary approval for anti-ISIL
campaigns in Syria.

 Fallon said:
 "There’s illogicality about targeting ISIS
Iraq, but not in Syria."

The PM office said:

 “Thought and deliberation are needed
before a vote”.

So, why would the UK government  keep law-
makers in the dark, while deputing RAF pilots
 on the Syria mission. Some analysts say the
 policies of keeping public & pressure groups
 in the dark about the action in Syria and Iraq
 are mainly because the government doesn’t
 want people to see this, as a war:

“You have to remember that this government -
 when it held a vote about a strike & military
 action in Syria - it was voted against.

 “The excuse then brought, was that the UK
 has to protect its interests; it doesn’t mean
 people’s interests, rather, its own imperial
interests. And that means they have to go
 to war”, Nadim says.

Jennifer Gibson of Reprieve says:
 “It is alarming that parliament & the public
have been kept in the dark about this, for
so long.”

The revelation marks a substantial expansion
 in the UK’s approach to Syria and has caused
 an outcry among many politicians.

Tory MP, John Baron, who is also a member of
 the foreign affairs select committee, calls for
 an immediate halt to the action in Syria:

 “Let’s be absolutely clear about this. We voted
 in 2013, when parliament had been recalled
from recess, that there should be no British
 military intervention in Syria. We were told
that No 10 had got the message and that
any future intervention would be subject
 to a vote.”


Five Dead, Including Shooter, in Attacks
 on Tennessee Military Centres

Sputnik - Five individuals were killed in a
 shooting at the Navy Reserve centre, in
 Chattanooga, Tennessee, including the

In addition to the gunman, the five fatalities
 include four marines. Three injuries are also
 reported, including a police officer who was
 shot in the ankle.
"We do know that we have four individuals
who're killed who are victims," Mayor Andy
 Berke says during a news conference. "We
know that the shooter was killed at the
scene, as well."

The US Attorney for the Eastern District of
Tennessee Bill Killian, says the incident is
 being seen as an act of domestic terrorism.
 Still, Killian urges the public not to focus
 on "labels", at this point.

The authorities didn't release any information
 on the shooter, at Thursday afternoon's news
 conference, though they did say they believe
 the shooting to be a single-shooter incident.

Media later report that law enforcement agencies
have identified
the shooter as Muhammad Youssef
believed to have been a local resident,
originally, from Kuwait.

A US military official speaking to NBC News
says he fired between 25 and 30 rounds.

Victims were taken to Erlaner hospital, which
 was put on lockdown. Sources say that the
 injured officer, is now in a stable condition.

President Obama has been briefed on the
situation, and the FBI & ATF, are en route
 to assist in the investigation.

The shooting began at a military recruitment
centre on Thursday morning, and continued
 at a naval reserve centre, six miles away.

Witnesses report hearing multiple gunshots,
most at the second location. All victims of
shooting were also found at the second

"I am deeply disturbed by reports of a violent
attack in Chattanooga," US Senator Lamar
 Alexander says in a statement. "I have been
 in touch with federal, state & local officials,
 and will monitor the situation closely. My
thoughts and prayers are with everyone

"I am heartbroken by the tragic shootings that
 have taken place in my hometown," US Senator
 Bob Corker also says in a statement. "We have
 been in touch with federal, state & local officials
 and continue to monitor developments, and have
 offered our assistance. This is a difficult day for
 Tennesseans, and our thoughts and prayers are
with all those affected by this tragedy."


Brazil prosecutors probe ex-president's
alleged influence peddling

Brazilian prosecutors launch an investigation
 into alleged "irregularities" in the dealings of
 Brazil’s former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da
 Silva, with Odebrecht, the country’s largest
 construction conglomerate.

“There is an investigation into possible influence
 peddling by ex-president Lula, with the leaders
 of other countries on behalf of the construction
 company, Odebrecht,” a spokesperson for the
 federal prosecutor's office in the capital,
Brasilia, says.

According to reports, the probe into the
allegation against the former president,
better known as Lula, was started on
July 8th,
by Brazilian prosecutors.

Lula's institute, the Instituto Lula, releases
 a statement following the revelation of the
investigation, saying Lula has nothing to fear.

"We are calm. The Lula Institute is certain of
 the transparency and legality of ex-president
 Lula's activities," Jose Chrispiniano, spokes-
person for the institute, says.

According to the prosecutor's office, the
alleged "influence peddling" happened
during Lula's term in office from January
 1, 2003 to January 1, 2011, when he was
 replaced by President Dilma Rousseff.

Prosecutors allege that Lula has prepared
 the ground for Odebrecht to strike business
 deals in Latin America and Africa. The
former Brazilian president is also accused
of having helped persuade the state-owned
 development bank, BNDES, to finance
 Odebrecht’s foreign projects.

In a statement, Odebrecht denies the
allegations, saying that it has had a
 normal institutional relationship with
 Lula, and that BNDES has endorsed
only 7 percent of its financing.

The ex-president faces the charges
after he suggested he might have
another run for the presidency --
after Rousseff's second term
ends, in 2018.


Syria downs Turkish spy drone
over Idlib Province: Report

Syrian air defense forces have reportedly shot down
 a Turkish reconnaissance drone, after it violated the
 crisis-hit Arab country’s airspace and flew over parts
 of the northwestern province of Idlib.

The unmanned aerial vehicle crossed into Syria’s
 airspace on Thursday and carried out surveillance
 flights before being targeted over the town of Talet
 Khattab, situated about 10 kilometers (6.2 miles)
 east of the city of Jisr al-Shughour, near the border
 with Turkey, Syria-based Arabic-language
newspaper, al-Watan, reports.

An informed source, speaking on condition of
 anonymity, says the aircraft was purportedly
 collecting information and taking pictures for
 members of the terrorist group, Jaish al-Fath,
following several failed attempts to overrun
Talet Khattab.

On May 16, former Turkish defense minister,
Ismet Yilamz, said his country’s army had
 shot down a Syrian helicopter.

According to Turkish-language daily, Hürriyet,
 a Turkish F-16 fighter jet targeted and brought
 down the Syrian aircraft with two missiles.

In March 2014, Turkey shot down another
Syrian warplane near the Turkish-Syrian
border. A Syrian helicopter was also
 targeted by the Turkish Air Force in
September 2013.

Turkey has been one of the main opponents
 of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, since
a conflict began in neighboring Syria,
 5 years ago.

Various offshoots of al-Qaeda and ISIL
 Takfiri terrorists use the Turkey-Syria
border --- as a major supply route for
obtaining heavy weapons & artillery.

Ankara is widely believed to be facilitating
 a flow of foreign nationals into neighboring
 Syria & Iraq, where they join the ranks of
extremist terror groups.

Back in February, Turkey & the US signed
a deal to train and arm what they call the
'moderate militants' who are terrorising
Syria's people, who are being defended
by Hezbollah, Kurdish forces,
& -- of
course -- Syrian government troops.


How Canada's Embassy Participated
 in 2014 Ukraine Regime Change

It allowed its premises to be used as a base
 of operations, safe haven for street fighting
 anti-government protesters

Murray Brewster (CBC News) Donate!
This originally appeared at CBC News and others

Introductionary note by New Cold War.org:

The following article was published in every major
 daily newspaper in Canada. The author closes the
 article with an epilogue providing an interpretation
 of the sniper massacre on Maidan Square in Kyiv
 on Feb. 20, 21, 2014.

It repeats the claim that police forces of the
 government of President Victor Yanukovych
directed police snipers to fire on and kill
protesters on the square. This narrative
been challenged by some researchers.

Their meticulous research, which is ongoing,
finds that it was those seeking to overthrow
 the Yanukovych government who staged the
killings of protesters by snipers. A lead
researcher in this is Ivan Katchanovski
 at the University of Ottawa.

KYIV, Ukraine – It was one of those events
that simply appeared and disappeared during
 the bloody, swift-moving events of Ukraine in
 the winter revolution of 2014.

Canada’s embassy in Kyiv was used as a haven
 for several days by anti-government protesters
 during the uprising that toppled the regime of
former president Viktor Yanukovych.

The Harper government never fully acknowledged
 — during the upheaval or since — the depth and
 extent of the security breach, which has had far-
reaching implications on how Canadians are
perceived in the region.

The Canadian Press has spent months piecing
 together events surrounding the extraordinary
 incident, which started on Feb. 18, 2014 and
 occurred at the height of the violent crack-
down against pro-European protesters.

Armed with stones, left behind flowers

It began, according to multiple sources in Kyiv
 and Ottawa, when one of the protesters being
 chased by riot police waved a Canadian pass-
port at embassy security. Once the door was
 open, the individual was quickly followed by
 other demonstrators armed with sticks and
paving stones.

Roman Waschuk, current Canadian ambassador
 in Kyiv, confirms the account in a recent inter-
view with The Canadian Press. “I understand
 that there was a Canadian passport holder
associated in some way with the group,” said
 Waschuk, who replaced Troy Lulashnyk as
 ambassador in Kyiv last year.

He acknowledged the protesters were camped
 in the main lobby for at least a week, which is
 something neither Foreign Affairs nor the
Harper government has ever publicly stated.

Waschek also suggested no harm came of it.
“From what I was told, it was several days
and they left flowers on departure,” he said.

A host of security improvements were made
in the aftermath, but that opening of the doors
 was “a gesture designed to react & to reach
 out to the people suffering in the turmoil,”
Waschek said.

Allies question Canada’s role

But some of Canada’s European allies, speaking
 in the background because of the sensitivity of
 the subject, said the fact that protesters were
 allowed to stay for so long and operate freely,
made it appear that Canada was an active
participant in regime change, and not just
lending moral support.

That was certainly the perception of Ukraine’s
 interior ministry, which oversees the police,
 national guard and the country’s intelligence
 services. 2 ministry officials, with knowledge
of the case and who agreed to meet as long
 as their identities were not revealed, said a
criminal investigation was opened into the
actions of protesters, but quietly dropped
after Yanukovych fled to Russia.

They described an extraordinary scene of
 chaos and violence outside the embassy,
 which is located in the heart of the city,
 immediately adjacent to the Maidan — or
independence — square. “There wasn’t
much of an obstacle for them to get in.
Not much security,” said one official.
“Canada was sympathizing with the
protesters, at the time, more than
with the government.”

The lobby was used to treat the wounded
 on the night of February 18, & they were
 transferred to hospital by ambulance
amid the violence, which included a
mini-van stolen by protesters,say the
officials. That was
later found burned,
something Ottawa
hasn’t acknowledged,
they said.

“There was no public statement from the
 Canadian side about this, and it’s really
 interesting what grounds they would use
not to say something,” said the 2nd official.

Layers of intrigue surround the occupation,
 which was first reported by Russian media
 as an attack on the embassy by pro-Russia

A spokesperson for then-foreign affairs minister
John Baird acknowledged, on the day itself,
that protesters were in the reception area of
the building; they had taken “shelter,” and
they were “peaceful and have not caused
 any damage or harm to staff.”

After the initial report, there was silence.
The embassy was closed & remained so
throughout the tumultuous events that
culminated with Yanukovych fleeing to
 Russia on Feb. 22.

How the protesters got in and what happened
 during their stay was never fully explained by
 the Harper government, which — according
 to sources in Ottawa — was seized with how
 to respond and what options there might be
 to end the occupation. In the end, a decision
 was made “at the highest levels” to let
events play-out.

Strident Canada is no shock to Ukrainians

If you talk to ordinary people here, academics
 or even Ukraine’s charge d’affaires in Ottawa,
 the fact Canada pushed the envelope, is not
surprising. They see it as a natural extension
 of the Harper government’s bullish rhetoric,
and something they have come to expect.

“Generally speaking in Ukrainian public opinion,
 as well in the Ukraine government of that time,
 there was common understanding that Canadian
 sympathies are on the side of the protesters, pro-
European, pro-democratic,” Marko Shevchenko
 said recently, in The Canadian Press.

Dominque Arel, a noted expert on Ukraine at
 the University of Ottawa, agreed, and said
 the perception that Canada was more than
 a disinterested bystander was formed long
 before the Maidan protests, which erupted
 in the fall of 2013, turned violent.

Embassy incident reflects broader policy

The fallout is rarely discussed, but Canadians
 are not very popular in some quarters and
 are occasionally loathed by pro-Russian
 Ukrainians. Arel said he knows of one
 incident where a Canadian journalist
was briefly detained by rebels.

Bob Fowler, a former diplomat and senior
foreign policy adviser to three prime
 ministers, says the Harper government
has played a dangerous game & pushed
 the country’s involvement in Ukraine to
 the point where Canada has become a
disruptive influence for allies, who have
 more at stake in managing confrontation
 with nuclear-armed Russia and are trying
to keep the conflict from erupting into all-
out war.

“We’re not the considered, intelligent players
 that we used to be,” said Fowler, who as a
UN representative survived a kidnapping by
al-Qaeda. “We have been all mouth and no

The embassy incident is a small but perfect
snapshot of what Canada’s foreign policy
has become, said Fowler. “I would argue
we have very little credibility within NATO.
Of course, our friends in NATO aren’t going
to say that publicly, but the people within
 NATO who are relevant to our discussion,
they know about Canadian military
capabilities. They know about what we
could and could not do and they know
our posturing is utterly vacuous.”

NDP foreign affairs critic Paul Dewar was
shocked by the recounting of events and
demanded the RCMP investigate the
security breach. He accused the
 government of covering up the incident
 and endangering the lives of not only
embassy staff, but Canadian citizens in
 the country.

“Why are we just learning of this now?”
 asked Dewar. “And what would have
 happened had the revolution gone the
 other way and Yanukovych stayed?
If things had gone that way, not only
would our credibility have been
 undermined but also the safety
and security of our staff.”


US Mulls Expanding Training to Ukraine Regular Army

Current training only applies to the National Guard
-- founded immediately after the Maidan overthrow

This article originally appeared at Antiwar.com
Jason Ditz (Antiwar.com) Donate!
General Ben Hodges is all for it

Earlier this year, in a highly controversial move,
the Pentagon sent troops to Western Ukraine to
 begin training national guardsmen working for
the nation’s Interior Ministry.

The move was opposed by some in the region
 because it began amid a ceasefire in the
Ukrainian civil war, a ceasefire the US is
seen as opposing.

Now, Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges reports that
 the Pentagon is considering a dramatic
escalation of that training, expanding it
to cover not just the interior ministry, but
 Ukraine’s special forces and, potentially,
 the entire army. He says the expansion
would not necessarily include US arms
being sent to the country, but doesn’t
 appear to rule it out, either.


Merkel, Hollande Urge Poroshenko
publicly to Give Donbass Self-Rule
(taken from Russia Insider)

Tired of war and impatient with Poroshenko,
 Merkel & Hollande go public now, with their
 desire for a semi-autonomous East Ukraine.

So Poroshenko finds himself between a rock
 & Right Sector. The right-wing bruisers who
 helped bring him to power are in open revolt.
& now his closest European allies have gone
 public with their dissatisfaction over Kiev’s
 so-called constitutional “reforms.” Via AFP:

German Chancellor Angel Merkel and French
 President Francois Hollande, took the rare
step Friday, of pressing Ukraine’s Western-
backed leader to ensure partial self-rule
 for the pro-Russian separatist east.

Poroshenko says Merkel and Hollande – both
 present at the Minsk agreement’s signing in
 February – “recommended that the president
 of Ukraine continue with (his) constitutional

The two “especially stressed that the draft
 constitution of Ukraine reflects special self-
rule for certain districts of the Donetsk and
Lugansk regions”.

Hollande’s office confirms that the French
 leader & Merkel put “particular emphasis
on the special status of certain areas in
regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, in
draft constitution”.

Kiev has thus far refused to sit down at
 the negotiating table with rebel leaders,
 and has made it clear that it is unwilling
 to even consider proposals for reform of
the constitution, from Donbass.

 Yatsenyuk says repeatedly Kiev:
 “won’t negotiate with terrorists.”

This is a massive, unrepentant violation of
the Minsk agreements. Merkel & Hollande
 know this – and now we see Europe’s first
 public admonishment of Poroshenko.

Despite US arm-twisting, it appears that
 Europe is beginning to wake up.

 Poroshenko might have a one-way
ticket to Elba, soon.


Right Sector Members Admit Killing Police
 on Maidan Square - Media Not Interested

Ivan Katchanovski, perhaps the biggest
 expert on the Maidan massacre in the
world today, can not get published in
any of the dozens of western outlets
 that are happy to run rubbish... and
this is why Rhondda Records exists.

This article originally appeared at New Col War.org

A member of “Vikings” neo-Nazi group, in Right
 Sector during “Euromaidan”, recently repeated
 on a Ukrainska pravda forum, his earlier, public
 admission that he killed 2 policemen on Feb 18,
2014, and that his associate, who was deputy

 leader of “Vikings,” also killed 2 policemen on
the same day, with his Nagant revolver. They

 both served in the Ukrainian Voluntary Corps
Right Sector, during the war in Donbas.

These confessions, and other evidence of the
 involvement of the Right Sector in the violent
 overthrow of the Ukrainian government and in
the Maidan massacre, continue to be ignored
 by the government in Ukraine, and by the
Ukrainian and Western media.

Yet numerous reports in Ukraine's media
hailed the ex deputy leader of the “Vikings”
 as a heroic “cyborg” both before, and after,
he was killed in fighting at Donetsk airport.

* * *

A reader of Ivan Katchanovski’s Facebook page
 suggests that the researcher should  publish the
 findings above --- as well as other findings --- in
 a publication such as Open Democracy.

Katchanovski replies:

"I think it is unlikely that Open Democracy, or
other such Western media outlets, would now
 publish such an article, because of its content.
Open Democracy accepted my article on the
 involvement of the far right in the Maidan
 massacre --- but then did not publish it.

"Other Western media outlets also refused to
 publish it. Several correspondents for leading
 Western media are familiar with my Facebook
 posts and related research findings on the far
 right in Ukraine, but they, also, would not
report now about these confessions, for
 similar reasons."

Another reader writes: “Which Western media
 outlets refused to publish your article? Just
try it again. There is no pro-Ukrainian media
conspiracy in the West.” Katchanovski replies:

"They include: the Guardian, Atlantic, Foreign
 Policy, the Washington Post, Salon, and Open

"Now, the media ignores or minimizes the role
 of neo-Nazis and other far right organizations
 --- in the violent overthrow of the government
& the war in Donbas --- for political reasons."

 My website contains this, & other studies:

 'The politics of television coverage of
post-communist countries' (Feb. 2012).


NATO’s Missile Defense Strategy
 Based on Lies – Russian MP

Sputnik - NATO’s desire to build up its missile
 defenses, despite Monday’s breakthrough
with Iran, means that the entire idea of
the US
missile shield in Europe, is based on
Alexei Pushkov, head of Russia's State
foreign affairs committee, says.

On Tuesday, Iran and six leading world powers
 signed a comprehensive plan to end sanctions
 on Iran, in exchange for putting restrictions on
its nuclear program.

Commenting on the breakthrough agreement
clinched in Vienna, Russia’s Foreign Minister,
 Sergei Lavrov, said that during a 2009 speech
 in Prague, US President Barack Obama said
 that if such an agreement were signed, the
proposed US missile shield in Europe would
 lose its relevance.

An unnamed NATO representative told media
 on Tuesday that, despite the agreement on
 Tehran’s nuclear program, the missile threat
 to NATO remais, adding that NATO's missile
defense program had in mind “all types of
 threats from outside the Euro-Atlantic area.”

“The entire strategy of the proposed US missile
 shield in Europe is based on lies,” Mr Pushkov
 says, in comments aired by Rossiya-24 TV.

“First, they talked about the missile threat from
 Iran, even though Tehran had neither missiles
 nor reasons for such an attack. Then they talked
 about the imaginary threat posed by North Korea,
which is on the other side of the globe. And now
 they are talking about some 30 countries which
allegedly now threaten to fire missiles on Europe.
When asked to name at least a dozen such states,
 they tell us that this is classified information,”
Pushkov adds.

“NATO officials come out, here, as plain hypocrites
 and liars, because their proposed missile shield is
 really aimed against Russia’s nuclear deterrence.
Hating to admit this, they resort to outright lies,”
 Alexei Pushkov says, in conclusion.


Iran, P5+1 diplomatic breakthrough in nuclear talks

Well over a decade of negotiations on Iran’s civilian
 nuclear program have finally reached a conclusion,
with Iran and its latest interlocutors, the P5+1,
sealing an agreement.

The hitherto elusive agreement was finally nailed
down on Tuesday in the ritzy Palais Coburg Hotel
in Vienna, where negotiators from Iran and the
six other countries had recently been spending
over 2 weeks to work out remaining technical
 and political issues.

Terms of agreement

The agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of
Action (JCPOA), will, according to Iran's officials,
be presented to the UN Security Council (UNSC),
 which will adopt a resolution in 7 to 10 days,
 making the JCPOA an official document.

Based on the agreement, the world powers
 recognize Iran’s civilian nuclear program,
including Iran's right to the complete
 nuclear cycle.

The UNSC sanctions against Iran, including
 all economic & financial bans, will be lifted
 at once under a mutually agreed framework
 and through a new UN resolution.

None of the Iranian nuclear facilities will
 be dismantled or decomissioned.

Nuclear research & development activities
 on all types of centrifuges, including the
IR-6 & IR-8 machines, will continue.

The nuclear-related economic and financial
 restrictions imposed by the US and EU,
Iranian banking, financial, oil, gas,
trade, insurance & transport
sectors will - at once -
be annulled with the
start of implementation of
the agreement.

An arms embargo imposed on the Islamic
 Republic will be annulled & replaced with
certain restrictions, which will be entirely
 removed, after a period of five years.

Tens of billions of dollars in Iranian revenue
 frozen in foreign banks, will be unblocked.

800 persons and legal entities, including the
 Central Bank of Iran (CBI), the Islamic Republic
 of Iran Shipping Lines and the National Iranian
Oil Company (NIOC), will have sanctions lifted.

Iran & IAEA

Yukiya Amano, the head of the International
 Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), says that the
nuclear watchdog has signed a “road map”
 with Iran to probe so-called possible military
 dimensions (PMDs) in the Islamic Republic’s
nuclear activities.

Iran categorically denies any such dimensions
 in its nuclear program.

Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran,
 Ali Akbar Salehi, says that, based on the road
map, the two sides will take measures to fully
 resolve all outstanding issues of the past,
 regarding the Iranian nuclear program.

The diplomatic breakthrough is likely to – in
 the words of Iran’s Foreign Minister and top
 negotiator Mohammad Javad Zarif – “end an
 unnecessary crisis” on the Islamic Republic’s
 nuclear program and “open new horizons”
for all concerned parties.

The standoff over Iran’s nuclear program began
 back in 2003 when Western countries and some
 of their allies accused the Islamic Republic of
seeking to build a nuclear bomb, an allegation
Tehran categorically denied.

The dispute lingered despite the fact that Leader
 of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali
Khamenei had declared as forbidden the pursuit
 and possession of atomic weapons, and that
 countless reports by the International Atomic
Energy Agency (IAEA) found no evidence to
 prove the allegations of military diversions
 in the Iranian nuclear program.

The nuclear talks went on for over 12 years.
 Iran’s original negotiating partners were the
UK, France and Germany, a group known
back in 2003, as the E3.

The talks gained greater momentum under
President Hassan Rouhani's government,
who tasked the Iranian Foreign Ministry
 – on Zarif’s watch – with handling the
 talks, soon after assuming office in 2013.

Prior to the past 22 months, Iran’s Supreme
 National Security Council (SNSC) had been
 in charge of the talks under previous


Yemeni forces seize Saudi arms airdrop
meant for terrorists: Report

Yemen's army, along with popular committees,
 has reportedly seized weapons Saudi military
aircraft dropped to the terrorists operating in
 the southern part of the country.

The Yemeni forces seized the weapons and
 ammunition airdropped to the terrorists in
 the southwestern Yemeni province of Lahij
 on Monday, Yemen's al-Masirah TV reports.

Photos released by the channel on social
networks show different sorts of arms,
including automatic guns and rocket
 launchers, airdropped to the terrorists.

In May, Saudi planes airdropped weapons to
al-Qaeda terrorists, in the southwestern

 province of Ta'izz.

Saudi military planes also dropped a number
 of wooden boxes containing various firearms
 and ammunition to militants in the south-
western port city of Aden in April.

Saudi Arabia keeps bombing Yemen

Saudi Arabia targeted several areas across
Yemen early Tuesday, in a flagrant violation
 of the UN-sponsored ceasefire.

According to local media outlets, Saudi war
 planes launched a number of airstrikes on
 Aden International Airport in Aden province.
Saudi jets also pounded Mualla & Attawahi
 districts, in the southwestern province.

Saudi fighter jets also bombarded a bank
 and an orphanage in the district of Harad
 in the northwestern province of Hajjah.

There has been no report on the possible
 casualties or damage due to the attacks.

In retaliation, Yemeni troops, backed by
 popular committees, fired 15 rockets at
Saudi base in Yemen's southwestern
 Jizan region.

In a separate attack, the Yemeni army fired
 six rockets at the village of Khubah in Jizan.

UN chief disappointed with Yemen truce failure

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
 says he is "very much disappointed" with the
violation of the ceasefire, a spokesperson for
 the UN chief says.

"The secretary general is very disappointed,
 that the humanitarian pause didn't take hold
over the weekend," Stephane Dujarric says,
adding:- "we continue to reiterate our call
 for an unconditional humanitarian pause."

"We have not lost hope and discussions
 are ongoing," Dujarric notes.

The humanitarian truce in Yemen came into
 force at 23:59 local time (2059 GMT) on Friday.
The UN Security Council called on all sides of
Yemen's conflict to observe a break in fighting,
 which was slated to run up to the end of the
 fasting month of Ramadan on July 17th.

S. Arabia has violated the truce several
 times since its announcement.

Over 3,000 people, including 1,500 civilians,
have been killed over the past 3 months in
Yemen, according to the UN.


Greek crisis endgame: EU agrees
to allocate €80bn+ over 3 years
RT - After 17 hours of marathon talks, eurozone
leaders have reached an agreement over a third
 three-year bailout for debt-ridden Greece, worth
 around €82-86 billion, which averts the risk of
the country leaving the eurozone.

On Twitter, President of the European Council,
 Donald Tusk, says the agreement on Greece
was reached “unanimously”. All of the key
participants in the talks acknowledge that
 this deal means any so-called Grexit, is no
 longer on the agenda.

The program will affect overall pension reform,
 reform of product markets, privatization, and
changes in labour exchanges, says German
 Chancellor, Angela Merkel, after the euro-
zone summit, on Monday.

“We have been long engaged in the matter of
 the program's
size, which is very significant
 - from €82 to €86 billion over three years,"
she says, at a news conference.

A write-off of Greece’s debt is not on the
agenda, she adds.

“It has been agreed to start negotiations on an
 (European Stability Mechanism) ESM program,
which means continued financial support for
Greece," continues Tusk. "The decision gives
Greece the chance to get back on track, with
 the support of European partners," he says,
adding that there will be"strict conditions."

Greece has agreed to set up a €50 billion
fund to repay its debt, says Eurogroup
President, Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

"The target size of the fund, which will
accumulate the assets of Greece, will be
 €50 billion, and it will be based in Greece.

This will create a fund, to which, funds will
be transferred, which will then be monetized
 through their privatization or commercial use.

The fund will be aimed at solving the debt
problem, or debt reduction, & can be used
 to recapitalize banks," says Dijsselbloem.

The problem of recapitalizing the banks, is
one of the key challenges for the eurozone,
 according to Dijsselbloem. This will require
 about €25 billion, half of the €50 billion fund,
 he adds.

The European Commission will provide the
Greek economy with €35 billion in investment,
 European Commission President, Jean-Claude
 Juncker, adds.

The Greek parliament has to approve all the
 reform laws by July 15th, in order to receive
 the aid, says Dijsselbloem. The conclusion of
 negotiations on the development of the third
 program of aid to Athens, will require a few
more weeks, he adds.

The markets and the euro started growing
after the Greek agreement. A composite
Stoxx Europe 600 Index grew by 1.1% at
 the opening, with the euro rallying to
$1,1147 from a Friday reading of $1,1162.

The results achieved at the summit allow
 Greece to return to the path of growth,
Merkel says, at a press conference after
the meeting.

"All in all, the advantages outweigh the
 disadvantages. I think that Greece has
a chance to return to the path of
 growth," Merkel says.

“We’ve made a good step to build confidence,
but there [are] still a lot of steps to implement
 what has been achieved,” says the IMF Chief,
 Christine Lagarde.

The agreement is complex, but Greece avoids
 the transfer of its state property abroad, and
 financial strangulation, plus the destruction
 of its financial system, Greek Prime Minister,
 Alexis Tsipras, comments.

Tsipras was asking for a €53.5 billion
 bailout package, over three years.


US drone attack kills 12 people
 in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar

Hazrat Hussain Mashriqiw, spokesperson
 for Nangarhar's police, claims the attack
targeted Taliban militants in Achin district. 

A US drone strike killed 25 in Nanagarhar.

 The deadly attacks came the day after at
 least 43 people died in two separate US
drone attacks in Nangarhar.

The USA carries out drone operations in
several countries, including Afghanistan,
without any UN authorization.

The US claims that the attacks target
 Taliban militants, but a large number
of those killed by strikes are civilians.

The US and its allies invaded Afghanistan
 in 2001 as part of Washington’s so-called
 war on terror. The offensive removed the
 Taliban from power, but insecurity still
lingers across the war-torn country...
despite the presence of thousands of
US-led troops.

The US-led combat mission in Afghanistan
formally ended on December 31, 2014. But
at least 13,500 foreign forces, mainly from
the US, have remained in Afghanistan in
 what Washington calls a support mission.

NATO says the force will focus mainly on
 counterterrorism operations and training
 Afghan soldiers and policemen.


Colombia, FARC rebels agree on de-escalation plan

The Colombian government and the Revolutionary
 Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), have come to
 a landmark agreement to de-escalate fighting in
 the country, sources say.

The Colombian government pledges to halt its
 military action against the rebels, who last week
 announced a 1-month unilateral ceasefire starting
 from July 20, both parties say in a joint statement.

“The government, from July 20th, will launch a
 process of 'de-escalation of military action', in
response to a suspension of offensive actions
 by the FARC,” says a statement issued in the
 Cuban capital, Havana, and read by Cuban &
 Norwegian diplomats, who've been mediating
 the talks.
The agreement will come into force if FARC
fulfills its promised unilateral truce.

FARC’s top negotiator in Havana expresses
 hope that the ceasefire will lead to a restart
 of bilateral negotiations.

“This is undoubtedly a strong, promising, &
 hopeful re-launch of the dialogue process,”
 says Ivan Marquez.

His government counterpart, Humberto de
 la Calle, says the accord shows that “the
 opportunity to end the conflict, is alive.”

FARC will later decide if it will extend its
ceasefire, while both sides will revisit the
 agreement in four months, mediators say.

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos
 hails the deal, calling it an “important step”
 towards a total peace agreement.

It's the first time Colombia's government
 has agreed to curb its military actions
 against the rebels, since talks began
 in November 2012, in Havana.

The negotiations have produced partial
agreements on several issues, but have
 not resulted in any 'final' deal.

FARC is L. America’s oldest rebel group
 and has been battling the government
since 1964.

Bogota estimates that 220,000 people
 have been killed and over 4.5 million
others have been displaced due to
the FARC insurgency.



Right Sector fighters who were blockaded by
 security forces near the town of Mukachevo,
 have managed to escape, Vasily Guban, the
 governor of the Zakarpattia Region, says.

“The armed Right Sector members will
be tracked down. At the moment, their
whereabouts are unknown. They did
not give up their weapons and did not
contact the police,” Guban says, as
quoted by Ukraine’s 24 channel.

Ukraine’s ultranationalist Right Sector
 has launched a nationwide mobilization
 and a withdrawal from Donbass conflict
 zone, after deadly clashes with police,
 near the southwestern town of
Mukachevo, on Saturday.


Hungary enhances security measures at border
with Ukraine after Mukachevo developments

TASS - Hungary has enhanced security measures
 along its border with Ukraine after developments
 in Mukachevo city, in Ukraine’s Trans Carpathia,
 after gunmen from Right Sector extremist group
 staged deadly attacks on a range of facilities,
 Trans-Carpathian News online says on Sunday.

According to the news outlet, Hungary enhanced
 security measures at the border, and is checking
 Ukrainians crossing into its territory 'carefully'.

 "Hungarian customs officers are inspecting
 Ukrainian cars more attentively. Additional
 police posts have been installed to check
 Ukrainian cars that have already crossed
 the border into Hungary," it says.

Ukraine's Foreign Ministry ambassador-at-large
 Dmitry Kuleba says developments in Mukachevo
 may affect the prospects of introducing visa-free
 travel between Ukraine and the European Union.

 "After a real battle staged by the Right Sector
right on the border with the European Union,"
 the Ukrainian authorities "bear responsibility
 for failing to meet a number of demands" for
 establishing the visa-free travel regime with
 the EU, the diplomat says.

"For months, we have been convincing the EU
 - reasonably - that risks in the security sphere
 have been minimized." the ambassador says
 on Facebook. "And now..."

On Sat, July 11, gunmen from Right Sector
 extremist group, which is banned in Russia,
 used small arms fire against their opponents
 while discussing a "redistribution of spheres
 of influence" in Mukachevo. The extremists
 later opened fire with rifles, heavy machine
 guns and grenade launchers on police who
came to the scene. They destroyed several
 police vehicles and also set on fire a traffic
 police checkpoint and a petrol station.

 As a result, three persons were killed and
eleven wounded. Some gunmen were then
 blocked into a wooded area near the city.
 Ukraine’s law enforcers were in talks with
them... but they "escaped".



Right Sector is calling on its supporters to
hold open-ended protest actions across the
 country and demand punishment for those
they think are responsible for the clashes,
including the Ukrainian Interior Minister,
 Arsen Avakov. They want his resignation.

In Kiev, Right Sector members refuse to
 surrender arms, and say they will place
posts at roads leading to Mukachevo,
 to stop Ukrainian law enforcers from
building up their forces in the city.

Right Sector's press secretary says they
will continue their protest rallies -- until
 Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov, is fired:

Ukraine’s extremist group, Right Sector,
 isn't going to lay down its arms, and will
 demonstrate force to Kiev’s authorities,
 Right Sector’s press secretary, Artem
 Skoropadsky, tells a briefing, Sunday:

"Our leader, Dmitry Yarosh, has not ordered
a laying down of arms:- our soldiers will not
 do so," he says, adding that Right Sector
 has an additional 17 battalions in reserve,
which are training now, before being sent
 to Donbass, and: "if necessary, they will
all be by the presidential administration
and by the interior ministry and then the
 authorities will see what angry
 nationalists are like."

Right Sector's Press Secretary goes on...

"In western Ukraine, the militia has been
supervising smuggling for 20 years, and,
within the year of Avakov’s power, the
situation has not changed. Nor has it
 changed in the entire country.

 "Lustration hasn't worked, corruption
 is booming. We are not going to be
standing peacefully: we'll be talking
 to the power differently, toughly."

A representative of the Right Sector’s 13th
 battalion Alexei Byk, says the weapons his
 soldiers have, were "captured in fighting in
 Donbass, and they are not going to report
 them to the authorities."

President Poroshenko is ordering law
 enforcement agencies "to disarm and
detain the criminals who opened fire &
 killed peaceful civilians in Mukachevo,"
 Right Sector has alerted its supporters.

Right Sector members are blocking the
 presidential administration in Kiev, and
the organisation’s guards are near the
regional administrations in Lvov,
Kharkov, Odessa, Zaporozhje and


Saudi airstrikes violate ‘unconditional
 humanitarian pause’ in Yemen

A second UN-brokered humanitarian pause
 in Yemen, was being violated by Saudi-led
strikes less than 1 hour after the truce
into effect.

According to reports, at least three cities
have witnessed bombardment.


Xi Calls for China-Rusia-Mongolia Cooperation

Prensa Latina - Chinese President Xi Jinping,
attending the closing ceremony of the 15th
Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO)
summit in the southwestern Russian city
 of Ufa, called on China, Russia & Mongolia
 to push forward the construction of an
economic corridor linking the 3 nations.


Obama hiding Gitmo force-feeding videos: Report

The Obama administration repeatedly refuses
to release the force-feeding videos of 'Gitmo'
 detainees... and still refrains from releasing
 force-feeding the videos of one Guantanamo
Abu Wa-el Dhiab, despite repeated
orders by a court judge, a new report says.

A federal judge, criticizing lawyers representing
 Obama's administration for repeatedly refusing
 to release the videos, has ordered the federal
 government to complete redactions to the
videos by the end of September.

US District Judge Gladys Kessler issued her
order one day after she blasted Justice Dept.
 lawyers in court, for repeatedly wasting time
redacting the videos, says 'Huffington Post'.

Kessler said in court: "the government has
 fought at every single step, the progress of
this case."

The US government has appealed against
 her previous order to speed up redaction
 and release the videos.

She says the only consistent thing "about
the Government's position, has been its
 constant plea for more time."

She says the US government is saying
 it will take months to redact the videos,
 despite all their available resources.

"At its new rate, it will take the
Government 148 days -- six times
 the period the Government itself
initially stated -- to process the
32 videos that it had previously
 said could be redacted in just
 25 business days," she states.

"And now, the government is indicating
that it needs over 13 business days just
 to redact one hour of footage", she adds.

She says that these videos, requested
 by at least 16 news organizations, will
 create a “completely different climate.”

Apparently, the videos are so disturbing,
 that the US government believes revealing
them will lead to attacks on US personnel.

A lawyer for Dhiab, who has been protesting
 against the conditions of his confinement at
 Guantanamo, says she had difficulty sleeping
 after watching those "grim" videos showing
 her client being force-fed, described by the
 government as "enteral feeding."

Dhiab, a 46-yr-old, originally from Syria, was
in Guantanamo prison, for about 12 years ---
 without any charges. He was finally freed
months ago, and sent to Uruguay.

Washington says prisoners at the facility
 are terror suspects - but has not pressed
 charges against most of them, in a court.

Many have gone on hunger strikes, to
protest at the conditions in the prison
--- set up
after September 11th, 2001.


Yemenis rally to mark International Quds Day

The war-stricken people of Yemen, like millions
 of others across the world, took to the streets
 to mark International Quds Day, on Friday.

The Yemeni people marched in mass rallies
to make the point that the Saudi aggression
 against their country, will not make them
 forget the Muslim world’s main cause.


SCO to do everything to prevent
 repetition of World War II tragedy — Putin

TASS - The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
 (SCO) member-countries intend to make every
 effort to continue the fight against Nazism.

This is envisaged in the joint statement to be
 adopted, among other documents, at the SCO
 summit, Russia's President, Vladimir Putin,
the expanded SCO session, on Friday.

"The Ufa summit is being held in the year of the
70th anniversary of the end of World War II," he
 said. "We deeply honor the heroic acts of our
 peoples, and we will do everything possible to
prevent the repetition of the tragedy, which
 brought the world to the brink of annihilation."

According to the president, this approach is
 envisaged in the joint statement on the 70th
 anniversary of the Victory over Nazism being
adopted on Friday.

The Russian president adds that he will take
part in the celebrations in September, at the
 invitation of Chinese friends, to mark the
70th anniversary of the defeat of Japanese
 militarism, with his Chinese counterpart,
 Xi Jinping.


India, Pakistan accession to SCO may change
 balance of power on world arena — Uzbek leader

SCO leaders agreed on Friday on the
accession of India & Pakistan, and

Uzbekistan President Karimov says
it changes the political map,
may also influence the balance
power in the world.

"How will the accession process of these two
 states happen, taking into consideration that
they aren't ordinary states, but own nuclear
weapons? If we look through this lens,
their accession to the SCO, will
not simply
change the political map, but I think
it may
change the balance of power," he
said, at
a meeting with President
Vladimir Putin,
on the sidelines of the SCO
in Russia’s Ufa.

At SCO's summit Friday, the leaders agreed
 on the accession procedure for India and
Pakistan,giving the organization
a similar
status to the "big eight" countries.

Their membership will be finalized in 2016.

The bloc has also received applications for
'observer' or 'dialogue partner' status, from
many other countries, such as Azerbaijan,
Armenia, Belarus, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka,
Syria, the Maldives, Cambodia, and Egypt.

SCO starts expansion, ratifies
10-year development strategy
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization
 on Friday, ratified its resolution starting
expansion procedures and passed a full
blueprint for the bloc's development, in
the next decade.
The leaders of the SCO states ratified a
resolution starting procedures granting
 India and Pakistan full membership.
The SCO also elevated Belarus to observer
status from dialogue partner, and took in
Azerbaijan, Cambodia and Nepal
as new
dialogue partners, the final Ufa
document says.

The organization's development in the
upcoming 10 years, has also been set.
A now approved SCO Development Strategy
 for up to 2025, maps goals for SCO member
 states to cooperate in many areas, such as
 politics, security, trade and the economy,
and in people-to-people exchanges, over
the next decade.
Analysts say, with its expansion, the SCO
 will give a platform for broader economic
 and security cooperation, within Eurasia.
Both India & Pakistan will be better able
to improve their domestic security, as the
rich experience accumulated by the bloc
 will help them tackle "3 evil forces," says
 Chen Yurong, a senior research fellow at
 China's Institute of International Studies.
Pakistan applied for full membership in
2006 - and India, in 2014.


Iran urges six world powers to
between deal and pressure

Tehran urges the 6 world powers (5 permanent
 UN Security Council members, plus Germany),
choose between the agreement or pressure,
Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif,
reporters on Friday.

"We have stated many times that the agreement
 and pressure, are incompatible," Zarif says.

"We note the excessive demands for us, and see
 changes in positions," the country’s top diplomat
 says. "Besides, differences are observed among
 the six powers themselves. This, has hampered
 the work," he adds.

Zarif notes that efforts to work out the document
 continue. "We should not leave and won’t leave,
 the negotiating table," Zarif says.

A high-ranking source in the Iranian delegation
told TASS on Thursday that talks between Iran
 and the P5+1 group on the historic agreement,
Vienna, Austria, may last 'several more days'.

Diplomats reveal that the US and UK are
blocking a deal and France is 'equivocal'.


Yemen truce to be announced today: UN envoy

A humanitarian ceasefire in Yemen is now
 "expected to be announced within a day",
raising hopes for a halt to Saudi Arabia's
 deadly airstrikes, the UN envoy to Yemen
 said, on Thursday.

A Thursday report by Yemen News Agency SABA,
 quoted Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, as saying that
 agreement had been reached on a humanitarian
 ceasefire in Yemen.

Ould Cheikh said an official announcement of a
 truce deal could come within the next 24 hours.

The development came as fugitive former Yemeni
government members, currently based in Saudi
Arabia, said on Wednesday, that they will accept
UN-sponsored truce deal in Yemen. They said
fugitive former Yemeni president, Abd Rabbuh
 Mansour Hadi, had set conditions, including a
 release of some former officials by Ansarullah,
plus a Houthi withdrawal from some southern
 regions in Yemen.

Houthis seized control of the capital Sana’a in
 September. The revolutionaries then moved to
take control of much of Yemen, from al-Qaeda
 linked militants and armed followers of Hadi.

Hadi’s ouster played into neighboring Saudi
 Arabia's hands, to unleash an all-out aerial
aggression on Yemen, in March.

Yemen's Supreme Revolutionary Committee
 announced in a statement on Wednesday,
 that Sana’a will spare no efforts to avenge
 the casualties and destruction left behind
 by the Saudi aggression.

“Over 100 days the Saudi aggressors have
 committed the most heinous crimes in
Yemen. They've violated all international
 laws, and have committed a fully-fledged
genocide in Yemen,” the statement says,
 adding that Riyadh & its allies have been
hindering all efforts aimed at reconciling
 the Yemeni factions.

According to the UN, over 5,100 people,
including 1,528 civilians, have been killed
 since a Saudi military campaign in Yemen
 started, on March 26th.


Israel arming, providing recruits for
 Takfiri militants in Syria: Report

A recent report states that the Israeli regime
has been providing recruits as well as military
 equipment, to Takfiri militant groups operating
 in Syria, trying to overthrow President Assad's

Classified documents & files newly obtained
from Israeli military officials' computers, by
unknown hackers, suggest that the Israeli
 regime hired Syrian and Lebanese nationals
 to facilitate the transfer of weapons to anti-
Damascus terrorists, Lebanon-based Arabic
 newspaper al-Akhbar, reports on Thursday.

The report says Israeli agents even notified
 foreign-sponsored militants of the locations
 that Western military aircraft were to bomb
 in Syria for the US-led coalition against IS
 terrorists, long before the aerial assaults
were conducted.

It points to the close liaison between
 the Israeli authorities and high-profile
 ISIL commanders.

Syria’s SANA news agency reported on
 May 23 how a wounded 27-yr-old Takfiri
militant had been taken to Baruch Padeh
 Medical Centre, in the Israeli settlement
 of Poriya, approx. 6 klmtrs (3.7 mls) south
 of the coastal Israeli city of Tiberias, for

The report added that the Israeli medical
 centre had accepted and treated nearly
 175 anti-Syria Takfiris ever since foreign-
sponsored militancy broke out in Syria,
 in March 2011.

According to the documents from Israeli
hospitals, up to last September, Israel’s
military had paid out $10 million from its
 budget, for the treatment of terrorists
 injured in clashes with government

The documents also show that a total of
398 injured militants were also treated at
Galil Hospital in Israel’s northern coastal
city of Nahariya, in the past two years.

Another hospital in the city of Safed, has
 provided treatment for hundreds of other
 Takfiri terrorists.

Damascus says Tel Aviv & its Western
 and regional allies, are aiding Takfiri
militant groups operating inside Syria.

The Syrian army has repeatedly seized
 huge quantities of Israeli-made weapons
 and advanced military equipment, from
 the foreign-backed militants inside Syria.

The conflict in Syria, which started in
March 2011, has reportedly claimed
 more than 230,000 lives up until now.


Hamas military wing announces
 production of new missiles

The military wing of the Palestinian resistance
 movement Hamas, announces the production
 of two new missiles on the anniversary of
Israel’s 2014 summer war on tiny Gaza.

Forces of the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades
guarded the 2 missiles at a demonstration
 in Gaza City, after iftar, late on Wednesday.

The 'al-Attar A' and 'Abu Shamala' missiles
 are named after Hamas commanders Raed
 al-Attar and Mohammad Abu Shamala, who
were killed in last year’s deadly offensive.

Hamas spokesperson Abu Obeida told the
crowd the move marks a “qualitative leap”
 forward, adding that "time will prove… the
 effectiveness" of the missiles, which were
 carried on a lorry at the demonstration.

The resistance movement also released
a statement announcing the operational
 status of the missiles in Gaza.

Meanwhile, a UN spokesperson slams
 Tel Aviv for its “inexcusable” siege,
the Palestinian territory.

"The blockade remains in place and its
crippling effect on Gaza is undeniable,
inexcusable," says Robert Turner, the
operations director in Gaza for the UN
 Relief and Works Agency for Palestine
 Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA).

Israel started its latest war on Gaza in
early July last year. Over 2,100 died &
about 11,000 were injured in Israel's
war, which ended on August 26th,
with a truce that took effect
after the
Cairo negotiations.

Over 15,500 housing units were damaged
 in the war in Gaza and over 2,200 houses
 were completely destroyed, according to
released by Palestinian sources.


Germany admits to 'genocide’ of Namibians

The speaker of Germany's parliament has said
 that a mass killing of indigenous Namibians by
 German imperial troops a century ago, was...

In a guest column for news weekly Die Zeit,
Norbert Lammert says the Herero and Nama
 peoples were systematically massacred by
 German imperial troops, in the early years
the 20th century.

"Using today's standards of international law,
 the crushing of the Herero revolt --- was a
genocide," Lammert writes, on Wednesday.

Lammert also points out that thousands of
Namas and Hereros died from malnutrition
 and hunger, in 'prison camps'.

"There were tens of thousands of Herero
and Nama victims, not only through fighting
but also through illness and targeted killing
 by allowing people to die of thirst & hunger,"
 the senior German official states, adding:
 "Others died in concentration camps and
 in slave labour."

Irritated by German settlers grabbing their
land and cattle, and taking their women,
 the Herero people started an uprising in
 January 1904, with warriors. The Nama
 tribe joined the revolt a year later.

The colonial rulers responded ruthlessly
 and signed a notorious extermination
 order against the Hereros.

Figures show German troops massacred
 about 70,000 Hereros, which amounted
 to approximately 80% of its population.
also wiped out half the people
the Nama ethnic group.

A large number of victims were beheaded
 & their skulls sent to German researchers
 in Berlin, for "scientific" experiments.

In recent years, the German government
 has formally handed back dozens of the
 skulls, many of which were stored on
 dusty shelves at clinics.

The United Nations officially called the
killings genocide as early as 1948, but
successive German governments have
 refused to do so, to this day.

Calls for official recognition of a genocide
 have grown even stronger after Germany's
 Bundestag recognized the mass killing of
 Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman
as a genocide, in April this year.

German rule in Namibia ended in 1915.


US National Strategy: Washington
Has Right to Invade Any 'Non-Ally'
The National Military Strategy of the USA 2015
 was released by the Pentagon, this July 1st:

"This 2015 National Military Strategy addresses
 the need to counter revisionist states that are
 challenging international norms, as well as
 violent extremist organizations (VEOs) that
are undermining trans-regional security.

"We are working with allies and partners to
deter, deny, and - when necessary - defeat
potential state adversaries. Central to these
 efforts, is strengthening our global network
 of allies and partners," the doctrine states.

US publicist and investigative historian,
 Eric Zuesse, suggests that "revisionist
regime" means "any government that's
not an 'ally.'"

He points out that contrary to America's
 Founders' concept of non-interference,
the US is currently forming dubious anti-
BRICS alliances in the Asia-Pacific and
in Europe.

George Washington said: "It is our true
policy to steer clear of permanent
alliances with any portion of the
foreign world".

 Thomas Jefferson stated: "Peace,
commerce and honest friendship with
 all nations; entangling alliances with

Yet Obama's administration is seemingly
 serving Wall Street's interests, Zuesse
 notes, adding that the Pentagon strategy
 is aimed at ensuring "the security of the
global economic system."

"The billionaires have done very well under
his rule, but the general US public has not."

US journalist Mike Whitney notes that Obama's
 strategy calls for Americans to prepare for an
 endless war -- in contrast to Russia and China,
which are developing the plan of an integrated
 Eurasian trade zone aimed at creating new jobs
 & facilitating the prosperity of Eurasia's nations
-- Washington "has no strategy for the future,
no vision of a better world," but "only death
and destruction ahead."

"The entire political class and their elite
 paymasters unanimously support global
rule via the force of arms," Mike Whitney

Furthermore, while previously US military
 forces were involved in counter-terrorism
campaigns, the 2015 military doctrine
 regards "state actors" as a new target.

"For the past decade, our military campaigns
 primarily have consisted of operations against
 violent extremist networks. But today, & into
 the foreseeable future, we must pay greater
attention to the challenges posed by state
the document reads.

The experts stress the White House's
 main goal is to "keep the empire intact."

In order to accomplish this task, Washington
 will do whatever it takes, from invading other
nations to overthrowing legal governments,
 while indistinct formulations of its military
doctrine will justify all its actions.


Kiev Officers Defect: 'Use of armed
forces against civilians is a crime'
Recently, on June 22nd, Major General of the
 Ukrainian armed forces, Alexander Kolomiets
  -- with other officers -- defected to Donbass,
 in South East Ukraine.
Yet behind the US's Iron Curtain, they have not
 been able to understand that Obama admitted
 the US "brokered" a coup in Ukraine, on video.

This video is not enough, even with US troops
 in Yavoriv, Ukraine, and Kiev's General Viktor
Muzhenko's stating that: "we are not fighting
Russian troops" was not made public.

Americans aren't aware of the fact that Russian
 troops have never been, and do not exist, there.

The OSCE confirms it but the sanctions continue
 against Russia -- even though they're trying their
best to bring
peace to the Ukraine crisis.

Fortunately, people are coming to their senses
 in Kiev. They have demos against Poroshenko
 and the puppet government. Outside the US
Embassy where the coup started, they yell:
 "Yankees go home!".

 They demand that the US army leave Ukraine
 - & they are getting bolder with their protests.
 It was not that long ago, that anyone who
protested against Poroshenko or the US,
 'disappeared', or was murdered.

 Like Oleg Buzina who predicted his own
murder, when he said in his video: "the
ones waiting for me...the ones bought
and paid for by US State Department!"

Major General Alexander Kolomiets speech
 to the press was very impressive:

"Civilians including old people, women and
 children are being killed. Mothers are crying
 all over Ukraine. They get endless coffins for
 funerals. Being human, I can't watch this with
 detachment. I'm a general of the armed forces
 of Ukraine, I've devoted all my life to protect
Ukraine from outside enemies. I declare: the
use of armed forces against civilians is a crime.

"The constitution of Ukraine clearly prohibits the
use of the armed forces against their own people.

"Officers are sitting next to me. They didn't want to
 fulfill criminal orders of the fascist junta. They don't
 want to kill their own people. This power only wants
 to kill and make fortune on this war. These officers,
 arms in hand, are now protecting their families and
their houses.

"I address the world community. Please, pay special
 attention to systematic violations of human rights.
 Genocide of population, murders of civilians, old
 people, women, and children. Hundreds of soldiers
 and officers crossed over to the side of DPR during
 the "anti-terrorist operation" (ATO). They are now
 protecting our frontiers in Donetsk People's

"This is a fact. A lot of officers crossed over a year
 ago, when the ATO against Donbass began. They
 left the armed forces of Ukraine to come here.
 Having their families and houses here, they came
 to protect their land. I am Alexander Kolomiets,
  major general of the armed forces of Ukraine.
My latest position was an aide of the Minister of
 Defense of Ukraine and I was the chief analyst
the armed forces of Ukraine.

"I went through Afghanistan. Many of these officers
 also were at hot spots. Fear isn't the most important
 factor. All the people sitting here want one thing: to
 protect what has been created here, against the
 Kiev criminal power."

The west cannot deny what he says, so they
 ignore his brave act and good, honest words.

Rhondda Records will not.


Over 40 Yemeni troops were killed in a
Saudi airstrike on a military base in

central Hadhramaut province.


Russia snap checks combat readiness
 of troops in Armenia

Russia has ordered the combat readiness of
its troops in Armenia tested in a snap check
 --- after protests against price rises.

Russia's Southern Military District states that
 troops stationed in Armenia's mountain areas
-- Kamkhud and Alagyaz -- have been ordered
 to perform snap combat readiness exercises.

Russian media also report that the Southern
 Military District commission "has started a
 sudden combat readiness check of the
military base in the Republic of Armenia."

Russia has ordered several drills in recent
months to test the readiness of its armed
forces stationed around the world since
standoff with the West over the armed
 crisis in east Ukraine, started last year.

The snap check in Armenia also occurs after
two weeks of street protests, as people have
 been opposing the planned rise in electricity
 prices, by a Russian-owned company.

Massive clashes erupted last month between
 police and protesters in the capital, Yerevan,
 in what was said to be one of the largest anti-
government gatherings, in years.

Some say the protests are the result of boiling
over anti-Russia sentiments in Armenia, as the
government is said to give in to Russia too

President Serzh Sargsyan denies this,
criticizing those who draw a similarity
 between the situation in Armenia and
 what happened in Ukraine last year.

Russia has warned Western governments
 about fomenting a revolution in Armenia,
 with the Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov,
warning Moscow ''will spare no efforts''
 to protect one of its staunchest allies.

Russia and Armenia ties hit a bad low in
January -- after a Russian soldier killed
family members, including a 6-month
 baby, in Gyumri, the same city where
 Russia has started its drills.


Iran, P5+1 to reach agreement no later
than morning of July 8 – Iranian delegation

The nuclear agreement between Tehran and six
world powers would be reached "either tonight,
by tomorrow morning by the latest", a high-
Iranian source told TASS. The source
this decision couldn't be postponed.

work is “very serious and hard” and
to go on, with tensions rising
& unfounded
speculations being spread.

 “It’s: we’ve lots of unanswered questions
 but we are sure we can solve them,” the
diplomat said. “Everything is going to be
right,” the diplomat added.


At least 70 people killed in Saudi
 airstrike in Yemen’s Amran

At least 70 people have been killed in multiple
Saudi airstrikes in Yemen’s western province
 of Amran.

Earlier on Monday, Saudi jets carried out raids
 on targets in the southwestern Lahij province,
 killing 50 more people.


EU-funded UK nuclear plant project
draws Austria's complaint

Austria has filed a complaint against the
European Commission, for granting EU
 state subsidies to the UK to build a
 new nuclear power plant.

Government officials confirm that Vienna
 has filed a complaint, with the European
 Court of Justice.

"Subsidies are there to support modern
technologies that lie in the general
interest of all EU member states. This
 is not the case with nuclear power,"
 Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann,
 says in a statement.

Vienna says the EU-funded Hinkley Point C
 project in England, breaks EU regulations
 and risks distorting the energy market.

Several EU states opposed the project
 before its approval. Still, the European
Commission approved it in October
 2014, after the UK modified funding
 plans for the deal.

The project was first estimated to cost
$25 billion (about 22.6 billion euros). But,
EU officials now estimate the project will
 cost $38 billion (about 34.5 billion euros).

Under the disputed deal, two new reactors
will be constructed in southwest England
by the French energy group Électricité de
 France (EDF), and in return, London must
 supply France with part of the electricity
generated at the plant for 35 years, at a
 fixed rate.

"We're confident that the Commission's
 state aid decision on Hinkley Point C is
 legally robust," a spokesperson for the
 UK's Department of Energy and Climate
 Change, said last week.

EDF is France's main electricity generation
 and distribution company and manages all
 59 nuclear reactors in the country.


US to pay salaries of Governor
Saakashvili’s team in Odessa, Ukraine
Despite Mr Saakashvili saying he went to the US
to gain tourists and investment for Odessa Oblast,
he says today that the US government has agreed
to pay the salaries of all of his staff.

 Georgia's former President, Mr Saakashvili, says
California police will also train Odessa’s officers.

“Within the framework of Odessa’s anti-corruption
 pressure, the US government agreed to provide
 funds for the salaries of Saakashvili's new team,”
Saakashvili wrote on his Facebook page, after
meeting Geoffrey Pyatt, the US Ambassador to

He added that American police officers from
 California “will train new Odessa police.”

Pyatt has repeatedly voiced his support for
 Saakashvili. Earlier in July he said the US
 “fully supports Mikheil Saakashvili and his
team, and we will do everything so that
they can succeed.”

Saakashvili left Georgia in autumn 2013, days
before his presidential term expired. He has
living abroad ever since.

In spring 2014, Georgia's new ruling coalition
 accused Saakashvili of embezzling hundreds
 of thousands of dollars from the state budget.
 Georgia's prosecutors are investigating this.

 Saakashvili denies the charges, saying the
 funds went to "attracting foreign investors
 to the country".

Apart from embezzlement, Saakashvili has
several other cases ongoing against him.

He's accused of abuse of power during the
 crackdown on anti-government protests in
 the capital, Tbilisi, on November 7th, 2007.
 He's also alleged to have been involved in
attacking an opposition TV station, Imedi,
 seized by Georgian special forces on the
same day, & appropriating the founder's

In February 2015, Tbilisi issued an
extradition request for Saakashvili,
 but the Kiev authorities rejected it.


UN to probe plane crash of Hammarskjold in 1961

Xinhua -- There is sufficient reason to investigate if
 the aircraft carrying then-UN Secretary-General Dag
 Hammarskjold on an African peace mission in 1961
 was shot down by another plane, killing all aboard,
 UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon says.

A panel which Ban established in March to examine
 new allegations regarding the crash, near Ndola in
 Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, of the Swedish-
operated Douglas DC6 carrying Hammarskjold and
 15 others, recently sent its finding to the secretary-
general who sent them to the UN General Assembly
 with his recommendation to investigate some of the
 allegations further.

However, Ban says the panel believes Hammarskjold
 was not assassinated after surviving the crash, and
 that there was no hijacking or sabotage.

Hammarskjold, the second ever UN secretary-
general, was trying to negotiate a cease-fire
 between secessionists from Katanga province
 and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

"The panel assigned moderate probative value"
to "new information relevant to the hypothesis
of an aerial attack or other interference as a
 possible cause or causes of the crash," Ban
 wrote to General Assembly President Kutesa.

The reasons cited were "Nine new eyewitness
 accounts, that they observed more than one
 aircraft in the air at the same time as SE- BDY
 made its approach into Ndola, and that any
 additional aircraft were jets, or that SE-BDY
 was on fire before it impacted the ground,
 or that it was fired on or otherwise actively
 engaged by other aircraft present," he said.

There were also claims of two persons hearing
 "alleged intercepts or reading transcripts of
 intercepts of radio transmissions relating to
 a possible aerial or ground attack on SE-BDY"
 and there was additional information that has
 emerged on the air capability of the provincial
 government of Katanga in 1961 and its use of
foreign military and paramilitary personnel,"
 the secretary-general said.

Additionally, the panel also found "moderate
 probative value" to allegations that encrypted
 communications from Hammarskjold's aircraft
 were intercepted and that crew fatigue could
 have been "a contributing factor to the crash,"
 he said.

The report says new information it considered
"calls into question the official account of the
time of discovery of the crash site and the
 behavior of various officials and local

"It's my view that a further inquiry or investigation
 will be necessary to finally establish the facts,"
Ban said, urging member states "to disclose,
 declassify or otherwise allow privileged access
 to information that they may possess related to
 the circumstances and conditions resulting in
 the deaths of the passengers of SE-BDY."

He urges that "any relevant records that remain
 classified more than 50 years after the fact, are
 declassified or otherwise made available for
 review by any eminent person or persons whom
 the Assembly may wish to entrust with this man-
date. I consider this our solemn duty to my
illustrious and distinguished predecessor, Dag
 Hammarskjold, to the other members of the
 party accompanying him, and to their families."



Over 61% of Greeks say 'No' in crucial
 bailout referendum – early results

Over 61 percent of Greeks have voted “No”
 in Sunday’s referendum on the bailout deal
 & austerity measures, reported the Interior
Ministry -- after almost 90% of the vote had
 been counted.


Saakashvili Selling Odessa
 to His Friends in USA

'Stop NATO' recently published news from
 Interfax Ukraine -- which went unnoticed.

The short news piece says: “Odessa regional
 administration head Mikheil Saakashvili, has
 left for the US to present the region’s invest-
ment opportunities to international investors.”

Mikheil Saakashvili, former US sponsored
 President of Georgia (2004 – 2013), now
wanted for “exceeding official powers” by
 Georgia, was gifted Ukrainian citizenship
 by President Petro Poroshenko, who made
 him governor of Odessa Oblast. That way,
 he avoided extradition and prison.

Saakashvili, on his latest trip to the US:

“I am presenting Odessa region’s investment
 opportunities to international investors, in
New York. Odessa has lots of advantages, in
particular, a very well-educated and talented
 population, and amazing tourism potential, &
we will guarantee investors, protection from
 extortion & rackets, which have obstructed
 economic growth so much, until lately,”
Saakashvili said on Facebook, Friday.

Open for tourism? Safe environment?

We may recall the May 2nd, 2014 massacre,
when 200 people were injured & 48 activists
 were killed by fascist thugs: burned to death
 in the Trade Unions Building fire, or beaten
and/or shot, while trying to escape.

This repression in Odessa is ongoing.
 About a month ago, Eric Draitser wrote:

"In recent weeks & months, the local authorities
 have engaged in politically motivated arrests of
key journalists & bloggers, who've presented a
 critical perspective on developments in Odessa.

 "Most prominent among them are the editors of the
 website infocenter-odessa.com, a locally oriented
 news site, which has been fiercely critical of the
 Kiev regime and its local authorities."

In April a group of Odessan residents announced
  their intention to break away from Ukraine & join
 the newly formed Donetsk & Luhansk Republics
 in Eastern Ukraine. Shortly after, security forces
 arrested and tortured several dozen residents:

Here is the text of the official statement sent
 by the head of the People’s Republic of Odessa:

“Odessans again, are choking on the blood of
their sons. This time, the Nazis didn't wait for
 May to act. Punishers of the ‘Ukraine Security
 Service’ arrested several dozen supporters
 of New Russia.

 “According to information received, they are
 now trying the most sophisticated, almost
medieval, torture-methods. I was told this
 by reliable and trusted sources.”

“On the city outskirts a kind of ‘national
 guard’ was created.” (Eric Zuesse).

A US-fomented coup regime appoints a foreign
 Governor to silence and torture its population,
 and sell Odessa to foreign investors.

 That’s what “democracy” looks like, in post-
Maidan Ukraine.


US-Saudi Man-Made Famine
 Threatens 20 Million Yemenis

80% of people in the Arab world’s poorest state
are in danger of starving to death under the US-
backed and US-enabled blockade and bombing.

Have CNN, the BBC, NBC, Fox, Sky, etc,
 told you about that?

This is the world's biggest humanitarian disaster
 right now - but it’s getting barely any attention,
 because the US is involved in it, in a major way.
 (The Saudi campaign in Yemen is not possible
 without US diplomatic, intelligence and
logistics backing.)

20 million people in Yemen, the poorest country
 in the Arab world, are at risk of dying from thirst
or hunger. That’s 80% of the Yemen’s population,
 which, according to UN agencies, badly needs
 emergency supplies of food and water, plus
fuel and medicine.

The reason for all this suffering, is months of
 merciless bombardment and blockade led by
 the richest Arab countries -- Saudi Arabia and
 its neighboring petro-princedoms -- backed
 by the United States, which is providing the
attackers with technical assistance,
 intelligence, and top-shelf armaments.

In 2011, a nationwide uprising deposed
Yemen’s autocratic leader, Ali Abdullah
 Saleh. There was no democratic vote,
 before his successor, the Saudi/US-
backed Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi,
over -- he ran unopposed.

There was no relief from the poverty,
unemployment, and corruption, that
 brought about the popular revolt.

A few months ago, a Houthi reformist
 movement & militia -- which launched
 rebellions against Saleh previously --
headed the widespread discontent
to take the capital, Sanaa. Hadi fled
 into exile, and the Saudis started
bombing, shortly after this.

Local militias in central and southern
 Yemen still loyal to Hadi have resisted
 the Houthis, yet many army units loyal
 to Saleh are now allied with the Houtis.

 Meanwhile, a local franchise of al-Qaeda
 is fighting everybody.

Yemenis caught in this crossfire were
already thirsty and hungry before any
started, & with Yemen’s borders
closed, its
airports shut down, and
Arab navies
enforcing an embargo
at sea, the
situation is desperate.

Saudi Arabia & its friends, including
the US, have no discernible plan for
winning, beyond reducing
Yemen to
rubble & besieging
civilians, in the
hope of securing
a Houthi surrender.

The Obama administration has
shown no interest in stopping
the war.

In fact, the US has even announced a
suspension of aid to Yemen for a year,
 undercutting its murmurs of concern.
Instead, the Obama administration could
withdraw its support for the bombing, lift
 the blockade, & broker a power-sharing
 agreement between Yemen’s factions.

 For the people of Yemen, it’s beyond


Syrian forces, Hezbollah,
key city near Lebanon

Xinhua -- The Syrian army backed by Hezbollah
 on Sunday, storms a western part of the rebel-
held city of Zabadani, near Lebanon's borders,
 pan-Arab al-Mayadeen TV, reports.

Army forces and Hezbollah capture the entire
 district of Jamyiat in the western part of
which is a key city, today.

A day earlier, Syrian forces & Hezbollah launched
 a major offensive to drive out the al-Qaida-linked
 Nusra Front and likeminded groups from Zabadani.

The wide-scale offensive on Zabadani, in the west
-ern part of Qalamoun region, north of the capital
 Damascus, comes after Syrian forces and allied
 fighters, tightened a siege on rebels there, the
 TV report says.

The offensive aims to clear the city and the entire
 region of Qalamoun of the Nusra Front and allied
 militants, who have been using it as a conduit to
militants and weapons from Lebanon,
into the
western countryside of Damascus.

Winning this area will shield the Lebanese borders
 from the threat of the Nusra Front, as reports say
 most of the blasts that targeted Lebanon recently
 were planned by the rebels in Syria and the cars
 were booby-trapped in Qalamoun.


Probability of US fighting war against Russia
growing: Pentagon

A US military report warns of a growing probability of
the United States fighting a war with a major power,
 Russia or China, with "immense" consequences.

The report by General Martin Dempsey, chair of
 the Joint Chiefs of Staff, singles out Russia and
 China as aggressive countries and a threat to
security interests.

"Russia's military actions are undermining regional
 security directly and through proxy forces," it says.

The study points to the alleged presence of Russian
 troops in Ukraine as a source of tension between
 Washington and Moscow.

Relations between the United States & Russia are
 at their lowest point since the end of the Cold War
in 1991, largely due to the crisis in Ukraine.

Ties deteriorated after US-backed forces
ousted Ukraine’s elected president Viktor
 Yanukovych in February 2014.

The US and allies accuse Moscow of sending
 troops into eastern Ukraine in support of anti
-US coup forces. Moscow has long denied
involvement in Ukraine's crisis.

Moscow says Washington is responsible for
 the escalating tension in Ukraine through
sending arms in support of the coup army.

Meanwhile, ties between China and the US
are also strained after Washington recently
accused Beijing of cyber spying.

Washington also says it wants Beijing to
reduce tensions in the South China Sea,
where the country is locked in territorial
 disputes with its neighbours. Beijing
the US must stay out of the row.

"China's actions are adding tension to the
Asia-Pacific region," the Pentagon paper

The US military report also warns of growing
 technological challenges --- and increasing
global instability.

"When applied to military systems, this
diffusion of technology is challenging the
competitive advantages long held by the
 United States, such as early warning &
precision strikes," the paper says.

A US political and economic scholar says
 growing conflict between the US & Russia
 over Ukraine's conflict is a result of the US
 struggling to maintain its hegemony: making
 “extremely provocative moves” in East Europe.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former US official:

“The conflict that Washington has created with
Russia is entirely Washington’s doing,” says Dr.
 Paul Craig Roberts, an economist who served as
assistant secretary of the treasury for economic
 policy in the Ronald Reagan administration.

“It’s a serious situation in which the United States
 is driving Europe into a conflict with Russia, and
it’s all about the United States protecting its
 hegemony, protecting its unique power status,”
 Dr. Roberts states.

“And in order to protect its status, it has to
bring tremendous pressure on Russia and
also on China in order to try to make those
countries accept Washington’s leadership
 and to comply with Washington’s foreign
 policies,” he adds.

“So this is a dangerous situation but the fault is
 entirely in Washington,” Dr. Roberts concludes.


34mn children, adolescents out of school
in conflict zones: says UN report

The United Nations (UN) warns that 34 million
 children and adolescents are out of school
in conflict-hit countries across the world.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural
 Organization (UNESCO) report, states that
the poorest children are most vulnerable,
 and twice as likely to be out of school,
compared with their counterparts in
peaceful countries.

UNESCO says $2.3 billion is needed to put
the children back into school. That amount
ten times the amount governments give

 globally, each year, for education.

According to the report, one of the main
reasons conflicts take such a heavy toll
 on education, is the lack of financing in
the violence-hit countries.

It also says that, last year, education
received only 2% of global humanitarian
 aid contributed by governments across
 the world.

“A new target for directing funds to education
 in times of conflict has been required for some
 time. Present targets are hugely insufficient
and diverting attention from the true needs of
 children and youth on the ground,” according
 to Aaron Benavot, a UNESCO director.

Girls are almost 90% more likely to be out of
 secondary school in conflict-torn countries,
 than anywhere else, the report says.

UNESCO calls for a new global emergency fund
 to assist children in conflict zones, to go back
 to school. The full details of the fund, to be
revealed later this year.

“Returning to school may be the only flicker
of hope and normality for many children and
youth in countries engulfed in crises,” says
 Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO.

In April, the UN released a similar report saying
 that 12 million children in the Middle East region
 remain out of school --- mostly due to poverty,
 discrimination and violence.

The report says the ongoing conflicts in Iraq,
 Yemen and Syria, have forced several million
 children out of school.


Millions of Yemeni children at risk
 of diseases, hunger: UNICEF

The current crisis in Yemen, which has
worsened the country’s health system,
 is putting millions of children at risk
diseases and malnutrition, the UN
 Children's Fund (UNICEF) warns.

A large number of children in war-torn Yemen
 are exposed to the threat of diseases due to
 widespread disruption in vaccination services
UNICEF spokesperson, Christophe Boulierac,
 told a press briefing in Geneva, on Tuesday.

He said that 2.6 million children under 15,
are now at risk of contracting
measles --
because the lack of electricity and
is impacting health centres’ ability to

provide children with sanitary services

He also noted that, due to the shortage of
 vaccinations, the number of children exposed
 to acute respiratory infections like pneumonia,
 is also likely to rise to 1.3 million, while over
2.5 million children remain at risk of diarrhoea
because of poor hygienic conditions and the
lack of safe water.

Over half a million children under five are also
 at risk of developing malnutrition in the next
 12 months, if the situation keeps worsening,
states the UNICEF spokesperson.

The remarks come over three months after
Saudi Arabia launched its airplane bombing
 aggression against Yemen - without a UN
mandate - in a bid to undermine the Houthi
Ansarullah movement and to restore power
 to the country’s fugitive former president,
Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, a staunch ally of

The UN says at least 2,600 people have lost
 their lives, & 11,000 have been injured, due
the conflict in Yemen, since March 19th.


US church votes to boycott Israel
 over occupation of Palestine

One of the largest Christian Protestant denominations
 in the United States, has overwhelmingly approved a
 resolution calling for divestment from companies
 that profit from Israel’s occupation of Palestinian

The United Church of Christ voted on Tuesday to
 boycott products from Israeli settlements & divest
 from companies with business in Israeli-occupied
 Palestinian territories, underscoring the growing
 momentum of a US protest movement against
Israeli policy.

The denomination's top legislative body endorsed
 the action, by voting 508-124 with 38 abstentions,
 during its meeting in Cleveland, Ohio.

The boycott resolution is the second such measure
 passed by the church, which has about 1 million
members and over 5,000 congregations across
 the US.

The first resolution, passed in 2005, called for the
 use of “economic leverage” on Israel & accused
 the Zionist regime of widespread human rights
 abuses against the Palestinians.

Peter Makari of Global Ministries, an agency that
 is part of the United Church of Christ, said the
 resolutions "reflect our urgent concern for the
 worsening effects of the Israeli occupation on
Palestinian people and lives, including the
disparity in rights and power."

Two other American churches, the Episcopal
Church and the Mennonite Church USA, were
also debating Israeli boycott measures this
week at their conventions.

A growing list of US-based churches are
considering the call of Palestinian Christians
 for using boycott and divestment "as tools of
 nonviolence for justice, peace & security for all."

The latest vote comes as the boycott, divestment
and sanctions movement against Israel, known
 as BDS, is gaining momentum on US college
 campuses and in many places in Europe.

The BDS movement seeks to end the Israeli
 occupation & colonization of Palestinian lands
 and respect the right of return of Palestinian

The BDS boycott campaign against Israel began
 in July 2005, by 171 Palestinian organizations,
and calls for "various forms of boycott against
 Israel until it meets its obligations under
international law.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and
 his subordinates have called the BDS campaign
 a new form of terrorism to delegitimize Israel.

Supporters of the movement, including a growing
 number of American Jews, call such criticism a
 fearmongering and divisive tactic, meant to halt
 legitimate debate about the Israeli occupation
of Palestinian lands.

Jewish Voice for Peace, a group based in Oakland,
 California, has endorsed the BDS movement, and
 welcomed Tuesday’s boycott resolution.

“Progressives are speaking up, and it’s only a
matter of time until Israel is held accountable
 for its human rights abuses and violations of
international law,” Lev Hirschhorn, a board
 member, said in a statement on the group’s


60 Egyptian soldiers killed in attacks
on army checkpoints in Sinai

At least 60 Egyptian soldiers have been killed
 & scores of others injured in a series of attacks
 by Takfiri militants against military checkpoints
in Egypt’s violence-plagued Sinai Peninsula.

Security sources, speaking on condition of
 anonymity, said militants detonated a vehicle
rigged with explosives south of Sheikh Zuweid,
a town about 334 kilomtrs (214 miles) northeast
 of the capital, Cairo, on Wednesday, killing tens
 of troopers and injuring several more, Sky News
 Arabia satellite news network reported.

Assailants also fired several rounds of mortar
shells at army check posts in al-Joureh, Abu
Refaei and Sedrah districts on the southern
outskirts of Sheikh Zuweid.

The projectiles triggered fierce exchanges of
gunfire between Egyptian government forces
and Takfiri terrorists.

Meanwhile, at least ten militants have been killed
and scores of others injured as Egyptian Apache
 combat helicopters struck terrorist hideouts in
 Sinai Peninsula.

The development comes only days after over 11
 militants were killed & 4 others arrested, when
 government troops raided terrorist hideouts in
Sheikh Zuweid and the border town of Rafah,
340 kilometers (211 miles) east of Cairo.
Egypt's military views the Sinai Peninsula
 as a sanctuary for extremists.

Gunmen have intensified terrorist attacks in
 Sinai ever since Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first
democratically-elected president, was taken
from power in a military coup in July 2013.

Militants from the Velayat Sinai terror group,
 previously known as Ansar Bait al-Maqdis,
have claimed responsibility for most of the
attacks in Sinai Peninsula. Last November,