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Quotations Page

Chris Hedges:
''The reality of empire rarely reaches the American public. 
The few atrocities that come to light, are dismissed as
isolated aberrations. The public is assured: what has 
been uncovered will be investigated and will not take 
place again. The goals of empire, we are told by a 
subservient media and our ruling elites, are 
virtuous and noble. And the vast killing 
machine grinds forward, feeding, as it 
has always done, the swollen bank 
accounts of defense contractors 
and corporations.. that exploit 
natural resources and cheap
 labour around the globe.''

Víctor Jara:
''US imperialism understands very well the magic 
of communication through music, and persists 
in filling our young people with all sorts of 
commercial tripe.'' 
''With professional expertise they have taken certain 
measures: first, the commercialization of the so-
called ‘protest music’; second, the creation of 
‘idols’ of protest music, who obey the same 
rules and suffer from the same constraints 
as the other idols of the consumer music
industry – they last a little while, and
then disappear.'' 
''Meanwhile, they are useful in neutralizing the innate spirit 
of rebellion of young people. The term ‘protest song’, is 
no longer valid, because it is ambiguous and has been 
misused. I prefer the term ‘revolutionary song’.''

James Morris Lawson Jr.:
''I say we must have a movement that brings those troops 
home and launch a crusade to transform our school 
buildings, we launch a crusade to see to it that 
every citizen has adequate and affordable 
housing, we launch a crusade to make 
universal health care. We need not 
soldiers anymore in the world. 
We've had enough of them 
in western history.''

Psychologist Albert Ellis:
“Even injustice has it's good points.
It gives me 
the challenge of being
as happy as I can...
 in an
unfair world.”

Chris Hedges:
''There are no constraints left... to halt America’s slide into a
totalitarian capitalism. Electoral politics are a sham. The
media have been debased and defanged by corporate 
owners. The working class has been impoverished
 and is now being plunged into profound despair. 
The legal system has been corrupted, to serve 
corporate interests. Popular institutions, from 
labour unions to political parties, have been 
destroyed or emasculated by corporate 
power. And any form of protest... no 
matter how tepid.. is blocked by an
internal security apparatus that is 
starting to rival that of the East 
German secret police...  The 
mounting anger and hatred, 
coursing through the blood
-stream of the body politic, 
make violence and counter
-violence inevitable. Brace 
yourself. The American 
empire is over. And the
descent is going to be 

Alexis de Tocqueville:
“The American Republic will endure
until the day 
Congress discovers
that it can bribe the public 
with the public's money.”

Marguerite Higgins:
“I thought then, how much more matter-of
-fact the actuality of war is, than any of
projections in literature. The
seldom cry - there
is no one with time 
emotion to listen.”

Marshall Berman:
''To be modern....  is to find ourselves 
in an environment that promises us 
adventure, power, joy, growth, 
transformation of ourselves 
and the world --- and at the 
same time that threatens
to destroy.. everything 
we have... everything 
we know, everything 
we are.''

Julius Nyerere:
''If real development is to take place, 
the people have to be involved.''

Raymond Williams:
“To be truly radical, is to make hope possible, 
rather than despair convincing. It is then, in 
making hope practical, rather than despair 
convincing... that we must resume and 
change and extend our campaigns.“

(Sir) Walter Scott:
''To be ambitious of true honour, of the true glory
and perfection 
of our natures.... is the very 
principle and incentive of virtue. For he
does good - having the unlimited
to do evil - deserves praise,
not only for 
the good which he 
performs, but for the evil
which he 

William Faulkner:
''Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and 
truth and compassion, against injustice and lying
and greed. If people all over the world… would 
do this, it would change the earth.'' 

UN declaration:
''…while democracies share common features,
 there is no single model of democracy and 
democracy does not belong to any 
country or region...''

Fidel Castro:
''The equal right of all citizens --- to health, education,
work, food, security, culture, 
science, and wellbeing
...that is, the 
same rights we proclaimed when we
began our struggle, in 
addition to those which 
emerge.... from our dreams of justice and
equality for 
all inhabitants of our world
is what I wish.... for all.''

John Neal:
"There is no greater humbug in the minds of men, than
this obsequious bowing... to men of high station. 
great thinkers of the world, are the 
workers of the
world, the producers 
of the world."

John Quincy Adams:
''Heaven has given to every human being 
the power of controlling his passions, 
and if he neglects or loses it, the 
fault is his own, and he must 
be answerable for it.''

Martin Luther King Jnr: 
“Darkness cannot drive out darkness, 
only light can do that. Hatred cannot 
drive out hate, only love can do that.”

Peter Fraser:
''Every one of our countries are sovereign states 
and the more independent we are, the more we 
realise we are interdependent.''

About Cuba, by Fidel Castro:
''There is not Communism or Marxism,
but representative democracy, and 
social justice, in a well-planned 

Jean de La Bruyère:

Modesty is to merit, what shade is 
to figures in a picture... it gives it 
strength and makes it stand out.

Munshi Premchand:
''The world assumes... that we are very happy... 
with high mansions, fine carriages, servants 
and attendants, huge investments... and 
concubines. But he who is without the
honour and strength of the soul,
can be anything but happy.''

Bal Gangadhar Tilak:
"Religion and practical life are not different. To take 
renunciation, is not to abandon life. The real spirit 
is to make the country your family --- and work
together --- instead of working only for your 
own. The step beyond, is to serve 
humanity, and the next step
to serve God."

Randa Farah, Associate Professor, Western Ontario:
“It is totally unacceptable that in the 21st century, this 
scale and level of brutality against the Palestinians 
unleashed on a daily basis and for over 7 decades
is met with barely a whisper from the 
‘international community.’ The 
silence in the
world is heard loudly in 
Palestine and is a
black page in 
humanity’s history, and
so in the history of the Arab
-Islamic world.” 
“I am utterly dismayed and shocked --- although not 
entirely surprised --- by the level and depth of the 
complicity and treachery of the Gulf oligarchies. 
Who would have thought that the oil wealth that 
could have been used for the development of 
the Middle East and North Africa and for the 
well-being of millions of people, is today, 
used to empower Zionist colonization 
in Palestine and to promote US and 
imperial interests?” 

Gustav Stresemann:
''Here, we encounter two conflicting concepts, with 
which we must come to grips in our time: the idea 
of national solidarity and the idea of international 
cooperation. To contrast national solidarity and 
international cooperation, as two opposites... 
seems foolish, to me. The ''great men'' of a 
nation, reach out to all mankind. They are 
unifying, not divisive; internationally 
conciliating, and still great, 

(Sir) Walter Scott:
''I have heard men talk about the blessings of
he said to himself, "but I wish any
wise man 
would teach me what use to 
make of it, now that I have it.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“In matters pertaining to the care of life 
there has been no marked gain over 
Greek and Roman antiquity.”

Hermann Hesse:
''I have always believed, and I still believe, 
that whatever good or bad fortune may 
come our way, we can always give it 
meaning and transform it into
something of value.''

Amelia Boynton Robinson:
''Only until all human beings begin to recognize
themselves as human beings will prejudice be
gone forever. People ask me what race I am, 
but there is no such thing as race. I just 
answer: "I’m a member of the 
human race."

Alexis Tsipras:
''Austerity is not part of the European treaties; 
democracy and the principle of popular 
sovereignty are.''

Jean de La Bruyère:
''Not to be able to bear with all bad-tempered people 
- with whom the world is crowded - shows that a 
man has not a good temper himself.''

 Huey Long:
''I'm for the poor man — all poor men, black 
and white, they all gotta have a chance. 
They gotta have a home, a job, and a 
decent education for their children. 
'Every man a king'
my slogan."

Jean de La Bruyère:
''There are some sordid minds, formed of slime and filth,
to whom interest and gain, are what glory and virtue
to superior souls; they feel no other pleasure,
but to 
acquire money.''

Claudette Werleigh:
“I have been blessed to have worked both in rich 
countries and one of the most impoverished 
ones, at grassroots level and at top level. 
I have learned...  that we all need to 
acknowledge our differences, to 
accept the other as equal and 
to cooperate, in order to 
improve life.”

Nong Duc Manh: 
''The war against terrorism...... should not be used 
to interfere with an independent, sovereign state. 
We need to identify concrete terrorist targets --- 
and do no harm to civilians.''

Alexis de Tocqueville:
Tyranny in democratic republics, ignores the body and 
goes straight for the soul. The master no longer says:- 
You will think as I do, or die. He says: You are free not 
to think as I do. You may keep your life, your property 
and everything else. But from this day forth you shall 
be as a stranger among us. You will retain your civic 
privileges, but they will be of no use to you. For if 
you seek the votes of your fellow citizens, they 
will withhold them, and if you seek only their 
esteem, they will feign to refuse even that. 
You will remain among men... but you will 
forfeit your rights to humanity. When you 
approach your fellow creatures, they'll 
shun you as one who is impure. And 
even those who believe in your 
innocence will abandon you, 
lest they, too.. be shunned, 
in turn. Go in peace, I will 
not take your life... but...
life I leave you with
worse than death.”

Lee Camp:
''A large 2014 Princeton study looked at 1,779 policy
initiatives and found that the American public has
 zero impact --- on what gets passed through 
Congress. What we, the American people
want, has no influence on American 
policy. The politicians tell you, it 
does. They act like they care. 
But nothing you and I want 
...ever gets done.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“The 'trade agreement' has become a rather distinct feature 
of the American labour movement.  ...It is based on the idea 
that labour shall accept the capitalist system of production 
and make terms of peace with it.”

Edgar Guest:
The lectures you deliver
may be wise and true,
But I'd rather get my lessons
by observing what you do.
I may not understand
the high advice you like to give,
But there's no misunderstanding
how you act and how you live.

Steven Wright:
''I can't wait to be arrested... and go all the way to the
 stand. "Do you swear to tell the whole truth
and nothing 
but the truth, so help you, God?"  "Yes,
you're ugly. See 
that women in the jury? I'd really
like to sleep with her. 
Should I keep going.... or
are you going to ask 
me questions?"

Anna Kingsford:
''No man who aims at making his life an harmonious whole, 
pure, complete, and harmless to others, can endure to 
gratify an appetite at the cost of the daily suffering 
and bloodshed of his inferiors in degree, and of 
the moral degradation of his own kind. I know 
not which strikes me most forcibly in the 
ethics of this question...  the injustice, 
the cruelty, or the nastiness of flesh
-eating. The injustice is to the 
butchers, the cruelty is to the 
animals and the nastiness,
concerns the consumer.'' 

Alexis de Tocqueville:
“I do not know if the people of the United States 
would vote for superior men, if they ran for 
office, but there can be no doubt
such men do not run.”

Marguerite Higgins:
''There is much pretence in our everyday life, 
and - with a skilful manner - much can be 
concealed. But with a shell whistling at 
you there is not much time to pretend 
and a person’s qualities are starkly 

Father Wresinski:
''Wherever men and women are condemned to live 
in extreme poverty, human rights are violated. To 
come together to ensure that these rights be
respected, is our solemn duty.''

Alexis Tsipras:
''There was a huge lack of freedom in communist regimes... 
but at least they had humanity at the centre of their thinking.''

 Cleveland Amory:
“What this world needs is a new kind 
of army --- the army of the kind.”

 Basil, fool for Christ:
 ''Why abstain from meat, 
  when you murder men?''

John Neal:
''The frontier people pick a quarrel with the Indians. 
No declaration of war follows; no ceremony; but,
forth goes General [Andrew] Jackson ------ or 
general somebody else; wasting and firing
the whole country.  A truce follows:
ceding of the conquered country --- 
for the protection of the whites.
No people, ancient or modern
..have been so deplorably 
oppressed, belied, and 
wronged, in every 
possible way."

John Quincy Adams:
''Nip the shoots of arbitrary power in the bud,
is the only maxim which can ever preserve
the liberties of any people.''

Bill Waterson:
''The surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in 
the universe --- is that it has never tried to contact us.''

Ken Saro-Wiwa:
''We all stand before history. I am a man of peace,
of ideas. 
Appalled by the denigrating poverty of
my people, who 
live on a richly endowed land,
distressed by their 
political marginalization
and economic strangulation, 
angered by
the devastation of their land, their 
ultimate heritage, anxious to
preserve their 
right to life
and to a decent living.

José Rizal:
''The people no longer have confidence
in their former 
protectors, now their
exploiters and executioners.
masks have fallen.''

Nikolay Chernyshevsky:
''To renounce progress... is as silly
as to 
renounce the Earth's force
of gravitation.''

 Woody Guthrie:
''I would like to see every single soldier on every single side, 
just take off your helmet, unbuckle your kit, lay down your 
rifle, and set down at the side of some shady lane, and 
say, nope, I aint a gonna kill nobody. Plenty of rich 
folks wants to fight. Give them the guns.''

Walid Jumblatt:
''The U.S. always needs an enemy. It comes 
and goes. Today it is Islam. According to 
this plan or ideology of the born-again 
Christians who formed an alliance 
with Zionism, Islam is
the monster.''

Stephen Karganovic:
''The in-your-face European Parliament human rights 
prize nomination of señora Añez, for the notable
 accomplishment - of serving as provisional 
head of state in an illegal coup regime 
- which deposed the legitimately 
elected President - should be
enough... to give the whole 
game away, shouldn’t it?''
Eric Zuesse:
''The rich have inculcated into the public 
a respect for the rich, and a contempt 
for the poor.''

Jeremy Hardy:
''Capitalism is a great idea in theory,
 but in practice, it just doesn't work.''

Al Sharpton:
''It seems some have chosen to ignore or 
have simply forgotten... the big-picture 
vision... promoted by Dr. King and his 
kin. I do believe the Democrat party 
has moved...     far to the right. I do 
believe that the party has a bunch 
of elephants running around in 
donkey clothes.''

Fidel Castro:
''They talk about the failure of socialism 
but where is the success of capitalism 
in Africa, Asia and Latin America?''

Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi:
''We once formed a human chain 
around Jerusalem, joining 
hands and calling 
for peace.''

Bertha von Suttner:
''One of the eternal truths is that happiness 
is created and developed in peace, and 
one of the eternal rights, is the 
individual's right to live.''

Chalmers Johnson:
“As militarism, the arrogance of power, and the 
euphemisms required to justify imperialism, 
inevitably conflict with America’s 
democratic structure of 
government and distort
its culture and basic 
values, I fear that 
we will lose our

Nathaniel Hawthorne:
''Happiness is not found in things you possess,
but in what you have the courage to release.''

W. E. B. Du Bois:
There can be no perfect democracy curtailed 
by colour, race, or poverty. But with all,
accomplish all, even Peace.”

Elias Canetti:
''The planet's survival has become so uncertain 
that any effort, any thought, that presupposes 
an assured future, amounts to a mad gamble.''

President Erdogan:
''Nobody can tell Turkey 
what defense systems
 it can buy,''
''The other side of the coin
is that nobody can tell
US... what
to sell.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“Those who sit at the feast will continue to 
enjoy themselves... even though the veil 
that separates them from the world of 
toiling reality below, has been lifted 
by mass revolts and critics.”

Mark Twain's “To the Person Sitting in Darkness”:
 ''Each of the world’s strongest nations, is proceeding
with its banner of the Prince of Peace in one hand 
and its loot-basket and its butcher-knife in
 the other.''

Cuban leader, Díaz-Canel: 
''As long as this world order prevails, 
the noblest goals will remain
 a chimera.''

Walid Jumblatt:
''The consequence of Mr. Bush's and Blair's 
historic lie - that the reason for invading 
Iraq was weapons of mass destruction 
- is that everything is being doubted.''

Marshall McLuhan:
“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is a 
hallucinating idiot... for he sees what no one 
else does: things that, to everyone else, 
are not there.”

Jean de La Bruyère:
''We must laugh before we are happy, 
for fear we die before we laugh at all.''

Carl Jung:
''In my case, Pilgrim's Progress consisted in my 
having to climb down a thousand ladders, until
 I could reach out my hand to the little clod 
of earth that I am.''

President Putin:
"We should have modernised sooner, instead of 
sticking our heads into buckets of sand,
our butt exposed for
anyone to kick".

Cuban leader, Díaz-Canel: 
''Building the world we dream of is an enormous task, 
but it is possible, if we renounce selfishness and 
work together to transform the current unjust
international order into a more just, 
democratic and equitable one
in which, at last, no one is 
left behind.''

Vladivostok taxi driver:
"Russia not my country.... USSR my country.
In USSR everyone same, everyone friends. 
Now, if you are rich and I am poor, you 
cannot be my friend".

Lion Feuchtwanger:
“It is easy to possess a conscience, Monsieur, 
when one only needs to talk or write about it. 
But the man who has to act, is constantly 
faced with the necessity, if he wishes to
deal justly with one person, of being 
unjust to somebody else.”

Research published in recent days by Levada Centre:
''While one in six Russians, want to move toward 
“democracy according to the model of Western
countries,” around 18% said “the current 
system” was preferable.''
''49% of respondents said they would happily return 
to “the Soviet system, like we had until the 1990s.” 
and 30% of 18-24 year olds said that
this is also 
their preferred option.'' 

Alexis de Tocqueville:
“... everybody feels the evil... but no one has 
courage or energy enough to seek the cure”

Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitrov 
Mihaylov, defined fascism as follows:
''Comrades, fascism in power... was correctly described 
by the Thirteenth Plenum of the Executive Committee 
of the Communist International, as the open terrorist 
dictatorship of the most reactionary, most 
chauvinistic and most imperialist 
elements of finance capital.''

UN Secretary-General António Guterres:
''Let us commit to safeguarding the principles of 
equality, participation and solidarity, so that we 
can better weather the storm of future crises.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“Unless one's philosophy is all-inclusive, 
nothing can be understood.”

Munshi Premchand:

''Trust, is the first step to love.''

Carl Jung:
''Where love rules, there is no will to power; 
and where power predominates, there,
love is lacking. The one is the 
shadow of the other.''

W. E. B. Du Bois:
“Nations reel and stagger on their way; they make 
hideous mistakes; they commit frightful wrongs; 
they do great and beautiful things. And shall we 
not best guide humanity, by telling the truth 
about all this, so far as the truth 
is ascertainable?”

Jorge Amado:
''It is a very risky thing for anyone to go about 
proclaiming the truth, simply because he 
finds himself in possession of concrete 
documentary proofs, or on the 
evidence of his own eyes,
which is always over-
estimated. Love is 
not to be proven 
or measured. It 
exists and that
is enough.''

Mary Ritter Beard:
“Every great creative idea, formulated as a philosophy... 
has a social setting: in time, in a geographical location,
in a political economy, in a matrix of interests, and 
knowledge. It is not a free-swinging phenomenon
like a balloon without moorings. It is not 
produced in a vacuum and, being 
creative, it does not work in a 
vacuum. Nurtured on things 
experienced and things 
known, it reaches out 
toward the unknown 
like a flower on a 
stalk... growing 
out of the soil.”

Fidel Castro:
''The fact is, when men carry the same ideals 
in their hearts, nothing can isolate them - 
neither prison walls, nor the sod of 
cemeteries. For a single memory, 
a single spirit, a single idea, a 
single conscience, a single 
dignity, will sustain 
them all.''

Basil, fool for Christ:
''Imitate the earth, O man.  Bear fruit, as she does, lest 
you prove inferior to that which is without life.  She 
produces her fruits, not that she may enjoy them,
but for your service. You do gather for yourself 
whatever fruit of good works you have strewn, 
because the grace of good works returns to 
the giver. You have given to the poor...   and 
the gift becomes your own and comes back
with increase. Just as grain that has 
on the earth becomes a gain to the 
so the loaf thrown to the hungry 
renders abundant fruit thereafter. 
The end of your husbandry.. is the 
beginning of the heavenly sowing.
‘Sow,’ it is written, ‘to yourselves
in righteousness.’ 'Why then are 
you distressed? Why do you 
harass yourself... in your 
efforts to shut up your 
riches in clay and 
bricks? ‘A good 
name is rather 
to be chosen, 
than great 

Munshi Premchand:
''Trees bear fruits only to be eaten by others; the fields
grow grains, but they are 
consumed by the world.
Cows give 
milk, but she doesn't drink it herself -
that is left to others. 
Clouds send rain, only to 
quench the parched earth. In such giving,
there is 
little space for selfishness.''

George Sand:
''No one makes a revolution by himself; and there are 
some revolutions which humanity accomplishes 
without quite knowing how, because it is 
everybody who takes them in hand.''


Francis Hutcheson:
''Men have been Laughed out of Faults 
...which a Sermon could not reform.''

Walid Jumblatt:
''We are all happy, when U.S. soldiers 
are killed, week in and week out.
killing of U.S. soldiers in
Iraq, is 
legitimate and

G. K. Chesterton:
''The purpose of Compulsory Education, 
is to deprive the common people
their commonsense.''

Marshall McLuhan:
“We become what we behold. We shape our 
tools, and thereafter, our tools shape us.”

G. K. Chesterton:
''Education is simply the soul of a society 
as it passes from one generation
 to another.''

UN Secretary-General António Guterres:
''The nuclear menace is once again on the rise. 
A complete ban on nuclear testing is an 
essential step in preventing the 
qualitative and quantitative 
improvement of nuclear 
weapons...  and in 
achieving nuclear

Bal Gangadhar Tilak:
"Life is all about a card game.
Selecting the right cards, 
not in our hand. 
But playing
well with the cards 
in our
hand... determines
our success."

Investigative journalist Kit Klarenberg: 
''Analysis by Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) has 
found that weapons made by numerous UK companies, 
with receipts running into billions, have been used in
[Yemen] war. In fact, over half of the equipment 
used in bombing raids, is UK-supplied.. including 
Typhoon and Tornado aircraft, Paveway bombs 
and Brimstone and Stormshadow missiles. 
Without exaggeration, every day, Yemen
is hit by UK-made bombs, dropped by 
UK-made planes, which are repaired 
and serviced on Saudi soil by UK 
contractors, including RAF
engineers, and flown by 
UK-trained pilots.'' 

Clara Zetkin:
''The capitalists speculate on the two 
following factors: the female worker 
must be paid as poorly as possible 
and the competition of female 
labour must be employed to 
lower the wages of male 
workers as much 
as possible.''

George Sand:
''Life in common, among people who love 
each other, is the ideal of happiness.''

Jean de La Fontaine:
''People must help one 
another; it is nature's 

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Karl Grossman:
''The U.S. nuclear weapons “modernization” program 
violates the disarmament component of the Non-
Proliferation Treaty. Major objectives of the NPT 
- an international treaty which took effect in
1970 - 
include preventing the spread of
weapons and achieving
disarmament.  It is
putting the 
world on
the brink.''

Lion Feuchtwanger:
“Those who came from internment camps in Belgium
told how they had been transported across France
in sealed cars. No one had paid any attention to 
the trains and the occupants had been left 
without food or water. Their Belgian 
guards had robbed them 
of everything they 


George Carlin (may he Rest In Peace):
''The flag is a symbol, and 
I leave the symbols to 
the symbol-minded."


''The Russians, Chinese
and the English like tea.
I'm Welsh. I'll take cofi.''

Kit Klarenberg: 

''In March, the United Nations ruled that Yemen remained
the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis” and that up to 
80% of the population – including over 11 million 
children – remained in need of urgent human-
itarian assistance. Yet, Yemen is very, very 
rarely mentioned in the Western media,
and the UK’s absolutely fundamental 
role in sustaining the bloodshed...
 even more seldomly.''

Jeremy Corbyn:
“Britain, was responsible for the training of 
the Afghan army; Britain set up an officer 
training corps of the Afghan army - and 
the result was not a good one.” 

Clara Zetkin:
''The most important immediate task, is the formation 
of a United Front of all workers, in order to turn back 
fascism...  in order to preserve for the enslaved and 
exploited, the force and power of their organization 
as well as to maintain their own physical existence. 
Before this compelling historical necessity, all 
inhibiting and dividing political, trade union, 
religious & ideological opinions.. must take 
a back seat. All those who feel themselves 
threatened, all those who suffer, and all 
those who long for liberation... must 
belong to the United Front against 
fascism and its representatives
in government.''

Nathaniel Hawthorne:
''No man for any considerable period 
can wear one face to himself, and 
another to the multitude, without 
finally getting bewildered as to 
which may be the true.''

Journalist Matt Taibbi: 
“Every image coming out of Afghanistan this 
past weekend, was an advertisement for
incompetence, arrogance, and
dealing nature of
American foreign 
policy leaders.”
Richard Medhurst:
"The only people who think Afghanistan was a failure 
are people who don’t own stocks in Halliburton, 
Raytheon and Boeing.  Afghanistan was a 
blistering success for them."
Matt Taibbi:
''The look of genuine shock on the faces of people 
like Tony Blinken this weekend, should tell people 
around the world something important about the
United States: in addition to all the other things
about us that are dangerous, we lack 
George Carlin:
"America is one big lie, and
you're a fool to believe it."

Jeremy Hardy:
''The Afghan War has clearly reached a stage 
similar to that moment at your child's party - 
where you realise you've forgotten to give 
the other parents a pick up time.''

Sun Tzu:
"He will win whose army is animated 
by the same spirit, throughout all
 its ranks." 

Anacharsis Cloots:
''What is man's chief enemy? 
Each man is his own.''

Clara Zetkin:
''... reforms ameliorate the situation of the working class, 
they lighten the weight of the chains labour is burdened 
with, by capitalism, but they are not sufficient to crush 
capitalism and to emancipate the workers from
 their tyranny.''

This twentieth century has been a period of terrific 
dynamism. Perhaps the last fifty years have seen 
more developments and more material progress
than the previous five hundred years. Man has 
learned to control many of the scourges
once threatened him. 
He has learned to consume distance. He has learned 
to project his voice and his picture across oceans 
and continents. He has probed deep into the 
secrets of nature and learned how to make 
the desert bloom and the plants of the 
earth increase their bounty. He has 
learned how to release the 
immense forces locked in
the smallest particles
 of matter.
But has man's political skill marched hand-in-hand with
his technical and scientific skill? Man can chain 
lightning to his command -- can he control the 
society in which he lives? The answer is No! 
The political skill of man, has been far 
outstripped by technical skill, and 
what he has made, he cannot
sure of controlling.
The result of this is fear. And man gasps for safety and 
morality. Perhaps now more than at any other moment 
in the history of the world, society, government and 
statesmanship need to be based upon the highest 
code of morality and ethics. And, in political
what is the highest code of
morality? It is the 
of everything, to the well-
being of mankind. 
But today we are faced with a situation where the well-being 
of mankind is not always the primary consideration. Many 
who are in places of high power think, rather, of 
controlling the world.

Mark Twain writing in response to the 
U.S.'s occupation of the Philippines:
''But it was impossible to save the Great Republic. 
She was rotten to the heart. Lust of conquest 
had long ago done its work; trampling upon
the helpless abroad, had taught her, by a 
natural process, to endure with apathy
the like at home; multitudes who had 
applauded the crushing of other 
people’s liberties, lived to
for their mistake,
in their 
own persons.''


Che Guevara:
''I am not a liberator. Liberators, do not
exist. The people liberate themselves.''

G. K. Chesterton:
''I would maintain that thanks are 
the highest form of thought, and 
that gratitude is happiness, 
doubled by wonder.''

Giacomo Leopardi:

''The world laughs at things it would
really prefer to admire, and, like
Aesop's fox, it criticizes
things it covets.''

Nelson Mandela:
''It is easy to break down and destroy.
The heroes, are those who make
 peace and build.'' 

Mary McLeod Bethune:
''We have a powerful potential in our youth,
and we must have the courage to change 
old ideas and practices, so that we may 
direct their power toward good ends.''

Leading world virologist, Professor Luc Montagnier:
"It is the vaccines that are causing the variants 
and, in all countries, the curve of vaccination, 
is followed by the curve of deaths."  

Hilaire Belloc:
''There is not anything... that can so suddenly 
flood the mind with shame as the conviction 
of ignorance --- yet we are all ignorant of 
nearly everything there is to be known.''

Adam Michnik:
“I am not a capitalist; I am a socialist
who is unable to forgive socialism,
that it did not work.”

W. E. B. Du Bois:
“You are not and yet you are:
your thoughts, 
your deeds,
above all, your dreams,
still live.”

Patch Adams:
''Anyone can do it — BE RADIANT! Make the decision.
 I want to be an agent of change to a loving world — 
so I will be radiant.''

G. K. Chesterton:
''The Christian ideal has not been tried and 
found wanting; it has been found difficult
 and left untried.''

 Hermann Hesse:

''If time is not real, then the dividing line
between this world 
and eternity,
between suffering and bliss,
between good 
and evil,
is also an illusion.''

Richard Bach:
''It is by not always thinking of yourself, if you 
can manage it, that you might somehow be 
happy. Until you make room in your life for 
someone as important to you as yourself, 
you will always be searching and lost.''


Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
''Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.''

 Giacomo Leopardi:
''I get up and I bless the light thin clouds 
and the first twittering of birds, 
and the breathing air 
and smiling face 
of the hills.''

U.S. Senator Albert Beveridge:
“The Philippines are ours forever. And just beyond 
the Philippines are China’s illimitable markets.
will not retreat from either. We will not
our duty in the archipelago.
We will not 
abandon our opportunity
in the Orient. 
We will not renounce
our part in the 
mission of our race
as the trustee under 
God of the
civilization of 
the world.”

Che Guevara:
''Above all, always be capable of feeling 
deeply, any injustice committed against 
anyone, anywhere in the world. This, is
the most beautiful quality in a 

George Carlin:

''We are a nation of sheep, and 
someone else owns the grass.''

Harry Schwarz:

''I believe people are not free - if all they can do is cast 
a vote every five years to decide who should govern
them. What does it mean to a man in a shack built
himself, with no amenities, and not knowing
his next meal is coming from, to vote? 

Paul Laurence Dunbar:

Slight was the thing I bought, 
small was the debt I thought, 
Poor was the loan at best - 
God! but the interest!

 Belarus' President, Alexander Lukashenko:
“The crazy European politicians directing a
hybrid war 
against us, Russia and even
isn’t just creating a hotbed of
they are pushing for a
3rd world war.”

''The cabals' world order is crumbling, with 
stagnant economies, low birth rates, high 
debt, and major social problems. They 
are surviving, on printing money out 
of thin air. The US and its European 
vassals..... are desperate to save 
capitalism.... as all scams have
failed. Now they are provoking
nuclear states Russia and 
China into WW3 ... for 
a global reset.''

Basil of Caesarea:
'''But whom do I treat unjustly,' you say, 'by keeping what
is my own?' Tell me, what is your own? What did you
bring into this life? From where, did you receive it? 
It is as if someone were to take the first seat in the
theatre, then bar everyone else from attending so 
that one person alone, enjoys what is offered for 
the benefit of all in common - this is what the 
rich do... They seize common goods - before 
others have the opportunity and then claim 
them as their own - by right of preemption..
For if we all took only what was necessary
to satisfy our own needs --- giving the rest
to those who lack, no one would be rich, 
no one would be poor, and no one 
would be in need.''

Hermann Hesse:

''Eternity is a mere moment, 
just long enough for a joke.''

Mark Twain:
"Sometimes I wonder whether the world 
is being run by smart people who are 
putting us on, or by imbeciles who 
really mean it."

Steven Best:
''In the aftermath of 10,000 years of incessant growth 
and endless wars, that humanity waged upon itself, 
other species, and the earth, we now live amidst 
unsustainable global capitalism, and a system 
of growth that is driving natural systems to 
an irreversible tipping point.''

John Quincy Adams:
''It is of no use to discover our own faults 
and infirmities, unless the discovery
 prompts us to amendment.''

Che Guevara:
''How easy it is to govern, when one 
follows a system of consulting the 
will of the people, and one holds 
as the only norm all the actions
which contribute to the well 
being of the people''.

''It was a big mistake on the part of the Cuban
 government, to restore diplomatic ties with 
washington and allow the maniacs to open 
up an embassy in Cuba, they can now see 
the results.''

''Russia and China should quickly
come to the aid of Cuba, before 
the US and the west, take 
the island.''

Daniel Berrigan: 
''The God of life summons us to life; 
more, to be lifegivers, especially
 toward those who lie under
 the heel of the powers.''

Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi:

''As we speak, the tens of thousands who have been 
wounded or permanently disabled, are in pain: let 
peace heal their wounds. As we speak, the eyes 
of thousands of Palestinian refugees, deportees
and displaced persons since 1967, are haunting
us, for exile is a cruel fate: bring them home.'' 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
''What wisdom can you find... 
that is greater than kindness?''

Che Guevara:

''The true revolutionary is guided by a 
great feeling of love. It is impossible 
to think of a genuine revolutionary 
lacking this quality.''

John Hersey:
''What has kept the world safe from the bomb 
since 1945 has not been deterrence, in the 
sense of fear of specific weapons, so 
much as it's been memory. The 
memory of what happened 
at Hiroshima.''

Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi:

What requiem can be sung, for trees uprooted 
by army bulldozers? And, most of all, who can
explain to those whose lands are confiscated
and clear waters stolen, the message 
of peace?

Mimi Smith:
"The guitar's all right John, 
but you'll never make a 
living out of it".

Zhu Xi:
''To fully investigate the spiritual 
and understand transformation 
is the flourishing of virtue.''

Arnold Wesker:
''If the electrician who comes to mend my fuse blows it
instead, so I should stop having electricity? I should 
cut off my light? Socialism is my light, can you 
understand that?''

Sirimavo Bandaranaike:

"As a woman and mother,
 I call upon the nations of 
the world to desist from 
violence in their 
dealings with 
each other."

Alexander Lebed on, if NATO begins 
expanding through Eastern Europe:
"World War Three will start. Civilized and uncivilized 
states will be destroyed, everybody and everything."

José Emilio Pacheco:
''We are all hypocrites. We cannot 
see ourselves or judge ourselves 
the way we see and judge others.''

Jean-Jacques Rousseau:
''You forget that the fruits belong to all 
and that the land belongs to no one.''

Thomas Jefferson:
''Honesty is the first chapter
 in the book of wisdom.''

Recently deceased US Senator, Mike Gravel:
“Politicians are corrupt and they’re basically cowards 
because we have a system that is set up - where you 
give me money to help me get elected and when 
I’m elected, I will vote for your economic 
interest - that is bribery, and that’s the
foundation of our system in 
this country.”

Rabindranath Tagore FRAS:
''Life is given to us, we earn it by giving it.''

Rahul Verma:
''Emergency situations prove to 
us all: who are real in their
and face.''

Richard Bach:
''Every gift from a friend, is 
a wish for your happiness.''

''I am an MRI Tech and I see the damage these 
vaccines do. Doctors are not reporting the
link. People with no medical history, are 
dying and facing debilitating sideffects.   
Expect more problems in 3-5yrs, this 
is how long effects take to show up, 
but don't expect any links to the 
vaccine to be shown and, since
the drug companies have 
immunity...  it really 
doesn't matter.''

Harry S. Truman:
''Experience has shown... how 
deeply the 'seeds of war' are 
planted by economic rivalry 
and social injustice.''

Victor Bello Accioly:
“Political reform is important, but no reform will 
be greater than promoting popular awareness.”

Alice Salomon, about pre-nazi Germany:
“On the one hand, it was touching how families 
make survival possible, for themselves, in the 
face of inflation, depression & unemployment
- how they work, do business, experience joy, 
celebrate parties and worry about the future 
of their children...
“On the other hand, it is shocking how dullness, 
monotony, political ignorance, can arise, under 
socially & economically narrow & unfavorable 

Zhu Xi:
''The petty person considers small goodness 
as unbeneficial, and doesn't do it. He takes
small badness as unharmful, and doesn't 
avoid it. Thus badness accumulates and 
cannot be concealed, and crimes
become great and cannot be 

Mary Wollstonecraft:
''The beginning is always today.''

Frithjof Schuon said, in his early youth, 
4 things always moved him profoundly: 
“The holy, the great, the beautiful,
the childlike”

John Hersey:
''It's a failure of national vision when 
you regard children as weapons, 
and talents as materials you 
can mine, assay, and 
fabricate for profit 
and defense.''

UNICEF's Eastern & Southern Africa
Regional Director, Mohamed Fall:
''Children and youth are continuing brave efforts to help make 
the world a better place, from addressing injustice, to taking 
climate action. I appeal to governments, leaders, teachers, 
parents and communities, to join them: and push harder: 
in fulfilling the promises we have made to them in the
UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. This 
Convention, compels us -- to act in the best 
interests of the world’s youngest citizens --
and this, must be a primary consideration,
at all times. The world needs to approach 
it with that healthy dose of impatience, 
that youth brings  ---  especially as 
we’re seeing hard earned 
development gains... 
slip away.''

Rabindranath Tagore FRAS:
''Beauty is truth's smile when 
she beholds her own face in 
a perfect mirror.''

Che Guevara:
''Those who kill their own children and discriminate 
daily against them because of the colour of their 
skin; those who let the murderers of blacks 
remain free, protecting them, and further-
more...  punishing the black population 
because they demand their legitimate 
rights as free men --- how can those 
who do this... consider themselves 
guardians of freedom?''

G. K. Chesterton:
''The cosmos is about the smallest hole 
that a man can hide his head in.''

Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi:
''And what do we tell the loved ones... of those killed 
by army bullets? How do we answer the questions 
and the fear in our children's eyes? For one out of
three Palestinian children under occupation has 
been killed, injured, or detained in the past four 
years. How can we explain to our children that
 they are denied education...  our schools, so 
often closed by army fiat? Or why their life
is in danger  ---  for raising a flag in a land 
where even children are killed or jailed?'' 

Dr. Haidar Abdul Shafi:
''As we speak, thousands of our brothers and sisters are 
languishing in Israeli prisons and detention camps, 
most detained without evidence, charge, or trial, 
many cruelly mistreated and tortured in 
interrogation, guilty only of seeking 
freedom, or daring to defy the 
occupation. We speak in 
their name and we say: 
set them free.''

Robert Burton:
''Every man has a good and a bad angel 
attending on him in particular, all his
life long.''

Daniel Berrigan: 
''Because we want the peace with half a heart 
and half a life and will, the war, of course, 
continues -- because the waging of war,
by its nature, is total - but the waging 
of peace, by our own cowardice,
is partial.''

Joke by upjoke.com:
''What do you get, if you ask a politician
 to tell 'the truth, the whole truth, and
 nothing but the truth'?''
3 different answers.

Alexander Lebed:
"If you don't tell the truth, you can end up 
with a pile of bodies, in a sea of blood."

June Callwood:
"If any of you happen to see an injustice, 
you are no longer a spectator, you are a 
participant, and you have an obligation 
to do something."

Graça Machel, Expert of the UN Secretary-General:
''Millions of children are caught up in conflicts 
in which they are not merely bystanders, 
but targets."

Daniel Berrigan: 
''I don't know a more irreligious attitude, 
one more utterly bankrupt of any 
human content, than one which
permits children to be 

John Denver:
''There's an aspect of human nature in which we want 
to think we're better than somebody else. They're a 
different colour. They speak a different language. 
They have a different name for the Creator. 
Whatever it is, that makes it okay for me
 to hate them, to try to get some of their
 land or some of their resources.''

Former US Secretary of State, 
Madeleine Albright, Dec. 2005:
"It is unfair, that a single country possesses 
territories such as Siberia and the Far East, 
in which, a few states... may be installed."

Kojo Tovalou Houénou:
I am ignorant of the problem as a whole, otherwise I should 
have presented it. But I shall content myself with giving you
a history of its successive phases in Europe --- and shall 
content myself with telling you rapidly and briefly: that 
the problem arose at the moment of the discovery of 
America, when Europeans, intoxicated by glory, 
adventure, and above all by rapine, sought to 
conquer new territories which did not 
belong to them. 
They destroyed the aborigines - exterminated them! Then, 
terrified at the void they had created around them, and 
being themselves incapable of labour, they turned to 
Africa, for workmen. It was Africa that furnished 
contingents for penal labour... this Africa, with 
whose unhappy history you are unacquainted 
but which, some day...  one of her sons will 
outline for you in darts of fire, a monument 
of shame, for that civilization, of which,
you boast.
Without humanity, there is no civilization!

Simone Weil:
''As soon as men know that they can kill 
without fear of punishment or blame,
they kill; or at least they encourage 
killers, with approving smiles.''

Patch Adams:
''I think my government are fascists. I feel that if we don't 
change from a society that worships money and power, 
over to one that worships compassion and generosity, 
there is no hope for human survival, this century.''

 Jessie Street: 
''Vital changes of policy have been 
brought about by moral pressure.''

Nicholas Murray Butler:
"All the problems of the world 
could be settled easily, if men 
were only willing to think. The 
trouble is that men very often
resort to all sorts of devices,
in order not to think -- since
thinking is such hard work"

F. Bacon’s scientific method
 in ‘New Instrument’:
''Three main steps: 
1st, a description of facts; 
2nd, a tabulation or classification of those 
facts, into three categories – instances of 
the presence of the characteristic under 
investigation, instances of its absence, 
or instances of its presence in 
varying degrees; 
3rd, the rejection of whatever appears,